Mauro ICARDI left out of Inter summer tour, will be sold


Mauro ICARDI has been left out of Inter’s summer tour as he will be sold.

Per a report by Sky Sport, ICARDI has also began a personalised training regime. Inter coach Antonio CONTE does not count on keeping ICARDI at all, according to reports.

ICARDI had the club captaincy taken away from him last season which began the downward spiral of his relationship with the club.


  1. Icardi, is a genuine talent, without a shadow of doubt for most of us. A proper goalscorer, fox in the box, which is very very hard to find in football. He should have been in the La Albiceleste squad post WC 2014 ,in Copa 15, Copa 16 and thereon, but for the imbecile Tata Martino(there are plenty of other deserving players who also missed out). Many people criticize him for the Maxi Lopez- Wanda Nara mess only listening to oneside of the story(it may be the truth, but I don’t know). So I have no comments on that one, I’ll leave it to him, it’s his personal life, he can do whatever he wants.

    But the latest issue in this soap opera story, I’ve no sympathies for him. It’s his own undoing. It looks like he doesn’t care football that much, he’s interested in starring in soap opera instead. Publically undermining his teammates( his agent ofc) and then not apologizing and not training for how many months or so is certainly not helping in either club football or international football. Knowing all that some people here wanted him in the Copa 19 squad, saying he would have made a difference, a big LOL!!!

    The war and debacle he caused with Inter ultras was slowly cooling down, then he had to come up with this brand new episode. Seems like he never learns. No wonder no one wants him anywhere near their club or team. If anyone ‘s ready to take( Juve, Napoli rumuored) him, it would be a massive massive gamble. If he doesn’t sort this stuff out and concentrate in football, he can kiss adios to his football career and become a soap opera star instead(which he already is).

  2. from 2012 that River plate reborn from our ashes was never full of old players.
    there was some experienced players that guide our young players.
    the majority was young players.

    i really can t read nonsense here from people saying whatever come to their head just because they want to argue with somebody else.

  3. River plate is the backbone of arg nt.
    River is the main feeder to the nt
    I hope River have so many success inside
    And outside the field fantastic club
    I lost count how many players from
    Youth of River and the play for nt.
    Lucho Gonzalez
    Ariel ortega
    Garmen bargus
    Gonzalo higuain
    This the past I can remember now.
    The players can be big party in Argentina
    Success in near future are
    Martínez Quarta
    Cristian Ferreira
    Julián Álvarez
    Santiago sosa.
    The players who played River plate in recent years will likely to continue to play
    for the nt are.
    Guido Rodriguez

    • and many other my friend.
      the list continue….without end !!!

      this is the philosophy of River plate club.
      this philosophy keep us alive in bad years.
      this philosophy reborn us from our ashes in 2011 that arrive us some people (ex president and co)
      because they sell everything and stole our money after.

      our strong football academy together with people that love the club because they are members of River plate family work hard and they bring us back to the glory. (Gallardo, Almeyda, Passarella, D Onofrio and some others )

    • Batalla—Funes Mori-Musacchio-Gonzalez Pirez—Pereyra-Cazares-Quignon-Colombatto-Ocampos—Driussi-Simeone only from the missing players without thinking…Lucho Gonzalez was Huracan youth player not River Dalessandro was, plus Conca, Daniel Luduena, Matias Delgado. etc etc etc..

  4. Choripan, Ocampos has a poor finishing? Have you watched ligue 1 and you say that? I am just asking because i didn’t follow ligue 1 so i don’t really know but what i do know is that Ocampos is or at least was a super talented player, i was watching him since he was in river. The guy is tall 1.87 m, very fast and strong, he is tireless, has or at least used to have very good skills and also good shooting abilities using both feet. I always liked this player and i would like seeing him in the nt as i believe that we need this kind of player but i stopped following him closely for almost a year, that is why i am asking.

    • yes, i watch ligue 1 but not nearly as much as Liga, Serie A or Prem. I think a lot OM fans would agree that he’s a really hard worker but could work on finishing. For now, id give priority to J Correa over Ocampos. Not sure if Sevila transfer is done but maybe he’ll shine more there.

  5. ASRoma are reportedly close to a €16m deal for BocaJuniors midfielder Agustin Almendra… 16m is a good deal Boca should sell him….

    • There’s big transfers politic difference between Boca and River currently. River is maintaining stablization under Gallardo. Another season they are buying very little, instead introducing succesfully more and more young players from their own academy (Martinez Quarta, Palacios, Montiel, Ferreyra, Alvarez, Rollheiser, Sosa, Gallardo, Beltran). On the other hand Boca Juniors are bitches of this leaague in recent years. Bitches like Real Madrid has started to be some 15 years ago: if there’s no success then buy, buy buy buy… to get the success. Then most shamful things is that the big transfers does not gives titles, so then buy buy and buy once more. To that new coaches while River keep on one long term project of Gallardo.

      This season Boca should be even stronger (with MacAllister, Salvio, De Rossi?, Hurtado) but it’s hard to be fan of this team recently. Hope to see MacAllister, Reynoso being starters.

      River won Copa Libertadores, Racing won Superliga, Rosario Central won Copa Argentina, Tigre won Copa de La Superliga. Boca won nothing LOL

        • i have won 2 Copa Libertadores. i have won Copa Sudamericana and many other local titles.

          Boca eat our shit years now and they will continue do same.
          i prefer to be every year in the middle of table and win international titles than opposite.

          in same time in last Primera i finished 4th and Boca 3rd !!!
          Boca 51 points. River 45 points !!!

          woaw what huge difference !!!
          i should be jelous ?
          hahahaha of course not. Bosteros eat our shit !!!

          Gallardo golden era continues for us.
          Bosteros will continue crying for long long time more hahaha !!!

      • Boca do good, buy talented south american players and make money from them…Barrios, Bentancour, Nandez, Villa will be the next (already stole Pavon starting spot) etc…the only mistake was not to sell Pavon (they wanted 40 mill euros cmon the guy worth now is under 15 which is realistic) Almendra still a big question mark, close to 20 millions is huge sum, has to sell him, the guy hardly played professional football yet and not that special, Balerdi was the same case, and Palacios too in River, maybe he will be never out of primera due his injury problems, who knows

        • “Boca do good, buy talented south american players and make money from them”

          this is not really about making money. Multum of talented players is passing through this team but that rarely can make longer term use of them.
          River won everything under Gallardo. Including 2 times CL, 2 times Copa Argentina, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana 3x, Supercopa Argentina. Didn’t won league few times sacrifying this for international competitions.

          There were 4 titles to win in Argentina in last year. Even Tigre and Rosario Central snatch one – Boca not. This is not “doing well” for any Boca fan.

          • Gonzalo, Mr. Csabalala meant to say Boca is successful because they have Uruguayans and Colombians in the side. To him, River and it’s talents are trash because the chunk of them are Argentines by blood. And he is a great Argentina fan indeed. Respect that🤣🤣

          • If there is one club in Argentina that is least Argentine, it’s Boca. Mr. Csabalala likes that and wants us to believe he is one among us!😅

          • “River won everything under Gallardo. Including 2 times CL, 2 times Copa Argentina, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana 3x, Supercopa Argentina.”

            With full of old players…

          • Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Palacios, Pity Martinez, Quintero, Alvarez – were important recently. They are not old.

          • With Pinola-Maidana centre backs pair…Palacios was mainly injured, Alvarez sub player, and these young lads are only from the last year, earlier? Full of old veterans…Ariel Rojas, uruguayo Sanchez, Pisculischi, Mora and so on, they contributed most of these trophies and 1 or 2 youngs Funes Mori Mammana Kranevitter Pity etc

          • So what’s your point? Ok, you are right. Let’s call back Higuain, Biglia, Mascherano, Banega, Mercado and Demichels.

            Scaloni’s rejuvenation make us stronger and most importantly even without one full year of the players together. In fact except Messi only Aguero should be considered for next Copa. This is beginnings of something good that will brought results sooner or later.

          • My heart says MacAllister to Boca but I’m not sure if Alfaro has him in his starting 11 plans. Lucas Menossi is an excellent addition and I really hope San Lorenzo does offer great bet to win CL along with River.

            Lucas Janson is my pick here because this is one guy who to me has ways been on the progressive note. Assists and goals most games, I hope he announces himself to the world by playing for Velez.

        • Boca disgust me…..
          Not because i m River plate fan….
          Because they are ruining some talented players career….. They are team with old players and young players are not getting any chances…..
          I almost forgot when the last time they produced a talented player for Argentina……
          I think Paredes was the last one…. ?
          On the other hand team like Racing , River
          Gave us lautaro Martinez, de paul, Pazzella, lanzini, Roberto pereyra, Acuna, Zaracho, juan musso, Gonzalo Montiel, Guido Rodriguez, Erik Lamela, etc.

          • IMO Independiente and San Lorenzo made best moves during this transfer window. First of all they hired class coaches. Independiente Beccacece while San Lorenzo take Pizzi. This should be guarantee of improvement from start. To that Independiente catch Beccacece talented players from Defensa: Barboza, Blanco, Togni. Also Andres Roa and Cristian Chavez, Sebastian Palacios from Talleres.
            And they may add last Argentina Olimpic Games 2016 representant Lucas Romero from Cruzeiro.

            Independiente will be stronger. Beccacece is specialist of promoting youngsters. ATM he is introducing 2 talents of El Rojo Academy: Alan Sonora and Alan Velasco.

            San Lorenzo best transfer IMO is buying of Lucas Menossi from Copa Superliga winner Tigre, which is relegated. To that Santiago Vergini, Cerutti and Pitton brothers and Paraguayo Bareiro.

            Of Course talents like Gaich, Matias Palacios, Alexander Diaz, Pereyra should get more minutes

          • IMO Independiente and San Lorenzo made best moves during this transfer window. First of all they hired class coaches. Independiente Beccacece while San Lorenzo take Pizzi. This should be guarantee of improvement from start. To that Independiente catch Beccacece talented players from Defensa: Barboza, Blanco, Togni. Also Andres Roa and Cristian Chavez, Sebastian Palacios from Talleres.
            And they may add last Argentina Olimpic Games 2016 representant Lucas Romero from Cruzeiro.

          • San Lorenzo best transfer IMO is buying of Lucas Menossi from Copa Superliga winner Tigre, which is relegated. To that Santiago Vergini, Cerutti and Pitton brothers and Paraguayo Bareiro.

            Of Course talents like Gaich, Matias Palacios, Alexander Diaz, Pereyra should get more minutes

          • Independiente shall be stronger. Beccacece is expert of promoting youngsters. Now he is introducing 2 talents of El Rojo Academy: Alan Sonora and Alan Velasco.

          • Sabarish,

            what do you think are best transfer of this transfer window in Superliga. Menossi to San Lorenzo, Janson to Velez, MacAllister to Boca, Angel Gonzalez to Estudiantes, Barboza and Blanco to Independiente, Maxi Romero, Gago to Velez..?

  6. Icardi will slap all his hater hard, future ballon dor winner from Argentina, Aguero also have potential to win ballon dor but age is on the side of Icardi.

  7. Icardi may be better than Martinez and Aguero if Scaloni used 433 with pacey wingers.

    I still don’t trust him yet though. He needs to regain form and quit all the baloney at club and NT first. I think the lack of club interest when Inter is trying to sell will be a wake call for Icardi.

  8. Another talented lethal striker are neglected, such a waste of time just because of his lover. Icardi oh Icardi although love is blind but love knows what to see the unseen.

  9. Watching River play and wondering how Montiel doesn’t get called up and Milton Casco does. Ridiculous
    And Martinez Quarta is a good young player at 23 that should have gotten a chance in front of Funes Mori or that hack Otamendi who is on his way out of Man City

      • I would go even further. Julian Alvarez, Christian Ferriera, Montiel, Palacios, and Martinez Quarta should all be on the NT. These are young, fast, energetic players that know how to play with each other that are all fantastic players.
        Reminds me of the 70’s and early 80’s when all of our best players were on two or three teams.
        Put these guys with Foyth Tagliafico DePaul Paredes Lo Celso Lautaro Dybala Barco, and Messi and you have the
        foundation for a championship team. But you need time and you have to integrate these guys together right now so they learn to play with each other

        • I would love it mate 100%
          I like julian Alvarez he could play
          Up front with lautaro.
          I do think this management will
          Do that it will happen I can feel it

          • I hope it does. That leaves 10 spots on the team with 3 for goalkeepers and the other 7 for up and coming players or veterans like Kun who can still contribute.

        • Julian Alvarez can really take his game to any opponent on his day. Beltran can also start convincing Gallardo this season.

          • Mendoza – River game tied at FT. Palacios scores off Rollheiser’s assist. Benjamin is also an exciting prospect..

          • Rollheiser scores the crucial penalty of the shootout and they advance. Moments like these help build morale. Younger the age they happen at, more advanatageous for all the stake holders…

          • No way Ferreira, Alvarez and Martinez Quarta are NT-ready, Ferreira only a great long-range shooter, Martinez Quarta a good long passer, but shaky defender, Alvarez dont know seems a little bit better version of Marcelo Torres for me, Montiel and Palacios maybe as subs, but stop idiot experimenting, time to build some chemistry between the same 20-22 players.

          • If for you Ferreira is only good long range shooter what do you know about him actually…If you don’t see the potentiall for big midfielder what do you see actually…

            Did Palacios seemed to you NT material before his first call up? The answer is easy. Maybe not all the players just now but some of them are good NT material to work with.

          • Yes work with some but only after we built a fucking team with the same players…what do i see, after you named Lautaro the worst NT striker ever LOL how can you take this question? I see talents level very good, and Ferreira is nowhere in the Lautaro category on his position, not even close

          • Csabalala,

            why you lying again? When you hide important context of words on purpose this is lying.

            “named Lautaro the worst NT striker ever LOL”

            bring me my exact comment here. Naming him worst striker ever in NT is obvious exagerration in emotion and no one take this very serious. It was in 2017 during his U-20 games. I’ve said similar rude words about him after ONE our lost match, where he was part of that lost getting red card if I’ remember correctly. He was shit on that game, that’s fact. That was once and in frustration because we lost. I’ve never again said critical words about him what is just prove my opinion about him is established unlike you who is changing opinion every few months. You’ve said several critical words about him being diver and other ones.

            Not to mention about you talking he is not ready yet for NT and first need to score 20 goals in Serie A. As you see no one needs your standards to become important NT player.

          • “I see talents level very good, and Ferreira is nowhere in the Lautaro category on his position, not even close”

            Yes, Ferreira is in Lautaro category of talents.

            Now it’s easy for you to praise Lautaro but wait for his first stumble and you will quickly change your opinion as do with other players like Lo Celso, Paredes and so on.

          • You cant stop lying…i was the loudest promoter of Paredes, Lo Celso and Lautaro from the beginning(plus Barco and Thiago Almada) i was 100% right these guys are our most talented players currently, when you wrote your long long hate speech about Paredes, Lautaro etc in your Messi hatred style cause your football blindness…i say only the reality im not a coward i recognize Lo Celso, Paredes in his first season and many other talented young argentines failed in big clubs, unlike you, im realistic, Lautaro first season was max. average in Inter too…considering his talent…im realistic again…i was who said Ascacibar is a mediocre guy i called him a bad midfielder several times, without cease…and where is the guy atm? In Bundesliga 2, and didnt improved a little bit rather regressed and never will be next Mascherano, at the time when every mundo writer sucked his cock…so whats your problem? Not my mistake that our biggest talents cant take the pressure or have not the talent to perform in the biggest clubs on the highest level (except Dybala some years ago)….yes they are not that talented as french guys or many more (Mbappe, Dembele etc.) the clear conclusion…im realistic again, so if someone is straigh that is me

          • Barco? who just few weeks before las U-20 WC said he is lost because play in MLS. You’ve said that about 19 yo player!

            “Yes Lo Celso showed very little in PSG, now he is in the perfect place, no pressure, 8th place in the league is good, 1 good match after 4 shit is enough, unlike in PSG, no real competition, in his comfort zone, in the Europa League, not in the UCL, he is a great Europa Leage level player, the second division of elite football, and he is the most talented young midfielder? OK our midfield will be much weaker with EL-level midfielders, than Spain, german, france, brazil etc., why drop our world class strikers too? nonsense”

            “even our best talents in recent years were on different level than Primera before 20 (Riquelme, Aimar, Banega, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria, Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala, Angel Correa) and real talents never fail anywhere (De Paul, Cartabia, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos, Kranevitter, Vietto, Paredes, Lo Celso and co.)”

            “first match where he shows something finally after a lot of fails, man you are a clown, if Lo Celso is such a good player, this should be his standard, not the exception, man he is argentina attacking midfielder for God’s sake, next year maybe in Champions League?”

            “But transfer to a big european club and play regularly is one of the hardest thing, neither of our new wingers can tell it themself (and probably never will), even Lo Celso has failed”.

            Does it sounds like promotion of Lo Celso or Paredes?

            What I’m adressing is that you can’t be neither promotor nor fan of any player because you are not consistent in supporting them. You will betray them ssoner or later. I’m 100 times more consistent supporter of Lautaro Martinez than you. Except one emotional, exagerrated critic comments at his very beginnings I never said anything critical about him.

            Almada? You think you discovered him or so? Every Argentina fan from long time, even without any knowledge about local league, know he is one of our biggest talents (I belive that too), but still too young to claim him next big thing, especially if someone is following him in Velez: this is not that easy for him to become starter there….

          • I could say I’m even more consistent promotor of Paredes except the same doubts about him: defending abilities to be lone DM and lack of consistency on contribution of really creative passes.

          • LOL were you able to search these? Your are my biggest fan, crazy, tipical psyhopath, i dont see the problem, the TRUTH, big problem our most talented players fail on the highest level, maybe i always exaggerate them, no what you do suck 20/20 talented youngsters cocks, then posing like a pro, if one hit LOL, im the exact opposite always find the real talents and dont interest the others, i was never interested in Cervi, when you praised him, than a better player than Lo Celso in his Rosario day, i was right, and i will right in Vargas/Almada relation…Vargas is mediocre Almada not…in Meza/Barco the same (sadly waste his career in MLS) ….in Gonzalo Martinez case….Ascacibar…and def in Gaich case (max an Alario caliber, maximum)…you dont take nothing…

          • Your knowledge is shitty like that from transfermarket. They don’t know even what height are players from SA adding them 20 cm like was with Lucas Necul recently. That is your source.

        • Did they beat a second division team in penalty-shootout? Brilliant really, a two digit difference would have been better worth the praise here.

        • I am not convinced about Julian Alvarez. Nothing special from the kid and it’s very hard for him to compete with the prestigious strikers/forwards we have.

          I have more hope on Ferreira, Palacios, Montiel, Quarta Martinez, or even Sosa who can be great additions to our weak areas: midfield and defense.

          • Actually I agree with you. Alvarez is least interesting out of this group. However Sosa didn’t impessed me at all.

    • Montiel will be part of team asap I think. Maybe they did not wanna go for him because he is still too young. So is Quarta. We have some exciting defenders and full coming…they just need good playing time and development

    • Very unfair criticism of otamendi. Post 2014, he has been our best defender & also played at highest levels in club football. Always known for his grit, tough tackling & ball playing skills. He has made errors- but tell me haven’t the best in business CBs made similar errors- pique, Ramos, thiago Silva, umtiti , even van dijk. Fact is CBs & GKs errors are so visible that people can’t forget or forgive. To me otamendi has been a great asset to NT & will rank him jus below messi, mascherano, Romero in last 4-5yrs. I agree to the fact that he is now past his prime & needs to be out phased with youngsters. But otamendi in bench has a CB backup for copa2020 is great idea. Kannemann & pezella as starters .

    • Clubs could be putting pressure on corrupt AFA to help them offload their dead weight players by giving them international exposure. Otherwise, only mentally disable person would pick Matias Suarez, Casco, Two useless Guidos over J.corea, Icardi , Lamela and Ascaibar based on performance of one match!! I am aware two useless Guiodos play in Mexico!!

  10. What a waste of a talent? Behind every successful man there is a women but behind a very talented player destruction there is WANDA.

    • An undeniable talent Icardi is. He is also an undeniable head case. This guy burns every bridge and then wonders why nobody gives him a chance.
      Even Zanetti can’t defend him or his fame whore crazy wife. I hope that tiki taka show pays well because without a team nobody will give a crap what you think

  11. Benedetto leaving Boca for Marseille (15 mln) while Boca sign Salvio. Also De Rossi being closer than before to join if Nandez will go to Cagliari.

    • De Rossi is always welcome at Boca. I think Almendra is going to be sold anyway. €25?mil. asking price is good.

  12. Is it too hard to sense few yellow fans masquerading as Arg fans here? Or may be there are too many here who turned sesonal Arg followers for the sake of Messi. ‘Messi should have played for Spain’, ‘I wish he were a non-Argentine’ are their punchlines. If Messi opted to play for some other nation tomorrow(when pigs fly may be), they’d switch as well. Let’s not brand them spoilsport for the sake of egalitarianism if not anything else, but at least should we not let them know that their covers have come off? For few, Messi was the only player doing well against Brazil! On top of that, they smirk hinting ‘Had Neymar played Brazil would have scored more and made it even more embarrassing for US'(as if they really belong here)!

    Well there is absolutely no problem in supporting a team in the name of a person alone. Most fans are formed so – with a certain dogma or the other buttressing their cause. But the moment one starts throwing stones at the clan itself, you’ve got to defend and say to remind them that they are pelting stones from outside because they’re already out of the CLAN..

  13. He is a great striker, but I think his options are limited. Trouble follows him, his biography sparked arguments with Inter fans, his refusal to train angered management and coaching staff, his wife is also his agent and not your typical boardroom figure. He likes tattoos and the spotlights too much. He can learn a lot from someone like Tagliafico, a modern profesional dedicated to club and country.

    Many clubs do not want troublemakers.

  14. Icardi must divorce Wanda or find another agent.
    She is a devil in mask of a make-up face.
    I hate her so much,I can’t describe
    She is killing Icardi’s carreer!!
    Beauty never illustrates a person’s personality.She is a slut. We all can see it.

    • He is jus like Balotelli or Adriano. Super talented but Self destructive. Good he wasn’t picked for copa. I think his time for resurrection is over & anyway NT always has striking options. So we can live without him for sure. Let him enjoy his drama.

    • i advise you find one beautiful woman to crash.
      this woman except she is slut she is ugly too without makeup.

      she have nice body but you can find dozens of women with body like hers.
      plus if you walk in my neighborhood you can see so many girls more beautiful than Wanda.

      just those girls are not famous.

  15. There is a saying in india that ‘behind every successful man there is a women’.
    But in his case ‘behind an unsuccessful icardi is wanda nara’!!😡 such a talent being wasted like this by his own family member.🤷‍♂️

  16. Off topic but…

    Sports Pundit, analysts, everyone doesn’t see Argentina as great as people here say they are, so why are we hyping Argentina’s performance against Brazil?

    Was it a team effort, or was it individual performances again just like France?
    Messi finally turned up that game, but lacked support he does in Barcelona from Suarez, Busquets, Rakitic, Coutinho, Alba, Roberto, etc.
    When has Messi played that good for Barcelona and they lose?
    They don’t, because he has support from everybody.

    He was carrying the team that game and only had support from Aguero and Lautaro, not the WHOLE team!
    The TEAM was not good.
    Messi was brilliant. So was Lautaro, Aguero.
    But the TEAM was not good!

    I don’t believe this hype, as had it not been for Messi, the game wouldn’t be so even.

    Argentina + Star (Messi) vs. Brazil – Star (Neymar) = Brazil 2-0 Argentina!

    That’s how you can tell Brazil have a team.
    When you win without your star!
    Unlike us! 🙁

    I said it ever since he was appointed and I believe it even more after the Copa.
    Scaloni is NOT our guy!

  17. Icardi once said that his favourite player was Batistuta. Fair enough as Bati is the greatest 9 i have ever seen as well but Bati has also an exceptional character. I mean apart from his phenomenal skills and physique, apart that he was a leader and a true warrior on the field, he was also humble something that Icardi is missing big time especially with Wanda as his agent.

    Batistuta at his prime was being chased by all the biggest clubs such as real madrid and manchester united but he chose to stay in fiorentina to help them return from relegation. Thats rare, his pdrsonality was as great as his abilities.
    On the othet hand Icardi was the king in inter but when wanda took over as his agent everything fell apart. I mean how can you accept having wanda as your agent??

    Another way apart from afa bad management and wrong coaches that an Argentine talent can be wasted. Just be a simple and humble man and he could excell but with wanda interfering in everything i doubt it really.

  18. Atletico Madrid and simeone has been
    Graveyard when it come Argentina players
    They just offer angel correa to spurs
    I believe angel correa is better off
    To play in different manager than simeone.
    Never give him proper run in Atletico.

  19. Icardi is the kind of striker easily overshadow Messi/CR7 goal scoring tally but Inter is too defensive still won golden boot in sere A

    • You make more childish comments than anyone other than Kid on this site. You need to wise up and pull your head out of Wanda’s rather large flabby ass.

    • U r biased bro
      Icardi can rename himself as one of the best strikers.But,No one has ever been closer to Messi and CR7’s Goalscoring Tally.Scoring 40-60 Goals every season, maybe outscore Ronaldo but Messi?😂.At first break Messi’s 91 Calendar year goals and 73 goals a season’s record.

      Icardi must part ways with Wanda or find another agent.Wanda will destroy his carrer.Wanda is a not the best wives she is intimidating Icardi she has only a beautiful face.No Offense, I know you like her.

      If Icardi isn’t changing the way he is going through then he will never be as great as we expectexd

      What I believe is
      Lautaro Martinez has better future, a lot better future than Icardi

    • seriously your taste in women is very low.
      in my neighborhood i know at least 5-6 more beautiful women than Wanda nara.

      as about her character the number increased much more.
      i am sure because you like this slut Wanda you saying this stupid things about Icardi.

      • Wanda is a ugly 35 year old slut. You think that having her in your life will benefit you? ROMANCE KING you are clearly that one stereotypical indian dude!🤣

    • He’s already 26. What future..? He has just 3-4 years…left..! If hes in good form…may be next Copa and 2022WC. His NT future is slim..!

  20. I think he should take this opportunity and move to premier league. He would be good for teams like Chelsea who don’t have as much firepower anymore. They both would benefit from having a native striker position.

    • Would be interesting how he can do with this height in Europe. Other than that he has only advantages

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