Diego SIMEONE on coaching Argentina: “I get excited thinking about it”


Atletico Madrid coach Diego SIMEONE recently gave an interview with TyC Sports where he discussed the Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI and more.

A legend of the Argentina national team, SIMEONE has always been linked with the national team but due to various reasons, has yet to coach them. Speaking in the interview, SIMEONE has given a reason as to why he has yet to coach Argentina. Here’s what he had to say:

“I get excited thinking about it but the truth is I see myself as a coach who would work every day, who sees the growth of his players. I feel an identity with where I am and I’m in a place where I have more work to do.”

In regards to Lionel MESSI and his comments made during the Copa America:

“I understand that the important players in a team have to come forward and it’s for that reason they are leaders and MESSI acted as one.

“MESSI is the best player in the world. Why wouldn’t I want to coach him. MESSI carried the weight of Argentina at the Copa America. I don’t care about other statements, and I believe everyone is free to believe what they want; but I believe he acted as a leader during the tournament.”

Diego SIMEONE also spoke about Sergio AGUERO:

“I have never seen Sergio AGUERO work as much as he did at this Copa America. I saw good effort rom the three attackers and it talks about a message from the coach who looked for a way to win the title.”


  1. How many times he gonna repeat this same dialogue. Heck he’s been saying it for ages. Don’t coach the NT. Enough… In ur old age may be if u get chance then u coach the NT. I would rather admire some one like Sampaoli than guys like Simone, Pochettino, for sacrificing his million dollar contract just for coaching the NT. When we needed him the most. (He flopped miserably, that’s another thing)

  2. After Atletico he will coach Inter for several years and maybe Lazio too. If he is to be coach of the NT it will be 2027 or later.

  3. So sweet to heard from Simeone comments but it is only a lip service. He will never leave Europe and waiting for a big club to sign him … It is a day dream if he will take the role beside he is not the right person to coach the N/T. Whatever El Cholo is doing, we wish all the best and success on his career.

  4. This guy will never coach the NT. He makes way too much money to ever coach the NT and I really think if you are going to pay that kind of money to get a top tier coach there are better alternatives. I like Poche, Gallardo, and Bielsa more.
    Simeone is always sticking his finger in the pot to stir crap up anyway.

  5. Stay where you are Cholo. AFA is in no position to pay your salary. Besides I personally don’t think he’s the right coach for Argentina. His coaching style is not fun to watch. Bus parking and counter attack never been the apple of my eyes.

  6. I request AFA don’t recruit both simione and pochettino as a coach.. when we need a very good tactician like them when our team is in crisis and both of them was not interested to coach their loved ones national team..and their is a question also that though they loved their national team?I think no.. in front of million dollar money fame lime lights, their love for the national team is fade away

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