Argentina defender Gabriel MERCADO leaves Sevilla, joins Qatari club


Argentina defender Gabriel MERCADO has left Sevilla to join Al Rayyan in Qatar.

The club announced the signing of the 32 year old through their social media channel. He had been with Sevilla since 2016 and impressed enough to be included in Argentina’s 2018 FIFA World Cup team.

MERCADO was left out of the Copa America squad by Lionel SCALONI.


    • Scaloni may need 1 or 2 matches to convince himself that Paredes doesn’t have his place in the starting 11. I don’t believe in miracles, I watched some psg games this season, even against some weak teams, he was very average. I don’t think he can transform into another player in such a short time. Against Colombia, he will face very tough players. Let’s hope that his performance won’t cost us that much. It’ll be like Biglia with Sampaoli. Sometimes a coach can have such a faith on some players they lost completely the reason.

    • I fear for our team if ADM and Paredes both start together. They will not be able to handle Cuadrado who I suspect will play on the right. Too much load on Tagliafico. Colombia is more than equal to us in the central midfield and with Zapata in such sizzling form they will be a handful. Pereyra must start in my opinion on the left side of midfield. Paredes may play on the right of Guido which is not his preferred position.

  1. I see some ppl here trying to prove that We will have no good coach until Messi and his friends are here and stuff like that.I give you the honest answer if Messi ever had something to do with Argentina coaching while being a player the answer is simply”NO”.A report came out that players revolted against Sampaoli it was completely wrong.They never did that,It would have been much more chaos and Tapia also had said what the reports say are ‘Lie’.(Source:Sky Sports 25 June) Sampaoli left for good he was with no plan playing high intensity football.
    About Tata Martino
    He is a Super coach
    And He also went on to say that :”Messi controlling the NT is a myth”
    It means Messi never tells the coaching staff what to do.Messi can only give opinions.He was given less time with Barca.He did great things but after stepping down.Messi actually suggested AFA Tata Martino as far as I think maybe not true.
    Reasons why he didn’t coach Argentina once more
    >Tata Martino had issues with AFA
    >He wanted a new environment
    >He failed to win in Copa America finals 2 times
    >Mexico offer pleased him 🏧
    Overall none of the coach ever had any conflict with Messi.They moreover had with AFA

    I believe after Scaloni we might see Pocchetinho as our next Manager,We need a manager who handles young players better and Poch is great doing that.

  2. If we consider our full backs then Sarvia is far better than Tagliafico.Sarvia will surely have 3 to 5 assists in Copa do not know about Tagliafico he has little developped since the world cup.Let’s see what comes

  3. IMO, The fate of Argentina in this COPA relies on 4 players performance, they need to be exceptional :

    Of course, team effort is highly needed, and defense should close spaces but the above 4 will be instrumental in our success, if they did well, then most likely the whole team will do well.

  4. Mercado is a sturdy, solid player. I liked him, but he fell short of being fantastic. He is a remenent of this last decades era of an average defensive line.
    He is above average at best but we haven’t had a pool to choose from.

    I feel that our defensive issues all really went downhill in 2010 when maradona didn’t select zannetti or cambiasso. They were aging yes, but both came off of top career seasons. I feel that we never replaced them…
    Mascherano hasn’t had much help since 2006, I always felt for the pain and pressure he went thru. But at least there was ayala, Samuel etc…but….
    Even the heinze- demichelles days were filled with slip ups and missed marking on defense.

    What I’m saying is that our defense is much worse now then the 2002-2010 era…. And even then our defense wasn’t solid.
    Think about all the strikers and forwards we have had over the last two decades ….too many to mention.. wayyy too many… And we have the greatest- without need to mention….
    If Argentina can develop a great defense then we will have no problems bringing the gold and silver ware back to where it belongs.

  5. @prakash 1971
    no self respecting coach will like to coach Argentina as long as the Old Guard remains (and that includes Messi) because of what happened to Sampaoli.

    I absolutely I agree with you for this statement
    That is why tata martino turned down
    Second time to coach the nt
    Afa president Claudio tapia
    Flew to America In oder to convince him
    To manage Argentina again while he was
    Coaching Atlanta but he chose Mexico
    Over Argentina.

    • B.S

      Who recommnded Tata Martino for the AFA in 2014 ?

      Tata Refused because :

      1- he failed twice in 2 COPA finals
      2- He was not paid
      3- too much expectations from Fans and Media.
      4- AFA is A total MESS

      It has nothing to do with Messi or Sampaoli.

      Actually Argentina played attractive Football and were formidable until the Finals when he changed tactics.

      And if Messi and friend’s are so powerful. Then Tapia should have gotten the green light form such ‘friends’ before he flew to America and talk to TATA.

      Some guys need to get over the illusions of the ‘circle of friends’
      IF not I would like to see proof of such accusations, not mere analysis of the situation based on B>S articles written by B.S writers. I need valid facts not fiction. not just conclusions based on rumors.

      • Trust me bro I understand what you saying
        But it’s a lot more complicated than it seems
        However a lot of your points are correct

        “enough hitting on the seniors, because until now, no one came close to their qualities, I would like to see when Argentina will reach 4 finals in 3 copa and 1 Wc in 10 years”

        That is very valid point

        I believe if tata martino still our manager
        We would have won world cup
        We played best football under him
        We were well balance team under him
        Regardless who plays comes to those
        Finals there is nothing he could do
        Gonzalo higuain missed the chances
        I swear I enjoyed watching Argentina nt
        Under tata martino.

        • my friend, my main valid points are :
          1- no one from past or current players or coaches said anything about Messi running the NT or dictating players selection. Messi himself said that many times.

          2- Locelso Played all friendly games but Sampaoli put Meza and Enzo, then you should conclude that Meza, Enzo and Fazio are better friends for Messi and Masche than Aguero, Banega and DiMaria.

          3- Aguero was benched against France when he is the best friend with Messi

          4- Banega did not play Iceland match and Sampaoli parked the bus.

          5- DiMAria did not play Croatia match when he is part of the freind’s club

          6- playing 3 at the back with high defense line was not the style of the ‘friends club’

          7- Sampaoli played total high intensity football when the players were not able to keep up with his tactics. He asked the players to follow certain tactics that they can not.

          any coach can close down the highway that Mbape and Griezman were running through if putting more players in the middle. and play on the counter. introduce Aguero and use fresh legs for running. he could park the bus against Iceland but could not park the Bus for 30 minutes against France when we were 2 -1 , YEP it was the friend’s club call to play high back line when we were winning. come on Bro, those are facts that are very hard to be negated. but if you want to get clips here and clips there of some news blog of things that happened behind closed doors that were never proven or there was no such proof of their existence, and take them as absolute facts, then that is up to you. I can write endless stories of such incidents and they will just spread like fire on the social media sites because at the end that is where people get their news from, nowadays. and people will just believe what they are programmed to believe.

          AND now while we are at the verge of a major FIFA tournament some fans are still looking for ways to bring the spirit of NT down, and even contemplating failure and laying the blame on the players that we are supposed to support,

          • I cried like never before when we lost the finals in 2014 not only for Argentina but for Messi. I could not sleep for many days. I have never had this problem before or after. I saw every minute as a 15 yr old as Argentina won the WC in 1986 and I dreamt since 2006 that like Maradona, Messi would lift the Cup one day. But Messi has only one fault and Maradona did not have that. And in this regard the game has not changed since it began. Messi is burdened by the consequences of failure. It weighs him down. He is not able to rise over that burden and free himself and express himself as the great artist that he undoubtedly is. And this affects everyone around him. We blame the players in his team for not rising up-to the occasion but when they see their idol under so much pressure they too like Messi buckle under the pressure. This mindset is our biggest enemy and it will only go if we get lucky and win something or else…

      • Disagree again with you on several points Ebo. I am not trying to put down Messi or Aguero or ADM. Nor am I trying to paint anybody as right or wrong. Sometimes personalities clash but there has to be a logical way out. If there isn’t then both parties are equally responsible. A rebellion is unacceptable and there must be consequences. If there are no consequences for BOTH parties, the messaging is unclear and will lead to disaster. We can keep on arguing about details and I have as much as you. But the problem with details is you lose out on the big picture. And you mentioned that we played formidable football until the finals till Sampaoli changed tactics – well squeaking into the finals at the last stage is hardly what I call formidable playing. We do not accept the fact that we have played lousy football after 2014. And insanity is hoping that doing the same things will give you different results. A major over haul is inevitable no matter how much you insult me.

        • > If there isn’t then both parties are equally responsible.

          Absolute bollocks. Given all the points Ebo made, it’s unfair to shift the burden.

          > We can keep on arguing about details and I have as much as you.

          By all means, say just a few. i don’t want repeat all the great points Ebo made about Sampaoli but you have not responded to any.

          Were they supposed to fall in line and play 3ATB even no player ever used that formation in club?

          Were players supposed to fall in line and magically build chem even though the squad and formation changed?

          Were slow ass fazio, otamendi, Masche, Biglia supposed fall in line and magically gain speed for the insane high backline?

          The list goes on and on and on and on…

          I’m curious, you made an incredible claim that no sane coach would come as long as Messi is there. In the context of Ebos points about Sampaoli contribution to the disaster, how exactly are the players to blame?

    • Dude, what you said about Martino not joining because of Messi is baloney.

      First, he openly stated that he thinks Messis overall contribution is incredible yet he receives the lions share of criticism and that if he were messi, he would have quit years ago. He clearly empathizes with Messi.

      He’s also “laughed off claims that compatriots Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano had a say on team selection during his time at the club.”

      And to Ebos points, the shitty AFA refused to pay for years and forced him to settle for much lower.

      Lastly, the fans freaking turned on him after the losses. He became a public punching bag for a long time.

      No shit that left a bad taste in mouth and refused 2018.

      • You miss the whole point my friend. I am not saying that Sampa was not responsible. He was. I have said that again and again. Read for heaven’s sake. And he has been punished for it. His formation against Croatia is nothing new for Argentina NT, built around a 3 man defence and a 5 man midfield with 2 flying wingbacks. But it was crazy to have that with the people he had at his disposal. Perez coming in for Lanzini. Mascherano at 34 was a liability for the team. He was scrambling in all matches in the last WC including against Iceland and Nigeria where he almost cost us the game on three occasions. We think that Sampa was a fool. So that is how he took Chile to a level where they had never been before – two Copas and to the 3rd position in FIFA Rankings. But he was an idiot when coaching us. For some of us life is either black or white. Life is not like that. I admit that I can’t prove that players influenced team selection. But can you prove that they did not (apart from the anecdotal quotes that you have which really mean nothing to me)

        • > but can you prove they did Not

          My friend, that’s not how logical arguments work.

          The burden of proof is always with the person making the claim or assertion (positive statement).

          example: let’s assume one day your friend comes up to you and says “I have an invisible car that can time travel”

          You then ask that person to show you and prove the claim is true.

          The burden of proof is not your responsibility. You don’t have to proof that your friend doesnt have an invisible car.

          If your friend is unable to prove, then I’m sure your response is going to be “sorry dude your full of shit . I don’t believe you and that’s it”

          Similar to this, you cannot prove that they had influence so just like the invisible car, I’m going to go ahead and say BS, it ain’t true and no, I don’t have prove anything beyond that.

        • I never said you did not blame sampaoli (read for heaven’s sake) I disagree when you say veterans and Sampa are EQUAL to blame. You made some good points and veterans do share some blame but the vast majority is on crazy Sampa for all the fucked up decisions.

      • And seriously you don’t think it to be strange that we, the mighty Albeceleste, could not find anyone better than Scaloni? It’s all down to wages and the AFA? I think you underestimate the team and it’s legacy. Anyway everyone to his own opinions. And if you think that Pele would have been an ordinary footballer now because the game has changed, well it is pointless to argue. And Messi would have won 4 WCs if he had Maradonas and Passarellas team then I do not have any logical answer to such imaginative speculation.

        • I am old enough to have seen Pele playing, trust me, nowadays football is more complicated and competitive. Brazil had many great players, such as Garrincha.
          Wc then was 3 federations only, 4 in 1970. most goals scored by Pele were against weaker teams in Brazil, maybe 2nd, 3rd or 4th tier.
          Do you think Pele would have been successful against the much physical/modern/tactical defenders of the current days? or would he have been that successful in the premier league of today?

  6. Scaloni has done well to leave out Mercado. I agree that Mercado has given his all to the NT and he deserves our greatest respect. But the old guard must also take the blame for the last WC. Not because we lost but for the collapse of the dressing room. As coach Sampaoli was accountable and he has been punished. He lost his job and his reputation. No regret. But responsibility and accountability are different things. Never before had the Albeceleste faced such a situation in the World Cup finals. In our country there is a saying. It takes two hands to clap. Senior members of the side are as responsible as Sampaoli for the debacle. Even In our worst moments in 1966 (Rattin scandal) and 1994 (Maradona dope test) the dressing room was United to a man. Messi-Mascherano-Aguero-ADM and a few others were as culpable. They are not innocent school children dominated by a stern headmaster. In contrast they are amongst the richest and most acclaimed celebrities in the world. The breakdown of negotiations is unacceptable from a discipline point of view and those responsible must pay for it. That is the only way. Scaloni is a stop gap arrangement. He does not have the stature to coach the Albeceleste just like Solskaer is not worthy to lead Man United and Solari was not worthy of Real. But no self respecting coach will like to coach Argentina as long as the Old Guard remains (and that includes Messi) because of what happened to Sampaoli. I wish Scaloni wins the Copa. I wish Messi wins the Copa. But if we lose then I don’t think that AFA would be too disappointed. It will hasten the process of the brain surgery that the team is undergoing and will motivate the Old Guard to retire and then Scalonis job would be done. And the true rebuilding can begin.

    • That is a hypothesis which may be right or wrong. But for those fans who know football from the club games that we see every weekend I would just like to share that games are not won in the football field , they are won outside it. A cohesive team that is aligned, heart and soul, to the coach wins competitions like the Copa and the World Cup

      • I would like to see Scaloni demonstrate some courage. Because a coach / manager needs to be in charge. You can be in charge only if you demonstrate strength and courage. Dropping ADM from the starting line up could be one, for reasons already discussed in the past. If Argentina is down, substituting Messi with Dybala could be another. Starting Lautaro instead of Aguero? Really excited for the Copa to begin. Bilardo won the WC but he started off by sacking Passarella as the team captain and appointing Maradona as his successor. Passarella is an absolute legend of Argentina football. His stature and achievements for the NT is far far bigger than Messi. Captain of our WC winning side from 1978. A great athlete and a complete leader. One of the greatest defenders of all time. That was not all. No defender in the history of the game of football has more goals per game than him. It is said about him that he could be at both ends of the pitch at the same time. At 32, he was still in his prime as a defender. Scored vital goals for us in the WC qualifiers in 1985/86. And Bilardo sacked him as Captain. Everybody howled. The fans and the media butchered him but Bilardo never relented in his belief.

        • One correction. Passrella has the most goals FROM OPEN PLAY per game amongst all defenders who have ever played for a national team. I think Ronald Koeman beat his record. But the majority of his goals came from free kicks.

        • TOTAL BS.
          Dropping your best in-form players does not demonstrate ‘courage’ but stupidity. it is just like firing your best employees to show that you are in charge.

          Again, and Again, Sampaoli was the boss, and he sank the ship. don’t keep barking on the same tree…. and blame the players. HE is at fault 100%, going back to the old story of friends club, Meza, Enzo and Fazio were part of the club 🙂 . and Messi prevented Locelso and Dybala from playing for the NT. specially As we are on the verge of competing for COPA some still have to come up with Bullshit stories about certain group that dominate the NT. and in return spread BS stories about the players.

          Sampaoli did not play to the strength of his group. PERIOD. kept changing formations, and tactics. give me 2 matches that Sampaoli played with the same starting 11. Up to Croatia match which was the 13 match in charge, he used 13 different lineups out of 59 players. Yepp it was the friend’s club decision to keep rotating players and play high defense back line and 3 at the back when none of them was accustomed to such tactics, and it was Messi’s and MAscherano’s decision to keep DiMaria out of Croatia game, Banega out of Iceland game, and Aguero out of France game. but play Enzo, Meza and Fazio, oh yeah they are Messi’s friends too.

          give Messi half of the players that were available to Passarella or Maradona, and We would have won 4 world cups.
          WE are in 2019 not 1978, Football tactics have evolved tremendously, example, Pele would have been a normal player if playing today, and such is many players who played half a century ago.

          I thought I have seen it all, but dropping Messi for Dybala to show courage, got to be the funniest of them all.

          enough hitting on the seniors, because until now, no one came close to their qualities, I would like to see when Argentina will reach 4 finals in 3 copa and 1 Wc in 10 years

          “I would just like to share that games are not won in the football field , they are won outside it.”

          and that include supporting the players, instead of bashing them relentlessly in the Media and on sites like this. Inventing stories or just copy other stories and blogs from some unknown source, like maybe facebook,instagram or god knows what! which is Associated press or Reuters for this generation.

          • Well Ebo, this is not about any friends club, this is an issue about power structure. Let the innocent believe that everything that happens in the team happens ONLY because the coach wants it that way. It’s very nice, you know, to think that the players have no role at all, such wonderful school children they are – all cute, red faced and innocent. If a team goes out in disgrace, as we did in the last WC (not because we lost but for the infighting in the team) – who has lost anything apart from Sampaoli (who definitely deserved it)? Nobody. The pity is national pride was compromised but fans like us are happy because Sampaoli is gone. Now it is all back to normal. And we will start winning again. My friend, the scars of the last world cup won’t go away in a hurry. Time will tell. I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it.

          • In 2003, at the peak of his career, David Beckham, was sacked by Alex Ferguson after a dressing room showdown. As Ferguson explained – ” whenever a Man United player thinks he is bigger than the manager that is the time for him to go”. Menotti did the same with Ramon Diaz for the NT. Ramon Diaz was considered to be equal to Maradona at that stage. It is unfortunate for a team when it’s fans become hero/idol worshippers. Then the individual becomes more important than the team. That is the misfortune of Argentine football. And we wonder why we don’t win anything anymore

          • I thought club Football is not a criteria for National team football.
            You forgot to mention that after the defeat to Arsenal in the FA cup Ferguson kicked a boot and hit Beckham above the eye which caused a cut and required stitches. after that Beckham was loaned out and then transferred to Real Madrid. Beckham was not in form then and that’s why he was not playing. He was not that influential in MU.
            and Comparing Beckham to Messi is just out of question.

      • Well, its well known thing that players from Barcelona has fierced rivalry with those players from Real madrid but it didnt prevent Spain from having successfull run from 2008-2012.

        Manager plays a big role when it comes to this. During Sabella’s time you could see the team in good harmony throughout qualifier and the WC itself. Remember when Lavezzi squirted him with water? or when he fainted on Higuain misschances against Belgium? its obvious to me that he has a good bond with the players.

        During Sampaoli’s time you never see the players or Sampaoli himself looking like having a great time.

    • already laying the blame and responsibility of predictable failure on 4 players out of 23,
      I suspect very much that you will be really happy if Argentina wins. because you already have chosen certain culprit for failure.

      You will be laughed at if you tell “those fans who know football from the club games that we see every weekend” that Argentina better off dropping Messi for Dybala who was not even that influential at his club for the past 2 seasons.

  7. If Di Maria starts we need pereyra in Mid.
    If de Paul starts It paredes can start…….
    Cause with maria and paredes at the same time could make our left flank weak… As they dont do any off the ball movement.

  8. Good for him.

    I liked him. I believe he outperformed himself when he played for NT. Compared to his natural talent and club form here is one guy who did better when he showed up for NT. Would often show up to score a goal here and there. You need a defender like that.

    Wish Mercado all the best.

    • Avg player who always was able to play beyond his skills & capacity in NT color. Thank u mercado.
      Good personal move by him to make some quick money.

  9. Thought he should’ve at least been included in this summers Copa America…

    but this move should seal his fate.
    Time to move on…

    Thanks for………. Trying with the NT!

  10. Mercado is a good footballer.He has got good crossing ability and a good physique but really lacks the pace and dribbling ability as a fullback.He won’t get future chances furthermore in the NT.He should retire and focus on Club football.Good Luck Mercado

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