Argentina team, fixtures announced for COTIF L’Alcudia tournament


The Argentina team has been announced, as well as their fixtures for the COTIF L’Alcudia tournament.

Champions from last year, Argentina will be participating once more in the tournament which is being held in Spain. Coach Esteban SOLARI will look to follow in Lionel SCALONI’s footsteps from last year and lift the trophy. Here are Argentina’s fixtures for the tournament:

Wednesday, July 31 vs. Mauritania
Friday, August 2 vs. Spain
Monday, August 5 vs. Russia
Tuesday, August 6 vs. Bahrain

August 8 is the final.

Here are the Argentina players for the tournament:

Agustin LASTRA (Boca Juniors)
Joaquin BLAZQUEZ (Valencia, Spain)
Pablo ARANDA (Lanus)
Imanol SEGOVIA (Racing Club)
Ezequiel NAVARRO (Huracan)
Damian FERNANDEZ (Velez Sarsfield)
Franco ORTELLADO (Lanus)
Felipe DI LENA (Velez Sarsfield)
Alejo TABAREZ (Lanus)
Ivan ALVARINO (Boca Juniors)
Alan VARELA (Boca Juniors)
Santiago PIEROTTI (Colon)
Enzo FERNANDEZ (River Plate)
Franco IBARRA (Argentinos Juniors)
Maximiliano SALAZAR (Boca Juniors)
Pablo SOLARI (Talleres)
Florian MONZON (Velez Sarsfield)
Matko MILJEVIC (Argentinos Juniors)
Francisco GONZALEZ (Newell’s Old Boys)
Lautaro CHAVEZ (Gimnasia LP)
Favio CABRAL (Talleres)
Brandon CORTES (Boca Juniors)


  1. El Perrito Nahuel Barrios – the shortest and IMO the best San Lorenzo’s player since around year (at least when play at all). Such a shame he is so short stature.

    • Cristian Barrios at youth category was a joy to watch. Even he made his first few substitute appearances special by some great contributions in 2-3 Lib matches. Shame that he’s not given due credit.

    • Maxi Moralez with the same height was a decent Seria A player in a mid table team, now one of the best players of MLS, assist leader of the season.

    • However he is getting more and more chances still. In last Copa Libertadores match came in second half and has revive San Lorenzo game.

    • I thought also Matias Palacios will get his minutes today but he spend whole the game on the bench.

    • I’m watching l Martinez now
      He looks really good no fear at all
      So comfortable with the ball

      He made two good clean tackles
      Already the guy is baller

      • Yeah mate, so obvious he’ll be our super star in defense, his passing, defense, tactical sense all above others. Hopefully we can see a defense Magallan, Martinez and Tagliafico this season. I believe that Ajax will stay strong this season even though they just lost 2 super stars.

    • Not sure we have any CB who is better on the ball than Lisandro. Still I think his position in NT might be other than CB. Ajax is club that have the confidence to youngsters and this pays them back – in other European clubs (even of lower level) at first he could have been sat on the bench or even start in reserve team.

      • Ajax management staff are serious, they found Ziyech, Tadic, De Ligt and De Jonk so if they bet on Martinez and Magallan, there must be some reasons. Hopefully they will work hard there and learn. Martinez is perfect for Holland football because the CB there need to be very good technically.

        • Exactly! And that is also the reason why Magallan won’t succeed. He is not good enough. Martinez impressed more in 1 match than Magallan in a dozen matches.

  2. The next U20 generation, now the strongest team would be something like this: Joaquin Blazquez—–Lautaro Chavez—Gaston Avila—Bruno Amione—Grance—–David Ayala/Ignazio Fernandez—Sforza/Barrenechea—Matias Palacios/ Alan Velasco/Evelio Cardozo/Miljevic—–Thiago Almada/Zeballos—Gaston Veron/Godoy/Beltran—De La Vega/Cortes…

    • Staying there won’t be a bad thing for him. He will take Griezmann’s role with Felix and Diego Costa next to him. Their midfield and defense are good, I believe that AM can re-become one of the best teams in Europe during this season

  3. in central midfield Lucas Romero in cruzeiro, andrada in godoy cruz, macallister in boca and in CB Figal from independiente my personal standout young (<25-26) players in this weeks continental cup games. these two position groups i am watching the most in the americas this season.

    • Lucas Romero should join Independiente within few days. I really hope for that, he is still one of our most talented defensive midfielders. Really good passer like Paredes but much more of warrior, similar to Mascherano. Beccacece needs such player in central midfield.

  4. Argentina Pan American Games team won sparring against Almirante Brown 3:2 with Valenzuela, Mosevich and Nico Gonzalez goals. First match on Monday against Ecuador.

    • Just wonder which team is in fact better: that U-23 for Pan American Games or that U-18 for COTIF tournament. Argentina starts on COTIF is on Wednesday.

      • To be honest I dont even know our pan american team is atleast tier 3. I only know 3 or 4 players from both of the tournaments.
        I guess the ‘look out’ players from u23 are adolfo gaich, Urzi and N.gonzales…
        And from u-18 Blasquez, brandon cortes, F. Gonzales

        • The Pan American Games team have also U-20 WC and Sudamericano players Vera, Moreno, Medina, Barquett. Remember Colombatto from 2017 youth WC?

          • Oh yes, I forgot about u-20 players moreno, medina and ofcrse former u20 player colombatto.. Just wrote the above players from back of my head

    • Tha gap is big between 18 and 20-23 years old players, would be like 4 or 5 zero…i remember when our A team played training matches against our U20 the results were same…kids against men.

      • From me it was like kind of irony toward our Olimpic team which is really like 3rd tier in this category.

        • Btw Racing vs 3rd tier opp 0:0, River vs second tier opp with missed penalty 1:1, they aint seem any better, if we want to diagnose from one result.

          • San Lorenzo and not Racing. Games against Brazilian sides never were easy. 3 of 4 were such: Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Atletico Paranaense. Our teams were slightly better. 2 missed penalties and more chance, especially of River, however they miss something impressive. Godoy Cruz made best impressions giving the level of opponent.

            Also Independiente of Beccacece won yesterday against Universidad Catoica in Copa Sudamericana.

          • I thought you mean Copa Libertadores.

            I hope at least one of Pan American/COTIF teams will be good.

  5. Superliga starts this night with champion defender game Racing – Union.

    With Copa Libertadores revenge matches next week River, Boca, San Lorenzo and Godoy Cruz will send alternative teams with multitude of youngsters including U-20 NT players. So there’s a chance to see more or less Ferreira, Alvarez, Zuculini, Almendra, Campuzano, Mingo, Reynoso, Barrios, Pereyra, Gattoni, Ferrari, Insaurralde, Matias Palacios.

    ALmendra will got the chance to play along De Rossi as Italian will came in second half (Salvio as well).

  6. There is a new tour of friendlies in the United States, what will we see?
    -The idea is to strengthen the boys of the Cup, add some of those that we could not take for different injuries and also be able to see some young boy with future projection. The rivals will be difficult, I have no doubt about that. Chile, if it comes with everything, will be complicated. And the Mexico of Tata Martino now made a quality leap.

    – Will there be new faces in the call? -Yes, we are going to call two or three young boys who can give us something else and, logically, to get them into the orbit of the Senior Team, which is another challenge. – Will give rest to some of those who have gone to the Copa América? -Yes. In a few days we will contact them after their vacations. The truth is that it is a difficult, complicated date for them. The idea is to chat with the majority and then make decisions. Logically, the bulk of the next call will be that of the Copa América, but some will not come.
    From afa web scaloni new interview

    • DW juventus is going kick the ass of Daniel Levy , i think he is trying to be over smart. First Lo celso drama , Now Betis gets irritated with Levy’s attitude and are in talk with Inter Milan ,Inter is willing to pay 60m for lo celso ,Conte is big admirer of him. If these beggars cant afford Lo celso how can they think about Paulo Dybala. Totthenam are not going to win shit this year too, if they continue this drama.

      • Daniel levy is hard man when
        It comes to negotiations for players
        That is exactly what he does he frustrate
        The other teams plus he knows those
        Players want to play under pochettino
        Lo celso made clear he wants to play
        For Tottenham because of poch
        Dybala: I want him desperately to
        Leave juve soon as possible simply
        He can’t be under shadow of Ronaldo
        Anymore dybala is world class I hope
        He goes to premier league and hit
        The running in the premier league
        Than the British press will keep
        Talking about him .

  7. Hopefully Cortés lives up to the hype. He almost played for Chilean U 20s only a delay in paper works prevented that from happening.
    Also, Matko Miljevic is eligible for the US but he prefer to play for Argentina. Huge talent. Curiosly most of Slavic background players come through Argentinos Juniors rank. Leonel Mosevich chosen in current Pan American squad is also from Argentinos.
    Florian Monzón is son of 1990 World Cup defender Pedro Monzón, who was the first player to be ever sent off in a World Cup final.

  8. Argentinos Juniors rejected Kansas City offer for Fausto Vera which is our U-20 last WC player as well wil participate on Panamerican Games. 6 mln for 50% of the transfer is a lot.

  9. 📰 [TNT Sports] | In the next few hours a new friendly could be confirmed between Argentina and Brazil

    🔶 Although it is not yet confirmed, the match would be played during the November FIFA Date in Saudi Arabia

    🔷 The tentative day could be on the 14th of November

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