Lionel MESSI says they didn’t want Argentina in final, Copa is made for Brazil


Lionel MESSI has completely hit back at CONMEBOL and VAR while also saying that they didn’t want Argentina in the final.

After his comments following the game against Brazil, Argentina captain Lionel MESSI has come out and attacked CONMEBOL once more. Speaking after the third place win against Chile where he was controversially sent off, MESSI went after CONMEBOL. Here’s what he had to say:

“What I said, happened. I didn’t go to the podium because we shouldn’t be part of the corruption and lack of respect. We were meant for more but they didn’t let us be in the final. The corruption and the refs didn’t allow the people to enjoy and football is ruined.

“The corruption and the referees didn’t allow us to be in the final. You have to say the truth.

“Brazil champions? No doubt. Sadly, I think it’s set up for Brazil. Hopefully the refs and VAR will have nothing to do with it and Peru will be able to compete because they have the team to do it. But I see it as difficult.”

MESSI also hinted that the red card he received was because of the comments he made against CONMEBOL after the semi final game.

There’s also a report that MESSI told his team mates in the changing rooms not to say anything and he would be the one to talk about the referees.


  1. anyone read Messi’s *great friend*s statement on How the fvk does this ahole(Dani Alves) call Messi a friend and then criticize him in a public statement…. bet he’s getting his arse greased by Conmebol!!!!

  2. Is Messi get 2yr ban? according to all news reports he will be van for 2years..if that happens then AFA should take harsh step against CONMEBOL…

  3. I don’t like the idea of using uni-dimensional resources. Ascasibar is a great destroyer but can be ineffective in terms of offensive contribution like Biglia and Masche. Exequiel Palacios can be played on the right side where De Paul was played this Copa and he in turn can shift back to his favorite left side such that we have a cross-functional team in the middle. Players like Ascasibar can prove to be effective subs based on the nature of the game.

    • I don’t understand why people
      So obsessed having two holding
      Midfielders Argentina had masch and
      Biglia years yet we were still weak
      We need deep lying playmaker like
      Paredes or even Dominguez
      Plus two normal midfielders

      • To compensate for Paredes’ shortcomings in defense, we should iron it out by adding two b2b mids around rather than going for someone who doesn’t have the idea of crossing the half-way line. De Paul and Palacios are quite good for that. Playing Battaglia instead of Paredes is a different call altogether. But in no way should in the view of accommodating Paredes, we decide to sacrifice the much needed firepower in the middle.

  4. “Hit the post twice trophy?”
    I am waiting to celebrate a trophy for a very very long time like everyone in here so cut the bullshit! Brazil scored their first goal on an open net yes, they have a very good manager and spent quite a long time together working on it. On the other hand, Argentina was not even ready for this copa let alone Brazil because 80% of its players played their first tournament with an inexperienced young coach on the helm. So yes we were many gears lower than our own standards, Argentina standards. But still they were not superior and still cheated in front of their own crowd. If you think the opposite thats fine, i don’t give a shit anyway, you don’t have to be a “genuine fan” to see the obvious. I just hope that somehow afa won’t mess with our chances of improving our team and when at last we will be ready at our own standards then bring on Brazil and we talk again.

    But still, it won’t be enough to be better than them, we have to be way superior in order not only beating them but the ones who are helping them as well.

  5. i want scaloni to stay…..after a long time i hv seen some team spirit in our team………
    nd i think paredes was the man of the tournament for argentina in this copa…….i know he is not a ball winner but he never looked like under pressure with the ball for a moment in this whole tournament….i still remember how hard coutinho jesus and firmino was trying to press him but he was just sublime……i don’t think battaglia, ascasicbar can do this role properly…..paredes is someone who always started our attack…..i think he has the future with argentina on DM position.

    • Paredes…that’s true. He was never under pressure when he had ball..and pressured by opposition. He hold the ball well. As I always said…he should be playing with a real DM. A young DM with him for the future is best. I will go with Ascacibar.

      • Only real hater will deny how good
        Paredes was the Commentators even surprised how good he did.
        They guy was comfortable with the
        Ball weather is under pressure or no
        Pressure some people will only focus
        The minor mistakes tell me which player
        Who is free from mistakes .to be honest he and Aguero were the best players even
        De pual the only thing I didn’t like about de Pual Was rolling too much on the floor

  6. Brazil apologists/Ex-Argentine-now-baptized-Brazilians’ interesting claims:

    1. Brazil never switched from second gear(they have some 20 gears in the pocket as in a Volvo heavy-hauler).

    2. All that Argentina has got is 2 gears(they were firing all their cylinders on the night sparing none).

    3. On another day we’d have got beaten by a margin of 5-6 goals. Brazilians were courteous enough not to embarrass us in front of their crowd which is reflective of their high sense of fair play and compassion.

    4. Argentina was lucky to hit the post twice since those shots were never meant and came by fluke. At the other end, Brazil was literally toying with our entire defense by finding space behind us every single time and surprisingly deciding not to shoot like a cat toying with the mice on a hungerless night.

    5. And we are the most genuine Arg fans and well-wishers who sense the truth unlike many in here who will realise only when the ‘sky falls on them’.

    “Scaloni Out, new coach in, back to square one, reinvent the wheel” and of course Vamos Vamos!

    • Brazil scored in an empty net and You’ve got the “hit the post twice” trophy. Now wear it like an armband and celebrate your victory. If we had 20 gears and we used them, there would be no crying over penalty incidents. Nobody would care about VAR or, bad refereeing. And of course, you are the most genuine Argentina fan. Keep riding the marvelous wheel you’re on.

      • Goodness me!!

        Didn’t even know that was a bait. I was trying to be as unspecific as I could with the earlier comment and still got a trout stuck at the end of the barb!

        @Imtiaz _ whatever you claim to be… We’d watched the match. No one here is of the opinion that we’re as pure as snow against Brazil. Given the circumstances, we almost pulled off the impossible. We(with the majoritarianism given the due credit), trust Scaloni and Co. and wouldn’t mind looking upto them for further development albeit the apparent weaknesses.

        With certain tweaks in defense and the addition of 2-3 youngsters in each department, we could well be on our way to something big and the right to believe so is the prerogative of the true fans unlike the obsessed spoilsports and self-proclaimed pundits who’d keep on playing the hideous art of ‘sensible matured fans’ swearing and insinuating at every turn!

    • Good one mate. Some people are blind as fuck. Ignorant. Just in dissemay to see @imtiaz bringing up these as I recall he is one of the oldest great poster and has good thoughts about football. I guess frustration got us

  7. I can’t believe some comments that i am reading in here!
    Brazil didn’t go off the second gear against us??
    Shots for goal for Argentina: 14
    Shots for goal from Brazil: at about 4 if i am not mistaken.
    Then yeah, it seems that surely that was the case!
    We didn’t deserve to advance to the final??

    Ok lets get things straight here! If someone was going only with second gear that was surely us! Why?? Simply because those fucking thieves played against an Argentina with 80% of its players being young lads with their ever first tournament! An Argentina without a ready and experienced coach on the helm, despite the fact that i am giving my full respect to Scalloni for his efforts, and still we were at least equal to them, unlucky of hitting the post twice, but mainly this “mighty Brazilian team” needed to use their dirty politics against us for once again in order to go through and all of those in front of their own fans!

    I tell you what, if Argentina was going to a final the way Brazil did then i don’t want that because for me that is the way that a team does not desrve going in to a final!

    Free Palestine, welcome to the Albiceleste fan club mate because you have to get used to it, they did it with Diego in 94, they will try to do it with Messi now as well.

  8. in 2006 wc germany out from semi and juachim low was assistant on that time.low was given full charge.low again got germany in the semi and low impress with young talants and then 2014 he i wanted to say that national team manager needs long time that’s way i want scaloni should continue till 2022 wc.

  9. Can’t sleep guys, people are saying Messi might be banned for like -2 years for his comments. Actually what is the rules or what is waiting for us? Can anyone make clear?

  10. If any of our friends here are old enough to remember…. We have been given the short end of the stick since the early 80s. It wasn’t easy for maradona and company to even win …. That is why we called it the hand of God…. Because we scored and won against all odds. Do you want to know why so many are against us?
    It is politics. It’s political stances the Argentina government have made in the past that got us in trouble. But they were good stances.
    For example, we are the only country that has a “powerhouse” of a football machine that stands against imperialism of England. We are the only great soccer nation that stands against the tyranny of isreal.
    Ask the old timers, they will tell you of a time in the early 80s when we believed we would never win any more cups because of politics .

  11. “No es verdad que se haya sugerido a Argentina participar en competiciones de la UEFA o convertirse en miembro de la UEFA. UEFA nunca ha entrado en ningún tipo de discusión sobre la materia y nunca lo hará. Sin embargo, en señal de amistad o camaradería y como una organización inclusiva, UEFA, por supuesto, invitará a Argentina para ver cualquier competición UEFA en cualquier momento”, detalla.

  12. well UEFA has denied the reports of inviting AFA to join uefa or play uefa nations league but hopefully one day they themselves officially invite AFA to join uefa and AFA accepts it even Australia joined Asian confideration and Israel joined UEFA

    • They said they will be more than happy to have AFA join UEFA and I personally believe we should go for it!! Without Argentina CONMEBOL is nothing!!

      • Exactly @gonzalo-pity-martinez…Brazilian young talents are no more impressive except junior and Malcolm..but Everton is impressive…I don’t know why Argentine players never get the moderate money transfer…Vargas easily 20-25mln transferable player…

      • Yes, but not for the money. He has still big ups and downs in his form and for the reason one year longer in Superliga (either Velez or Boca) would be good for him.

  13. Listen, yes we should’ve gotten two penalties against Brazil, but to say we were far superior than them is a huge overstatement.
    Before facing Brazil our record was awful, losing to Colombia, drawing Paraguay, and just barely beating Qatar and Venezuela.
    We did not deserve to be in the final.
    The only reason we got so far is because since so few teams are involved, you go straight from the group to the quarter-finals and then semi’s. And even if you finish third there’s a good chance you go through.
    That was easy!

    Had this been a WC or Euro format where there is a round of 16, and third place isn’t good enough, I guarantee you we don’t make it to Quarters, much less Semi’s.

    We didn’t deserve to be in the final, Period!
    Now that doesn’t say there isn’t corruption, but it shouldn’t be an excuse either.
    We simply weren’t good enough!

    How many teams Messi and Barcelona have robbed due to referee favoritism, he should be the last one to complain.

    • “We didn’t deserve to be in the final, Period!” – We and Messi think otherwise..!
      “Had this been a WC or Euro format where there is a round of 16, and third place isn’t good enough, I guarantee you we don’t make it to Quarters, much less Semi’s.” No need this type of guarantee..!

      All of your writing above …is not as an Argentine fan but more like from a hater of something/someone…!

    • @DontBeThatGuy,

      Agree with you. If those calls were in favour of us, we would probably make the match harder for Brazil. Then again, Brazil never really needed to get out of second gear. We weren’t nearly as good as our fellow fans are claiming.

      I liked that Messi was vocal. As a captain and senior player, he has every right to talk about referee corruption.

      • This is what your problems.. haters…will come with something like this always…
        What would have been Brazil do.. nothing they played their best…some like you think.. they didn’t play at their strength..! What they would have been done…if both of those penalties called correctly..? Their second goal wouldn’t have happened…..!
        If you claim they would have scored another…there was eqaul chance we would have scored third also…and score can also become 3-1 instead of 2-2. Some here can’t agree we played better football because they hate Scaloni.

        • @Insider,

          Some can never understand until the sky falls upon them. At the end of the day, we qualified for the semis with 1 win against Qatar, 1 draw and 1 loss. Scaloni’s substitutions were horrible throughout the tournament. We played a lot better against Chile, probably our best performance. Still the first goal came from a set piece. Look at all the goals we scored throughout the tournament and there’s no clear layout visible. Lo Celso started the tournament on the right flank, then he was dropped and then used as a LM in our final match. There are more signs that indicate the players are trying their best and stepping up with a coach that has no clear vision. Paredes has been continuously used as a DM. Who knew Acuna would be our CM with two Guidos sitting on the bench? What about picking up Matias Suarez?

          I see a surge in public opinion in favour of Scaloni. The same I saw before December last year. People wanted him to be our coach. Now the Copa is over and I hear Scaloni is still learning. He might turn out to be a fantastic manager when he has finished his learning. But why do we have to use our time and NT competitions to teach him coaching lessons is beyond my understanding. This team and we as fans have suffered a lot for the eternity. Looks like we still have time to experiment with decisions that no other Football Association would take.

          • And I’d also like to add with your point.

            The reason why we played so damn good against Chile is because we finally did what we should’ve done months ago.

            We played MAD!
            Messi, Aguero, Dybala, the most lethal attack in the international stage.

            Those three are good enough to cover up any lack of creativity there is in the midfield. However, it may not be enough against the biggest teams in the world, like France, Netherlands, Portugal, etc.

            Like you said he’s learning, he played that beautiful front three for THIRD PLACE?!!! I was like F**k Me when I saw the lineup lol

            And he even subbed off Dybala?!!!
            This guy don’t know what he’s doing.

            But this Copa, we won only 3 games, lost 2, drew 1
            We scored 7, conceded 6, meaning our GD is only +1.
            Compared to 2016 when it was like +15.

            If people can’t see we are not improving idk what will.
            Individual talent can only bring you so far.

    • Your argument that they weren’t better against Brasil because of its play against Colombia doesn’t follow.

      Was Argentina far superior, I think not. But the game was at least even and the Refs interventions (or lack thereof) were outcome determinative.

      • Thank you for the voice of reason. The BS about “if this was WC and 3rd place wasn’t good enough”. They finished SECOND. That’s good enough in any tournament. Next, you say we weren’t “far superior” to Brazil. Fine I will grant you that. But we were superior. Argentina, WITH ALL ITS TROUBLES, was better than mighty Brazil at home. They got lucky with the ball hitting the post and cross bar, and a rocket zinging an inch above. Not to mention a fluke early goal, which although included some good skills from Alves, could also easily have been a called a foul by him to take the ball in the first place.
        Nevertheless, they got that first goal. It happens. The second goal NEVER happened. You can’t tell me that if they call that play correctly (i.e. a penalty for Arg), Brazil would have somehow scored a goal anyway. Maybe they do later, maybe they don’t. We’ll never know. We have to go with what we saw, which was BS calls by the refs helping a less deserving team get through. Far superior or not.

  14. Normal player + proper coach = good team = iceland

    Good player + proper coach = great team = barcelona under pep

    Good players + bad coach = normal team= our beloved team…😥

  15. AFA should go with UEFA if they can in any way shape or form. The corruption CONMEBOL displayed was alarming, blatant, and showed that there are still criminals in charge. They GAVE Brazil the match. Those are facts. Facts matter. Maybe they need another investigation into FIFA by the FBI so a whole new group of criminals can spend the rest of their lives in prison.
    On ESPN, this network is so anti Messi its shameful. They are saying he should be banned for speaking out. In a country that promotes everything from free speech to displaying your sexuality to social justice, fighting for your rights applies to everyone other than Messi and Argentina. Thats called hypocrisy. Despicable scum can kiss my ass. Any fan of football should ban this trash heap network and hope this dumpster fire crashes and burns.

    • ESPN is corrupted too mate
      There is no question that Brazil
      Match is fixed. the afa asked
      CONMEBOL the communications
      Between the referee and the var assistant
      Up to now they did not say anything
      About that. That’s enough evidence for me.
      Plus it’s not easy messi to say those things
      If he wasn’t sure because he knew the
      Consequence of his speech.
      But I don’t think Argentina will join UEFA .
      CONMEBOL will do everything in thier power to prevent Argentina go UEFA if that happen
      South American football will be done
      Copa Libertadores will be finish
      No more money I also believe is better
      Argentina to remain where they re.
      Other wise they will be even more
      Humiliate. European team will be
      Keep moaning every time they lose
      Against Argentina they re also will be
      Homeless without been emotional
      It’s 100% better the afa remains in CONMEBOL
      I believe Argentina chance will come
      Next summer all they need is full packed
      Stadium and referee will be under huge


        • That will never happen isn’t even
          Possibly the distance wise
          That Argentina football clubs
          Participate the UEFA competition
          I don’t think it’s even logic
          Can you imagine the travelling from
          Argentina to Europe how long it takes
          In short periods.
          UEFA come out now and deny
          That they invite Argentina .

          • I respect your opinion brother but these guys need to be taught a lesson. They are thieves liars crooks and I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. There would be short term pain but we are better off in UEFA. There needs to be consequences for their corruption. Then when their pockets are emptied they will learn their lesson

          • i respect your opinion godin11 but would you say the same thing if Argentina were treated exactly same way in Copa 2020 and WC Qualifiers as it happened in Copa 2019 by the referees I understand that Argentina didnt play that good against colombia and paraguay but they kept improving match after match and there is even rumour of Conmbeol suspending Messi for 2 years.Conmboel should not take Argentina for granted let them suffer for their unfair decisions and there is a saying no pain no game i understand it will be a pain for argentine clubs to travel till europe but iin long term Argentine clubs might earn more revenue by participating in Uefa competitions rather than in copa libertadoes and copa sudamericana and it would even benefit NT also in the longer run by playing against european teams most of the time

  16. USA outplayed mexico..mexico won because of their luck which USA haven’t…and brazil played not good,any european team wil defeat them

  17. Tata’s Mexico is not playing better than Argentina as a team. International football seems to fall behind too far compare to club football. Champion’s league matches are much higher quality than Copa or Gold Cup, even Euro.

    • Is there any information from AFA? I think it’s just fans and reporters’ idea. Joining UEFA would be wonderful, but our clubs might have travel too far for CL and EL matches. That’s the only problem but it shouldn’t be much worse than such of Kazakhtan’s clubs.

      • the UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin had invited AFA to join first uefa nations league but tapia at that time declined the invitation and told he would think about joining it in the future and ceferin even asked AFA to leave Conmebol and join UEFA and now some AFA members are seriously considering to join UEFA if it happens it will be good news for argentina football it may sound outrageous but argentina joining uefa is nothing new since australia also joined a new confederation and israel had also joined uefa now is the time that tapia takes decidion for good of argentine football and hopefully AFA joins UEFA

          • Argentina will qualify even if its uefa qualification for WC yeah but i agree this will be good for Argentine football

    • This could be the window to transform our lazy, slow midfield into a more dynamic, well rounded one. We lack the hard work and running in midfield. This is a common feature of European football. We can add latin american skill on top of it. This wont happen overnight. But the one dimensional midfielders we produce haven’t helped us over the years. South American football as a whole hasn’t been very successful against European football for some time now.

      • One time Argentina had world class
        Midfielders even better defenders
        All around better balance teame still
        Didn’t win anything then.

        It’s ludicrous to blame the young team
        Who played thier first tournament
        Together and did exceptionally well.
        Believe or not they the ones who gave
        Messi hope to continue he can see that
        He can achieve something with this lot
        One Last push maybe till 2022.
        Why Argentina fans so critical I don’t know
        As far as know Argentina has been robbed.

        anyone who can’t see it than
        something Wrong with them
        Up to now the CONMEBOL
        They didn’t respond to the afa
        Why re they silent still they know
        Something definitely happened .
        Brazil vs arg game.

  18. I never witnessed Brazil lost any final… I believe they mentally stronger than we are very sad to say those 3 finals we lost Brazil would probably won all 3 even with a shit team

    • 98. Also, another example, you are saying they are mentally stronger because they lost 7-1 in the semi and did not lose “any final”? I’ll take the final.

    • WTF, never lose a final? lol .Brazil lost to Uruguay in Copa final in mid 90s, lost to France 0-3 in WC 1998 final, lost at HOME soil in 1950 final to Uruguay. That thrashing lost to Germany proof they’re more than beatable even at home.

      Argentina at one point win 6 Copa America under the same manager, Guilermo Stabile. Argentina also beat Brazil at KO stage for 3 straight tournaments from 1990-1993, (WC & 2 Copa) ….so dont pretend as if Argentina never had an incredible run in major tournaments. Since 1994, Brazil has bettered us, they lost some finals but won multiple WC and Copa while Argentina has been stucked at being runner up all the time… but reaching multiple finals or semifinal proof Argentina has always been strong candidate regardless the team form.

      Would you consider Spain as weak team just because they never had a good run in major tournament apart from 2008-2012 ? that’s merely 4 years span. Netherlands often put strong performance at WC, they had multiple victories over Brazil and Argentina in WC , yet they got zero World cup. Sometimes it just how it goes, but soon or later our time will come again, just like every other team who needs to wait forever to eventually win something again or for the first time. There’s a cycle in everything.

  19. It’s done. The same story. When Brazil is strong, they will win, it’s just simple; just like any other teams, be it Spain, Italy, Germany or France. But we on the other did not get anything from our golden generations.

    We need strong fullbacks, a replacement for Mascherano; and build up muscles. We can’t complete without strong physical ability. Be patient with Scaloni and co, the results will come sooner or later.

    • Brazil is very lucky this year only face one big team Argentina in their entire campaign even Argentina not their at best, Uruguay Colombia were deserving eliminated though penalty shootout.

    • At least they’re stronger than anyone on paper, agree that they are far from impressive, but mainly I think Tite was too practical and conservative. In the WC, I think they will loose with this strategy but at Copa it worked for them as a host.

      Remember before Brazil scored against Arg, they completely dominated the game. I support Arg and hate Brazil to death, but we need some dose of reality. Our whole defense needs to shake up several gears to compete with top teams.

    • Golden generation never guarentee thropy. You can easily look back at history.

      Holland best generation was in 70’s and they lost in 2 WC finals and never reach final in Euro during those years. France never reach final in World cup during Platini’s era yet they won it with players like Pogba, Mbappe and Griezmann.

      Zico’s Brazil was considered as Brazil best generation since Pele era , yet they never reach semifinal in WC during those days. You cant explain that.

      Maradona generation wasnt even golden generation, its basically “best player on the planet” + bunch of good players but not golden generation, yet they reached back to back WC finals and won in 86.

      Going by thropy achievement, would you consider Ruggeri as best Argentine ever? he’s the only Argentine to win WC (2 finals) , Copa America (twice winners) & Confederation cup.

  20. Brazil was eliminated from group stage last time in copa ends with wining next copa, how much a good coach is important to build a young team to play under system.

  21. That’s a PK and the trip on Kun or the elbow to the Otamendi’s throat were not, its good so they can compare this BS call to those.

  22. Had Argentina scored goal, Brazil immediately took lead after that park the bus allowing them play to wait for counter and punish on defensive mistake, there is huge difference between a good tactician and poor tactician even Gareca is good coach but Brazil have better squad let’s see if match goes to penalty or not

    • Good coach Garcia conceded 7 goals so far. Bad coach Scaloni conceded 2 with the assist of Referee and CONMBOEL. You do the math. Garcia ain’t all that good as you think or trying make us all think. He is ok but little bit edge over Scaloni maybe because of his age and experience. But sometimes experience doesn’t matter. What Scaloni and his team did in copa is amazing. We gone better and better. I am sure with Palacio and Zaracho we could played even better. Give it a break g. Either Gallardo neither we better with Scaloni. Because no one in year can say in confidence that any other coach could bring that out from all the players like Scaloni and Team did.

  23. Brazil playing similar against peru like Argentina pressed high to score early then allow opposition to play and attack then waiting for mistake to punish hard, hope final result will be different

    • Don’t hold your breath. If they tie it up, there will be a “clear” penalty called to make things right. You know, human errors happen, and VAR communications happen to be out, because technology problems also happen (usually at the same time that a human error happens).

    • Ok, to be fair, both penalties called were BS in my opinion. But they rigged the tournament and got them an inferior team for the final. Amazingly, they still struggled.

  24. Gonzalo
    “This Copa America in Brazil was total disaster. Big mostly empty stadiums, scandalous refrees and pitch condistions. I remember small or poor countries like Paraguay in ’99 or Peru 2004 making the rournament much more exciting and with the SA atmosphere I love a lot. It’s better to see small (20 thousands or so) people stadium but crowded instead of modern giants without public.”

    Regarding the stadium attendance, apparently it’s down to the unreal ticket prices rather than lack of interest from people, come on “Brasilian” people. But still it’s a total disaster in that sense too, what were the organizers thinking? I’m not advocating for the Brasilian stadium atmospheres, I don’t have an idea how good or bad it is even if it’s full, just mentioning the low attendance major reason.

    Yes I agree with you on the small “football” stadiums, particularly the British, French and the German stadia. Those have better atmosphere and more importantly a “soul” than the decorated big ones. Remember delle Alpi?

    • delle Alpi and many more old fashion, smaller stadiums of which soul were sacrificed just to make up to modern, stiff and dead standards.

  25. 📰 [AS] | Messi facing possible two year ban for CONMEBOL corruption comments

    🔷 The federation may take matters into their own hands after Messi’s outburst.

    🔶 Messi could miss not just the qualification for World Cup 2022, but also the Copa América 2020 in Argentina.

    • I doubt that they will even ban him one game let alone 2 years. They want him in copa 2020 in argentina so tv channels will pay more money.
      They already released statement with out mentioning him.
      Conmebol will ignore as much as they can.

      • “So TV channels pay more money”
        …so corruption will make sure he can compete in next Copa?
        Crazy world we live in, right?

          • None as blatant and as stupid. At least do what makes you more money. Banning Messi would mean there would be no reason to watch a half-ass second rate tournament, but that won’t necessarily stop them because it’s more about their feelings being hurt for being called out than treating this like a business.

  26. This is what would looks like our Olimpic teams U-23 (even without 3 over age players) 2020. Two great teams, great on paper. One from local league and one from Europe. Out of the names only Medina, Gaich and Colombatto are released by their clubs to play qualifiers for Olimpic Games next month in Peru. Shame.








    Foyth……………………………………..Lisandro M.

    Garre…………………………………………Nico G.

    Nehuen Perez

  27. This was a weird Copa. We did not start well but ended up outplaying Brazil and deserved to win that game and in the grand scheme of things a bronze medal is just about right for our current level.

    In the meantime, Messi is a lot more outspoken and we are not so severely dependent on him as before.

    Kudos to Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel and Ayala for doing a decent job. It’s entirely plausible that all four of them had some part in our evolution throughout the tournament.

    Also, CONMEBOL stinks…

  28. I think FIFA rule books should be rewritten after this Copa matches and these matches that Argentina played , semifinal and today…what about giving yellow cards (suspended for next 3 months) and red cards (suspended for next 6 months) to referees after the match for major wrong decisions taken during the match? I might sound crazy, but really can’t think any other way after that red card incident


  30. I am expecting Mexico to crush the U.S. tonight and Tata to win another Trophy in a year………he said recently that he wont have any emotions playing ARGENTINA in the coming friendly.

    I hope they knock him on his fat-ass.

    BTW, we are all PERUVIANS TODAY…….LETS GO PERU, let there be justice in this world.

    • Idk the AFA did him really dirty as well as us. He was our last good coach and now that we know there is definitely corruption against us in CONMEBOL if we kept Tata we would’ve definitely taken the the World Cup last year

    • “Justice”??! It’s an unreal fancy word just like “fair”, whether in life or football. It would be a pure waste of time expecting those two things.

  31. I’ve always supported Paredes but i am not sure he optimizes Scalonis tactics.

    I didn’t see as much creativity from deep like Banega and Riquelme or even Masche with his long arial balls and direct driven passees. (*For this Copa, i still think Banega would have done better).

    Paredes defensive instinct also leaves me with doubt. The 2nd Brazil goal – Paredes just jogged while watching Foyth and Otamendi chase Jesus instead of closing the passing lane to Firmino or covering Firmino directly.

    Furthermore, if he’s on the pitch, then someone like Lo Celso will have to sacrifice his strength to offset Paredes weakness in defense.

    Scaloni needs to figure out which combo works best with De Paul locked in.

    1) Lo Celso (AM) – Paredes (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    2) Lo Celso (AM) – Ascacibar (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    3) Lo Celso (AM) – Battaglia (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    4) Palacious (B2B) – Paredes (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    5) Palacious (B2B) – Ascacibar (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    6) Palacious (B2B) – Battaglia (DM) – De Paul (B2B)

    • These are interesting combinations. Yes, we have 3 players more to check on the positions: Battaglia, Palacios, Ascacibar.

    • Patedes’s strength is long, diagonal passes. As Argentina are not playing wide with wingers or advancing fullback, there is little room for Paredes’s long and creative passes, hence, he became ineffective.

    • OHHH that 2-faced liar………..good kiss up to Messi and keep your job but I hope Barcelona gives you the slip.

      This is the same kissass who was talking shit about Messi before his move to Barcelona and a complete 180 afterwards.

  32. Some Chinese club allegedly offered Mourinho a HUNDRED MILLION EURO contract and as expected, he said NO.

    Do I really need to elaborate! maybe we should ask for a loan?

  33. Dybala: “Messi gave me the red ribbon before the game to give me luck and i ended up scoring my first comptetive goal for Argentina ,so it worked”

    • I for one wanted and probably in my heart want a professional coach to take over BUT I have to give respect where respect is due and have to look at things with a fair eye. Scaloni was brought in By Sampaoli to complete his coaching staff and the rest is history.
      I said it after the Colombia loss that my one HOPE would be for this team to play better together and that was and is evident as more games were played. He is in charge until December and I wish him all the success because that will only make ARG a better team.
      Messi is fired up, singing the national anthem when he never did before and for once is not talking retirement but the exact opposite.
      They took it to shitty-chile yesterday and should or would have easily humiliated them by 3 or 4 goals had it not for what happened. I am excited and looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming friendlies.

      • “Messi is fired up, singing the national anthem when he never did before and for once is not talking retirement but the exact opposite”.

        Yes, his attitude is pugnacious even if they lost semi this is quite different to regular story of previous tournaments losts.

        Scaloni is still far to manage all the things perfect but it would be so unfair to fire him now after relatively succesfull campaign, especially on categories of experience of team and coach itself.

  34. This Copa America in Brazil was total disaster. Big mostly empty stadiums, scandalous refrees and pitch condistions. I remember small or poor countries like Paraguay in ’99 or Peru 2004 making the rournament much more exciting and with the SA atmosphere I love a lot. It’s better to see small (20 thousands or so) people stadium but crowded instead of modern giants without public.

    • Colombia tournament in 2001 has good atmosphere too despite Argentina didn’t participated.

    • It is finally over……No More them hosting anything for a long time I hope. WC, Olympics and Copa….enough said.
      Gonzalo, I do agree, enthusiasm is lacking and I hope it gets worse for them if Peru manages to do somtheing today……taking the game into PKs, scoring 1st, getting some friendly calls….etc

      • Yes, I’m also sick of this Brazilian recent years sport parties that were organized in spite of poor people protests. Nothing or very little on the stadiums was like I want to see in latin american countries, with little atmosphere and enthusiasm. Nothing of Mexico ’86 or Argentina ’78.

  35. Not because of the red card, but because of his post match remarks Messi will face a long ban. 7-10 matches would mean he will miss out on Copa 2020.

    • Massi was frustrated. So was because he got red that did not deserved. Could be better for him if he kept silence after the game but, on the other hand, I’m somehow proud of this brave words he didn’t calculated. Somehow I prefer vocal Messi with the grit behind pitch, Man who is assertor of inconvenient truth.

      • CONMEBOL and FIFA are one and the same. The idea that calling out corruption of these institutions is somehow subscribing to conspiracy theories or otherwise scandalous is literally laughable. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that the entire management of FIFA was exposed as being totally corrupt?
        These issues are not on one ref. The issue is that soccer is SET UP to allow manipulation. Human errors can happen, but other sports put rules in place to minimize it and to add transparency. Soccer intentionally makes things vague so you can cheat. We don’t even know how much time is actually left? Can’t you idiots show the clock so EVERYBODY knows what is going on? Brazil gets an extra 7 magical minutes to score on Paraguay (and still couldn’t get it done). When do you use VAR, who’s looking at it, what is the process? Nobody knows. It is intentionally vague. If it’s not intentional, it is the most accidentally incompetent thing ever (which means it isn’t accidental).

  36. It is time to select or introduce good centre back..give chance to Christian Romero.. kannemann Christian Romero would be perfect CB.

  37. VAR is exactly showing “How to use Technology in a Bad Way” No body is having any idea what they are looking(Not the players, Not the Commentators, And certainly not the Fans too have no idea) why there are looking, What the Referee is doing nothing, Its just rubbish.

    VAR and the CONMEBOL is like a Perfect marriage made in heaven, Any home team can manipulate it and make the home team the Champions.

  38. Csabalala

    yes, this youth team having very little experience before reached only one podium level below the old guard achievements in Copa. I could say to that they even looked better in crucial game against Brazil than Argentina against Chile in finals 2015/2016.

      • in 2015/2016 several our opponents were weaker because of injuries, suspensions and so on.

        You even try to deny pure facts. Yes, we reach only one podium level below than that famous generation. With little experience, within just few months of Scaloni’s work.

        • Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Columbia, Chile were stronger, Brazil is a bit better now, and maybe Peru…and no Mexico, USA the level of this Copa was abysmal, neirly impossible to watch

          • only faults faults faults acting bitching faults acting bitching faults and zero football, a big black hole…south american football fall 20 years behind european nations and at least 50 years behind UCL football sorry thats the reality

          • You talk shit. How was Colombia better in that year? How was Uruguay without Suarez better than this in 2019 year.

            Please stop with your attempts to bend reality. Bronze is a bronze – just one step below silver. Hard reality for you but you need accept without excuses.

          • Copa 16 was much better than Euro with free-flowing football (Argentina was a joy to watch, plus Chile, Columbia, Mexico etc.with spectacular football) Now?

          • “The Copa 16 was much better than Euro with free-flowing football”

            Yes, of course and within 3 years everything radically changed. On the other occasion you will say SA NT football level is nowhere near to Europe.

            Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay 2019 were stronger than 2015/2016

          • Pekerman>Querioz and with style not only defending, fail, Uruguay getting older and older and older this is an old team earlier were ofc better, (your double standards LOL) Brazil is better cause the home soil

          • Home soil or not Brazil is better. But that’s not only the reason. Brazil under Tite is growing.


            only in his early years in Colombia. Recently it was evident some philosophy of Pekerman football is exhausted. The team needed new ideas and coach. They have also better team wit hdeep sub bench.

            Uruguay midfield is younger.

          • “only faults faults faults acting bitching faults acting bitching faults and zero football, a big black hole…south american football fall 20 years behind european nations and at least 50 years behind UCL football sorry thats the reality”

            Yes, while 3 years ago Messi and old guard were reaching finals of WC level Copa America. Yes? Within 3 years all that has fallen into abyss. Only you can create such standards to depreciate reality WE REACH ONLY ONE PODIUM LEVEL BELOW OLD GUARD WITH THIS UNEXPERIENCED TEAM

        • “On the other occasion you will say SA NT football level is nowhere near to Europe.'” SA football is nowhere near the level to Europe, WC results is not a clear picture? i said the Copa 2016 was much more exciting to watch with great football, not a stronger competition, than Euro. This Copa 19 was neirly impossible to watch, very ugly.

          • Only from our teams: Copa 2004, Copa 2007, Copa 2016 played beautiful football, Copa 15, Copa 11 and Copa 99 teams only tried but neirly succeeded, this Scaloni team not even tried to play exciting attacking football, on the other hand i have never seen such bitching, acting from ARG NT. Why the hell has to die De Paul after every little fault? Kill the free-flowing football all the time, bitching acting from the team.

    • One podium below? in Copa 15-16 overall no loss in 12 matches 28 goals scored 5 conceeded compare with this chaos…without Armani penalty stop would have been 3 defeats

      • Because it was clear Scaloni team started from the scratch and their grew with the time, that’s the reason why we have lost and draws at the beginnings.

        I was taliking long time that old genration can be replacebale quickly even without expeirience of successors if only they will show eager and team spirit that oldies lack.

        This tournament proved the hypothesis. If Battaglia, Palacios, Kannemann were allowable would have been even better.

        “without Armani penalty stop would have been 3 defeats”

        at the same time Armani failed? Double-minded and spohisticated

        • The only good thing he did was that save…”Because it was clear Scaloni team started from the scratch and their grew with the time” What? He wasted 1 year with idiot experimenting with undeserved players…

          • One year? He got the charge in september and within 9-10 months results must comes. Every coach is trying new players. Scaloni’s experiments were nothing special especially if Argentina lost last WC and generational change was needed. He could keep mostly with same team since Colombia friendly if not several injuries: Battaglia, Palacios, Pity.

            How he wasted one year if finally reached 3rd place of Copa? You can’t stand that.

          • Even Messi say he is proud of the group and say want to stay with them as long as possible because it is something new that makes him excited.

            THis is exactly what I was reapeating for years: Messi needs new players enviroment to regain his faith in Argentina. I was talking about that for last years. This thing happen now.

          • What could Messi say? If he could decide between this new generation or the old with younger age would be a no brainer choice for him. He has to say this, his only hope to win something with these guys.

          • No, Messi was in quite different mental state in previous years despite being better player in NT. Now he regain his hopes even if can’t score (except penalty) for us second tournament in a row. Why? Because he see now the young generation take from him a lot of this burden.

  39. GreenstoneLobo predicts Peru win against Brazil. If Gareca peru able to that with peru squad than he can lead Argentina to world cup glory, AFA must go for Gareca after copa

  40. So every local player failed as expected in this Copa: Armani (bang average, and not our future) Saravia, Casco, Matias Suarez, the 2 Guidos what the hell were they here at all? No more idiot experimenting from America Scaloni. Only 21-22 years old big talents with huge potential. (Barco, Almada etc. if you want)

    • How Armani failed? It was clear that with more playing time he could have been quite solid goalkeeper. Saravia failed? Was not fully fit – the only reason why he didn’t played more. He is better defender than Foyth.

      Suarez? How many minutes he got?

      You should rather explain why every of 4 old guard players performed under expectations. Maybe except Aguero. Still Lautoaro scored also 2 having less playing time than Aguero while Dybala scored only one goal less than Aguero playing very little at all. This is clear every of the 4 old guard players that left (except Messi)are easily replcaceable for new wave. I bet Dybala would have more goals than Aguero in the tournament if starter.

      • “He is better defender than Foyth.” Foyt has world class potential, Saravia?…excuses all the way…these guys are mediocre, nowhere near this level…if i am the strongest man of the village in weightlifting with 100 kilo, then i go to the WC among the big boys who lift 200-300 kilos no wonder if i fail….the idiot is the head coach who takes me there

        • Saravia fully fit can stop Neymar so he can stop every of these players Argentina faced on the tournament. Saravia fully fit.

          “the idiot is the head coach who takes me there”

          It took years for old generation to win silver of Copa. This idiot coach won bronze for us within few months, starting almost from scratch. You can’t stand that.

        • And please stop about keeping with Di Maria. The guy prove he should not be nowhere near of NT thesedays and you see him of course on another Copa. J. Correa, A.Correa, Lanzini, Barco, Ferreira, Vargas, Pity Martinez, Cervi – too much potential to keep underperformers like Di Maria which are declining year after year.

      • Better try to explain why Peru with all those America players got to the final. Even if they can’t beat Brazil. You can’t explain that. Simply team chemistry and spirit is more than compilation of stars (We see that in our current team where youth and eager were more than experience of old stars). Local league players will never be core of Argentina teams but still can be valuable asset if selected carefully and given fair minutes.

        • If there’s no big difference between Dybala Aguero in goals during this Copa (even if Dybala given very few minutes) it is always better invest in younger one, This tournament proved that. Dybala is growing, Aguero will not be better being 32.

  41. One thing is for Sure Messi is not going anywhere, He is determined to continue which is a good sign. And Dybala – Messi combo has to tried more. It will click all we need is a good Coach who can make it work.

    And Congrats for the Bronze medal in Copa to the Argentina NT and to all here. Finally Scaloni’s ideas are falling in places, Unfortunately by the time it clicked we r kicked out, And as always we r great in winning meaningless matches.

    After December Scaloni has to go, Seriously, we cant beat a top class European team that’s for damn sure(I mean of course we will beat them in Friendlies), We need someone who is experienced and tactically astute, I don’t know who it will be..But not Scaloni.

  42. Acuna should go he can not use his right foot and can not take header.We can not afford that.Lanzini Lamela needed to step in.fullback is our problem.Tagliafoco is gopd but we need better.Multi dimensional player there.Right back is our weakest point no more Foyth there he is a very good center back no make shift player anymore.Suarez shoud go too pure waste.Icardi should come.Di maria should go.Only Messi and Aguero need to be kept in.Banega can be included too for next copa but right now Paredes is awesome.

  43. One of the greatest players Zidane ended his international career with a red card. Hopefully Messi won’t do the same. Given the fact he is very unhappy with referees in SA, he just might.

    • McAllister’s goal for Boca was simply majestic. Like you do a flighted yorker with a cricket ball, it was somewhere between a shot and a dink landing almost right on the goal-line. Pavon also played well today against Chivas.

          • Yes, MacAllister is easliy Top 3 talents in local league. Mark my words. he is just 20 yo. No problem he didn’t emigrate to Europe yet. That will happen sooner or later.

          • Almada is among best but still not in my top 3. He is younger and it’s harder to say what direction he will develope

          • No its not hard, the guy is special like Barco, i hope he will not fuck up his career with idiot choices for money like Barco (wasting his most important years to improve).

          • Barco is not wasting anything. Being MLS player he at least play. In Europe he could have been bench warmer. Nothing bad happen to Barco in MLS if he can join U-20 WC is show himself as one of outstanding players. He is so young and sooner or later will go to Europe.

            What is decisive it’s NT performances. If Barco di well in U-20 no need to accuse MLS for anything. He could have been in worse form during the touenamnet if bench in some Eurpean clubs

          • MacAllister, Ferreira, Vargas, Reynoso, Palacios, Zaracho – these guys should be under Scaloni’s eye.

          • Nicolas Dominguez? With Paredes maybe doesnt need him, one aggressive, but limited classical DM is enough, choice one from the Ascacibar, Dominguez, Battaglia (if fully fit) trio or one from Caseres, Guido Rodriguez (better passers) duo. Paredes played great in DM role, not the hiatus of classical DM cost us the brazil match….Brazil mainly destroyed us with quasi 2 classical def midfielders (Mascherano, Cambiasso) too. The defensive work of other midfielders and strikers is much more important than a classsic destroyer.

          • I forgot about Dominguez. He, Paredes, Battaglia (still) Ascacibar are the DM’s for years. On this position selection is easier.

            Caseres to me is another Guido Rodriguez. Slightly better passer than Ascacibar but not that good as Paredes. On the other hand not that good as destroyer in comparison to Battaglia/Ascacibar/DOminguez.

            I can’t see interesting DM in U-20 category unlike on other positions. Paredes, Battaglia, Ascacibar, DOminguez is enough. The only player I wonder still here is Lucas Menosssi.

  44. I think everyone will be agree with me that more less we need to keep same squad till next Copa. I think Scaloni should stay as he knows this squad more than anyone. Only few players need to add and replace here . Battaglia and Palacios for both Guido. Matias Suarez out Icardi In. Why Icardi ? Because we need at least one tall striker and more over he and lautaro Martinez play together . Angel correra can be a good option as well. Acuna out for me. Gk should remain unchanged. May be we should try one more central back in defence I am not sure though. Change only three four players and get ready for the next project.

    • Agree with u. both guido out..also adm ( past his best )..acuna..most of all..M.suarez..also one rugged and fast centre back to add in..

  45. Evaluation after copa america 2019.
    Stay- Musso, foyth, Saravia, Tagliafico, Pazella, lo celso, parades, lautaro, messi, Dybala
    Out- Armani, Guzman, Otamendi, Rodriguez, Pizarro, Dimaria, Aguero, Suarez, Acuna, pareyra
    IN- Rulli, Benitez, C Romero, Lisandro Martinez, montiel, Barco, Sosa, Ascaliber, corera
    Most Importantly- Scaloni must be sacked and a good coach with tactical awarenes should be selected not big names


    • Biglia, Mascherano, Higuain were retired so it’s obvious young players to grab those vacant place, scaloni have not done nothing special. Any coach after 2018 world cup when an cycle ends injects new players, i bet scaloni would stick with old guards if coached before 2018 calling up Dimaria Aguero directly in copa without using in friendlies are the best example therefore stop praising for the man who doesn’t have tactical awareness

      • Have u seen the run of ADM yesterday when he dumbfounded Arturo Vidal and passed to Aguero, bit aguero unfortunately, made a meal of it.

  47. I love Messi even more after this tournament. This grit and no fear wittiness is what he has lacked for Argentina. I always felt he censored his own emotions and opinion s when it came to Argentina.
    I agreed with what Maradona said years back about messi: ” he lacks heart”
    Now I think maradona may have changed his mind and is happy to have some ruggedness back with the captains arm band.

  48. Argentina fa has to do something this
    Fucking corrupt CONMEBOL I can
    Ensure you all south American countries
    Hate Argentina when it comes to football
    Because of jealousy I explain you
    Why other south American countries
    Are envey arg. it took chile 99 years to
    Win first copa but who did for them
    Argentinean bielse started for them nice
    Project than follow sampoali and pizza
    So that generation of chile is done now
    And they don’t have young talent coming
    Through for them so it looks bleak for chile.
    Peru was a joke before Ricardo gareca
    Paraguay and Colombia also
    Benefited Argentinean managers .
    Those countries are put fortunes to
    Be same level like Argentina as example
    When Colombia beat arg in the group game.
    one of their players were saying we have
    Been working hard to beat team like
    Arge for last 12 years but the funny things Argentina had better tournament than them still.
    Argentina fa were mess last few years
    And still produce enough talant without
    Any good project in place .

  49. Argentina is doing good both on and off the pitch.Scaloni should continue the job.He learns from mistakes that is good.I like Messi,he is right Argentina got robbed by corruption and match officials.I already said Dybla is looking good why Scaloni did not use him early over Di maria as sub do not understand.But Argentina is going well.They gave their all Proud of them


  51. I wonder who will referee the game !! could it be Pitana?? That fat ass Brazilian was the REF. in ARG’s final game in 2016 against the idiots so why not have an Argentine do tomorrow’s game?

  52. Romance King
    Are you 21 really? A few months ago you said you were a 16 year old kid. Why don’t you go find Kidadulthood and you two can start your own site. You two brain surgeons will be highly successful I am sure.
    Wait maybe you are kidadulthood

    • When i told i’m 16 maybe you hard it wrong i was 16 in 2014 that time i was Germany supporter. LOL who is kidhoold, I’m from India.

      • Tell me a better striker than icardi at 25-26, icardi is the future and best Argentinian player after messi.

          • Wanda Nara is my crush and yes she has nothing to do with Argentina football then why few morons hate icardi for her. Without any doubt icardi is Argentina 3rd best player after messi and Aguero as well younger so potentially best.

          • Hi romance being a fellow indian i would request you to stop commenting about wanda nara.i have seen thise comments more than a dozen times here and in this platform when we see this its disgusting. So plz stop those its a request dear.and regarding icardi lautaro has outsmarted him with the given oppertunities. Icardi was given enough time and hes not player like dybala or messi to give more and more oppertunities and make him florish.
            Lautara with the given time proved to us what a real striker is.

    • Pulgar made tackles to get red card..especially the foul on paredes..but not shown..
      DePaul Locelso Paredes and all others get fouled feel the pain..they get United.. they fight against odds

  53. A lot of lesson Arg have gained and learn from this Copa :

    AFA problem to appoint experience and good coach continue
    Conmebol has its own hidden agenda ( football and politics interest integrated )
    Arg team still without proper plan and wrong selected substitute players
    Arg keeps learning and improved in the tournament not before the tournament and it is always late
    Arg can beat Chile with good strategy and fit 10 players instead of XI

    Although we have to admit that Scaloni did brings some positive glimpse during his last 3 matches , the youths are ready to step in and replace the old guards, Messi dependence is falling out which is good signal for the Arg N/T and the team clear weakness is defense and mid – need to be short out immediately. Messi has transform from timid and soft spoken player into a rebellion player due to his mature and age wise. He has proven to be the best player in this generation and shown his greatness at club and nation. Only luck is missing when he plays for Arg. We will see a new Messi ahead !

    For Messi red card, he sacrifies himself and shake the status quo of football. Hopefully this will waken up the eyes of AFA and Conmebol for the sake of football not own self interest. But they are too many invincible
    hands and interest in this industry. Messi proved to be a true footballer on and off the pitch following the footsteps of Johan Cruff’s controversy and straight talk defending the beauty of football; however i am afraid that Conmebol along with FIFA will not accept this kind attitude and try their best to shut up the ‘bad Boys”.

    History repeats itself.

    Congrats for the medal Keep Going forward and we keep our faith and support for you

  54. Great leo. Respect. He has always been seen as gentle & great to speak out . Even rivaldo commented on the VAR blunder by referee in Brazil game. Copa stinks this time

      • To be honest, Tite has always been a decent and respectable man, its Brazillian federation and CONMEBOL that clearly should be investigated.

        Every host nation naturally will have some adventage but I’ve never seen its being used to such degree not even when Germany played us in 2006 QF.

        VAR has been in action all the time until Brazil gets their main goal that is getting in the final, and in all sudden VAR has becoming non existent.

    • Chile has not beaten Argentina in last 8 matches except via penalties in previous 2 finals. So they basically never beat Argentina in real game.

      When Argentina won Copa 1991, the beat Chile in final game. Messi also scored the winning goal in WC qualifier in 2017 which helped to make Chile failing to qualify for WC.

  55. I hope FIFA steps in and protect Messi and the rights of the team because you know these CONMEBOL officials don’t like being shown off by Messi or anybody else.

    BUT what he said needed to be said.

  56. 💓💓💓💓💓argentina messi 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💪💪💪💪💪💪 love you argentina fc team love you messi 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💪💪💪💪💪

  57. We started badly but we’re getting better and even Brazil cannot cover up how referees badly sided with them. I hope Leo status and how he attracts fan will protect him from Conmebol retaliation.

    • In these days and age, there’s internet, there’s youtube. The two time Messi got red in his career, people can search for the video and they will be dumbfounded cause he did nothing wrong.

      Brazli paid the ref so everything go against Argentina, and making sure Messi getting a bad rep. It will be backfired as I’ve seen 99% of comments on youtube and articles defended Messi since he did nothing wrong.

  58. Well said, Captain……. Congratulation, Argentina… Be the 3rd champion in the last match in this Copa America 2019 is not bad at all…..

    Vamos Argentina!!!!!

    GOD bless everyone…..

  59. Well said captain
    Normally I dont like blaming officials but that was awful, today’s red card was a joke.
    I like this group as much as I liked the older group, they have potential to be better and under proper coaching and guidance they will be better.

  60. Honestly, I would have lost it if ARG didn’t win today, LOST IT.
    Lots of work to be done but THIS, what happened since Copa started, between and today is the 1st step.

    …Dybala was so happy to score and should have scored a 2nd but that’s a start as well, didn’t look happy to leave though lol But Di Maria OMG actually did something positive……running away from that 2-faced Vidal as if he was standing still.

  61. I hear El Diego is ill and I wish him a very quick and complete recovery and I HOPE he says something positive about the team. especially MESSI.

  62. Scaloni needs to go. His players are totally getting out of control in the game and after the game. We need leader like Gallardo or another world class coach that can control the locker room.

    • I like it better this way. Argentinians are a bunch of sons of b*tches and we aren’t afraid to speak our minds. VAMOOSSSS. I have no problem with us being those guys.

      • Yep, Argentina shouldnt act like bunch of pussies. I like the current team, they showed no fear and speaks their mind , fight opponents and referee who deserve to be beaten.

        If Lautaro play today he’d have broken few Chillian bones lol . I love it when even Samuel confronting the ref , that’s the spirit. You need that kind of grit and determination and fight off dirty play from the ref and opponents. No need to act like a good guy all the time otherwise we will get kicked around.

        Look at the players attitude in last 4 games, we pressed hard, we fight for every ball and there’s no panic or fear on their eyes unlike in first 2 games in which they didnt seems to have any idea what they’re suppose to do.

  63. I am very happy he said what he said. With age comes maturity and wisdom.
    And he is realizing that unless he speaks out and fights vocally for what he wants FIFA will screw him and us, so now it’s game on.
    Romance King
    You will understand later in life what I mean by age and wisdom as you are only 16 year old child my friend.

    • I’m 21+ bro, my point was these core of young group should play together for Argentina who shows fighting spirit, i don’t want apart from messi any old guard remain this squad also need a good coach and tactician.

  64. This should be the last match for Aguero, Dimaria, Otamendi, Armani and all 30+ players should not called up again. Argentina need to build a new team with these young group of players with few addition of baraco, sosa, icardi, ascaliber, c romeo, palacios etc with a good tactician guidance who can make Argentina to play under a system, if Argentina solve defense and GK problem this squad have every potential to win the next world cup, messi feels proud of this group unlike previous where he looks disappointed and keep silent.

    • atleast name the players right…baraco (mortal kombat character)…lol its Ezequiel barco …ascaliber????its ascacibar and santiago sosa has no experience whatsoever…nicolas dominguez, ezequiel palacios and lucas robertone are better options..and aguero and armani needs to stay…they could replace aguero after half time…instead of icardi it should be driussi or simeone…otamendi and pezzella should be replaced by foyth and alexander barboza or cristian romero…as for the RB position lisandro martinez is a must.

    • Aguero, Otamendi are beasts …. you have no idea how good there and how much we need them until they are gone… still playing at extremely high levels

  65. So they arrested and thrown away so many corrupt people from FIFA now looks like another bunch of in business. Where is FIFA?

  66. We have nothing to hide. VAR hit us hard the most. We have proved a point to the whole world and CONEMBOL will soon pay the price. However, if we continue to grow as a team, we will have a real chance at in Qatar 3 years from now!

  67. Good for you MESSI>>>>remind me, WHO said Messi wasn’t a true captain because he is never vocal???
    Good for you and I hope he never leaves it alone until something positive changes about this corruption and obvious cheating.

  68. Messi 10 goals away to beat Pele, copa turned very bad for him should have scored more goals

    • It is time to select or introduce good centre back..give chance to Christian Romero.. kannemann Christian Romero would be perfect CB..

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