Argentina line-up confirmed against Nicaragua, MESSI, AGÜERO, SUAREZ start


Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI confirmed his team’s starting eleven against Nicaragua for the game on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, coach SCALONI stated that the attack for Friday’s game woukd be lead by Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGÜERO and Matias SUAREZ. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. After coming to this site to get info on Argentina my favorite national team in the world. I finally made an account. Yay! So, how many of you here are Argentines and why do you guys communicate in English, lol? I’m Nigerian by the way.

    Anyway, can someone please supply a link to watch the game online. I live in the United States. Cheers!

  2. Many many lessons that the current NT can learn from the 1986 NT. The foremost being the role of the coach- not just the strategy but the courage to take harsh and unpopular decisions for the sake of the team and the relationship between the players and the coach. Happy reading

  3. If i had to say, Uruguay is the most unpredictable one in this event. They like to play defensively, but at the same side they have dynamic midfielders. I have to admit their midfield have more good depth than us. Nandez-Torreira-Vecino-Bentancur are their strong foundation in the near future. Those four are good, both offensively and defensively.

    • i don’t see much threat there offensively…..i don’t think without getting space they can make an good offensively pass or can create chances…..on the other hand we hv people like lo celso or de paul who can make space for themselves and can create chance from no where…….
      uruguay have good midfielders or should i say different type of midfielders than us but that doesn’t mean they have better midfielders than us…….both the midfield have thier different strength

  4. Can someone tell me in a cogent argument, what is so special about Paredes, I have watched some of clips. Can someone send me anything special. I am not convinced, only Lo Celso and Rodriguez…he gives long passes but what else.

  5. Came across a good article. Thought my mundo brothers would enjoy -

  6. This team will win comfortably against Nicaragua but will be very vulnerable in the midfield against better teams. I don’t think this line up is good enough. I’m OK with Foyth at the back but preferring Acuna to Tagliafico is very questionable. Using this formation and combination of players also sub optimizes Lo Celso’s role in front. I would rather have Messi behind Aguero and Lo Celso leading the midfield diamond with Guido Rodriguez at the base and Pereyra with Paredes/Pizzaro on the sides. Paredes against sides like Columbia, Uruguay and Chile and Pizzaro against Brazil. This will give Messi a lot of freedom to move around which will make the opposition’s defensive formation very difficult to stabilize. With Pereyra and Tagliafico the left flank will be adequately dangerous when Messi is on his preferred inside right channel.

  7. Armani VS Andrada is a battle of 2 styles. Andrada is more complete Modern type GK with good distribution skill, where as Armani seems like an old school type GK whose main job is to control his small area.

    Both r Gud in their own way. Another intriguing Stat is its Boca VS River after long time battle for supremacy in our Goal.

    It’s been Almost 8 years Romero has kept the Goal keeping as his yard. That’s quiet a long period. He was our GK for the complete Era.

  8. Bravo scaloni!!!!! If you picked Acuña over tagliafico you might actually k ow what you are doing! Tagliafico has been a huge weakness defensively in transition and has been a manicure at Best offensively.
    Suarez starting and dimaria as a super substitute! I’m happy with dimaria coming off the beach in minute 65th and being a difference maker with his speed! Let’s see how Suarez combines with el kun and Leo.
    Foyth starting is a worry!!! Foyth is the future CB but his mentally is still immature and irrational! He is prone to lose possession and then receive a card on a tackle to get it back !
    But this game should be 5 or 6 to 0 against Nicaragua so keep in mind that our opponent is garbage and our side is growing in confidence!
    Vamos Argentina!

  9. Although this may come across an attacking line up which may please some, this will not be the starting line up against Colombia. So then I ask what is the point?
    You would think because you’ve got hardly next to no time in getting prepared for a competitive match (with only got 2 ‘warm up’ games in between) that you would use the time to work on a fixed starting eleven!? Am I missing something here?
    Is Scaloni saying that if Acuna has 2 mind blowing games in these warm ups then he replaces Tagliafico? I can bet my bottom buck Tagliafico is the starter.
    I have high hopes for Foyth. And personally i would like to see him ahead of Pazella. But Pazella has had 3 solid seasons so far at Fiorentina.
    Finally Suarez over Di Maria. Yep not going to happen at Colombia.
    Here is the guarantee starting eleven v Colombia (providing everyone is kept fit)
    Guido Pizzaro
    Guido Fernandez
    Lo Celso
    Di Maria

    He will use 2 holding midfielders because he doesnt want the colombians controlling the game centrally. He will ask both the Guido’s to each support the full backs on their respective flanks.
    Because that’s where the main threat is from Colombia.

    I appreciate that everything our team does now is due to the rebuilding and transitional purpose. So hence why there is this constant rotating. But personally that should’ve been done and dusted before the year began and should pick up after the Copa. Brazil had their first 11 in their friendly recently. I am sure everyone else is following suit.


      I suppose and hope Paredes, not Pizarro and Suarez, not Di Maria will start against Colombia.

  10. Acuna again? Wasn’t the WC a lesson NOT to play him?

    Hopefully he is not planning to start any of these guys in Brazil and that this will only be because its against Nicaragua.

  11. IMO except goalie and defence (Foyh, Acuna) this might be best line up out of the Copa squad.

    • NTs’ like netherlands can give chance to youngsters liker de ligt and de jong , portugal giving chance to joao felix so what is the problem if by chance foyth starts some matches at copa 2019 i understand he needs to keep a cool head and dont concede penalty or cards but humans learn from mistakes and hopefully post copa 2019 players like cristian romero,nehuen perez,jeronimo pourtau,adolfo gaich like very young players are given chance and some deserving gks’ like walter benitez and musso are called up post copa friendlies and hopefully ARGENTINA NT atleast reaches semi finals (hopefully even win the whole copa 2019 )

  12. Why not Tagliafico and Di Maria/De Paul??
    I have a question. What kind of players are Palacios and Battaglia? Would have been starters if they were not injured?

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