Sergio AGÜERO: “Argentina are always candidates in every competition”


Sergio AGÜERO was interviewed by Fox Sports Argentina, where he discussed the national team, the Copa America, himself, Lionel MESSI and more.

AGÜERO wasn’t always called-up to the Argentina national team by coach Lionel SCALONI. As a matter of fact, his inclusion in the Copa America squad was the first in a SCALONI team.

Speaking in the interview, AGÜERO had this to say:

“The system will be different from how we were playing, I think Leo’s (SCALONI) system could work. If we have a good defensive base, we will be good. The most important thing is that they don’t score goals against us. Argentina are always candidates in every competition.”

In regards to not being called-up in the past to being called-up to the Copa America team:

“When I wasn’t being called-up, I had doubts about if I would be there (Copa America) or not. Leo called me in April to tell me that I would be called, I was very happy. I don’t know if it will be the last (tournament) or before last… We want to win something with the Argentina national team.”

AGUERO says that physically, he’s in good shape:

“Physically, I am very good. I didn’t suffer any muscle injuries during the season as I did in previous years.”

On the pressure on Argentina to win:

“We know that there’s a lot of pressure on Argentina. The smallest mistake and you are eliminated because it’s a short tournament. With the national team, you can’t afford to have a bad match. I’ll try to do the same as I do with City.”

The pressure that is on captain Lionel MESSI’s shoulders:

“I know Leo and when he’s angry, he says things which he later regrets. But when he comes here, he is happy and he’ll never stop trying.

“I’m more anxious to be a champion for MESSI than for me. Hopefully one day, it happens. It’s his dream and everyone’s dream. I put myself in his place and I want to try and do my best for him to lift the Copa America.

“It’s been a long time that he comes here and he suffers. I also suffer. We know what he can bring and the rest have to be mentally prepared not to fail.”


  1. The coach/manager is the most significant member of any footballing side. The players must empower him. After Pekerman I have not found any manager (even Sabella) to enjoy complete alignment from his players. I am not blaming anyone but the close relationship amongst Messi-Aguero-Mascherano has always presented an alternative power structure in the team. Maradona was a towering personality compared to Bilardo, but he subordinated himself completely to the manager. Scaloni’s Strategy is very similar to Bilardo’s (which was completely in contrast to Maradona’s mentor and Bilardo’s predecessor Menotti- who believed in a far more aggressive squad – similar though not identical to Pekerman). Bilardo chose to have very solid defensive minded midfielders like Enrique and Olarticochea and chose to leave out popular attackers from his squad. Scaloni is doing the same I suspect. It is a very sound Strategy if that is what he has in mind. The only problem will be the transition/link up play. In Bilardo’s team Maradona would drop deep and orchestrate the attack from there. With this formation only Lo Celso has the technical capability to do that. Messi can also do that but I doubt that he will.

  2. A lots of people are really angry with Tagliafico and Banega bcoz of last World Cup
    Against Iceland we were playing under Sampaoli who really f****d up the team,no real plans, Didn’t knew what was he selecting what instructions were given to players,playing Masche-Biglia no creativity on midfield looking only at Messi.He was dropping deep couldn’t find the final third detached from front line.
    Crotaia was probably our worst team in recent years .The whole team choked.
    Nigeria we were almost dying on the defensive lines no support the team shape and defensive lines were like U15/16 teams.But Messi and Rojo saved our ass.Although Nigeria never deserved the penalty
    The performance against France was actually better than Nigeria if we only had a good Goalie and not that lamppost Fazio.Then we have Enzo Perez a 32 year old who was appointed to man mark the young and fresh French players and he did it so nice that I went to Toilet.

    Tagliafico has improved a lot since the World Cup he is an engine and pretty good going up and a genuine pure full back unlike in past we played players out of Position.he will not be a disappointment this Summer.
    Banega is a little bit like Riquelme a slow bum midfielder(A type of midfielder) picking out this wonderful lazy passes.But Riquelme possessed way better dribbling and ball control than Banega.But Banega is old and pretty slow,yet out of all we still get 2×Guido who aren’t fast either playing the defensive role.But they are better than Banega in defensive roles.Yet without Banega in WC 2019 we really would’ve lacked the creativity on midfield.

  3. San Lorenzo already getting offers from Italy for Gaich. On the other hand they want Alexis MacAllister who stay ATM in Argentina instead go to Brighton.

  4. Can someone more knowledgeable than me in the doings of NT explain why isn’t Papu Gomez being called? He was the best player of Serie a easily this season (I know Quagliarella was the most productive but best doesn’t mean most productive) AND he plays several positions. IMO he’d play an AMF behind the attacking trio, but he could also be used as a winger if more defensive solidarity is needed. The man has everything in his game and I don’t understand how he isn’t having a prominent role in the team, let alone one at all.

    I also wonder about Correa (Angel), why isn’t he there? I mean, a trio of Messi Aguero and Correa is 10 times better than one with Di Maria instead. Maybe even f9 Messi flanked with Papu and Correa respectively, both have brilliant movement and dribbles which could be exploited and played with Messi and Lo Celso behind them, or even Aguero with Messi behind the three of them, but that is attack heavy possibly.

    SO many possibilities and yet we’re stuck with the same let-messi-do-everything-and-then-we-will-shit-on-him-when-he-isnt-god tactics by the looks of it. Hoping for Aguero to finally have a good tournament.

    • Arg are blessed with huge talented players and the team only have the quota of 23 players to join the N/T. Papu,Correa, Lamela,Banega,Pastore, Batagllia, Benedetto, Manmanna, Ansaldi or even Icardi have to be put aside. Lets focus on the selected 23 ones , so others have a long and wonderful holidays…

      For Papu case might be Scaloni have more trust on Di Maria and Guido…

      • I really can’t. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I’ve watched some of Argentinas practices, and the ONLY (literally ONLY) player that doesn’t stand and masturbate while Messi has the ball was – A. Correa. He opens up space, is fast hardworking and a great dribbler and shooter, I really fail to see how he doesn’t have a place even in Gala XI.

        For sure it’s too ambicious of me to say, but if it were up to me, I’d play both Papu and Correa in the Gala XI.

    • I am wondering if height is the issue when it came to papu, ascacibar . We already have more short players like messi, aguero , tagliafico. So for attack & defending set pieces maybe coach wants few taller players like pizarro, Suarez, funes mori. So if coach believes that Suarez vs a Correa or pizarro vs ascacibar is not too much of a difference , he wld have chosen taller player

      • Yeah , make sense!! If I am not mistaken Sorin’s short height was the reason Germany equalized against us in the 2006 WC QF!!

      • I get what you mean, but isn’t it a silly reason? I mean both Correa and Papu are a lot better than anyone other than Lo Celso and in-form Di Maria, they attack better, they can do things on their own without always looking for Messi, they work extremely hard, I just don’t get it.

  5. BRAZIL hve gud chance to win this , but lets look how they handle thr presr in first rounds.bcz thy r on thr grounds sometimes reverse thr foam in thr grounds.this is a blessing and easy for other teams especially arg.brzlns r playing without neymr..

  6. Hi guys,
    Our junior players doing wht exactly thr seniors did in past.same casual defending cost us under20 w.c
    Notonly players our coaches are main enemy for trophyless arg.Against Mali i think the worst substn of Chanclay make Mali easy to reach qurts.I think substn of Barco and exclusion of C.ferreira cost us again.Coach is responsible. Y this is happening again for arg. Always blunder substn cost us many trophies…

  7. Off the topic, Seems like bad news will never end.

    Now I know most here don’t care about Ballon D Or, but it does matter for players. It seems Gud to be appreciated,Even if it doesn’t prove anything but it is the Best Player Award. So Messi who has again been the Best this year naturally has to win it. And as an Argentine Football fan I would love Messi to reclaim it, which is thoroughly deserving. After all we won’t see any other Argentine winning the Award anytime soon. So we have to make the most of it while Messi plays.

    Seems like Fifa won’t allow it. Now VVD is going to win, Fifa will not give the award to a non CL winner unless there is a WC. It’s so disgusting to see undeserving players winning over Messi.Next year there is Euro Cup. So no chance again for Messi. So it’s basically his last shot this year.

    Bad news is VVD is in League of Nation final. Now usually what I would have wished for is the opposition to beat Holland to nullify VVDs chance of winning the Ballon D Or. Unfortunately there is one C**k s****r in Portugal. I can’t stand how the the Cr7 fans will be brigading again that he won another International trophy where as Messi failed again at the Copa(Which is almost sure)

    Only way Messi can win it is by winning the Copa which is near impossible. Now I know I m negative but it is what it is. We r not yet ready, and we can’t be delusional.

    Anyway I would rather like to see Holland win it and V V Di*kwin the Ballon D Or. No other way. It’s so frustrating. But rather less frustrating than seeing Cr7 fans foolish comments.

  8. Suraez excels on scaloni bedroom, both are roommates not surprised seeing Suarez in starting 11 ahead of De Paul, Dimaria, Dybala

  9. Match between Nicaragua next, i think this gonna be the display of our midfield and forwards, simply displaying our attacking system. I bet Nicaragua wouldn’t give some serious threat to our defence, and are ready to avoid the heavy loss from ours. So we will see how our creativity and settlements works using this scheme. Vamos!

  10. What is the squad this is? Still pezella injured or not fit for the upcoming matches?with acuna in LB your defence already in danger..I think scaloni played 3 line defence with the formation of 3-4-3… This is not good for us like previous Venezuela matches.. Although scaloni know far better than us..let’s see what happen…

  11. Line up against Nicaragua confirmed.

    Franco Armani ;
    Saravia, Foyth ,Otamendi , Acuna ;
    Lo Celso, Rodriguez , Paredes ;
    Messi, Agüero , Suarez .

    Scaloni says these are the players in good condition and at best level currently.
    Foyth, Acuna, And Saurez…instead of Pazella, Tagliafico and DiMaria(most of us thought they are starters)…..!

    “players can vary based on how everything happens tomorrow, I do not think there are many modifications” – Scaloni

    • Well Pezzella is still recovering from that Maxillary fracture so giving him more time to rest (and giving foyth more experience) is a good call.
      Acuna’s been superb for Sporting as a LB even if it’s just the portugese league and unlike many here I still think Marcos is a talented player that offers alot to the team and can even thrive in the right system.
      Considering Angel’s injury history in tournaments due to running himself to the ground during his club season I think giving him a rest in a meaningless friendly is not a bad idea, still would’ve liked to see DePaul take the left side but let’s see how Suarez does.

  12. I saw the video AFA posted on their instagram and there was videos of scrimmages. I was trying to see who was on which team, maybe someone else can have more success than I did. However, I thought I saw Dybala and Aguero on the same team which is… interesting. I don’t know if that means Messi was also on that team and they are trying the 3 of them together. Or worse, they are playing without Messi.


    Yesterday Messi said the same thing ”

    in which I conclude that Scaloni has a plan of shoring up the defense,
    maybe playing 4 4 2 or 4 5 1

  14. Scaloni has announced the starting eleven, The team will start tomorrow with Franco Armani, Renzo Saravia, Juan Foyth, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Acuña, Giovani Lo Celso, Guido Rodríguez, Leandro Paredes, Sergio Agüero, Lionel Messi and Matías Suárez.”

  15. I really want to see a attacking line up from first match at least for two match: (4-2-3-1)
    Saravia Pezella Otamendi Tagliafico
    Pizzaro Lo Celso
    Messi Dybala Di Maria

    • No point playing locelso deep. If locelso playing he shld be CAM. Would replace dybala with locelso. Parades to be CMS with one of the guidos.

  16. U18 plays in Granatkin Memorial, and beat Armenia 2:0 with the goals of Palacios and Orozco, today Russia-Argentina, full match vs Armenia:

  17. argentina NT should change thier name to messi NT……i love messi but i m sick of hearing his name again nd again……no wonder people call us one man team.

    • one day you will miss him believe me.
      so enjoy him because it will not come back this era.

      as Diego era , Batistuta and many others.

    • “argentina NT should change thier name to messi NT”

      Absolutely ridiculous statement!
      I feel some people are trying too hard to follow certain crowd. stop hitting on thew guy, and ultimately hitting on the NT itself.

      It is normal when talking about Argentina to talk about Messi, it seems that you do not watch football pundits all over the world, they all have to talk about Messi when talking about Argentina, just like they were talking about Zidane when they were talking about France and so on. in every team there is a stand out player that they will always talk about, why do you have to keep beating on the same string over and over? get behind the team, no one is saying that this is Messi’s team except people who are anxious for the NT to fail because of Messi’s presence

  18. Some childish fans here… ridiculous…

    In 2007, our best squad couldn’t beat a Brazil without Ronaldinho and Kaka…..

    In the future, people will only remember the championship….

    Nobody will actually know we were the better team in 2014, 2015 and 2016… They will only talk about Germany and Chile..

    We are a team without championship for 26 years… I don’t mind Brazil play their U20 or women team in Copa…

    I just want Argentina win a championship at this moment..

    • We all know how did Portugal win the Euro 2016, but C.R.7 had this championship.

      That’s it!!! Nobody can argue that!!!

  19. I think I am the only one here that isn’t happy that neymar is injured and out of the tournament. And I will tell you why:

    When we win this tournament, which I am confident we will, I want all the opponents to be at their best…. So that the history books will record that Argentina won a trophy in a tough tournament… Not a tournament filled with teams that are struggling and have injured players. Yes I was born in Buenos Aires as an Argentina fan, but as we say: ” we don’t want anything for free, we will take it if we want to”🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • You are not the only one who thinks like that. There’s at least few more in here, including me.

    • No body is happy Neymar is injured!! They will come-up with excuse that we didn’t beat their best team. I wish Neymar a speedy recovery!!

    • I understand your sentiment. But history book will never record what kind of opposition was there. No one remembers that.

      Nonetheless, I do not see any difference in Brazil with or without Neymar, when it comes to Argentina. No matter who plays for Brazil, they will always be favorite. Also, I am sick and tired of ordinary Brazilian players playing amazing against us – Coutinho, Adrianno, Julio Baptista and many more. They seem to rise to the occasion whereas ours succumb.

      • I agree, …. Its just that I have felt all my life that Argentina has soooo many haters. So many people try to down play us in every occasion. Whether it is, ” you have an easy group” or ” you guys should have won by many more goals” etc etc .
        Also I agree ddr123, Brazil lack luster players always seem to shine against Argentina. I think it was in 2004 when an unknown Adriano scored an amazing goal on us in the final out of no where lol.
        None the less, vamos Argentina!!!

        • History doesn’t remember team line ups. It remembers score lines.
          Everyone remembers Germany’s 7-0 Brazil thrashing at the WC.
          No one mentions neymar wasn’t playing that game

      • You have a point Xillo. Let’s just get the win.
        Seattle, my brother was saying the same thing, that there is a big chance Brazil will do much better without neymar.
        My opinion in the past and now about Brazil has always been that any team that faces them has to crowd the middle of the field and disrupt their movement on and off the ball before they get a rythym going. With that being said I hope Di Maria is ready to do alot of running

    • Neymar , is not a big factor for any team after 2015 when he left Barca..He is extremely injury prone , and I am not sure but there might be a problem in his physical condition …even when he’s fit like he was in WC , he rarely plays all out using his full strength for PSG…Right now, he’s not the best player in his club side even…I guess Brazil coach Tite already had this accounted in his mind and has a second plan ready

  20. “I’m more anxious to be a champion for Messi than for me”

    This is the cutest comment ever! Aguero is arguably the best player in England in the last decade and to say something like that just shows how much love and respect they have for their captain, in times where many other greats would be jealous and undermine his grandiosity in the football world.

    God I wish Argentina wins this tournament!!!

    • “I’m more anxious to be a champion for Messi than for me”

      I really don’t think this should looks like that. I can’t remember such situation in football that one player want to win something more for another than for himself. Sound amount of egoism is needed. This seems to be weird altruism. No wonder we see then our player looking only Messi on the pitch. Again: we are too much concentrated at him.

      • When I read Aguero’s statement I scrolled down looking for what you have to say about it, and here it is, you did not disappoint !
        Some how you had to twist it to reflect your perception of Messi’s presence in the NT as the obstacle of Argentina winning anything ?
        Why not just take it as a reflection of the suffering of and pressure on Messi to win something with Argentina ?

        • “Why not just take it as a reflection of the suffering of and pressure on Messi to win something with Argentina ?”

          I could take this like that but this time I feel like the AGuero’s statement is embarassing also for some big Messi supporters.

          This is not about we will talk about Messi all the time or nothing at all. This is not 0/1 problem. It’s about scale of this Messicentric discurse.

      • @Gonzalo, I can understand your feelings;
        But once try to read/get to know about Sachin Tendulkar and Indian Cricket National Team going into the World Cup 2011;
        It was same like what Argentina and Messi facing from past few years;
        But Indians never blamed Sachin or Media/Coaches/Young Players for giving too much attention to Sachin; He deserved that; After all he is God Of Cricket; Indian Team started to believe that he is one of their biggest strengths and not relied only on that strength; When you have such a player in your team that should always be a plus for the team; The coach and the other players have to realize that and play accordingly; They should feel, act and play fearlessly, confidently realizing that the best player is on their side and he can win you matches on his own; They should feel less pressure; Most of the burden, pressure & attention of opponent players is taken away by Messi; The other players should play their natural game without any pressure; They should have no fear of failure & at the same time they shouldn’t be complacent about it;
        Football is a team sport every1 should contribute their own; If they can contribute their bit, Messi will not only win matches for ARG but tournaments as well;
        In Football, the Coaches or Managers have to be smart and get the best out of the remaining 10 players on the pitch; Whereas in Cricket it is more of the Captain; India found Dhoni, and ARG need to find the right Coach; Of course Cricket and Football are entirely different Sports;

  21. Big blow for Brazil as Neymar is out!
    Alexis form is s*** right now.
    Suarez is fresh out of surgery.
    Ecuador, Peru, Colombia are s*** right now.

    We have been handed a GOLDEN chance to actually win this!
    When will all our big rivals ever be this vulnerable again?
    With Messi and Aguero leading the line, anything is possible!

    Vamos Argentina!!!

    • This year copa is the easiest tournament ever Argentina playing if performed well defensively what Aguero said best chance to win this year copa.

    • I jus don’t want to mince words & sound nice. Very happy on the fact that neymar is out of copa. More than injury, I think tite wanted it that way bcos of the scandal . Definitely takes a punch or two out of Brazil. They will be badly demoralized as neymar is a great leader for their NT.
      In full form Brazil NT will defeat our current team which is still in transition & an uninspiring coach. So this gives a great chance to square up & beat Brazil in their home turf.

    • Alexis Sanchez always plays better for Chile despite his form at club level. But we do have opportunity for glory. Our only enemy is us.

      • too early for all of them . Benitez , Ruilli, Gazzaniga, Musso, Andrada are all well ahead. The first decision is to lock on 1 GK as starter. If Armani does a good job & proves his critics wrong , then its him . Else pick one of these youngsters & make them No 1 undisputed starter for next 2 years.
        If you analyze the moderate success of Romero , one of the key aspects is the continuity. Maradona first played him followed by Batista & then Sabella . It was towards later half of Sabella , Romero really started playing well. Kudos to Sabella for persisting him during a time when Cabellero was in dazzling form in La Liga ( like Benitez today in French league ) . It sounded a crime not to pick Cabellero then .. but long term , strategy played well & Romero did well in WC14
        Simple formula – stick to 1 young GK from that lot & give them uninterrupted time
        IMO its Ruilli or Benitez ( if he is not a one season wonder ) . If Gazzaniga manages to get club playing time , he will be great choice.

  22. Candidates, not candidates, depends who you ask 😀 If someone dares to say we are not candidates they are pecho frio and not worthy of the shirt.

    • it is not exactly as you is not matter to dare or not to say your opinion.
      everybody is free to say his opinion.

      the point is that if one player believe that we are not going for win every cup then
      that player have not the mentality that it is necessary to wear the albiceleste shirt.
      so he should stay in his home.
      simple as that.

      ARGENTINA is football giant from the beginning of football.
      as it is Italy, Germany , Holland, Brasil, Spain and maybe England.
      those nations players never say something like “we are not candidates”.
      because they respect and understand the history that carry their jersey.
      so ARGENTINA should not be different.

      ARGENTINA even if go with the u20 team in world cup or Copa america
      again should go with the mentality and philosophy that “WE ARE ARGENTINA and we have obligation to fight to win the cup”.

      the last was one extreme example to understand my point.

      • In his interview to TYC Sports Messi said that we are not among the candidates. Should he also stay home?

        Maybe it’s false equivocation? Being realistic about our chances and fighting to wing the cup are not mutually exclusive.

        • Messi never said something like that.
          i don t know if the English translation was correct from his words but Leo didn t say that.

          Messi said that we are candidates. just because we build new team our chances is less than the other candidates.

        • This is and old trick in the book to relief pressure of the players back, all do it, coaches and players mostly say that, no one goes to a tournament and say we are gonna win it.

  23. Hey guys. I am new here and I don’t that many things about the argentinian football. I see many of your comments and you are pretty informed. I have a question. Why players like Musacchio, Garay, Benitez , Rulli, Correa x2, Banega and Lanzini are not selected? Sorry if my english is bad.

    • Musacchio–> After his injury he is no more the same defender he used to be, however he had a decent season with AC milan. He had the potential to become a very solid defender but not always everything pans out well in life!!!
      Garay–> The best time to select Garay was in the last world cup and now its time to move forward.
      Benitez-> If he can continue his excellent form next season also then he will be soon picked! He should have been our 3rd keeper at least!!
      Rulli–> Inconsistent and unreliable!!Couldn’t live up to the hype like Meza and Pavon!!
      2*Correas-> Our forward department is the best in the world and I could consider these two and especially Icardi just unlucky.
      Banega–> Consistently inconsistent and slow. We are better off investing in young players. Other than the Nigeria game where he made an extremely difficult assist (only Messi could score from that pass)remind me any games where he made any contribution worth mentioning. Everyone here is blaming Tagliafico against France but how many of you paid attention to Mundo’s favorite Banega in that match!!!!!!!!
      Lanzini–> Always injured and lacks the ability to get the end result. Very unlikely that he would last full 90 mins in a physically demanding match let alone the whole tournament. Until and unless Mr Gago-II goes a whole season without getting injured , picking Lanzini will only result in disappointment and waste of time.

      • There’s a strong argument to include Correa who have good def and dribbling over Suarez. Papu who had the most assists in Serie A should have picked over Suarez as well.

        Banega is world class on his day but the team currently only has 1 deep lying playmaker. If Paredes gets injured, out of form, or needs a sub no one is better than Banega.

        For keeper, Benitez is in the form of his life. Really stupid to exclude him.

        • Correa is not better dribbler than Suarez. Correa is better on pressing and more unpredictable which is plus but Suarez taller, stronger, faster, more like Lavezzi. His crossing is better. This is reasonable to take Suarez over Correa or at least he is competitive. As LF Suarez is even competitive for Di Maria, in fact being on the side inverted winger (Di Maria better on right) is attractive choice. Scaloni is considering him there even if Di Maria is still kind of starting point on the position.

    • Welcome Thomas.

      I won’t pretend to read Scaloni’s mind but I’ll give my opinion on why non of these players were called up:

      Benitez, honestly there is no excuse here, he’s been a revelation this season even if it’s in a ‘farmer’ league like league1 and he’s head and shoulders ahead of the ones selected but the good news is that he’s still 26 and has some time.

      Musacchio, a solid defender but Otamendi (more experienced), Pezzella (in better form in serie A) and Foyth (up and comer, tons of talent) were understandably chosen ahead of him.
      I personally would’ve selected Musacchio (or C.Romero) ahead of Mori but he, again, has more experience with the NT that Musacchio.

      Banega, honestly I would’ve picked him if I were coach, he’s got experience, talent and he’s been surprisingly consistent in the last 2 seasons, he would’ve made a good backup for Paredes. I guess Scaloni figured that with Paredes and Palacios there was no need for another CM and when palacios got injured Scaloni realized that another DM like Guido is needed more. Honestly the selection of Guido is still baffling to me even if I don’t mind it.

      Lanzini, world class potential but made of glass, like SulaV said ‘gago 2.0’ sadly.

      the 2 correas, I personally would’ve considered taking them both instead of Suarez and Dybala. Joaquin is younger and more talented than a 30yr + Suarez while Angel is more versatile than Dybala whose best position is already taken by Kun and Lautaro.
      Again both are 24yr and have some time to stamp their mark on the seleccion.

      P.s. your english is just fine.

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