Report: Angel CORREA agreement reached with AC Milan


An agreement has reportedly been reached for Angel CORREA to leave Atletico Madrid and join AC Milan.

Per a report by DI MARZIO, the deal between the two is very close to being completed and it would be for €50 million. According to the report, a Milan representative was in Spain on Sunday to finalize the deal.


      • Messi attacked Conmenbol so there were worries that he might get harsher punishment.

        If some less known guy dared to comment like that, surely would be more than just one game ban.

    • Due to the the red card against Chile and criticism of corruption and the condition of the pitches, Leo Messi was banned for one World Cup qualifier game as well as Tapia will be replaced at his position as head of AFA for his comments Of corruption in conmebol.

  1. A correra could have been more useful than Suarez in copa who scored the winning goal against morocco unfortunately Suarez picked ahead of him

  2. We have really a lot of good half 9: Dybala, Angel Correa, Joaquin Correa and Lautaro Martinez for example. Messi was more than impressive in this position with Barca during 2016-2017. Happy if Lo Celso leaves for Tottenham and no need to play this role anymore, we need him as a provider, otherwise too duplicated.

    If Argentina plays in 4312, we can have 3 world class attack:
    Messi-Aguero, Dybala(at some points, Scaloni need to try his best to make that works)
    Lo Celso-Lautaro, Joaquin Correa
    Lanzini-Angel Correa, Icardi

  3. Players to call up:

    A. Correa
    J. Correa
    Pity Martinez

    I think Correa can be good Di Maria replacement. The rest should be obvious.

  4. Despite not thinking this is a good move, I have to agree this will allow him to get more of a leading role and play in his natural position. But no one can say what will happen as even though he plays well, I doubt that he can really improve Milan’s situation. He is more of a support type player, a future replacement for DI MARIA. So Milan would need a good reasonable striker or fellow attacking player to really move up the tables this season or make a “comeback”.

  5. I like him but 50m is way too expensive! But on the other hand, I guess, at this price, they won’t put him on the bench. Suso-Piatek-Correa looks quite sexy attack. With Juve, Roma and the new Inter, I really think Serie A will come back at their best level.

  6. This night 1/8 of Copa Libertadores. Argentina – Brazil duels: River – Cruzeiro and Godoy Cruz – Palmeiras.

    River likely start: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Fabrizio Angileri; Ignacio Fernández, Enzo Pérez, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolás De La Cruz; Suárez y Julián Álvarez

    Tomorrow: San Lorenzo – Cerro Porteno, Atletico Paranaense – Boca

    while on Thursday Independiente – Universidad Catolica in Copa Sudamericana

    at the and Superliga starts on Friday.

  7. No particular order this the players
    I will closely follow in the new season.
    I’m sure the coaching staff will monitor
    Majority of them too.

    L Martinez
    C romero
    Martínez Quarta
    N. Perez.
    S caceres
    Lo celso
    De pual
    Emi Buendía
    J correa
    A correa
    L Martinez
    Pity Martinez
    E barco
    Da le Vega
    Thaigo almada
    Julian Alvarez

    • i would follow rodrigo de paul, parades, driussi, angel correa, ocampos, j correa, saravia , lisandro martinez , c romero, dybala, taglifico, lauturo…..Driussi is doing really good this season….while mammana hasnt played a single game yet

      • Driussi was great in new position, central attacking midfielder quasi playmaker, not a striker anymore, Mammana seems to be a sub this season too, Kranevitter is lost

        • Because in Russia they are limited
          The foreign players rather than
          Thier ability that is why mammama
          And Kranevitter are not playing much.
          They need to leave Russia.

  8. Good with his feet. Hopefully he learns some football smartness in Italy because he tends to make dumb fouls at the wrong time in the wrong place.

    • Becase he was never used to defend most of the time in san lorenzo and he was magical those days . It was simeone’s idiocy to put him too much defensive duties on his soulder, Athletico under simeone is a grave for attacking players . Now he will play as a second striker ,his preffered position.

  9. Such huge bundle of talent. But highly inconsistent. Hope he can mature and be a backbone for the NT. Whichever club he plays. He need to start more with the NT. Hightime.

    • It wasn’t his fault he hardly finish
      A game when he started simeone
      Always took him off around 60 minute
      Or he used come off from bench around
      That time so I believe will see him
      His potential in ac Milan…
      Lemar was shocking last season for
      Atletico still he played more minutes than
      Angel Correa anyway I used love simeone As player but not as manager unless He change his stlye I don’t want him to coach Argentina unless he change His stlye of play. its too much boring to watch.

  10. Congratulation, Angel Correa… Hopefully, you will get the time to show your potential… Hopefully, you will get the time to play….. Vamos Argentina!!!

    GOD bless everyone…..

  11. I think he will get a lot of assists because he is playing off a great finisher, piatek. Piatek had zero assists so correa will see a lot of the ball.

  12. Gonzalo, good to read that amigo so you know what i am talking about.
    Even Claudio Caniggia’s Atalanta at early 90s was interesting to watch. By the way, Caniggia is one of my favourite players ever, i wish we had a player like him nowadays, combining tremendous speed, physical strength, suberb technique and finishing and tons of grit as Caniggia used to have. What a phenomenal player, i expected Pavon to be half the player Caniggia was but unfortunately he didn’t live up the expectations.

  13. Gonzalo, in the decades of 80s and especially 90s serie a was by far the best European league ever in my opinion where Argentines were ruling that league back then. Apart from the big 3 (AC Milan, Inter and Juventus) who can forget the grear Lazio and Parma, Napoli of 87 and 89 and of course the great Bati’s Fiorentina. The defences of campionato back then used to be really tough consisted by world class hall of fame defenders and the style of play was fast, very physical and spectacular.

    Anyway, i think this is a great move for Angel Correa and a great addition for AC Milan as well, which seems that is going to turn into a very interesting team despite that i support Inter and Napoli for obvious reasons.

    • Waveride,

      I think just as you I have real sentiment to that Serie A (as everything Italian) of 90s (not enough old to remember 80s). For the reason I’m glad to see Serie A getting slowly stronger again, after lean years.

    • Remember that period reading the news paper and look at the scorer, Batistuta for Fiorentina, Abel Balbo for Roma and Crespo for Lazio… These 3 are the top scorer at Serie A once upon a time and Serie A is at their best…

  14. Somehow Italy seems to me being slightly better ground for Argentinos than Spain, despite the language difference.

  15. I hope angel correa shows what he did in his early days in san loranzo which prompted athletico Madrid to buy him at just age of 19. Hope he shines his full attacking instinct in milan.

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