Matias ZARACHO being linked with AC Milan


Matias ZARACHO has reportedly drawn interest from AC Milan as a move during the European transfer window could be in the works.

Per a report by Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan executives, one of which being the legendary Paolo MALDINI, are keen on signing the Argentine. A transfer fee of €20 million is apparently the number being thrown around.

As we reported earlier, Milan are also interested in signing Angel CORREA of Atletico Madrid.


  1. Lamela higuain scores against each other..gazanigga played very well and as well as foyth..I am eagerly waiting for the season how our Argentine players prepared themself for the season..basically for the young star..but I think dybala make his decision ASAP because I think dybala is not in sarri’s plan

  2. “Manchester City are set to clinch a £16million deal for Argentine wonder kid Thiago Almada.
    Boss Pep Guardiola wants the midfield magician to be signed this week from Velez Sarsfield in a move first revealed by SunSport on April 21.
    Almada is keen to come to City despite rival interest. But he will be signed and then loaned to Sporting Lisbon for a year. City think they need to sign Almada now rather than wait and risk a possible Fifa transfer ban.
    Velez are trying to get Almada to sign a new deal with a higher release clause written in, but sources close to him suggest his heart is now set on a move to Manchester. City are starting to forge strong links with Sporting, who can offer young stars game time before they are ready for the Prem champs.
    Almada is rated the best young talent in his homeland and his explosive and clever skills have marked him out as the latest to be compared to Barcelona great Messi.
    However, experts reckon he could be the real deal and more likely than any other player to become a world force like his fellow countryman.”

    • Manchester City first should show they can make use of Benjamin Garre (he is also outstanding) instead take another Argentina talent. No club is guarantee of being starter for him now. Neither Velez nor Sporting. To me he should stay one year longer in Velez and first breakthrough to become starter.

      Comparisons to Messi will not help him. He is one of best Argentina talents but not new Messi. Similar in movement but not that fast what was always crucial strength of Messi

      • Almada is rather fast than slow, way faster than Matias Vargas…with the Vargas signing will be automatic starter in Velez on the left side: Gago—Dominguez—Gimenez (if Robertone goes)—Almada—Romero or Fernandez—Janson or Bouzat maybe Barreal

        • Of course he is rather fast than slow but that’s not Messi speed. I think Vargas is comparable on this to Almada.

          I don’t think he is authomatic starter now:

          1. Janson is coming (his favourite wing is left)
          2. Barreal is gem too and has impressive preaseason with 3 goals so far (prefers right wing)
          3. Bouzat was Heinze’s favourite last season (got No.10). I was tired watching this poor (most of the time) player and seeing Heinze starting him again and again with big confidence in spite of fact Almada was clearly better. Last Bouzat’s performance were good though and unfortunately I suppose Heinze may still prefer him over Almada. The situation and competition is interesting just like in few other clubs: Boca, Independiente, San Lorenzo.

    • Thaigo almada is real deal I know football.I don’t judge players emotionally but this
      Boy is big deal but I don’t like that the give. The title next messi somehow Argentina players
      Are victims of past players like Maradona. Now messi . Let this boy his own man

  3. They claim that Real Madrid could buy Giovani Lo Celso from Real Betis in a deal worth €40m (£35.8m) plus Mariano.
    Lo celso is a wanted man Tottenham,Bayern , Man United and now Real Madrid .

  4. I actually see him better with a club like Betis or Sevilla(to replace Sarabia for example). Seems that those clubs need actually a winger/striker of his profile. For Zaracho, I am sure he will succeed, with Milan or any other European club.

      • Yes, I mentioned the transfer rumours some time ago. Belgrano Cordoba is now number one on producing class central defenders: Cristian Lema (even if he is not exactly Belgrano academy man and failed in Europe), Cristian Romero, Bruno Amione and called up by Batista for Panamerican Games Joaquin Novillo who also looks like real gem.

        • I like how Cristian Romero plays. Real old school centre back and is good aerially too. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been called up by Scaloni yet although i’ll give him the benefit of doubt that he’ll most probably be listed during the WCQ.

  5. Gallardo’s the only reinforcement in River might be Paulo Diaz from Al-Ahli if not he will continue without buying new players. That is something really admirable as for CL winner. Instead he is introducing to the COpa Libertadores squad youngsters of their own academy: Franco Paredes, Benjamin Rollheiser, Elias Lopez. I like the managerial politic.

      • That’s not obvious. A is better technically and if he improves his decision making, he’d have the edge. Either case, both need to be called up.

        • Nothing to choose between them
          Angel Correa is very fast direct dribbler
          Has goals in him also can play different
          Positions either wingers behind the two
          Strikes can also play half nine
          But simeone stlye has limited
          His potential .
          J correa is different class but the
          Problem for him doesn’t produce
          Consistently. either way I’m happy
          Both of them even I’m glad a correa
          Is leaving Atletico. both has to be
          In the nt. But again it depends on thier form.

    • Easily Angel Correa, much more versatile, hardworker, better goalscorer, unpedictable. Joaquin Correa could play only SS, but scores very few goals and a wasteful finisher, on the other hand Messi defends more as him.

      • Just think a while – if it was all true what you’ve said about J.Correa he should have not have been even compared with A.Correa having only minuses. But you missed the general view of him. In fact J.Correa dominance in dribling and running is something A.Correa lacks. A.Correa sometimes pass through some defenders by quick turn around receive of pass but he is not dribbling out defenders in full run like J.Correa can.

        When it comes to being better goalscorer: well it seems A.Correa will never be as good starter as sub. His goal ratio is better when going of the bench upon tired defenders. Then he is more unpredictable. I could use also your normall argue with numbers. A.Correa 1918 mins last season – 3 goals. J.Correa 1917 mins last season – 5 goals. And it’s just first season of Joaquin in Lazio, so it’s hardd to say Angel is better goalscorer. Being better established in first eleven he will do more.

        • False numbers, Angel Correa so far in his career in 13417 mins 42 goals 45 assists, played out of position in Atletico with a lot of defending task as right midfielder (Simeone waited from him what Koke or Arda Turan does, but he is not that type of a player,) 9143 minutes 30 goals 28 assists in Atletico, Joaquin Correa in 12095 mins 32 goals 25 assists, so maybe the gap in bigger between the two in passing creativity and assists, the market valued Joaquin 15 mills last year, and Angel 50-55 what matters, not what i or you say

          • Market value is something you should not even mention here taking into account how this illusive can be. No wonder Atletico player is valued much more than Lazio. For me last season matter more than market value. You could say about A.Correa playing out of position I could say this numbers doesn’t show J.Correa’s droping deep activity when he is starting his driblings often somewhere on mid line.

            What I said above is important: somehow A.Correa can’t prove he is better starter than sub that gets 30 mins in second half. This works like that because IMO his biggest advantage, i.e. unpredictability, is most efficient when coming out of the bench. At the same time J.Correa is more like Di Maria in past: playing all the game is succesively weakening and ripping apart opponent’s defensive line by his runs.

    • A Correa any day ……..j Correa is a good player but we need hard working forwards in the NT like A Correa..
      But the problem with A Correa is that he plays in the right flank a lot for his club and I can’t see him playing in the right flank for the Argentina NT.
      I think they both are not compatible to NT yet but they have age on thier side.

  6. Interview from Simeone certainly puts a lot of bullshit to bed. He also talks about his incredible desire to coach the NT one day but its not today.

    “Messi es el mejor jugador del mundo, ¡cómo no me gustaría dirigirlo!”. / “Nunca vi trabajar a Agüero tanto como en esta Copa América”. / “Vi una acción corporativa de los tres delanteros. Habla de un mensaje del entrenador, que buscó un camino”.

    “Messi is the best player in the world, how could I not coach him!” / “I never saw Agüero work as much as in this Copa América”. / “I saw a cooperative action from the three strikers. That speaks to the message of the coach, who looked for a way”.

    “Messi llevó el peso del equipo en la Copa América. No opino de las declaraciones de los demás, cada uno es libre. En este caso pienso que actuó como líder”.

    “Messi carried the weight of Argentina in Copa America. I don’t care about other statements, and I believe everyone is free to believe what they want; but I believe he acted as a leader during the tournament.”

  7. AC Milan is not so bad; they are rebuilding and Serie A has now improved and getting better with the upcoming super star players…unfortunately dybala and Hiquain will be leaving Turin soon

  8. AC Milan is a death team under worst coach better stay on Argentina league or move to Inter under conte

  9. 2 days ago I mentioned Alan Soñora and Alan Velasco (the second from U-17 SA champion team of Argentina) – 2 new gems of Independiente that Beccacece introduced to senior team during current preseason.

    Now playmaker Alan Soñora is wanted by Sheffield United but the approach of English side was rejected. Release clause for the players is 15 mln.

    • Too little room there to improve, even for Togni and Domingo Blanco, in attacking position: Benitez, Cecilio Dominguez (two starting spots) probably Silvio Romero will be the third (CF) plus Menendez, Sebastian Palacios is there?, Pizzini, Roa (another starter?), Veron, Chavez…Togni, Blanco…

      • Martin Benitez to me is one among the best AMs we have from 93-94 category. If he remains strong by not succumbing to injuries, he can lead Los Rojas to another sudamericana victory. Will don the No.10 shirt BTW….

        • Martin Benitez main problem was same as with Pity Martinez years ago: lack of consistent regular form and susceptible mentality. Once one of best major talents in Argentina. After Independiente rejected Real Madrid 12 mln offer for him his form fall down.

          • The 12 mln offer was real. However it failed because in that time Benitez was crucial Independiente player and El Rojo wanted gets more while Real didn’t estimated him higher. After that Benitez (who was apparently eager to go to Europe) at once lost his form and have not rebuild that until now when he is getting No.10 in the team.

      • In fact there will be big competition there in Independiente. Sonora is midfielder so few players you mentioned are not his competitors. Of course he will not be starter but might get important minutes as it was with Barco. Don’t forget Beccacece predilection to youngsters and his ability to introduce them.

        Pizzini is another player I like to see more. Remember how he impressed years ago when emerged in El Rojo.

      • Blanco should get fair minutes in Independiente since he was one Beccacece favourites in Defensa.

      • Generally I’m excited about the reinforcements and competition is going to be in Independiente and San Lorenzo.

      • BTW

        notice what happend to last season runner up Defensa y Justicia. The team is completely looted:

        Sebastián Beccacece
        Lisandro Martínez
        Matías Rojas
        Leonel Miranda
        Ciro Rius
        Alexander Barboza
        Domingo Blanco
        Gastón Togni
        Mauricio Tévez
        Ignacio Huguenet
        Jonás Gutiérrez
        José Luis Fernández
        Maximiliano Caire
        Diego Rodríguez
        Hugo Silva
        Rafael Barrios
        Lucas Bareiro
        Joaquín Pérez Ibáñez
        Fernando Barrientos
        Santiago Zurbriggen
        Francisco Cerro
        Fernando Márquez

        all the are out!!!

      • Palacios, Sonora, Necul, Almada, Geralnik – waiting for real Argentina playmaker in post Messi times

    • Velasco needs no introduction. Soñora is good too. Since Beccacece os there at the helm of proveedings, I’d like to believe either of the two would get chance here and there.

      • Diego simeone stlye has limited
        Correa talent if he played under poch
        Or pep or any other manager who plays
        Attacking football Correa would have
        Been different level I believe.

    • Huge club without enough money, skills and patience, bad project, they will blame them instantly, wait miracles, everyone expect too much there without reality. Milan will be never so legendary again as before so their fans is frustrated, so they and media will criticize mainly new expensive luxury players.

        • Milan isn’t far away… they finished 1 point away from champions league with no real star players … zaracho and correa will differently help close the gap but Juventus bank is just too deep for the rest of Serie A to realistically compete

          • You’re right. Saying “garbage” is too harsh given the results. I was more referring to the “eye” test. They play dreadful futtie but perhaps it will change with new manager.

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