Cristian PAVON heavily linked with move to LA Galaxy


Cristian PAVON is being heavily linked with a move to LA Galaxy as his future seems to be away from la Bombonera.

Since being included in Argentina’s 2018 World Cup squad, PAVON’s form has drastically gone down. He was left out of the Argentina team for the Copa America and was not part of Boca’s team for their match against Huracan.

According to several reports, Los Angeles Galaxy have offered $18 million for PAVON. While it looked like a done deal a few days ago, there are rumors that Boca find the offer insufficient. The club is coached by former Boca Juniors manager Guillermo Barros SCHELOTTO, who knows Pavon very well when he managed him at Boca.


  1. I was able to watch the match thanks to brother Gonazlo…..
    I can’t complain about anything cause clubs didn’t let our best players play in this tournament….. Even though some clubs wont let them play in the club too….
    We had to play with players that not anyone wanted…… They may not be the the next big thing but they are dedicated…. They fought with everything today….. i loved it….
    Btw First goal could be easily saved but i dont know what happened to him he was good though….. May fingers are not strong yet…

    And I dont know the name of the player he was wearing no7…. Very skilled player…. Medina is too good….. Gaich amazing with proper nourish and coaching he can be a deadly No9…. If he keeps performing like this the time is not fat away when a big club gonna snatch him away…..

    • player with No.7 was Fernando Valenzuela, few years ago created for new Messi. Watch his early highlights when he was in youth division.

      When it comes to attack almost everything that we created was in first half.

  2. The red card for Gonzalez was like face slap that arouse best of the team because forst 25 minutes were poor when it comes to creation.

    • I really hv high hopes from Gonzalez…..
      It didn’t go as plan for him with Stuttgart and now again what a poor start.
      Hpy for Vera, colombatto, gaich and our defence.
      Curious about Medina and herrara??? I kknow they were defensively good.
      But were they making some contribution in the final third?

      • Herrera was giving his contribution till the moment the game was open. Then he only defended. The red card and leading determined our fullbacks behaviour.

  3. Great win at start.

    Gaich MOTM but our defence was best one I saw in youth teams at least since 2011 WC team. Our fullbacks are tall and strong as CBs. Herrera was great, Mosevich was great, Novillo was great, Medina was great. We lost two goals but team was exhausted at the end playing with 10 man most of the match.

    • Vera and Colombatto were class defensively as well. Colombatto was creative in first half ( not only assist) when the game was open and we were not just defending the lead. That was old good COlombatto of youth WC. Vera is another tall man that makes us stronger on destruction. He looks good balanced between defence and attack. Urzi and Valenzuela were not that important IMO in the game but showed moments of real talent.

    • Marcelo Herrera was class in previous season in San Lorenzo. He seems to be material for our future RB. Not that he was best of the defenders however. All 4 were MOTM along with Gaich.

      • I know you ar trying to find some consolence trying to spoil the game as Gaich was great. This is not dependency. The situation was determined by red card.

  4. This is an AWFUL trend of Primera teams selling their talent to MLS. It will hurt player development greatly as the MLS is a graveyard of has beens and never will be’s. Even the best American players don’t want to play in this trash heap.

    Pathetic that there is no consideration from any of these teams for the future of the NT and its all about making a dollar. Where are you Tapia? They are crapping on our future to line their pockets.

    • I hear the Ecuador team is mostly same that won 3rd place in last U-20 WC and beat us 2 times during Sudamericano.

        • How’s Herrera playing today? Also eager to know whether Valenzuela and Urzi are doing good! High hopes on both.

          • IMO not muchh looked good (except defence) till the red card in 25 minute. Then suddenly everything changed and we play as if Ecuador had 10 men. So far Herrera is doing good job in defence. Herrera created one of the best opportunities in first half (thanks to his traversal run and interchange with Colombatto) that Urzi wasted. Our defence looks strong physically.

            Valenzuela shaky in first 25 minutes (with good free kick shoot though), starting to show his potentiall now.

    • Great news indeed. In India, couldn’t find a link to watch yet. Reading your updates though..

  5. line up


  6. Boca reject the offer.
    He is not getting any chances in Boca..
    Boca didn’t sell him to Arsenal ( they were ready to pay his release clause like 30mil plus before he renewed) now LA galaxy…..
    Boca single Handedly destroyed his career….
    His biggest mistake was to renew the contract when arsenal was attracted…..
    Boca is doing the same thing to Almendra….
    Worst club ever……

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