Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO wins Gold Cup with Mexico


Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO won the Gold Cup following a 1-0 win against the United States in the final.

It was MARTINO’s fourth continental cup final and his first win. After having lead Paraguay to a 2011 Copa America final appearance where he lost, he went on to make two more consecutive Copa America finals but with Argentina. He lost both on penalty kicks but can now celebrate.

Congratulations to Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO on the win!


  1. Mourinho will be the best coach for Argentina i see no one who can solidify our defense except Mourinho.One of these Mundo member way saying Pezella is a leader in defence i see nothing special in him same for Pereya.Pereya looks like he is on drug shit player no wonder he is playing in shitty team.Scaloni made good playing eleven but his 3 or 5 selection were worst.Musso should have started,Pereya Pizzaro Acuna Pezella Sarvia Casco should not be called again.
    We should hire Mourinho if he is available and just bow down to him and surrender to whatever he is demanding.Mourinho is best coach i think better than Guardiola.He understand game much better than Guardiola.He has ability to stop any team with his tactics.If possible AFA please sign him as soon as possible

      • Please be logic guys Argentina
        Don’t need foreign manager
        They will never ever going to hire a foreign
        Manager it is day dream
        even Guardiola said himself
        Argentina and Brazil should coach
        Thier own managers so please stop
        Bring Mourinho sh..t he is outdated

      • Guardiola won because he always got the best team whether it is Barca or Manchester city or Bayern munich.Mourinho even won with small teams like Porto or Inter milan same is the case for Argentina.On world scale Argentina is not power house.Mourinho can fix Argentina.We are missing our world class defence

  2. Jose Mourinho rejected a multi million money deal to manage a chinese club so this shows that he is not money hungry and he even said recently in an interview that he is open to manage NTs’ but project should be satisfying for him so if possible AFA can hopefully covince mourinho to coach NT but under a condition that Scaloni,Aimar,Walter samuel,Ayala continue as Mourinhos’ coaching staff it would be very good for Argentina NT and Mourinho sounds a lot better option than coudet or gallardo(both have yet to coach in europe) and if there are any plans to replace Scaloni(who did decent job at copa 2019 and it would be foolish to replace him with a coach without any european coaching experience or coach like garcea and martino who both werent much impressive for Nts’) better do now and replace him hopefully with someone like Mourinho,Allegri or Sabella(had good WC Performance) who have good tactical knowledge and are much better compared to Brazil Coach Tite

    • yes mourinho is good tactician but it’s not sure that he will win Trophy.

      • There’s no world class manager that could guarentee a thropy. Mourinho didnt win major thropy with MU and never win CL with Real madrid despite having so many world class players at his disposal. He won 2 CL but his latest CL victory was almost a decade ago.

  3. Matias Vargas close to Espanyol, however Boca offer still finally might be better. Very likely to left Velez.

  4. well Tata has made it, winning the Gold Cup with Mexico. But it does mean that suddenly he will take Arg coach; for sure he will reject it. No support from the club, delayed payment from AFA and so many influence from all around. Enough for him, no more trouble and pressure. Tata and Sampaoli plus Gareca had more success outside Arg than on his own nation.

    What Arg needed now are more dynamic and middle age coach with a spirit to push the youths to step in to replace the old guards. Gallardo, Beccacece, Scaloni are among the best consideration. Expecting Tapia will try to keep Scaloni and his gang till Copa 2020

  5. Argentina played best football under Tata Martino, Argentina never looked vulnerable under him and playing good football in corrupt enviornment under Luis Segura, the employees without getting paid. What Sabella did nothing Argentina struggled in Group stages against Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia ,it was Messi’s Stunner and setpieces saved him. In KO stages we played cowardly and was lucky and Maschareno saved us in semi final needed penalty shootout . In final he did all the wrong substituion injured Kun with Lavezzi and Hguian with Palacio.

  6. So happy to see Romero undergo medical with Juventus. Doesn’t matter he won’t play for them in this season probably. But who cares,he will easily get consistent playing time for another club. Juventus doing good unlike stupid Spurs (Pochetino. Now Foyth and Mammana needs to move their asses

  7. Tata is just a decent manager. We have at least solid defence and played some good attacking football during his tenure against decent teams but his selection and subtitution has always been below par.

    For example, he always started with Higuain and replace him with Kun later on but without actually changing anything else tactically so tougher opponent doesnt need to adapt to our game , they can just sit and defend the same way before the sub was made and we will never have the answer to break the wall.

    Just like Scolani, I dont understand why he always forced us to have Di Maria even when he’s underperform or not fully fit. We’ve been doing well with Lamela after Di Maria got injured in Copa 2016 second game, Lamela connected well with Messi , even scores a few goals, but Di Maria suddenly back in starting line up in the final despite barely recover from his hamstring.

    Predictably, he had horrible game and was subbed out for Kranneviter in second half but Lamela didnt came in until 110 minutes lol. We already lost Lavezzi in semifinal, what we need is an extra attacking player to break Chile’s wall and he fielded only 2 forwards + injured Di Maria + Biglia in midfield.. great! and he expect us to score with that against team that sit back the whole day waiting for shootout.

    With similar setup that Scolani had in last few games, Tata’s team would have won those finals. It should have been Messi + 2 forwards infront of him + Lamela. Tata actually did that in previous games and we hammered our opponents with Messi-Lavezzi-Higuain-Lamela attacking combo.

    He lost in two finals in same exact fashion against very same opponent… nobody should wait for his return. After 2 Copa + qualifier games , he already had more than enough chance to proof his worth, he did pretty good but obviously far from enough when it matter.

    • Well guess fucking what? Lamela is shit now. If we had used him a couple years ago as a starter, he would have been a more consistent starter. He is far inferior to players like J. Correa and A. Correa who are having prime seasons and should be starting over him. He is kind of like Pastore, not the player he once was.

      • Yes but I’m talking about Tata’s years in the national team, not today. I’m responding to those who think Tata should return and no, we dont need him these days. He had more than enough chance during his tenure with Argentina, no just friendlies , but 2 Copa and qualifier games… we achieve nothing with him and some people think he deserve another chance?

        • Mate I’m one of those who liked
          Tata martino I believe he is fantastic
          Coach but he isn’t without faults
          As he keep too much faith with
          Old guard he could brough on
          Likes lanzini mammama Correa
          Pezzella. It doesn’t matter now
          He moved on so arg nt.
          Now I’m 60% scaloni to continue
          But if he stays till December and
          Do well then there is no point change
          Him because Argentina need continuity
          But I do believe the afa are really waiting
          Gallardo till copa Libertadores finish or
          River got knock out. Will see

  8. I don’t understand why most of Mundo members dislike Tata so much, although team was so balanced when he was the coach and took us to two Copa finals with beautiful football. They are so happy with Sabella for taking Argentina to world cup final, although his brand of football was so negative and Argentina scored only two goals in knock out stage. Why this contrast ?

    • Sabella masterfully made ARG into one of the most defensive teams in the WC with almost bare minimum defensive talent within those 7 games, got them to the final and almost and should have won if it wasn’t for that SHITTY LUCK that doesn’t want to leave this damn team alone.

      Tata came along when the team was already there, didn’t add anything, refused to bring in younger talent when needed because he simply didn’t want to mess with that formula.
      LOST to an INFERIOR team in back to back copas and then this idiot goes to an expansion team (a NEW TEAM that did NOT EXIST the YEAR before) and WON and now he’s undefeated in Mexico and wins the Gold Cup too, and we are supposed to be happy for him, F HIM.

    • We don’t dislike him. We just think his time with the NT is over, especially after he literally just abandoned us after Copa 2015.

  9. I’m personally sick and tired of seeing other teams celebrating, posing with the trophy and each other, pointing to the crowds, jumping up and down like idiots ………………..etc I just switch the channel.

  10. in 2006 wc germany out from
    semi and juachim low was
    assistant on that time.low was
    given full charge.low again got
    germany in the semi and low
    impress with young talants and
    then 2014 he i wanted
    to say that national team
    manager needs long time that’s
    way i want scaloni should
    continue till 2022 wc.

  11. First of all, Tata can KISS MY ASS, he won with Mexico and Atlanta United before, a City that has ONE lousy championship from like 20 years ago, a city that has Baseball, American Football, basketball and Hockey for a short while…….This is home sweet home but we suck at sports and this fatass comes here and wins a championship in their SECOND year of existence and 2 back to back losses to shitty-Chile!!

    This guy summed it up pretty much in full

    I tried to post the link but the site seems to not let me do it, look up Youtube and look for the title, “were Argentina robbed against Brazil in copa………..”

    • Barco needs to go to Europe. The kid has a future and he shouldn’t be anywhere near mls. I’d like to see him at inter or Sevilla or Valencia. A mid level team of some type where he gets some experience against better talent. But one thing is for sure, you need to run for 90 minutes or you can’t even hack it in the mls

    • Just saw the video and absolutely bang on point. All people who are saying that we making excuses for pk. I want to tell them it’s not only for PK ! From the beginning of the game Ref was looking for excuses to show yellow so our player can be less aggressive bcoz they knew that we will kill them like this. If the Brazil game wasn’t fix than I don’t see what it is? Also how the fuck Tits and his pubic still has dare or blame Messi about the claim. Didn’t they see what have they done or they just playin dumb?

  12. First of all, Tata can KISS MY ASS, he won with Mexico and Atlanta United before, a City that has ONE lousy championship from like 20 years ago, a city that has Baseball, American Football, basketball and Hockey for a short while…….This is home sweet home but we suck at sports and this fatass comes here and wins a championship in their SECOND year of existence and 2 back to back losses to shitty-Chile!!

    This guy summed it up pretty much in full

  13. I guess we are mundo Mexico now lol. Happy for Tata but not worth an article in my opinion. In other news, Pity is being traded by Atlanta United because guess what, he doesn’t run all game. A problem that has increasingly plagued Argentina Football and now others are taking notice. This crap of not running for the full game needs to end in Primera and the NT. It’s already haunted us and now coaches other than fans are seeing it too.

    • Football has changed. Yesterday, in 2nd half, Mexico players ran like crazy to press and to occupy the space. They were successful and won the trophy. We can see that, in modern football, the players need to be very dynamic, hence need to run a lot. Argentina football fell behind on this matter. We had great creative midfielders in Veron or Riquelme. We had world beater forwards in Messi, Aguero. Their excessive talent hide fact that they don’t run a lot. I once preferred intelligent football over physical/pacy football but sadly, today you cannot win the game without pace and strength. Football is frustratingly becoming rugby or American football.

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