Sergio AGUERO, Paulo DYBALA score as Argentina win Copa America third place


Sergio AGUERO and Paulo DYBALA both scored as Argentina defeated Chile 2-1 to win third place in the Copa America.

Much like the semi final against Brazil, this match had controversy. A lovely pass off a quick free kick by Lionel MESSI sent Sergio AGUERO one on one with the goalkeeper as AGUERO rounded the goalkeeper to score.

Argentina would double their lead just 10 minutes later when Gio LO CELSO played a great pass in for Paulo DYBALA who’s first touch took the ball away from the defender. DYBALA chipped the goalkeeper to double Argentina’s lead.

Lionel MESSI would be part of the controversy. After a confrontation with MEDEL of Chile, the referee sent off both men and refused to go to VAR. It’s only the second time in his Argentina career that MESSI would be sent off, the first coming in his national team debut.

Chile would score as the referee would use VAR to award them a penalty kick. VIDAL would score as Argentina would win 2-1 and secure third place.


  1. For all mundo members who criticize Scaloni, our match against Chile was another indication of the progress that we have made. I agree that Scaloni was not the right choice. We should have got someone with a greater stature and experience. But now that he is our coach, chopping and changing will get us nowhere and he must be measured on his performance rather than his pedigree. I can say that there is a flow and cutting edge to our game (last 4 games) that I have not seen very frequently in the last 10 years and it is improving. I agree that there are problems in our wing play, defensive midfield and defence but that can be ironed out in an evolutionary manner, game by game, rather than dismantling the coaching system. Against Chile I thought Lo Celso, Aguero and Dybala were very good even after Messi was sent off. If Aguero and Dybala were more clinical we could have had 2 goals more at least. Paredes is at last showing is true talent. He has surprised me not just with the quality of his play but also his fighting spirit. Lautaro has looked very good and so has De Paul. Foyth has not been perfect but for his age and experience he has been very promising. I am sure he will be a monster when he is 24-25. Lot of positives for us. Let us give Scaloni the credit that he deserves.

  2. I am certain that Messi did not speak up in anger and that it was a well thought of statement. Messi is the tallest figure in global football by far (including all officials and administrators ). His words will have consequences and will change refereeing standards forever. It is reminiscent of the Menotti-Maradona campaign to change the refereeing standards in 1983 that killed the huge protection that cynical defending enjoyed from referees which did not allow good players to play. In the 1982 WC between Argentina and Italy, Claudio Gentile alone fouled Maradona 26 times. It is a world record. No single defender and fouled a single person from the opposition side so many times in a single match. But Messi may have to bear the consequences. A big ban may be on the cards. Well done Messi. Proud of you.

  3. Why? Why??? Why Argentina never found a clever way to start both DYBALA and Messi together??? Why all Tshitshi time waste such a combo? Smdh

  4. A lot of lesson Arg have gained and learn from this Copa :

    AFA problem to appoint experience and good coach continue
    Commebol has its own hidden agenda ( football and politics interest integrated )
    Arg team still without proper plan and wrong selected substitute players
    Arg keeps learning and improved in the tournament not before the tournament and it is always late
    Arg can beat Chile with good strategy and fit 10 players

    Although we have to admit that Scaloni did brings some glimpse during his last 3 matches , the youths are ready to step up, Messi dependancy is fading out and the team clear weakness is defense and mid – need to be overhaul. Messi has transform from timid and soft spoken player into a rebellion player due to his mature and age wise. He has proven to be the best player in this generation and shown his greatness at club and nation. Only luck is missing when he plays for Arg.

    For Messi red card, he sacrifies himself and shake the status quo of football. Hopefully this will waken up the eyes of AFA and Commebol for the sake of football not own self interest. But thy are too many invicible hands and interest in this industry. Messi proved to be a true footballer in and on the pitch following the footsteps of Johan Cruff’s controversy and straight talk defending the beauty of football; however i am afraid that Commebol alongwith FIFA will not accept this kind attitude and try their best to shut up the ‘bad Boys”.

    History repeats itself.

    Congrats for the medal Keep Going forward and we keep our faith and support for you

  5. Well done, Argentina…… Congratulation….. It’s time to prepare for the next matches and the next championship…..

    No matter what, Vamos Argentina!!!!!

    GOD bless everyone….

      • I wouldn’t count on that. FIFA and CONMEBOL are not only rigged, but stupid. They would cut off their nose to spite their face. They certainly did so with Maradona. He was the poster child until he said something about Havelange and corruption of FIFA (which we ALL KNOW NOW was spoken truthfully), then we all of a sudden learned about what a “despicable” human being he was. I don’t think the material is there for them to try and do the same to Messi, but wouldn’t put it past them.

  6. Stupid decision by the ref, Messi was no where near the red card! I feel for him.
    Dybala did well and im happy to see our young players play better and better every match

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