Argentina team announced for Pan American games


The Argentina team has been announced for the Pan American games and as reported a few weeks back, there are no overage players.

Fernando BATISTA has submitted a final list of 18 players and of that team, three play in Europe. Leonel MOSEVICH, Nicolas GONZALEZ and Santiago COLOMBATTO are the three forein players in the team. The rest all play in Argentina. Here’s the final squad:

Facundo CAMBESES (Banfield)
Leonel Mosevich (C.D. Nacional, Portugal)
Aaron BARQUETT (Argentinos Juniors)
Marcelo HERRERA (San Lorenzo)
Fausto VERA (Argentinos Juniors)
Joaquin NOVILLO (Belgrano)
Carlos VALENZUELA (Barracas Central)
Nicolas DEMARTINI (Temperley)
Adolfo GAICH (San Lorenzo)
Nicolas GONZALEZ (Stuttgart, Germany)
Santiago COLOMBATTO (Cagliari, Italy)
Juan Pablo COZZANI (Lanus)
Ignacio ALISEDA (Defensa y Justicia)
Facundo MEDINA (Talleres)
Anibal MORENO (Newell’s Old Boys)
Agustin URZI (Banfield)
Lucas NECUL (Arsenal)
Sebastian LOMONACO (Godoy Cruz)


  1. I hope Argentina somehow get World Class GK, Brazil didn’t have any reliable GK till 2016 suddenly Ederson and Alison came.

  2. Scaloni must include Ascaicabar zaracho lamela 2correas 2 palaciosquarta barbosa montiel barco/colombatto simioni l.acosta bataglia j.silva almendra pity benetez andgazzeniga and rotate these plyrs as much as possible before w.cup..

  3. News coming out that…Foyth will be used more at RB position this season in Tottenham.
    He will be more good as DM than CB or RB. Pochettino should do it.

    • There’s Winks, Dier and Wanyama competing for that position, so no way Foyth’s gonna play there this season unless necessary. I think, the talk of him being gonna be used as a RB, is just coz of Trippier going out and if there are no incoming player in that position( genuine starter). But it’s a reality, either CB or RB.

  4. Why didn’t Boca Let Agustin Almendra join ?
    It is not like he is regular in the Boca team….
    Tournament like this would have boost his confidence…..
    Boca is ruining a talented player like him….
    I m glad tha maroni went to samdoria…..

    Btw How good is Bravo ? Of beinfield ?
    In whoscored he has the highest rating in last season…. 7 MOTM….
    Never heard anyone to talk about him

    • Yeah, could be a good move for him. His profile should allow him to play in any European league and in any team without problem, he can play in a midfield of 3 or 4, in any position.

      • Yes, of course Serie A and La Liga are best for Argentinos. I hope Scaloni will call him back another in September.

        • As long he is fit scaloni will him
          I can ensure you that. scaloni
          Wants to build solid young dynamic
          Team unlike the previous manager .
          Mark my word.

          • “solid dynamic team”- that’s more liking, more exciting.
            Our midfield particularly and attack should have been made/try to make dynamic a longtime ago. Rather imbecile coaches( Tata in particular) used mainly one-dimensional players there and expected miracles.

      • Typical argentine disease: Zaracho, Exequiel Palacios, Barco (injured since U20WC), Maximiliano Romero….lot of older players, Gago, Lamela, Lanzini, Pastore, Perotti injuries ruined their careers, Aguero Di Maria countless small injuries…Mammana and Battaglia long injuries…even young Messi injury would have cost us WC2006

      • If Zaracho will show being injury prone I see Lucas Robertone as perfect alternative in this category. Actually was surprised Scaloni took Zaracho first rather than Robertone.

  5. @gonzalo

    I think Aaron Barquett will come in at LB. Valenzuela is going to be the architect playing as SS or RWF. Necul will come good at picking gaps from the third quarter and on. Colombatto the showrunner with Anibal Moreno, an inspiring B2B with both muscles and brains working in tandem. At the back I’d prefer Novilla ahead of Mosevich to guard alongside Medina. Herrera is a promising RB. Apart from Valenzuela at RW and Gaich as CF, either Nico Gonzalez or Agustin Urzi can start; both can prove to be effective coming off the bench. Sebastian Lomonaco as back up to Gaich and Aliseda as the impact sub.

    • Of course I thought confused authomatically Milton with Carlos Valenzuela. Remember Carlos being created for another big thing when was in youth divisions of Racing.

      Valenzuela might start on RW, indeed. I places Nico Gonzalez on right wing which is not his favourable just to find place for both him and Urzi which is for me more comfortable on LW than on RW.

      Herrera is to me maybe most interesting young RB in league, so no doubt he should start on RB and not Barquett

      • Novillo is from good school of Belgrano CB defenders so this might be the primary choico of Batista.

    • We know nothing about Necul, not sure he can play in 3 man midfield, seems a classic playmaker, rather Moreno-Vera-Colombatto—Gonzalez-Gaich-Urzi/Necul

  6. Sporting Lisbon wants to pay 16 million euro
    For thiago almada but I would like see him
    Play one more season for under heinze
    Ac Milan wants buy matias zaracho for
    Close to 18 million.. Argentina superliga
    Still attracting top European clubs to
    Make thier shopping.

    Angel correa is linked likes spurs wolves ac Milan and Napoli.
    I hope he leaves Atletico. this
    Lad is very talente simeone’s defensive
    Style limited his potential still 24

    • Yes, I hope he stay one year longer. THis might be best Velez season under Heinze. Even without Vargas. There’s more space for Almada to be starter now. He and Alvaro Barreal are real joys gems there. Also Maxi Romero is back. Lucas Janson is big reinforcement. Add to that Nico Dominguez, Lucas Robertone (on Sporting radar), Francisco Ortega, Hernen De La Fuente and you see Velez is still more exciting when it comes to youngsters.

      • Velez another club which could play
        Big rule for producing next
        generation of the nt . boca is fruad how can they sign 36 years rosi and didn’t give enough Chance for Almendra

        • Agustin Obando is my hope in Boca. Watched him few times and expect to see him developing better than Guido Vadala which is a bit similar. Obando just score 2 goals in 4:0 win sparring over Atletico Tucuman.

  7. Except for prestige, there is nothing to win, no qualification for Tokyo olympics or Fifa tournament. With the already full calender this tournament should be deleted.

      • Yes how many times have to say Preolimpico will be held in January-February?

          • In the old system ARG would be there through U20 qualificition yet, big sucks, but at least some local players will play min 4 matches in Preolimpico, our Olympics team would be gappy too, so not problem, no real chance to win Olympics without will of argentine clubs and european players.

          • Best of Juegos Panamericanos might be selected for the qualification tournament in January. Still that is true without clubs good will not much chances to play in Tokio.

  8. …………………………….Cambeses




      • I wonder why you didn’t made your line up if your knowledge is better.

        My source is my head. You, without transfer market and your stats, knows nothing. Don’t forget Necul is 1,74 not 1,94.

          • Video is better than pure stats from WHoscored and characteristics form Transfermarket. Man, I was astounded how this site Transfermarket is spreading misinformation when filling their lack of data about less known players with random numbers. The case of Necul is just example I saw few times there while I resorted to the site not much.

            If you use this often I think you know what I’m talking about. THis is not reliable.

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