Report: Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI to stay until 2022 World Cup


News is breaking out from Argentina that coach Lionel SCALONI will remain until the 2022 World Cup.

A report is coming out that Lionel SCALONI will stay as coach, despite his current contract expiring at the end of the year. Argentina general manager Cesar Luis MENOTTI reportedly wants SCALONI to remain.

There was a meeting between MENOTTI and AFA president Claudio TAPIA where MENOTTI would have told TAPIA that he wants SCALONI to stay.

Lionel SCALONI along with Pablo AIMAR, Walter SAMUEL and Roberto AYALA are expected to meet MENOTTI and TAPIA next week to extend their contracts.


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  2. Is it me, That we need some strong players in our team, Which we seriously lacked during the fight with the Chileans, All the Argentine players looks soft, Messi, Paredes, Tagliafico, De paul, Lo Celso, Dybala(Awww) all looks like Babies compared to Medel, Vidal etc. We miss Mascherano who was a warrior, An intimidating figure who can stand his ground against anyone, Lavezzi even though funny was an aggressive figure. Sometimes we need someone like that. Otamendi is some what aggressive but i think we need Icardi and Battaglia who both are intimidating players, May be grab another ones neck if it is needed, Stand their own ground.

    • If Martinez play in that game, he’ll probably would have thrown some punches. He reminds me of young Tevez when he confronted the Brazillians.

      I love it when Samuel confronted the ref, he had big presence on the team even though he’s only Scolani’s staff.

    • > Dybala(Awww)


      > We miss Mascherano who was a warrior

      Masche left a gaping hole. Youre right with Otamendi he brings that element although hes a train wreck now emotionally. he cant handle his shit anymore.

      Even Battaglia doesn’t compare…wold like to see more Ascacibar but its sucks big time that hes in Germany Serie B now.

      No clear Masche replacement yet.

  3. scaloni won the liga with deportivo when barca and real were dominating…give this guy a break…he’s the best bet for argentina right now…VAMOS ALBICELESTE

  4. Batigoal cowcho, first of all hate is a very strong word therefore allow me to say that i don’t hate anyone but regarding Brazil i don’t like them at all. You may respect them and that is good for you and i also respect your views, but as much bad as it may sound i personally have no respect at all about this team and i gave my reasons numerous times about that.

    Yes you are right, they are better currently and i can’t stand it but you are wrong on that i hate Brazil more than i like Argentina. For me Argentina is football itself and if Argentina is not around football does not exist, i wouldn’t even bother watching football so i couldn’t care less about Brazil or any other team.

    But let me get things straight here. What i am trying to say is that i don’t think that we are inferior in terms of talent but at other aspects. I also don’t think its fair to compare us to Brazil or any other powerhouse at the moment. Argentina is trying to get out from a crisis going through for at least two years while Brazil and the rest are in a much better state with good managers on the helm, they have already formed their teams and are playing together for quite long time something that does not occur for as as well. Brazil in 2016, 3 years ago were in a similar situation and guess what they were kicked out from the group stages in copa 2016, something that never happened to us. I was expecting the same for us for this copa but even in our worst state, we proved that we deserve much more and i give my full respect to Scalloni for that. Don’t get me wrong, i really like Scalloni and i hope for the best for him and our team.

    And regarding Brazil, yes they are better than us currently but i also think that they are not that good as some people claim. They are already with the same manager for 3 years now, and despite Tite is a very good manager they don’t seem to me us world beaters at all. When we had Sabella for 3 years we were far better than they are now, despite that people claimed that we were ultra defensive we were banging tons of goals in the qualifiers and we were looking world beaters. We didn’t score many goals during the wc because everyone and i mean everyone knew how lethal we were therefore they were the ones being ultra defensive against us. Remember Netherlands in wc 2014? They had a great team, they banged Spain with 5 goals and that same team formed a 6-3-1 formation in order to face us in the semifinals and still lost.

    We are keep talking about Brazil but Uruguay was a better team, actually the best team in this copa and they were unlucky to be disqualified against Peru because and the 3 goals they scored were disallowed because were marginally offside. But VAR was used in that game right?

    Anyway, yes i was refering to you but not hard feelings, i just hope the best for our team and Scalloni and when we finally form a ready and well structured team then bring on Brazil or anyone else and we talk.

    As an Argentina fan for many years now i nevet felt inferior to anyone, not ready or at worse state at times yes but not inferior. Sorry if this sounds arrogant but it is the way i feel.

    • well my friend i can say that i hate this shit football federation that was always the good boys of FIFA
      and always was the face of the system.

      Argentina was against system always. this will never change.
      Brasil without the favor of FIFA and CONMEBOL is not better football nation than us.
      this is our difference and this will be always our difference.

      i hate Brasil football national team and their federation.
      i don t hate Brasil people.
      i don t have problem with them.
      just opposite.
      in 1982 war they support Argentina.

      something that i can t say about Chile for example.
      with Brasil our differences is about sports.
      with Chile is beyond sports.

      on paper everybody saying that their players are better.
      well i didn t see that 2 weeks before.
      this ‘superior” team needed to close VAR and one sold referee to beat us.

      the rest is just empty speaking for me.

      • Cox
        Hate to do this, but have to say it any way. There were other political related posts or comments before and I stayed out of it.
        If you talk about Chile politically, then you must also mention another little country called “the U.S.A”. In fact, in almost every political related issues they’ll be there right up top.

    • It was never my intention to undermine Argentina NT or any other NT. I was just responding to those fans who mocked our current NT for the spirit, fight and togetherness shown during this Copa against all the odds if you must say. I don’t know, it seemed like they want our NT to play “sexy football” or “playstation stuff” and blow every other team through “quality”. That’s why I brought up the “reality” of NTs right now.

      I want our NT to show the exact “spirit” and “desire” they’ve shown this tournament and maybe evenmore. Not ignoring or undermining tactics and quality, but without “fighting spirit” and “never say die” attitude we ain’t gonna achieve nothing. Like I said before, Spain, France and Brasil can win through tactics and their quality but the rest of the team need to fight every second including our beloved Argentina. That’s the reality for me. What Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel and Ayala and brought to this side is priceless: it’s only the first step and there’s a long way to go but it’s the most important thing of all beyond tactics and quality.

      Even if I said these 3 teams are beyond everyone’s reach on paper, I didn’t say they cannot be beaten on the pitch. They can be outplayed also. It’s football and that’s the beauty of it.

  5. My future 11 & subs
    Messi – lautaro

    Benitez, musso
    Saravia,cromero, funes mori,mammana
    Zaracho,ascacibar, acuna

    Time to say bye to otamendi & adm
    Gazzaniga & icardi need proper club playing time

  6. Firmino is better than Icardi ?
    Even Liverpool fan gonna laugh at you my friends….
    Icardi is a NO 9 who can score 25+ goals per season…. Firmino can only dream about it…….
    Firmino = 383 app 123 goals 83 assist.
    Icardi = 289 app 164 goals 32 assist.

    And dont forget firmino had better teammate …. Also better mid and wingers…… On the Other side inters mid is pure shit…. Icardi is one of the best NO 9 right now….. Firmino is a joke in the name of NO 9……

    • I feel like even Kane is not as good as Icardi.Series A has a much more defensive-mind style of football,so 25+ goals in the league is a big achievement.Even Ronaldo,who scored 26 goals in his last season at Real,when moving to Series A only has 21 goals in his first season.The only issue with Icardi is his controversy.

  7. For me…Lautaro at Copa is greater than Jesus at Copa.
    Also the potential of Lautaro is way bigger than Jesus. In 2-3 years time.. Lautaro will be a huge player. Better than all of us expecting….he’s somuch talented.

  8. It’s more than 500 years after Columbus discoveries but Europe is still exploiting South America. Uruguayo Maxi Gomez is joining Valencia for 30 mln of Euro while 2 years ago was sold for 4 mln by Uruguayan Defensor Sporting. Same case might be Vargas soon.

    I know this is going always with the agreement of both sides but SA clubs (barring Brazil of course) should have more imagination about potentiall of their players.

  9. I believe players like Ottamendi and Armani should be replaced. I know they are technically good players, but there is a limit to how long they can play. Right now, it doesn’t look to be more than a year and a half. Why wait that long when you can just bring players right bow? Our biggest problem defensively is counter attacks. In the past, our defense has moved up too much and can’t run back. We have pace on our defensive flanks but our CB positions lack pace. MAMMANA and FOYTH can fix this. They are both young center backs with pace and a keen ability to defend.


    4-1-2-1-2 with a CAM and CDM




    Lo Celso
    De Paul



    J Correa
    A Correa
    Pity Martinez
    Lisandro Martinez

    This gives us room for Dybala and also a cdm position in which we have been lacking since Mascherano left. This gives us a connection throughout the team. This can also fix our counter attack problem. With connections through the team and fast defence(currently all our defenders have considerable pace) we can get back on defense if there is a sudden switch in possession.

      • Shut up you idiot. Romance king you definitely don’t watch football. He is one of our best cb talents. All your comments are jokes😂

      • That’s a dumb argument. In fact most of our young players either play in low leagues or don’t start so there isn’t much point in saying that. Romero doesn’t have much pace compared to Mammana and I feel like Lisandro’s pace could be used better on the flanks as he isn’t that good defensively cokpared to Mammana. Mammana plays CB natively as CB and is just tight for our position. Good pace but also having defensive skills.

  10. I guess that i will repeat now what Dfox has said numerous times and he was100% correct: In this site highs are getting at highest and lows at the lowest. So we are inferior in talent and quality than Brazil and others in every department?? Really? I would take it regarding the defence and maybe the midfield for now, but noway they are better than us in attack. Maybe some here rate highef Jesus than Martinez and Firmino than Icardi, but not me. He vave very talented players who will take charge. I will tell you at what we are inferior to them. We don’t have an experienced coach and a team that is not ready yet as it is in a transition face.

    Besides, i saw the “quality” of Brazil as they dissapeared VAR and defending most of the game against an Argentina with 80% of its players having their first international tournament together.

    Yeah, impressive quality to say the least.

    • @waveride I guess you’re talking to me waveride. I’m the one who said Spain, France and Brasil are the only sides who have quality evenly distributed throughout the pitch or did somebody else have the same opinion?

      1. I don’t think it falls into anything high or anything low category. That’s the reality. You’re fuming just coz you can’t stand Brasil being in that category. You’re blinded by hate and prejudice. Yes, Brasil is our archrival and it hurts to see them get the better of us, but you’re taking it too far( I don’t have a problem with it). You seems like you hate Brasil more than you like Argentina. As far I’m concerned, I like to concentrate more on Argentina rather than hate Brasil in an unhealthy way. Far too much obessed with them and their success and failures.

      2. Coming to the forward comparisons: Aguero and Messi are our worldclass talents. Messi will leave him, he’s doing it both for club and country but Aguero is only hitting it at club level, still unable to replicate that on international stage. Meanwhile current Brasilian forwards , Jesus and Neymar in particular have done more on international stage than our decrated forwards, ie in this case Aguero.

      3. For your player to player comparison, Lautaro > Jesus it’s your opinion and I respect it but at the moment Jesus > Lautaro. The Icardi> Firmino, I agree, as a goalscoring striker. Apart from that Icardi is no where a player as Firmino. The guy can play in many positions, he can’t be judged based on mere goalscoring stats. He’s an ultimate team player and very very underrated. For instance, nobody will recognize his contribution to the Brasil’s vital second goal against Peru in the final, never and the guy doesn’t care.

      4. It’s alright if you have a problem with an inexperienced coach and you want an experienced coach at the NT helm. Considering all the things going around with the NT, who do you think should take charge as the DT? Realistically.

      5. Regarding the Super Clasico, you’re saying current Brasil is crap and overrated and at the sametime you’re praising the inexperienced coach and the team in transition who you said is inferior. Make up your mind.
      What I said about Spain, France and Brasil are on paper you should first understand. Nobody can guarantee the paper tigers would perform the same on the pitch. If that’s the case Spain should have won the 2014 WC, 2016 Euro and the 2018 WC.

      If being realistic and speaking the truth no matter who the opposition are and have respect for them rather than hating each and everyone of them and talk trash and rubbish all the time than liking your TEAM, is “high” or “low” as you indicate, I’m shocked to say the least!

      • One more thing to add: If you want to talk about Icardi more, then you might have to step outside football topic. And have a question for you: Who’d you take in your team right now : Icardi( along with his agent ofcourse) or Firmino?

        PS: You made it all Brasilian. I was talking about our Team’s current situation and all you talked was about Brasil being this and that. There were other teams mentioned also.

        • I have to be real Firmino is way better
          Than icardi in modern football
          Play like icardi can’t survive
          To be honest Brazil Spain and
          France are better than Argentina
          On the paper now but I believe
          Argentina will be there with in two years
          Can Argentina beat them?
          Yes any given day Argentina can
          Beat any nation in the world as long
          They show spirit and fight and little
          Skill like last few games in copa.

  11. With Scaloni in Charge its is apparent that he don’t like to chose Bench Warmers in Clubs, Apparently our Goal Keeping position is still up for Grab, Armani is around 32, Marchesin also above 30, So its no point in sticking with them also Romero too is above 30. I m sure had Andrada(Without the injury) been there in the Copa 23 he may have got a chance to start at least 1 match (The Looser’s semi final), If he keeps the form Andrada will most probably our Goal Keeper moving forward, With Musso, Rulli, Benitez and Gazzaniga putting pressure on Andrada, Which is a good thing.

    Scaloni’s player selections are good whoever we had dreamed of seeing in the NT. He brought them to the NT. He in fact takes the Club Form in face value. Another thing with Scaloni is he created a harmony inside the team which is good, players seems to like him. If that transforms into our field it can be a good sign for us, That’s our hope. Tactical wise he is an okay okay coach who is flexible with his formations and players, Substitution wise he is worse.

    One thing we have to keep in mind is once players like Palacios, Battaglia and Andrada returns our entire team structure will change, Those 3 are almost sure starters for Scaloni. So lets hope those 3 returns and players like Mammana, Lamela, and Lanzini etc gets into the mix too. Where as players like Di Maria, Otamendi, Suarez, Armani, Marchesin are flushed out too.

    • I don’t know why re we still we rate
      Lamela when Argentina have better
      Players than him the guy is bench warmer
      In spurs. For me those players must be in the
      Seleccion for the next few years
      Lanzini: unbelievable talent proper
      Creative on his day can be world class
      Easily I hope he stays injury free.
      Mammama: faster ball playing centre half.
      Martínez Quarta : ball playing centre half
      He will develop under great manager Gallardo.
      Cristian Romero: he is the replacement of
      Otamendi very aggressive strong in the air.
      Lisandro Martinez very good
      Walter Benitez
      Joaquin correa not only in the squads
      He must be starter if he stays consistent
      He will be world class no doubt about that gonzalo montiel
      Palacios zaracho Dominguez Vargas .
      I won’t be ruling out either braco
      da le vega and Thaigo almada.

      • Well i agree almost all of the above mentioned players should be gradually added to our current squad,There are some players who need to be replaced, So the door is open, And Lamela i think can be an useful player, Because he can play in various potions in the Midfield, AM, CM, etc. While i m not sure about his form. But we are still playing Di Maria who is equivalent to useless, What worse can Lamela do.

        • This is not that simple. Russian soil generally is not good for Argentinos. Most likely Lamela in Russia would not be superstar too. Russia is different culture, climate, language and so on. Too many differences to see latinos shining there (very few exceptions). Just like Alejandro Gomez never show his talent i weak Ukraine league while become top player in much stronger Italy.

          IMO Mammana is more talented fullback than Foyth. Still belive will show that sooner or later. That requires however leaving of Russian league.

        • Mammama has been injured
          That is the reason he was in the bench
          You will see this season he is the best
          Defender zenith have but the problen is
          Thier manager mammama was Mancini
          Signing when Mancini was there all
          Argentinean players were playing under him.

        • You’re conveniently ignoring his ACL injury Csabalala. Yeah, he returned to action towards the end of last season and didn’t play much football rather being on the bench. Only superhumans will recover from ACL injury quick and regain his old form and sharpness instantly.
          Lanzini is in similar situation, but he played more than Mammana last season, and we all saw the difference between current Lanzini and pre ACL injured Lanzini.

  12. The level of some Mundo fans; mocking and undermining “the team spirit” and “togetherness” this group have shown in the recently ended tournament. I don’t know if they’ve any idea of what they’re talking about. Bonkers really.

    PS: Argentina NT is not currently blessed with world class or close to world class players throughtout every positions. The ones we have are distributed unevenly to one area of the pitch. Comparing to Spain, France, and Brasil we are still inferior in quality. They’ve quality almost throughtout evenly distributed. If they play to their maximum(100%), nobody is gonna beat them with tactics alone. If Argentina are to beat those three and even Portugal, Nederland, Germany etc we have to be at our max as well as we have to something extra: our fighting spirit and togetherness( keep in mind our opponents can have that as well). That’s the reality. Fighting spirit is Argentina’s identity and one we should be proud of and some of the numpties here have the audacity to mock it. Embarassing to say the least.

    Another examples to point out to you albeit from club football: Liverpool, Spurs and Ajax. Figure out what they did this season in UCL.

    • Yeah…the term “world class” is overused here on Mundo. I define it as a player could walk into the starting lineup of most clubs. The only world class players are Aguero and Messi. Dybala is close but not there due to his form last season. Icardi also close but that drama queen may not even get called and who knows what will happen to him this season. His form also tanked.

  13. After the disaster world cup Sampaoli shacked and his assistant become the main coach, irony is AFA celebrated bronze medal winning achievement where peru won silver. Just assume that scaloni team faced Croatia France instead of Quater Venezuela

  14. I keep bringing this up and I have to assume that everybody else is in the dark just like I am.
    The verdict on Messi’s situation…………..and did the AFA receive the recordings they demanded from COMNEBOL, TWICE?
    Would it be far fetched to assume that COMNEBOL already decided not to punish Messi beyond the one game suspension for the BS Red card and in return the AFA would just drop it?!

  15. I have nothing against Di Maria, but if he is called up again, then I won’t stand by Scaloni. Sure, he is a very determined player, but no one can deny that he isn’t the player he was 3-4 years ago in 2016 or the world cup in 2014. He has just turned into another dribbler type midfielder, which we have enough of.

    • Agree, certain players have reached their peak and done with N/T. “Reach their peak does not mean counting the age” Modern football needs physical prime. Anyhow for Arg Scaloni have had an abundant of young potential players that need to be polish and ups shine with N/T. Lists is so long. Trust that Scaloni and gangs did learn a lot from Copa and did not repeated the same mistake by calling extra players during friendly and then ignore or did not used them on the tournament. The idea to call and gather a domestic players for a friendly games during leaque break is worth to try.

      Learn how Deschamps drops Benzema from N/T and brings the young lethal striker to win the last WC

    • For the first time I’m sure Di Maria won’t be called more. Also we should find replacements for Otamendi and Aguero. You can’t expect they will keep same level after 30. Otamendi level is already below average.

      • For Di Maria and Otamendi- this should be it. No more. Their experience brings nothing to this team or any team. Di Maria have a case, he has been world class at club level and is performing more than decent at PSG and is still vital for them. In Otamendi’s case, it’s all about the one season at Valencia(his final season) and the rest is a myth. No point in talking about him.

        I guess Funes Mori and Marchesin should follow that list too.

          • You don’t get it ,do you? Nobody here said Pezzella is world class or a quality centre half. He’s average like all the rest of the Argentina defenders including Otamendi. None of our defenders have pace( Mammana may have a case but compared to other nations it’s nothing), what to say our forwards or wingers don’t have genuine pace so give a break on that thing unless medical miracles happen right now.

            Otamendi is what 31, 32? Supposed to be the experienced calm figure at the back( some even say he’s the best CB we have. For me it’s still Garay even he’s average or above average at best), he’s the complete opposite of it: reckless and headless! He’s pretty good aerially: the one thing he’s good and consistent at, no doubt. But he can’t defend as a unit, one thing Pezzella and some others can. That’s what needed, not putting your team into jeopardy.

          • > Yes ,otamendi was not up to mark but nobody talks about pazella who was worst

            Yep..its expected though. They latch onto talking shit about veterans and dont say a peep about others. At this point, you have to laugh about it. Same old shit as always. For this Copa Otamendi was superior to Pezzella and was more critical to overall performance.

            (before anyone says something – YES OTA FUCKED UP. Im not ignoring that and we should be looking for new CBS. Pezzella should also be on the chopping block if Ota is)

          • It’s the lack of consistency in judging players that i have a problem with.

            Otamendi was far more involved in build up and keeping the “out of the back” rhythm going. Paredes was mainly successful because he had a guy like Ota behind him feeding him passes and carrying the ball forward. Otamendi also dominated in the air. No one else was winning headers in the mid like he was. All i’m saying is that when names are added to the “drop list” Pezz should not be immune. We need to be looking at all times anyways for future players but CB is a problem right now .

        • Aguero though unable to replicate his club form or quality to the NT in any of the tournaments, this Copa he did fight though for the team even when the quality wasn’t kicking in. Considering it’s Aguero, it should not be ignored but praised. I liked that. But I won’t go as far as saying he’s a lock or must in the next Copa. This season, he finished without having major injury concerns. He looked tired in the Copa as usual but was better than the previous editions. It’s no guarantee that he’ll be the same this season considering his age.

      • Gonzalo: I concur and he should be gone (long ago) but I read an article (it concerned me) and the writer was alluding to a fact that d.m and kun are required by sponsors to be playing, I sincerely hope this is not true but as always time will tell when the next few team selections are called but this would not surprise me at all if its true as its the afa after all..

        • “he should be gone (long ago)”

          This is what I think is very important to recognize: the moment when some old stars crossed the line of their peak and are slowly declining. In Di Maria case it was clear since 2 years ago he crossed the moment. In spite of that some still were maintainig biggest false of this site: Di Maria is still our best.

          You need this sensitiveness to react quickly for first symptoms your stars are withering still keeping some good level at least in their clubs. If you don’t react by searching alternatives you will get to know about their declining losing some important tournament.

          Otamendi gave evident signs we should look for replacements.

          Some will satisfied with Aguero contribution. I could say too he was really solid but this is the moment must not be overlooked: he is declining too we should not expect he will keep exactly the same level another tournament, the more we need more goals to win Copa.

          Aguero is getting older, let’s face it – 2 goal contribution is not enough to win Copa. Lautaro playing less minutes, on his first tournament ever, had also 2 goals. Dybala only one goal less during very few minutes. Look for replacement for Aguero before major tournament will expose the fact he is past his best. That does’t mean he should not be in squad at all, but the friendlies time is to find his possible successor.

          Keep your finger on the pulse and anticipate the developement of events.

          • When Otamendi flipped out against Croatia and France during the world cup wasting invaluable seconds left by screaming, kicking, and throwing a tantrum, i lost a lot of support for him.

            Right now, CB is worrisome since there aren’t any clear alternatives. At least Pezz is a few years younger than Ota but we need to look for both. All the possible names will have to be tested since they have not performing for NT and haven’t made a name at club level yet.

            I feel pretty good with all positions for Copa except CB is dice roll for us right now..

      • Aguero was our best attacker this Copa.

        Only a clueless coach would think of dropping him but Scaloni doesn’t seem to be a idiot. Aguero stays for Copa until he proves otherwise.

        Gaich, Icardi should be tried. Gio laughable to consider.

          • Nope. you baldy want it to be true but Aguero contributed more to the overall performance and goals. Sorry.

            (even 2 martinez goals was because of aguero lol)

          • btw..just because i say Aguero was best it doesn’t mean i dont think Martinez wasn’t great either. i loved martinez performance..such an amazing talent we have.

        • Aguero missed many chances. He would’ve scored those if he was in form.
          He was not lazy like before. But he’s selfish. Not a better team player. Still wonder why he doesn’t have great chemistry with Messi even after somany years of togetherness.
          Meanwhile Lautaro and Dybala have shown they have good chemistry with Messi already.

        • @Choripan Although Aguero did improve( his workrate particularly) , Lautaro was our best forward, without a question.

          Agueros position in the next Copa is no way a guarantee, I’ve said it before. The guy is 30plus and injury prone( fortunately he survived this season without any major concern) and plays for a club that’s likely to play the most matches by any club in a single season and now have a small summer break. The odds are against him.

          It’s preposterous comparing “worldclass” experienced Aguero’s missed chances to that of a 21 year old kid playing his first international tournament and hasn’t even played more than a dozen matches for the NT.

          • Yes time is against him but only if Aguero dips in form and there are better alternatives like Icardi, Gaich,….whomever. As of right now, Aguero and Martinez are a lock to lead the front next Copa.

          • It’s Lautaro who improved all our forward line what Aguero did not in previous tournaments. Also scored 2 goals during less starts. Aguero missed many chances, especially against Qatar. I feel like Aguero is replacable already or within short time. Maybe by Dybala which contribution could be more impressive than Aguero if given more starts.

            Nothing to complain about Aguero but it is the time we should find his successor anticipating the time he will dissapoint us like Di Maria did.

      • I think Cristian Romero, and Mammana are good replacements for Otta. And as of now, Lautauro seems to be our only potential candidate for Aguero replacement.

  16. so Scaloni will stay for one more year minimum.
    somebody should be naive to believe that Scaloni just because he will sign new contract till
    2022 he should stay till then 100%

    his contract end at end of year and AFA even if want can not sign one contract to Scaloni for 6 months.

    so he will sign till world cup.
    but as i said somebody should be naive to believe that Scaloni will remain to his position if things go bad in March world cup qualify games or in next year Copa america.

    i am not fan of Scaloni.
    i don t believe he is the coach we need in team but i should be fair and give him time to prove that he worth.

    unfortunately CONMEBOL pigs didn t allow us to see the full picture.
    for that reason i will give time to Scaloni to prove to me that i am wrong to believe that he is not good coach.

    • cox4: im hearing ya, Im also are not a fan of scol but I will just like you have to give him a chance now, of course im be delighted for him to make me eat humble pic for doubting him but I wont be turning on the oven yet.

      • we agree each other about Scaloni.
        believe me my friend i will be the most happy person in world if next year like today
        Scaloni will still be our coach and we will have won Copa america and our team improve more to be able play little better than this Copa just finished.

        i want so much to prove to me that i am stupid that i believe what i believe now.
        i am not one of those fans that they wish team fail to say after “you see. i was right”.

        no i don t want that. just opposite i want team succeed and i show that i am stupid.

    • i wasnt a fan of Scaloni either because he fucked up big time by all the DUMBASS player selection that a bunch of haters on Mundo were crying for. If Scalloni didn’t waste time, i’m sure we could have even won this copa. But no, the player selection took priority over chemistry and a system and here we are ..3rd place.

      There are positives that i recognize:

      1) The teams performance grew over the tournament. At least we were not flat or regressive.
      2) Players – i do like the players selection although we could work on few key positions.
      3) Respect – i think he has respect of players
      4) Stood with 2-1 Trident – 2 striker formation leverages our fire power.

      • Choripan : “…he fucked up big time by all the DUMBASS player selection that a bunch of haters on Mundo were crying for. If Scalloni didn’t waste time, i’m sure we could have even won this copa. But no, the player selection took priority over chemistry and a system and here we are ..3rd place.”

        By that logic, Brasil wins Copa by default. Oh no, it must be Tabarez’s Uruguay!

  17. Norberto Scoponi, Copa America 1993 winner on Gerardo Martino:

    “Desperdiciaron un técnico importante. Tenía buenos números y siempre fue creciendo. Lo más grave fue no darle el lugar que se merecía en la Selección. Fue un momento que no supieron aprovechar que tenían un buen técnico con capacidad”

  18. If Gallardo is not coming I am satisfied with this decision for now. In my opinion the only other reasonable considerations were Coudet or Heinze. But really I consider both of them only experienced at coaching league style tournaments and a bit raw at knockout tournaments.

    League matches are different where you have the benefit of observing for many months, tweaking setups, you have more flexibility in pushing against certain opponents versus holding back against others, substitutions do not have as great an impact and you can be experimental there, scheme based on home and away games, you can stick to ‘style’ and if you are good then your team will rise on the long term based on averages.

    Knockout tournaments need more of a mind of an army surgeon; cut and change immediately in 6 or 7 matches in three weeks if your style is not working because of loss of form, injury or unsuitability in those three weeks. But still maintain calmness and harmony. You cannot afford to be married to style anymore. You have to have the ability to adapt immediately match over match in three days. Sabella’s experience at world cup showed that. If you go outside Argentina, even Low in 2014 and Deschamps in 2018 showed little bit of that. Gallardo is the proven available argentine expert in this currently.

    As many know, to me personally style is not that crucial in current international cups as finding balance. Scaloni showed the ability to re-adjust quickly between game days without completely ruining harmony and balance. He was able to pass that test for me. The area he did not convince was in-game adjustments and substitutions towards the end of match when the stakes are highest. But to me none of the young Primera league options (again outside la muneca) are convincing in that area either. Things can change though. Both Gabby and Eduardo are also improving. So what is optimal now might not be optimal tomorrow.

  19. Good decision. Young coach that can learn a lot and has already one tournament experience with the team. I hope this is caesura that separates serious attempt to long term project from endless coup d’etats times.

  20. That’s what I scared the most before Qatar. A lucky victory against this team and another one against another average team. We achieved the semi finals and then AFA considers it was a successful experience. They keep the same ones but within 1 year nothing was improved.

    Obviously as a fan, I wanted the team to go as far as possible. But this 3nd place hide so many issues. As said by many, forget about Simeone and Pochettino, they are not cheap. But at least hire someone with enough successful experience in the local league. Scaloni should be kept as assistant, he did decent job with limited time and resource.

    • Who do you want to see?? No experience and successful coach gonna ruin their career by coaching Argentina.. Especially after what happened to sampaoli career… Some of the Argentinian fans are idiots… They criticize everyone because they are frustrated with their life and express their anger towards the team.. We should have continued with Gerardo Martino but we forced him to go out.. He should have continued to 2018 world cup.. No everybody wanted him out… No body will come my brother.. Let scaloni continue.. He will learn and he has found a formation to continue.. He will get success.. Just be patient and not act like another idiot

  21. I’m very happy with this decision. Very happy. No, Scaloni is not the greatest of coaches. But one thing is certain now, Argentina is slowly coming back, slowly but surely. The team finished on a high note. If not for the ridiculous officiating in the game against Brazil, Argentina could have won The Copa. But there is no time to waste, another Copa is around the corner, next year and partially played in Argentina. The team can, and must, win that Copa. Then the qualifiers for Qatar 22 are right around the corner too, starting in March. With such a fully charged up calendar it would have been foolish to create an unnecessary problem of Coach searching. No, we don’t need that self inflicted wound. Keep Scaloni and let go.
    There is confidence within the team, I sense the confidence among fellow fans, not so much among the negative minded ones, but we’re moving in the right direction. Looking forward to Chile, Germany and Mexico friendlies. Vamos Argentina!!!!

  22. I hope emiliano biando performs well in pl ,this kid is much better than le celso in handling press and carrying ball forward ,joaqlin correa ,nico Dominguez ,zaracho ,Walter benitaz ,c Romero deserves to get called

  23. Our destiny is in our own hand, nothing much to say about the decision, We are not the ones in charge anyway. Time will prove whether this decision is Good or Bad. Lets wish Good luck to Scaloni and to us.

    Scaloni need to improve a lot. His player selection is good but his Substitutions are bad and atrocious at times. Tactics? Well he is in a learning stage. Lets wait for the Qualifiers hope there wont be any stress this time and Qualify somehow. Copa 2020? Don’t have much hope for tournaments were we usually crumble against bigger teams in pressure games.

    • I agree his selection is great overall, except for a few such as Suarez and ADM. His subtituion however has been horrible. Replacing players like Dybala and Martinez with ADM and Suarez are pushing a self destruct button.

  24. I’m happy for you, Coach… Congratulation…. Please.., do the great job… Choose the right squads… Pick the right playing system for the chosen squads…. Bring the glory for Argentina National Football Team.. Be the champion of 2020 Copa America and 2022 World Cup! Vamos Argentina!!!!!

    GOD bless everyone….

  25. If scaloni stays then it will prove that Argentina NT is no longer prestigious. It’s obvious that scaloni will improve tactically with passing time but Argentina NT job isn’t for experimenting or learning in progress, those who already proved themselves as a good tactician will be more beneficial for building a new team and playing under system which scaloni don’t have.

  26. What’s going on at Atleti?! Simeone and the board have gone absolutely bonkers in the tranfer market. They’ve done a decent job in selling Lucas Hernandez for big money but the incomings…woo.. A 19 year old Aguero look alike for 120million euros plus??! Both Atleti for paying that sort of money and Joao Felix for chosing Simeone’s side are crazy. I mean, only very few attacking talents succeed in Simeone’s side, how come he different from Vietto, Correa, Gamiero etc? Only time will tell.

      • Whattt?? He’s still alive?? Where is he now?? Completely forgotten about him until you brought up his name. Paid big money(at that time) to get him from Porto, didn’t they? All the good work he did at Porto vanished in no time under Cholo’s guidance. Now nobody even remembers his existence.

      • Messi did say the team was in chaotic situation when they entered WC 2018. I dont remember his exact quote but he did admit it after the WC. I suppose he finally fed up and decided to speak up more these days.

  27. Changing players in each and every game is not good for future. How thy can be a good unit. So much experimenting and rotation will unbalance teams unity..
    We have very good players in every need to stik with aguro dmaria otamendi etc. Better to include 21, 23 aged players for the upcoming w.cup.They need experiance before facing big tournmnts.
    A coach should select atleast 30 players and rotate and helps them to gain experiance…

  28. We have samuel ayala worked with scaloni .but nothing changed in back line. And in midfld it looks average. Credt goes to aimer. So to stable in backline better to include an europin plyr as scalonis assistnt.

  29. Good. Whoever coach he need time to improve things on his on way. My opinion is to stay scaloni untill nxt worldcup. And also i like to change some of his assistants. Better to include some europin tacticians as his assistants..

      • From an attacking perspective, I think so. Also he seems so calm on the bench(as a player no different).
        Do you know, our next friendly fixtures coincide with the u17 WC?

          • Sorry mate I thought you were talking
            About under 17 yh Chile than Mexico
            October Germany and Portugal not
            Confirm Portugal yet thought
            Scaloni must call following players
            Cristian Romero before Italy sanch
            Him Joaquin correa Jonathan Silva
            Walter Benitez zaracho palacios
            Dominguez varges ocompos
            Lisandro Martinez

          • No worries pal. I concur with your list. They should be tried. I also like to see along with your list:
            1. Gazzaniga ( he needs to move on from Spurs for regular first team football first, Scaloni made his intentions clear with the selection). Of goalies, where the heck is Axel Werner now? Is he still at Atleti?
            2. Mammana and Lanzini ( both slowly recovering from the lengthy layoff, so won’t be surprised if they’re overlooked)
            3. Battaglia (same as Mammana and Lanzini, but need more time than both)
            4. Medina
            5. Ortega
            6. Gaich
            7. Pussetto
            8. Kannemann
            9. Nacho Fernandez
            10. Benedetto

          • Assuming Magallan will be getting chances at Ajax now, he would also be in the mix. Not sure of Balerdi breaking into the Dortmund first team, so I guess he won’t be near the NT anytime soon.

          • Excetly pal lanzini and mammama
            Are must I like medina and gaich
            I believe gaich must get involve
            The senior team now we don’t need
            I believe Magallan will develop
            In ajax balerdi is hell of talent
            I hope he have playing this season
            In Dortmund pal let me tell something please I don’t care
            What other people may say but
            Argentina nt future looks so bright
            After long years stuck with certain

  30. Tapia and his group include El Flaco Menotti wants Scaloni and Scaloni wants the job. A mutual agreement. Beside to be realistic who wants to take the hot iron when you can get all the luxury from coaching the European club… Wait until when for Simeone, Poche, Tata, Gallardo ? Rest is just a saga and soap opera by AFA.. Tying to find the replacement and have a long project is just a coffee sweetener from AFA to keep their image that all are doing their best to find the suitable and affordable coach.. We are just a die hard fans that have been fooled since long time by …

    May the force be with and guide all to glory at Copa 2020 and WC 2022.

  31. Hopefully Di Maria doesn’t get called he already gave everything he could. The two Guido’s don’t seem to make it. And Suarez doesn’t deserve to be there been honest. For me paredes should switch position to where Lo celso was playing and have a true 5 take that place like Ascacibar or Battaglia or even have Kranevitter back. Icardi could replace Suarez up front. I hope Mammana get well from his injury and gains his level back, he is good. I feel like palacios, zaracho, angel Correa and probably the other Correa should get a chance too. At goal I don’t know why everybody keeps saying Romero should be back, or musso, gazzanigia.No! There is only one true inform goalkeeper and that’s Walter benitez. Armani did what he could but he won’t be at world cup, he won’t get better. This is the best thing scaloni could do in my opinion. And hopefully the youngsters specially from defence like lisandro Martinez, balerdi, Romero can pick up their level at Europe and give the defence more options. Probably even leave otamendi out.

  32. I dont mind it, we need long term manager. Since Tata’s left, we have been changing manager 3 times within 2 years. We need an identity which already started to show in recent Copa.

    First thing Scolani needs to do would be stop calling Suarez , ADM and maybe Otamendi. We’re obviously better with Messi playing behind the other two forwards and hopefully he’s not taking a backward step from what already works in Copa.

    Sabella stayed with the team for about 3 years, and we’re dominating the qualfier and almost won the WC.

    • course Ota nominated but no mention of Pezz lol. Otamendi was better than Pezzella with his overall contribution. Almost all passes started with him and he dominated aerially. He fucked up big time with careless fouls but overall, his presence > Pezz.

      (its funny though but i couldn’t stand Scalonis tactic of always starting off from back. even on counters, the play would stop just to pass it back to Ota to reset. Freaking frustrating tactic!)

      • @Choripan,

        “Almost all passes started with him and he dominated aerially.” – I wanted to talk about it during Copa. Ota seemed like the best playmaker in our team lol. I dont want him though. He’s a hot head and doesnt care about consequences.

      • Otamendi look slow as fck everytime he deals with counter attack, not much different than Pezzella in that kind of situation.

        Otamendi should be a back up player at best but not starter material anymore.

    • nice..

      I love the interview with Henry and Rio where he describes Messi easily weaving through barca players to score. His hand movement and facial expression gets me everytime…funny as hell.

      About 1.25m in

  33. I have stated many MANY times that whatever is discussed here has ZERO bearing on what happens in the real world unless you’re the kinda guy /gal who says something based on whatever reason and then when OR IF it happens comes on here and say, “I TOLD YOU SO” to satisfy his/her ego, I AM NOT THAT GUY.

    In my opinion, a PROFESSIONAL COACH is needed to manage this team because the last thing I want to happen is to be beaten in an important game and this could happen a year from now or even in the WC and realize that he should have never been hired in the first place because this job was always TOO BIG for his capabilities.
    What do in know, I’m just a die hard ARGENTINA fan whose been suffering from years of waiting, wanting, hints of success, hope ……and all we got is one loss after another after another and it never gets old or hurts less.
    I wish Scalon is the best coach ever who wins Copa and the WC………other than that, I am powerless as we all are. We might think and hope but that is all we can do.

    • In oder Argentina to be world champion
      Needs a long project start from the junior
      To the senior team and I believe that is in
      Place already but it needs time too
      Getting big name manager won’t
      Guarantee the success the last thing
      Argentina need to change the management again
      I know scaloni is not world beater
      But hey the guy is smart he looks man
      Who wants to learn plus he has very
      Credible back room staff the players
      Already liked him including the big man messi.
      That infaluance tapia cose he has been
      With the players the copa which
      Just finished.
      The first thing scaloni need to do is to call Cristian Romero Before Italia snach cose the boy is Proper centre half.

      • It would be better to concentrate on
        Olympic 20. And get the best out of
        De LA Vega , Benjamin garre ,facundo colidio…etc .build them for the team

    • I get what you feel.But let’s be honest,we aren’t gonna challenge for Copa 2020 and WC 2022.Our current generation is just not good enough.So why should we spend money to sign a high-profile coach knowing it wouldn’t win us anything.Let keep Scaloni for now,let him try out different players,build a good atmosphere in the dressing room and wait for the next generation to come through,then we could sign a good coach.Our U17 just won the Sudamericana and our U20 even though got eliminated early in the U20-WC,still showed some good promising talents.Let’s wait and hope for that generation,for De la Vega,Barco,Garre,Nahuel Perez,Roffo…

  34. I wish Jorge Sampaoli was given such support. He was a long project coach. He was given a short time job. We kicked him out after his failures.

    Now we’re trying to make a good coach out of Scaloni. He cant be judged on his performance either. We have to evaluate him based on the team spirit shown by the influx of youth in our team. AFA has successfully used this VAR debacle as a smokescreen to save their ass.

    • Sampaoli wasn’t kicked because of failure in World Cup only. He totally lost control of dressing room. It was mess. You can’t compare Scaloni situation with Sampaoli. It has its differences.

      • That’s a valid point, I know. But key figures from that squad was gone after the wc. Since we’re so devoted to continuity now, keeping him then wasn’t probably impossible.

        • Remember the meeting they had including Tapia during the World Cup. For me Sampaoli lost the job right than. His backroom staff all left him,his players didn’t like his method or idea. Even now all them saying that it wasn’t good experience with Sampaoli. It was hard to continue with him I think.

        • @imtiaz “That’s a valid point, I know. But key figures from that squad was gone after the wc. Since we’re so devoted to continuity now, keeping him then wasn’t probably impossible.”

          You agree, Sampaoli lost the dressing room, and then you repeat “keep him” for continuity sake??!

          Coming on to the key figures of the squad, only Mascherano and Biglia retired after the WC debacle. And Higuain a little bit later. Romero, Rojo, Di Maria, Banega, Aguero, Messi, Mercado and Otamendi all still available. So it’s bit off the mark to say “key figures” was gone. Besides saying “I’m retiring” doesn’t mean the end of the road, the guys can still come back. Remember our Demichelis recently?

          • @batigol,

            Rojo, Di Maria, Banega, Aguero, Messi, Mercado and Otamendi – these guys weren’t called for a long time after the wc. I meant with AFA’s backing, Sampaoli could do the same and pick those who would obey him.

      • Sampaoli ?? I mean are you guys serious? After all the disastrous decisions that he took in the world cup one after another, almost ensured Argentina’s elimination … I would rather appreciate the grit and unity of the Argentina squad that they could move till the knockout… Anybody who is ruing the termination of Sampaoli should see the Croatia match specially when Sampaoli turned some world class footballers in Messi, Di maria , Mascherano to some school kids desperately fighting for the ball against trained professionals… I mean, he benched Aguero throughout most part of the WC …Still now, i believe, had Aguero been on field against France, Argentina would have never lost after getting the 2-1 lead…that dumbo in the form of Sampaoli got Aguero playing after France scored 4 goals

        • @roshuba,

          Most of the glaring problems from the last wc still exist today. How much have we really progressed after sacking Sampaoli?

          He had a disastrous wc. But you cant define his whole career by his wc failures. He built a very good Sevilla side too.

          Anyway, he’s a gone chapter now. He is not coming back. Now we’re going to extend a former interim, still learning Scaloni’s contract for the sake of continuity. I feel like we are repeatedly taking the wrong project with the wrong person and time.

          • “How much have we really progressed after sacking Sampaoli? – you have to consider that people like Mascherano has retired and Higuain out of national team consideration now….the squad has turned weaker in terms of international football experience and its not very easy to fill up that void. Sampaoli probably fits as a coach for smaller teams like Sevilla , who does not have much chances to win the league title or fight in European competitions. the scenario is different for Argentina , where they are invariably considered one of the favorites to win any competition they play in…You cannot make slightest of error there , and his mistakes were glaringly evident , which created a rift between him and the players as well.

            Scaloni has at least shown some positive intents…trying to bring Dybala in , give him more time… bring some unity in the squad which is the most important thing for any side…anyways, AFA won’t be able to bring coach like Pep, Pocchetino , so sticking to Scaloni was the best option … for me , he has clearly shown good signs as a starter…one thing is, all national teams are different than clubs…in clubs, you can buy some players who are best in the world and try to implement fancy attacking tactics, in National team, you have to have a restrained approach…understanding the strength of players is the most critical thing for a coach in NT and Scaloni has shown good signs in that aspect

    • > He cant be judged on his performance either. We have to evaluate him based on the team spirit shown by the influx of youth in our team.

      cant tell if this is sarcastic…

      • @Choripan,

        It is 🙂 Everyone supporting Scaloni is primarily focusing on the team spirit shown in Copa. This seems like the most important criteria of a qualified coach at this moment. I talked about his team selection, substation or, lack of a plan in general couple of days ago. People got offended. 🙂

        • > It is 🙂 Everyone supporting Scaloni is primarily focusing on the team spirit shown in Copa. This seems like the most important criteria of a qualified coach at this moment. I talked about his team selection, substation or, lack of a plan in general couple of days ago.

          Imtiaz, Agreed…..Lol

          that make sense then. Over emphasis on team spirit and “injection of youth “and not on scalonis tactical aptitude and results which are by far the most important aspect to judge a coach but some Mundoers turn a blind eye because it suits their bias and agenda

    • Sorry but Sampaoli did not deserve a minute more than he got. He was the most disastrous Argentina Coach I have ever seen. The 6-1 against Spain and 4-2 facing Nigeria were some of the most humiliating defeats, The most humiliating for me, suffered by the team. No, Sampaoli was horrible, horrible and horrible. Job was way and way too big for him. He wasn’t fired quickly enough, may be should have been let go after the loss against Nigeria and replaced by … Scaloni. The team would have regrouped and performed better minus his pathetic, and yet again, tactics in the World Cup proper.

      • 6-1 against Spain was humiliating….going with the same GK for the world cup matches was horrendous … a GK conceding 5 goals past him cannot be in the first line up , unless you are Iker Casillas or Buffon or Oliver Kahn

  35. This means a couple of things. Gallardo said no. He is going to Europe. It also means that they have no money to pay anyone qualified. This is no disrespect to Scaloni but this is way too big of a job for him. He will be there until the threat of elimination from the 2022 World Cup and then some other guy will take over. Typical AFA. I’d like to hear them say we are sticking with Scaloni after we lose the first 4 games of qualifying. Exactly

    • “…. after we lose the first 4 games of qualifying. ”

      “He will be there until the threat of elimination from the 2022 World Cup and then some other guy will take over.”

      Both not going to happen.

      • Thank you for saying that, thank you. Watch Argentina breeze through the qualifiers. Look at the one on one Argentina record against all these teams in South America, when we put our head down and are ready to play they really can’t fuck with us and they won’t. I see a stellar qualifiers campaign and the mistakes of last time not being repeated.

  36. That means Gallardo said fuck off. Lol.

    The decision is based on the lack of alternatives, and not about Scaloni himself.

    I do like the progress and most core players and he does have player respect. At this point, no other option so pointless to complain

  37. I have mixed feelings about that too. Although i respect Scalloni for his efforts and outcome given that he is inexperienced, i would like to see someone with more experience. On the other hand, i was one of those screaming for continuity and also given the fact that Scalloni injected grit to the team and also harmony, it seems like a dilema to me. That is why, the best Scenario to me was an experienced coach but keeping Scalloni as an assistant. Anyway, as someone in here said, it is not only Scalloni but Aimar, Samuel and Ayala too who i like a lot and i hope things will start getting better for us. I mean, there are highs and lows for every team in football, but our lows has been extended too much! We have the players who seem that they also have the spirit, this fucking drought must end this should be our only aim!

    Pablo, really nice to hear again from you amigo, and congrutulations for your baby! That is great news and always happy reading from you!

  38. Sad but we just have to live with it. Scaloni is below average and it is a wide open truth after the Copa debacle. Player selection continues to be every Argentina coach’s Achilles heel for the past 25 odd years starting from the Passerella time. Gosh to think of the players that have come and gone during this time makes it incredible that we have not added another World Cup.

    • Inexperience!!!
      So was Pep
      So was Low
      I am not saying he is like Pep or Low but in that case we don’t have any other options or money to get anyone in our dream list

      • So does Zidane who wins 3 CL lol

        Our first objective for this Copa is semifinal and Scolani did that, 3rd place finish and we only lost the semifinal due to Brazil homecooking the refereeing, remember that.

        Take out the bias refereeing, Scolani might even win or at least a finalist.

  39. Logical and obvious reason to keep him for now. No need for another Bauza or Sampaoli comes and unsettle the good harmony of the team. My only Exception from Scaloni,Aimar,Ayala & Samuel that they start building up the base of the team for 2022WC. They should plan 2-3 players for one position so injury cannot ruin it as it does every time with Argentina. Start planning the system and get the all pieces together. Most importantly is Full back and Center back. Should not be a problem as in coaching staff has 2 best defender.

  40. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it’s inconceivable that a team of Argentina’s stature and caliber has a rookie coach in charge. On the the other, Scaloni has exceeded my expectations of him a bit. Sure, some of the subs were mind-boggling, as was his infatuation with the likes of Matias Suarez. But beggars can’t be choosers and AFA is still broke and can’t afford a decent coach. Also, I think it’s not only Scaloni who makes decisions, he is counseled by Aimar, Samuel and Ayala. So, all in all, we could use a bit of continuity in terms of coaching. I just hope that Scaloni calls some players that can strengthen our squad, e.g. W. Benitez, Kannemann, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Joaquin and Angel Correa, Lanzini, Lamela, C. Romero.

      • I think so. On the other hande he said continuity is really most important for us:

        “Si realmente se está convencido de lo que se hace y haya una estructura que lo avale, siempre es bueno sostenerse en eso. Está perfecto. Hay que dejar de generar esas incertidumbres permanentes que generan inestabilidad y desconfianza que no suma y es malo para cualquier proyecto que se quiere iniciar”,

  41. Matias Vargas officially join Espanyol. 10,5 mln for 80% of the transfer sum is finally a bit better deal.

  42. wow stupid knows no bounds but as always the afa specializes in this, this guy is very average as a coach, very average and his use of subs is diabolical. its like he has a deck of cards and who evers card he turns over is the next player on the pitch.
    I will not be delighted if hes given the job full time but then again who is next “cab of the rank” that we can actually get? as we all know poch and sim are not realistic because they are too well rewarded at club level with more money each year then most of us dream of in a year.

    • Naa g
      I think it won’t be a bad idea given the fact at the moment AFA can’t get any good coach available. Bit should have been till 2020 not 2022

  43. WC 22 team 4-3-3
    Lw- de LA Vega
    CF- Facundo colidio (false 9)
    Rw- Benjamin garre
    Lm- palacios
    Dm- paredes
    RM – lo celso
    LB- N.parez
    CB- C.Romero
    CB- L.Balerdi
    Rb- j.foyth

  44. So, I’m not entirely convinced he was the guy from the beginning. However I believe this is the right choice now.

    I’m also relieved at the reports that Menotti is on board, as I had concerns about his role and apparent lack of support for Scaloni in a manner that was detrimental to the NT.

    So we have a coach and a core group of players that was unable to win the Copa America and some moments that were truly below what Argentina’s tradition and history demands.

    However that same coach showed some real grit and resolved and through the adversity was able to string together an unified team with a fighting spirit. He also made some very bold and positive tactical moves in finding a place for Messi that optimizes the rest of the team as well as position for Paredes and Depaul.

    He has some work to do however in two big areas. The first is player selection. If his intention was to play without a true number 5, then he wasted two slots with the Guidos. He needs to be better here.

    He also needs to be better when making subs. It’s not the subs themselves so much as the timing of them. I think the Dybala substitution against Chile was the best example of this. He made changes too too early.

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