Tottenham reportedly bid €68 million for Argentina’s Gio LO CELSO


Tottenham have reportedly bid nearly €68 million for Gio LO CELSO to join them.

It’s been one of the rumors of the entire transfer window but Mauricio POCHETTINO apparently really wants to sign the Argentina and Real Betis midfielder. Following an excellent season at Betis and being a starter at the Copa America for Argentina, Tottenham have reportedly submitted a big for LO CELSO.

Per El Transistor, which runs on Seville radio station Onda Cero, Betis based journalist Carlos HIGALDO stated that Tottenham have offered close to €68 million for LO CELSO. Of that €68 million, €42 million of them will go to Real Betis and the rest to PSG due to the clause in his contract.


  1. Tottenham bidding for both Dybala and Lo Celso?? This club looks really promising and focused after their last Champions league success…I won’t be surprised if Tottenham finishes as top 3 club of EPL this time

  2. Lo Celso was a disappointment in Copa, had high hopes from him. Even though didn’t play in his natural position. As long as Messi is there players like Lo Celso and Dybala will have to sacrifice their natural playing area. Adapt…

  3. Bayern Munic is in rebuilding phase if Lo Celso move there then it will benefit him huge even staying at Betis isn’t bad either but moving to loser club like spurs will be the bad move for him it’s better to go Man Utd because 3-4 year letter potentially win EPL but spurs=??? Bayern is always top team along with real, barca if lo celso stays at betis real might go for him next season, according to me LO Celso should move bayern or stay in betis.

  4. Masche aka oldie fucking amazing long ball!! Even oldie passing better than anything we saw. God I miss that guy

    Dear Paredes, please take note and learn

  5. Betis bought Fekir with huge salary, so propably need to sell Lo Celso, possible scenarios:
    1. He stays put, very unlikely due financial problems
    2. Eriksen goes to Real, then Tottenham
    3. doesnt go, then Real buy him
    4. Bayern?

  6. Comparing Lo Celso and De Paul is like comparing apples and oranges. Lo Celso is an artistic player known for deft touches, silky smooth play and vision. He loves football the way he’d learnt all the way. De Paul in contrast is a self-made guy that has been influenced by all the sensory receptors in and out of the game. He can adapt to any team and any style in a matter of time. Whether it’s Man Utd or Barcelona(comparing the contrast nature of the style), he’ll always show a sense of urgency whenever possible.

    De Paul was asked to play on the right side(weaker, though he was never found naive at any point during the Copa campaign), possibly to make up for the apparent defensive shortcomings there, which in turn stripped of his natural abilities to shoot from left-centre zone and proceed with the incisive diagonal runs. Still he made a great effort to prove to be almost equally adept playing on the right by improving on the aspects of the game that were largely unseen in him before.

    On the flip side Lo Celso is a piece that represents the dying art of elegant playmaking and like Riqelme was always, may not become an instant hit anywhere let alone a club that could prove to be a great fit for him at some point in distant future. He was forced to play on the left, which he’s never used to and ended up contributing too little for the talent he has. I’m sure both of them would be happy to switch their positions to prove their real worth and wouldn’t mind sacrificing their individual interst for the team as well! Great talents..

  7. I think between Lo Celso and De Paul, Lo Celso is more talented and has more potential but De Paul had a better tournament overall, worked hard, showed his versatility. De Paul was instrumental in our second goal vs Venezuela where he dispossessed a Venezuelan player, passed to Kun who shot and then Lo Celso scored from a rebound. I think we need them both going forward. But I also like both Correas and I think both should be called up.

    • We need the Real Angel Correa to rise, the one whom we know of San Lorenzo de Almagro. I hope the Milam switch helps the cause.

      • I have no doubt angel correa
        Will be much better player than
        He is for under simeone if he moves
        To ac Milan he will be hit under
        Marco Giampaolo who is very good
        Manager. Remember he is the one
        Who changed leo parades position
        Made him deep lying playmaker
        So it’s fair to say paredes benefited
        From played under Marco Giampaolo.

    • This is understanable to say Lo Celso is more talented (even if I personally expect De Paul to develope into even better player) but can’s stand a guy who say De Paul already reached his peak. Prophet or so?

    • ocampos got replaced around 60 mins dude…im a Sevilla fan so i did watch the whole match…but he did start the second half and got replaced in the middle for hadadi i guess …and I am a die hard albiceleste fan as well…VAMOS SEVILLA VAMOS ALBICELESTE

  8. Racing club is out of Copa Argentina after lost to Boca Unidos on penalties. (Zaracho played too).

    • Wrong. completely lost.
      He is one of the rare attacking Argentine players who can defend too. I think you don’t know much about him.

        • De paul is a hardworker but technically in as good as Lo celso, . In whole tournament de paul made a 0 decisive pass , 0 assist, 0 shots on target , missed 1 great opportunity just takes on a defender and looses the ball to next.
          In otherhand Lo celso got very few minutes playing time scored 1 and assisted 1.
          De paul was another illusional showboat in the tournament.

          • De Paul was easily one of our best in the tournament. Man, that’s his FIRST tournament. You are more indulgent for some oldies that had 10 tournaments with Argentina and gave a shit on this Copa.

            De Paul will be only better.

            Lo Celso is also our future anyway. I suppose De Paul will develope into more difference-make player than Lo Celso

          • “I suppose De Paul will develope into more creative than Lo Celso” keep dreaming he is already 25 it doesnt seem he will ever as creative as Lo ceso.
            Right now Lo celso is technically much better than De paul.
            “De Paul was easily one of our best in the tournament. Man” may be in terms of workrate but not in contribution, he should learn how to pass the ball.

          • ” I suppose De Paul will develope into more difference-make player than Lo Celso” OMG i dont believe this comment, if something De Paul will never be thats difference maker, De Paul peak is capped, Lo Celso is so much more talented, and still improving, has the talent to play in a big club after he failed in PSG. Btw your Correas market prizes example fails here, Real Betis is a smaller club than Sevilla.

          • “Lo Celso is so much more talented, and still improving”

            De Paul was more vital part of our team on Copa than Lo Celso.

            “De Paul peak is capped”

            Where from do you know that?

            “Lo Celso is so much more talented, and still improving, has the talent to play in a big club after he failed in PSG”

            Really? But who was the guy that gave up on him talking that he just failed in big club because our youngsters are only European league stars, not Champions League. Now talking things like that you are contradicting yourself or just admit being wrong.

            You are changing your mind every few days depending on current situation what is only prove your arrogant statements cannot be maintained for longer time. You are not fan of any Argentina player being permanent traitor in this way.

            SHould I need to bring your comments about Lo Celso once again?

          • “Btw your Correas market prizes example fails here, Real Betis is a smaller club than Sevilla”.

            Don’t know what you are talking about here?

          • “Market value is something you should not even mention here taking into account how this illusive can be. No wonder Atletico player is valued much more than Lazio. “

          • So you now De Paul new cocksucker, why dont you talk about your former difference-maker players, Meza, Pity, Cervi who will be the next? LOL Again your last attempt try to lie about me: “i was the loudest promoter of Paredes, Lo Celso and Lautaro from the beginning(plus Barco and Thiago Almada) i was 100% right these guys are our most talented players currently, when you wrote your long long hate speech about Paredes, Lautaro etc in your Messi hatred style cause your football blindness…i say only the reality im not a coward i recognize Lo Celso, Paredes in his first season and many other talented young argentines failed in big clubs, unlike you, im realistic, Lautaro first season was max. average in Inter too…considering his talent…im realistic again…i was who said Ascacibar is a mediocre guy i called him a bad midfielder several times, without cease…and where is the guy atm? In Bundesliga 2, and didnt improved a little bit rather regressed and never will be next Mascherano, at the time when every mundo writer sucked his cock…so whats your problem? Not my mistake that our biggest talents cant take the pressure or have not the talent to perform in the biggest clubs on the highest level (except Dybala some years ago)….yes they are not that talented as french guys or many more (Mbappe, Dembele etc.) the clear conclusion…im realistic again, so if someone is straigh that is me”

          • Sevilla is bigger but not that much. Besides there’s no point of reference because Lo Celso had impressive season in Betis while Correa had not in Sevilla.

          • Ok, have not time now but within few hours will bring your comments how you were biggest promotor of some players. This is biggest lie you want to pretend for consistent fan

          • “OK search my comments from 2016 (Lo Celso Rosario days), my comments about Lautaro Racing days, and Paredes Empoli and early Roma days”

            Yes, all this from EARLY days. But being promotor is not changing your mind every time when something wrong happen to our player. Traitor.

        • And what you do just promote every talented youngster cock, then posing like a pro, if one hit LOL, im the exact opposite always find the real talents and dont interest the others, i was never interested in Cervi, when you praised him, than a better player than Lo Celso in his Rosario day, i was right, and i will right in Vargas/Almada relation…Vargas is mediocre Almada not…in Meza/Barco the same (sadly waste his career in MLS) ….in Gonzalo Martinez case….Ascacibar…and def in Gaich case (max an Alario caliber, maximum)…you dont take nothing…….and i will right about De Paul too

          • The biggest lie is your attempt to pretend for Argentina youngsters promotor. Everyone saw who was the biggest youngsters hater here along with KidultHood. That’s you. And now you want change your face. You know why? Because last Copa was clear prove Argentina has future after Messi generation and that old guard can be replaceable. While you were always claiming, along with KidultHood, that after Messi generation Argentina will goes down to dark age. Even last U-20 WC showed a lot of potential. So now you want to deny your hater future seeing you were wrong. You as always youngsters promotor – ridiculous and laughable.

          • And where I was opposing Meza to Barco? WHere? Where I was opposing Vargas to Almada and so on?

            What for this artificial rivalries made only by you.

        • No need to overhype lower level players, Pitys, Cervis, Mezas, De Pauls comes and goes, say such harsh and liar statsmants, than De Paul is better player than Lo Celso or more difference-maker (without assist and goal in his “great” Copa) make you a foul.

          • Those Pitys, man, won Copa Libertadores and is currently South American player of the year – something that none of players you mentioned didn’t win so far.

          • Barco? who just few weeks before las U-20 WC said he is lost because play in MLS. You’ve said that about 19 yo player!

            “Yes Lo Celso showed very little in PSG, now he is in the perfect place, no pressure, 8th place in the league is good, 1 good match after 4 shit is enough, unlike in PSG, no real competition, in his comfort zone, in the Europa League, not in the UCL, he is a great Europa Leage level player, the second division of elite football, and he is the most talented young midfielder? OK our midfield will be much weaker with EL-level midfielders, than Spain, german, france, brazil etc., why drop our world class strikers too? nonsense”

            “even our best talents in recent years were on different level than Primera before 20 (Riquelme, Aimar, Banega, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria, Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala, Angel Correa) and real talents never fail anywhere (De Paul, Cartabia, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos, Kranevitter, Vietto, Paredes, Lo Celso and co.)”

            “first match where he shows something finally after a lot of fails, man you are a clown, if Lo Celso is such a good player, this should be his standard, not the exception, man he is argentina attacking midfielder for God’s sake, next year maybe in Champions League?”

            “But transfer to a big european club and play regularly is one of the hardest thing, neither of our new wingers can tell it themself (and probably never will), even Lo Celso has failed”.

            Does it sounds like promotion of Lo Celso or Paredes?

            What I’m adressing is that you can’t be neither promotor nor fan of any player because you are not consistent in supporting them. You will betray them ssoner or later. I’m 100 times more consistent supporter of Lautaro Martinez than you. Except one emotional, exagerrated critic comments at his very beginnings I never said anything critical about him.

            Almada? You think you discovered him or so? Every Argentina fan from long time, even without any knowledge about local league, know he is one of our biggest talents (I belive that too), but still too young to claim him next big thing, especially if someone is following him in Velez: this is not that easy for him to become starter there….

          • Still dont see my comments from 16 when you promoted fckin Cervi except Lo Celso all the time, my comments of Lautaro since 17 when you blamed him over the whole qualification and even U20 WC and promoted fckin Ezequiel Ponce. I dont see my comments of Paredes since Empoli days, when you only critised him over years with some psychopatological posts you prophet you LOL… about my or your football blindness…yes not hard to see these guy talents LOL so why you were unable to do it? However your Meza (where are this guy, on Monterreys bench?)…Gonzalo Martinez….Ascacibar….Gaich….Cervi….Vargas….i said and say all of these players are not NT-level calibers from the first time, unlike you….not hard really…and ofc i will blame our them (named them EL-calibers) when they fail and perform below their great talents-level…its clear i am critic and realistic…unlike you with your falled favourites

          • “and ofc i will blame them (named them EL-calibers) when they fail and perform below their great talents-level” I think about Lo Celso, Paredes, Lautaro, Angel Correa ofc.

          • Gonzalo Martinez is best South America player, idiot, if you forgot. Something that none of your players win so far.

            Ascacibar, Cervi, Gaich, Vargas are so young that only idiot like you may delete their names now.

            Ascacibar? Where was Dybala during his second season in Europe. In SerieB. Where he is now? Only ignorant may forgot such cases.

            Vargas just joined European clubs. Gaich will soon.

          • Your arrogant statement are always acting against you. Another example: who was this guy who’ve said more than one time Benedetto will never play in Europe. LOL

          • “Still dont see my comments from 16 when you promoted fckin Cervi except Lo Celso all the time, my comments of Lautaro since 17 when you blamed him over the whole qualification and even U20 WC and promoted fckin Ezequiel Ponce”.

            You don’t know logic of making one’s case. Do you know what is ‘onus probandi’?

            If you want to prove something that’s you who must to bring evidences.

            “The turning point was Lautaro performance vs South Korea for you, i remember well, till then i has seen only bitching, after then not LOL”

            So as you see I never criticized Lautaro after February 2017. I can’t remember me criticizing Lautaro during U-20 WC. SInce then I’m consistent on supporting him unlike you. This is symbolical – you can’t bring any my comments where I criticize you other than during his very beginnings on Suademericano U-20.

        • OK search my comments from 2016 (Lo Celso Rosario days), my comments about Lautaro Racing days, and Paredes Empoli and early Roma days, and i will look for your long psyphopathological hate-speech against Paredes after an Europa League game with Roma and your countless tallies against Lautaro on U20WC LIAR (“worst NT-striker ever”)

          • Now show me my COUNTLESS tallies about Lautaro.

            You can’t find single post where I’m criticizing him after his very (poor) beginnings during U-20 WC.

            “COUNTLESS” I expect to see at least 3-4 my comments.

          • “after his very (poor) beginnings during U-20 WC.” What? LOL His very poor starting was better than Gaich performances, OK you need to say this to not make even bigger foul from yourself, but reality is not on your side, only excuses…

          • “OK search my comments from 2016 (Lo Celso Rosario days), my comments about Lautaro Racing days, and Paredes Empoli and early Roma days”

            You know what is symbolical? That you are referring to these early years like 2016. Why? Because you know very well whatever comes later from you is pure contradiction that you promoted any of these young players. You were nothing less than hater.

          • There’s many people (including me) who are capable to step forward and show his immutable advocacy to a player during his tough times. So is for example with Ghostdeini who is always backing Paredes no matter how weak team he play or so. You are nothing of the kind changing your opinion as the wind blows. You are contrary to someone who is rooting with confidence and consistence for a player. Here are some people which, at his tough moments, were able to at least keep silence about Lo Celso when he was going to Betis (maybe Enganche). That’s not you – you were barking loudly at him being happy one of our youngsters is “failing”. You can’t be loyal. Now Lo Celso is going to big club again so you will claim being his supporter. What if he will fail them again? It’s easy to predict what would be your behaviour.

  9. Tottenham – Please do not waste your money

    Lo Celso – La Liga or Serie A is more suited for you then EPL..You are not able to start under are you going to survive in EPL?

      • He will take a long time to adjust in Premiere league. Even top level midfielders like Eriksen took a lot of time to fine tube his play. You need lots of stamina in PL, right now Lo Celso only has pace.

    • “You are not able to start under Scaloni”
      LoCelso played the most number of matches under Scaloni. He lost his starting place due to the special formation in Copa and he was not in form.
      But I agree, Spanish, Italian league will be better for him.

  10. He should go to Spurs right now…..I think pochettino knows how to take advantage of lo celso’s ability……I feel bad for lamela now he will hv new competitor.
    ND playing champions league regularly will help him to develop into a world class player.

    ND 68m euros is just a bargain for a player like him who can create , score and can move the ball quickly.

    The only drawback I see in him is his physicality. Sometimes he loose the possession easily against the very physical player.
    And yeah he also HV some defensive errors too but it’s reasonable.

  11. Spurs is the team i don’t like even Man utd is trash at moment can win EPL in next 3-4 year but not spurs, so lo celso point of view either go to Bayern or Man Utd or stay in betis with a Real Madrid move next season

  12. I think Lo Celso should stay at Betis for now. Tottenham have a beast midfield right now so he won’t get to start. Also, he is doing well at Betis and there is lots of competition at La Liga right now.

  13. Few days before Superliga new season’s start Talleres Cordoba coach is giving minutes in spars to 14 years old defender Tomas Kummer. Will the Sergio Aguero record of youngest debut be soon surpassed?

  14. Lo celso should move to bayern not spurs or better to stay on betis, next season Real Madrid will go for him because modric turned 36 then

    • Actually this romance king is two person is idiot always saying icardi ballondor bls bla and Wanda slut other one has sense of football

    • Romance King, you never fail to impress me with your stupidity! BAYERN?! Is this a joke? He will get turned into Mario Gotze. He will be slow, no passing, and only dribbling. For now he should stay at Betis.

  15. Dybala will possibly join PSG if Neymar returns to Barca this summer. That will trigger the dominos:
    – Neymar to Barca
    – Coutinho and Dybala to PSG
    – Icardi to Juve
    – Higuain to Roma

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