Lionel MESSI suspended one match for Argentina, plus fined


Lionel MESSI has been suspended for one match for Argentina while receiving a fine.

The Argentina captain made headlines following his team’s matches against Brazil and Chile at the Copa America. MESSI accused the referee’s and CONMEBOL of favortism while stating that they didn’t respect Argentina.

There were rumors that MESSI would receive a two match ban and a hefty fine for his comments. It now appears as though MESSI will receive a one match ban and a $1500 US fine due to his red card against Chile. MESSI would sit out Argentina’s first World Cup qualifying match as part of the suspension.

MESSI could still get suspended or fined even more due to other pending cases against him due to his comments at the Copa America.


  1. Roy, isn’t this the end of it, 1 game for red card and $1,500 for speaking on corruption … what did you hear that said Messi could still receive further action for his comments ?

    • I’m afraid that’s just for the red.

      “The decision does not mention Messi’s attacks against the Copa America organization. Messi said there was corruption in the tournament and that the tournament was set up for Brazil to win. Messi later apologized to CONMEBOL for his comments.”

      Let’s see if they decide to ignore it all together, given he apologized, or if something bigger is brewing.
      What’s the longest they can postpone the decision? They surely can’t drag it on much longer…

  2. I request all the mundo member to use #conmebolcorruption on their social site account to expose the mafia gang inside the conmebol

  3. Cox4, you are correct my friend, i remember the two red cards that were awarded after the fake penalty, they wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t have no chance even with 6 minutes remaining! And of course Havelange didn’t stop there, as they were waiting for Diego in wc 94 with that dopping control, and even of course the way the nurse that went into the playvround and escorted Diego out of the field, something that never happened to any other sport let football alone. And i will just make the same question once again, how many times Brazil was subjected to dopping control? Because we were subjected more than once, 2014 wc was the last time.

    I am telling you my friend, if i would be fifa president, the first thing that i would have done before the start of a wc i would have subjectec Brazil to a dopping control.

    • yes my friend. things is like this and once that you mention 1994 i should say this for all those are young and possibly don t know.

      Diego Maradona admit one hidden story in one interview many years before about 1994.
      he said “i was not intend to play in world cup of 1994 because that time i was not fit. i had many kilos and i had problems with drugs. i was fighting to clean myself from drugs that time and football was not the first priority for day i received call from some highly positions members of FIFA and they told me that they want me participate in USA world cup because they wanted all possible superstars of football of that era to play and promote the world cup in USA. one country that the football in 1994 was not famous sport. they was pushing me to play football and use my name for marketing reasons.
      to sell more”.

      Diego ended saying this more. ” my answer to FIFA persons was the truth. i told them that i have drug issues and i am fighting with my doctors my problems so i can t play in 1994 world cup. and their answer was NO PROBLEM DIEGO. WE DON T CARE ABOUT THAT. DON T WORRY. WE WILL ARRANGE ACCORDINGLY AND YOU WILL NOT PASS DOPPING CONTROL IN ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. JUST COME TO USA AND DON T AFRAID ANYTHING”.

      the rest of the story is well known to all world my friend. after first game of world cup with Greece they did dopping control and bla bla bla bla ….

      FIFA trick Diego to expose him even more. they didn t intend to use his name for marketing but they wanted more revenge from Diego and Argentina for 1990.

      what i wrote to you now is not known in rest of world. only some bigger age people can remember this.
      but in Argentina is something that everybody know and remember.

      • For example in Germany it is known that Fifa invited Diego to play in the World Cup and guaranteed that it will be no testing at all but no one sees Diego as serious person. The 1994 team is still my all time favorite <3

  4. I saw a few videos from young Japanese player Kubo today. He reminds me of a young Messi. He dribbles past defenders as if they are not even there.

  5. San isidro, conmebol is nothing without Argentina, let alone Messi. The level of their corruption is getting beyond any level but its ok, every objective person saw what we all saw in this copa america. Every single person that was neutral in supporting any team that i spoke with, said that not only Brazil was favoured against us but the whole thing was set up for them to win it. As far as i remembered, everything started from wc 90 where we kicked out the yellow team. We kicked them out in copa america 91 where we were champions, we kicked them out again in copa america 93 where it was our last trophy ever since and we were going to kick them out for fourth consecutive time in copa 95 where we were leading and they equalised after Tulil made a control with his hand, his hand was streched and parallel to the ground he didn’t even bother to make it seem difficult to be realised. It was way to obvious in front of the referee.

    Prcho, Argentina have been wc finalists 5 times not three, in 1930, 1978, 1986, 1990 and 2014, having a bad winning ratio though, winning the 2 out of 5 finals. But in 1990 wc final, despite the Germans were better than us, we didn’t have Caniggia available for that game though, they awarded a fake penalty just 6 minutes before the end of regular time. They just couldn’t tolerate the possibility that we could won back to back wcs and as my friend Cox4 has said, they even told Argentina not to give their best against Italy in the semifinal.

    Still the ban is way to unfair especially if you think that the corruption must be justified.

    • things is as you said my friend.
      just allow me to add something too about 1990 final that except the fake penalty the son of a bitch referee from mexico give 2 red cards to our team. not 1 BUT 2 !!!
      the message from FIFA president Havelanze was more than clear to us.

  6. Finally some one speak out about the corruption in Argentina specially and I’m sure near by country’s as well ,we all know the mafia controls the clubs and the outcome of the games ,this is nothing new is been going on as far as I can remember and I’m only 74 lol

  7. Fuck CONMEBOL.

    I am glad though that it was only one match, but the fine is uncalled for. That only further shows how corrupt they are!

  8. Surprised and glad its only 1 game but it’s still not over. He could be punished further and now that Tapia lost his seat, we have lost some power and leverage

  9. Andrada, Weigandt, Capaldo, MacAllister starts today for Boca in CL. RB Weigandt didn’t shinned during U-20 WC yet is getting the confidence of Alfaro.

  10. Lots of respect for Captain M for standing up for the team. Just bought a ticket to watch him play live in Miami next month in a Barcelona vs Napoli Friendly at Hard Rock Stadium.

  11. Hoping for Messi to not get any punishment more. It’s too early for Arg team for him to leave, even if some people don’t understand it, but we’ve seen what happens without him when he got the bullshit punishment or when he didn’t play during WCQ – a fun stat – without Messi since 2008 Arg wins points on the level of Bolivia. Since then – Bolivia no major international tournaments, Arg a 3 time finalist, almost every team got knocked out by the winner (only in 2010 it wasn’t the case).

    After 2022 hopefully the new players can take the mantle as a team, and take it away from him carrying it, and for now hoping that some might help him carry it, he doesn’t need much.

  12. Hopefully there won’t be further harsh punishment. In Qualifiers each game matters. Need to start well. Not that worried about Copa 2020.But we must somehow make it to the WC always. And this is legitimately Messi last run. So we need him as much as possible

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