Lionel MESSI could face up to six month Argentina suspension


Lionel MESSI could be suspended for up to six month as CONMEBOL is still evaluating his case.

Per a report by TyC Sports, CONMEBOL could suspend MESSI anywhere from 60 days to six months. The suspension would be due to his comments made after the Copa America where the Argentina captain accused them of corruption. He has already received a one match suspension and a financial fine due to his red card against Chile.


  1. Mmh007, i hear you amigo, i hear you loudly and i am sure that you know that this is not the first time this happens. We don’t have to watch that game which was a disgrace of football but any objective person who watched it believe me they think the same as we do. The thing is that you may have the power to use politics in order to win but politics cannot give you the admiration and appreciation of a win.

    I understand you when you are saying that you are even thinking of stop watching international football, i even thought the same before, but this for die hard Argentina fans like us means stop watching football as a whole. I believe that you can’t stand not watching Argentina playing, the same goes for me as well.

    • mmh007, even i feel in very exact way as u and many others too, i Still think waweride has got a point as diehard albiceleste fan for a lifetime like cox, San Isidro, mamoun, paplo d. and most propably most of the members of mundo from all over the world-
      (exept those trollers, which i’m not even bothered to spoke about, yes go on on with your fucking trolling and fuck yourself’s as u seemeed to be so bored with your lifes that only thing u know to do in a proper way is just to fucking troll, lol !)
      -any how my point or actually waweride ’s point is so sad but true, because as much i would love to quit following football, because of this fucking disaster what they did to messi and to whole arg NT ! Still i think i just can’t, because as cox and waweride have mentioned many times in their previous post’s it is a absolute truth that Similar kind of shit has been existing for decades in football and arg NT. has suffered a lot from this !
      Offcourse there are obviously other country’s too, but politics has been part of football for way too long and i’m affraid that until the whole world’s politic direction will not change then it will also keep existing with football too !
      I’m too young to remember 1978 even my father told me that i watched those games at live with him, but in my Mind i have only memories from documentarys and replays etc., but 1982 i remember very well how the bloody brazilians and italians as well kicked the shit out of diego and offcourse 4 year’s later diego’s revenge with all rest of the our great players in mexico like burruchaga, valdano, Batista, Pumpido, brown and the rest of that great whole team was like cure for my open wounds which had existed from 1982 ! But, i think after arg NT. has been kind of haunted by fifa and conmebol as well like waweride and cox has mentioned so many times they robbed way too much from arg NT. ! Also they robbed the whole country too, with imf and co. !
      And now it is getting totally ridiculous and completly out of hands because they just didn’t robbed this year’s copa final from us, but now they have punished the world’s best player who used to be and Still is also very humble and nice human being as well and who just Stood up and spoke out the truth for the whole world to see as how corrupt things has really developed even now when we should have VAR for avoiding theese kind of things to happen !
      It is as fucking disgrace for the whole sport itself ! And it make’s me very pissed even more than what has happened to us in the past, because i belive we would have won this time if we were just allowed to the final and we would got that trophy finally and messi would have got what he have been after for so long, which has been so close in recent year’s but those were offcourse different circumstances and we just couldn’t capitalize our golden opportunities which offcourse is unfortunatly part of football and just basicly bad luck in the end of the day even though every team create’s their own luck in a way or another ?
      That is why i think this time the whole football world should just stand up against the ban of messi and just simply stop playing football until the moron’s from fifa would tell those bloody monkeys from conmebol to back of ! I think they should actually either cancel Brazil’s trophy and make stalemate of this whole joke of history tournament or let peru have that title, but offcourse nothing like this would never happen, but messi’s ban they must cancel though it might Motivate him even more in the end of the day and offcourse like every other player or human being get’s older year by year and some might think that this could actually benefit us, because messi would not have play so much or have those long travels etc. even i think barca would Still keep on the field until the game is finnished, though this year they have got a quite team so far at least according to players names and actually i would rather see barca to rotate him or him telling barca that he would play only a full match if nessecary and instead rather participate mote with our future players of arg NT. !
      But this scenario i also highly doubt in the end, because as much we are diehard fan’s of albiceleste who just can’t stopping to supporting and watching our team to play, so i think or quess that same goes for messi to just not stopping or refusing to play because of his love and passion for the game not to even mention his hunger to win something finally with arg NT !

  2. Still can’t believe it is happening! To be honest I don’t feel like watching international football anymore after this disgusting thing happening. Shocked the fact nobody came and look once again the match between Arg VS Varsil. If you even ignore this then atleast Messi shouldn’t punish for the red card.

    • Yes, everyone who watched the match admits that there was a daylight robbery done to allow Brazil reached the finals..Messi was absolutely right in expressing his disgust in public…but, it caught the organizers wrong footed , it was desperate times for them and they had to take some action against Messi to keep their case relevant

  3. I don’t believe in the conspiration theory but it is disgusting that a global game with so many passion and money is subject to so many doubts and corruption. I thought that red card at leat would be canceled. I like soccer but it’s really difficult to not have a split feeling in this case.

  4. Just realised Mundoalbiceleste has becomes a source for fox sports 😆.

    “Mundo Albiceleste and TyC Sport are now reporting that his post-tournament outburst could result in Messi receiving as many as six months on the sidelines for Argentina in the form of a serious suspension.” – from fox..

  5. Comment:spot on ddr. the eager beaver with out leo has been dis proven so many times,though some folks are not done yet.

    Respect is a sign of class and maturity. Messi is only inspiring the current team nothing less. he gambled his worth both on and off the pitch for the NT but not all also to the disgrace local medias and some stubburn morons.

    N.B holding stand abt leo as a greatest foot baller and decent human being is a fact and no more an opinion.

  6. @Gonzalo you just seem to have some reason to have Messi out of the team. You do put a positive spin on it always, I have to admit 🙂

    You argument of age is not strong. If a player is performing at a top level and contributing to the success of the team, he should be included, Messi or some other name. E.g. Dani Alves becoming the best player at a recent tournament. If Dani Alves was Argentine, he should be called, regardless of his age. He is performing better than any other younger right back.

    Same goes the other way round, if a young star is playing at top level, he should be included. E.g. A certain Javier Mascherano playing a pivotal position even before he played official games for River (if I am not wrong). Rest is history. He had Kaka and Ronaldinho in his back pocket, for us to win 3-1. A rare win over the yellow team.

    • I’m talking about his sub. Messi is getting old and he should have good sub. Never before we got signals Messi is getting older but during last Copa it was noticeable. Try to think situation when we are winning by two goals at some moment of game. Do you want play Messi as always was in club and NT full 90 mins? Sometimes you need someone who will give his legs and lungs on off-ball moments more than Messi. He will be 33 next year.

      • Gonzalo I agree with you 90%+ of the time but not on this ! Messi is still, by far the best player on the field in ever game in the copa America. Messi playing 80% and looking slower (debatable) is still better than anyone else in that tournament. Would he be good as a sub? Of course! He would be good in any circumstance … the reason aguero is open, Martinez has space, locelso is unmarked is because OLD, SLOW MESSI is on the pitch !

    • Trying to find something positive in Messi being out for 6 months.

      Still don’t forget we must play at least one match of next Copa America without him. Every group game might be decisive so we have to learn how to play without him. The first step on this was already done on last Copa where we looked finally something more than one man team.

      • No it’s a qualifier game that he will not play not copa America … the big question is when does the suspension. Start? Because basically he doesn’t need to play in the international friendlies from now to end of this year.

  7. its strategic fault of conmebol if 6 month ban happens..
    Messi doesn’t deserve that red card…its very very true from neutral standpoint..
    total misjudgement of the referee
    fifa is also looking matters

    • 6 months is no problem. Even better than ban him for 1-2 official games. Within the upcoming months we should test someone in his place anyway (same with Aguero) as he is getting older.

      • Nagh..need to play and gel with team. If not, well run into the same fuck up that Scaloni committed by waiting till last second to include Messi

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