Paulo DYBALA: Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI didn’t talk to me at the World Cup


Paulo DYBALA revealed that Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI didn’t talk to him during the World Cup.

The Argentina national team striker spoke that the coach didn’t talk to him during the tournament in Russia. Despite being part of the squad for the 2018 World Cup, DYBALA only played a handful of minutes when he featured against Croatia.

Now, over a year later, DYBALA has admitted that SAMPAOLI didn’t talk to him. Speaking with Fox Radio, here’s what he had to say:

“I spoke to him when he came to Torino to tell me that I would be called up to the World Cup but from the day I got to the training camp until the last day, we didn’t talk. We wnent home without even greeting each other.”

DYBALA also mentioned that his comments about it being difficult to play alongside Lionel MESSI may have had something to do with it.

“I didn’t think about asking him about why he didn’t do it. Things started to go bad and for him, the situation wasn’t easy. I don’t know if something happened because of what I said before the World Cup, I thought it had changed since I was called-up but it wasn’t the case.”


  1. That was horrible, horrible and horrible. He was completely wasted. Any other normal coach with Messi and Dybala at his hands would have used both. Put them together and let them train. Scaloni finally played them and look what happened. I loved Dybala new found enthusiasm in the NT, he truly was having fun and he could have scored multiples goals against Chile. He is a very talented young player who has the future in front of him. And I agree with those who say that he absolutely has to leave and go where he can play on a regular basis. He can’t seat on the bench, he had to play. His agent and himself must pound the table loud enough and don’t fall for any promise of playing time, just demand to be released.

  2. Sampaoli didn’t go because of his failure. I think he ruined it because how managed the players and he couldn’t keep all together

  3. Will be very tough for Dybala next season. Sarri is addicted to his 433 for years. Bernardeschi and Costa can play on both side, wingers of profile more compatible with Sarri, Ronaldo, Keane, Higuain and Madzukic can all play as forward. Unless the last 2 ones leave, it’ll be hard for him to have much playing time. I thought Atletico Madrid could be a nice spot for him to replace Griezmann but apparently they signed someone. I hope Man Utd can sign him and Icardi together.

    • Staying in Juventus will be suicidal for Dybala. May be he feels inferior to join from winning Juventus to troubling Inter. But he has to go where he gets playing time and most respected. In Inter he will get both. Plus Lautaro Dybala combo will benefit both and NT.

    • I think they should keep him as assistant and hire someone on top of him. What he did during the last few games was decent but nothing really original, many fans here(including myself) found those idea long time before the copa. The 433 formula is found, now need to replace progressively players like Armani, Ota, Pezzella, Di Maria and Aguero for the next copa and the next WC.

      • I respect other mundo followers opinion
        But my knowledge in football
        It’s very important to support
        This coaching staff I mean
        Ayala samual aimar a long side
        Scaloni I’m sure as time goes
        They will slowly build solid young
        Dynamic team just wait and see.

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