Argentina first training session in Brazil, Angel DI MARIA, Roberto PEREYRA


Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI appears to still have a few doubts in regards to his starting eleven.

The first training session has been held in Brazil and SCALONI made a few changes to the eleven which started the 5-1 win against Nicaragua. German PEZZELLA, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO and Angel DI MARIA were all in the eleven in training. Here were the players tried out:


In regards to PEZZELLA, he trained without the protective mask which he had been wearing since his surgery. However, SCALONI is reportedly still thinking of starting either the Fiorentina man or Juan FOYTH.

In midfield, it will either be Leandro PAREDES or Roberto PEREYRA fighting for a spot while it looks like Angel DI MARIA will surely start instead of Matias SUAREZ.


    • @mysondavid7, great sarcasm but I guess no team Scaloni selects will be good for you. I am sure if you were to propose a team someone will also criticize it…relax and let’s see how these guys perform.

  1. Guys, lets talk about left-back a bit.
    For next fixtures of International event, i think the most suitable one that could be Tagliafico contender is Jonathan Silva. He, i think is the best young left-backs for Argentina senior team now. He was taken permanently by Leganes and I hope he will get his chance in Copa 2020.
    How is your opinion?

  2. This is a good solid line up.

    There is no doubt about the top 3. They should play for each other, the team and take chances. Just don’t stand and wait for Messi to try and dribble 5 defenders.

    The midfield is better now without Paredes. We need to run and be eager. Need hungry crazy runners. All eleven need to run hard and work hard for the team. Talent and skill alone is not enough. If you get outrun, you will lose. Days of superstars are gone. Superstars also have to run hard.

  3. If you said Guido will be our future DM, it is yes. But you must know he won’t be our Kante if the comparation is against the latter. Sure their position are same majorly, as DM. But even DM has more special role.

    For example, like Kante, he is a water carrier with four lungs, passing balls to more creative person. Same like Gattuso and Makelele. They are Ball-Winning Midfielder.

    Other modified DM role is Half-Back, that the DM will move parallel with the centre-backs, specifically when wingbacks help attack forward. This formations excels by Busquets and Fernandinho.

    Another one is Regista or Deep-lying Playmaker and all you guys know. Even this role stands in front of the defenders, this type must accompanied with one Ball-Winning Midfielder, like Pirlo-Gattuso and Jorginho-Kante.

    And for Guido’s role is Anchor-Man, different than BWF which chasing enemies anywhere on the field, they more like waiting until opponent reach areas around Middle-third and Final-third and then beat them to get the ball, sometimes helps attacking. For example Eric Dier, Patrick Vieira and Steven N’Zonzi.

    That’s why I’d like to see more if he is our Vieira or our Yaya Toure.

    • Excellent analysis.

      I had written a similar post somewhere.

      Paredes is our regista aka deep lying midfielder (like Pirlo).

      Pizarro is our half back (like Busquets).

      Pererya is our box to box midfielder (like Vidal).

      Rodriguez – I’ve not seen much of him other than a few highlights, but he also seems to be our box to box midfielder.

      We don’t have a Kante type player it seems who is a dynamic destroyer. There is only a very few players like Kante. You need 4 lungs to play in that role.

      • Pererya defensive skills is limited. He is no where like Vidal who can defend & attack in same intensity. Pererya is more attack oriented. But still a good option to partner Guido R.
        Depending on situation & opponent tactic , coach can play between pererya & parades as both offer something different .

  4. Good Lineup.Paredes would be better if he had shown he can pass through the lines and not pass back. But Pereyra will be great with his defending ability and his high work rate n energy

    Will Di Maria be good in final third?
    Yes I hope we have seen him in the past he links well.He has linked well with Messi in some Matches like against Ecuador,In a friendly against Portugal in a friendly against Germany . But a lots of ppl here disagree.Then De Paul is another option but,nerves might get the better out of him.Di Maria, I admit he has made some horrendous decisions in the past and very poor quality on his Crossing. But its probably his last chance to shine and make us forget the past.
    I am telling you all
    Scaloni >>>> Sampaoli
    Scaloni will give the players a plan.That’s what you need to win. He will know where to find space and operate on those position.Yes he was Sampaoli’s assitant but he hasn’t shown qualities of Sampaoli (i.e:Selecting old players,using stupid lineups and stupid players like Fazio,Meza.)There are a lot more.But right now I back Scaloni he will push this side and push for glory.
    Vamos Argentina

    • Yes, Scaloni >> Sampaoli so far (let’s wait till the Copa is over).

      His selection sounds good and its something we can logically agree. He may have preference for some players over someone we like (not in my case as I agree with his 11), but that could be because he known more about his players than us. Not just their skills but also their current level.

      Let’s hope we have a great Copa and win it. We would need a bit of luck, may we be blessed for the same.

    • Reason why I think Scaloni is better than Sampaoli,he has scouted and observed the players all over the World where Argentinian players are playing or else Sampaoli wouldn’t have selected a young squad selecting the likes of Paredes,Guido,Saravia.He would have gone for Mercado and even play Salvio at RB and select a Striker like Higuain who had 11 goals all competition at Juve last year and leaving out Icardi.Scaloni left out Icardi coz Icardi is in pressure his wife and agent Wanda is a carrer destroyer.And he also had great 6 month but after that he was very poor.I always had doubts during last WC. But this time around We have a good young fresh and hungry squad.A team who want to help Messi in reality not just come in news conference and say :”Oh we always give our best and try to support Messi.”
      But not this time Lo Celso Aguero Guido (rodriguez) will be our decisive players.But I dont trust our GKs Armani nor Andrada or Marchesin.

  5. @ebo

    الريان يتعاقد رسميا مع الارجنتيني جايرييل ميركادو
    في أولي صفقات نادينا للموسم الجديد يعلن النادي عن تعاقده رسميا مع المدافع الارجنتيني جابرييل ميركادو ليكون احد لاعبينا الأجانب في الموسم القادم، واللاعب الجديد قادم من نادي اشبيليه الإسباني الذي لعب معه في السنوات الثلاث الماضية

      • 2xGuido is our most defensive midfield duo. I guess Scaloni might try it when we need to defend lead in latter part of the tournament (only if both of them perform well individually in prior matches).

    • Yes, probably. Rodriguez can also participate in offense, may be thats why he was selected. I believe we may see both Guido combo when the tournament proceeds if both of them put in good performance whenever they get chance.

  6. I am calling out and putting an official warning for german pezella. I domt beleive this guy is ready for the tournament…..

    Not only had he just come back from injury but fiorentina have been absolutely horrible in the last 6 months in the serie a.

    Fiorentina have failed to win a match since february 17, losing 9 games and drawing 4 since that match. Pezella took part in the majority of these games.

    Captain of his club or not i have a lot of doubts about his performances and ability to defend. He had an above average year last year but has been all sorts this year.

    I believe funes mori should get the start. He has proven his ability to defend and in all 24 appearances with argentina we have only lost 3 times!!!! Thats when were were away in brazil and blovia as well as the final against chile which we lost in penalties.

  7. I hope ARGENTINA plays with the mentality that every single point and goal counts…… should have been the day where U20 team should have been playing and going for their 7th star……… MANY lost opportunities in all competitions.

  8. Playing eleven consist of eleven player in a single match all eleven player can not perform well,Paredes played good one or two good shot at the goal.If he has passing skils he does not need to run much he has that technicality,he is better at tackling, acute passes.But i am ok with Pereya too.But against stronger or possession football or parked bus team we need Paredes more than Pareya.

    • You can’t compare orange with Apple. Paredes is a Pirlo while Pereyra is a Vidal. They both do attack and defend in their own way. Vidal works very hard, Pirlo doesn’t have to as he has the vision. Paredes & Pereyra are not at their level yet, but their playing style can be compared to them.

      • @karl

        please stop comment and embarassing yourself

        it’s not the first time you show ignorance and arrogance about our players. Shut your mounth if know nothing about some player.

        the minimum of honesty is needed.

      • Yes, Rodriguez can be “our Kante”. That’s the position he plays in. He’s nowhere near to Kante’s level defensively atm as Kante is the best DM in the world. Its thus an unfair comparison to someone who has not even played for his country in an official match or even hasn’t played in Europe yet.

        But he is a much better goal scorer than Kante.

    • Im really liking the addition of guido rodriguez

      In 21 appearances, the Argentine accumulated 5 goals in the Apertura, good for 3rd on Club America, and provided an assist to go along with 85% passing. His biggest contribution, however, was on the defensive end of the pitch. His tireless defensive work produced 1.6 interceptions and 2.4 tackles won per match. He ranked 2nd in Liga MX with 64 total tackles on the season. In addition, he was given just three yellow cards in those matches

      Says a lot about a player if he can be the best player while playing in the DM role!

    • he is a great Defensive Midfielder in Liga MX.He has got 64 successful tackles, it speaks a lot. He even has 85% passing succes. Hopefully he will be a valuable asset in our team this Summer.He is only 25, Needs more time to develop but yes he can be our new Kante only if he was bit more Faster,But I think Battaglia is the favourite instead of Guido Rodriguez for our future games and tournamen, Unfortunately Battaglia is injured

  9. Can anyone tell me what are the strengths or weakness of Roberto Pereya other than his so called work rate like passing shooting off ball movement or positioning.I think Paredes should start he will make our foeward and midfielders work more

    • Peredes is a regista but in his last against Nicaragua he was one of our worst player alongside Suarez. He didn’t move off the ball at all. He was afraid to pass between the line.
      He was chosen over other because of his passing between the line. But if he dont do that i dont see any point of taking him….
      Robert is better than him … His work rate is high good passer. Overall good player.

    • I think paredes is bit static, pereya is more agile. Also his playing style can bring the ball to our fwds compared to paredes… he is a natural left midfielder so we can have pereya Rodriguez lo Celso in the mid… all the most he is a regular player for Watford…

    • I think they are both players that are streaky and performances could be up and down. Scaloni will need to keep a close eye on their form.

      Paredes – long shots, passing, great communicator with defence, plays well with lo cleso guiding him going forward

      Pereyra – inter play link up passer, will get forward and come back, great shooter i the box, may get tired if over worked

      In my opinion who ever has been in better form with their club team should be the option

      Paredes played a rotational role in PSG but was very effective in the midfield with a passing rate of 92%, the two champions league games he played he had 147 touches per match and played 94% of his passes. Pereyra on the other hand got off to a really hot start in the premeier league but let his play fall ofd towards the end. He finished with 6 goals 2 assists and 83% passing with 36 touches per match.

      I would start paredes and use pereyra as a back up if we need goals

  10. Thank God Suarez and Acuna are not starting. Much rather see Tagliafico than Acuna at LB and as for the LW, would like to see De Paul instead of Di Maria just to keep Di Maria for for the whole tournament, but still would be absolutely fine with Di Maria, as he’s the only old player who actually combines well with Messi. As for Pererya starting over Paredes, I’m fine with that as Paredes is an amazing passer of the ball but his work rate is not that much wheras Pererya would bring that energy and aggression to our midfield, he could act as our b2b midfielder. Best Lineup would be:
    Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliafico
    Lo Celso Guido Pererya
    Messi Aguero Di Maria

    • DiMaria combines well with Messi is a myth. I’ve seen a lot of matches where he didn’t pass to Messi when Messi expected a return pass. Dimaria is a poor decision maker at the final third when he plays for the NT. Messi has given so many nice passes to DiMaria more than he received from the latter while it should have been the other way around.

      The problem with Argentina NT is everyone is trying to impress and thus most of the players are selfish and lack discipline.

      • I don’t like or support Di Maria at all. But what you are saying isn’t right. You should watch our last WC Qualification Game against Ecuador. Only because of Messi and Di Maria we were at the World Cup….

        But I think Di Maria’s time is done… We should relay on others now

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