Video: Lisandro MARTINEZ makes Ajax debut vs. PSV in Johan Cruijff Shield match


Argentina defender Lisandro MARTINEZ made his Ajax debut and impressed with his display.

Signing back with the Eredivisie champions a few months ago, MARTINEZ made his Ajax debut in their 2-0 win against PSV in the Johan Cruijff Shield. MARTINEZ showed exactly why Ajax signed him and why he has already played for the Argentina national team.

Here’s the video below, courtesy of Marc GESCHWIND.



  1. Argentina wc2022 :
    Cb:C romero
    Rm:lo Celso
    CDm: Paredes
    Rw:Benjamin Garre
    St:Facundo colidio
    Lw:de la Vega

  2. Maybe Batista should try today talented CB Novillo along with former U-20 Mosevich (who scored in last friendly), while play Medina on LB (which is his position in Talleres Cordoba):


    • For me it’s tough to accommodate three holding/b2b midfielders. I’d go with Moreno and Colombatto as starters and Vera kept as a tactical sub. Either Necul can start or Urzi should come in at LW and Nico can be play at somewhere between a AM and SS role. TBH I liked the formation and the eleven Batista used for friendly match against Almirante. Lomonaco will be of great impact off the bench. I will keep my eyes focused on Carlos Valenzuela..

  3. Foyth is world class yet to be developed, Otamdendi is finished same for dimaria too, Argentina have lot of upcoming CB talent so nothing worry what’s concern is reliable GK as Rulli failed to live up the expectation i think failed to transfer man city destroyed his confidence sadly no Argentinian GK eligible to play for not club even as bench warmer too

  4. Fun game to watch but once again Heinze showing he is good at developing talent but not really mastermind of managing games. Worse case scenario could have easily come away with a draw on an away match, but choosing to push to much. Especially with the head scratching decision to pull Brizuela out and have gaston and nico support abram.

    But like i said fun to watch on sunday afternoons if you don’t care about results but not really a way to win copa’s and mundial’s.

  5. Talleres – Velez might be match of the round at least if someone is expecting to see plentitude of interesting youngsters on both sides. Velez names are well known but Talleres’ Pochettino, Cubas, Diaz, Komar are decent counter balance for that. Also Almada, Ortega, Maxi Romero, De La Fuente on the bench of Velez while Federico Navarro of Talleres.

    • Hopeless attacking sections so far, why doesnt Almada play? A. Deal done, Heinze doesnt want to get injured B. Doesnt, but bench him to hide from the big clubs, so deal a new contract with a much higher clausula

      • Heinze does not play him because as I said before he always prefers that poor Bouzat. I can’t stand that since a year. Heinze still cannot to do collective worth of individual talents level. However he introduced new names: Guidara, Barreal, Brizuela which is only making the task more tough.

        So far most of players seems to be far from optimal form yet. Heinze seems to be burn out in Velez. Cubas is noticeable so far in Talleres.

        Almada should come in second half.

      • Talleres defence (with Komar, Tenaglia, Diaz) too strong for Velez. Of El Fortin only Nico Dominguez and Gimenez were solid.

    • Vargas was someone who could lost 3 of 4 balls but the fourth was key, breaking pass that created perfect opportunity. So far Velez lacks organization and his traversal crossing from left wing.

  6. He is a very versatile defender. He can play even midfield! With Tagliafico and Lisandro on our defensive flanks, we will be well off.

  7. Read the opinion of the Dutch:

    “Lisandro Martinez vs. PSV
    Fast, athletic, aggressive, and amazing on the ball, Martinez fits Ajax’s system like a glove and was fantastic on his debut”.

    Fast, athletic, aggresive, amazing on the ball – are these traits something that can be learned during one game in European club? They are not. No, this is talent, innate as well educated skills that he had since years (yet being called up for U-20 WC). So stop insinuate our players need to play in Europe to be in NT. Of course he might learn a lot in Ajax and Europe, especially about tactic, but talent is talent and he could have been part of NT being Defensa y Justicia player as well. This is on coach to make good use of his talents.

    • But you gonzalo believe he is not
      Good fit to play as cb for the nt cus of height.Argentina Desperately need it player like him
      According to you prefer him as lb
      Or holding midfielder or can swap
      Places with taglafiaco who is even
      Short than l Martinez.
      By the way I can bet with anyone
      This boy isn’t one game wonder
      He is real talant if continue to perform
      The way he was doing yesterday he will Be a starter for th nt as CB not any other Position.

      • “believe he is not
        Good fit to play as cb”


        as you may read in my comments below I’m not sure at all he is not fit to play CB with the height. I just suppose it might be the case that he is too short while Tagliafico is really stunning jumper and can in the air be on par with taller players. This is not promotion of Tagliafico for CB. I just want to say having to play in NT with those two I could rather swap them with their Ajax positions, put Lisandro as LB while Tagliafico CB. Finally I will keep dreaming about Lisandro as DM becuase with his impressive range of accurate passing he could be there most efficient.

        • I understand you that you want him
          To play as dm for the nt but why
          Again we need him there .
          When we have play like leo parades
          Who was our the best player in the
          Last tournament plus there few
          Others on the horizon likes nico Dominguez and Santiago caseres .
          Above all that we need collective team.

          • Paredes was not our best player in the tournament. He was good but at the same time I see still he is not able to handle defensively as lone Dm against strongest teams of the world. Maybe Lisandro would be good pair to him.

            Caseres never was my favourite. Paredes, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Dominguez, Lisandro – let’s stay with the names – this is not than many. I belive Lisandro will be more usefull as DM. More than CB,LB.

          • It’s matter of opinion but for me
            He was . I don’t believe scaloni
            Will play double 5 anymore
            He already found his formula
            Which is 4 3 1 2. Personally
            I don’t rate battagllia or Ascacibar
            As S caceres this season will be
            Define season for him myself
            I have doubts about him too but
            I will wait One more year for him.

    • Why do you want to put tagliafico in CB position ?We have better real cb’s who are hungry to prove like c Romero ,balerdi ,kanneman etc and L Martinez should play as lb

  8. To me, this guy can play everywhere like LB, CB or even DM. At Ajax, I think Blinde will replace De Jonk and so 2 places should be free in defense(including De Ligt’s place), if Magallan works hard and Lisandro Martinez continues at this level, we could see a very Argentinian defense.

  9. Batigol_cowcho

    “The answer to your question I’ve said here many times. I believe in team ethos. Collective performance. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” concept. For that we need “right players”, need not be household big club names”

    That is exactly what Argentina need now
    That was the problem Argentina had recently Just individual stars.
    I can see this coaching staff just trying
    To do that people keep saying we need
    Destroyer or we need that or this
    Let me tell you something If Argentina
    Don’t play as collective unite team
    The drought will continue it doesn’t
    Matter how many world class players
    Or managers arge produces.

  10. Regarding speculations, Lo Celso to Spurs could mean the end of the road for Lamela in North London, doesn’t it? But no rumuors regarding his exit , but there’s Dybala link. Whether it’s a ploy or not by Levy, they don’t need Dybala atm. They’ve Son ,Lucas Moura and Dele. It makes no sense at all. They need a couple or even one top class defender and maybe a goalie, they’re set imo. It was the defence and goalkeeping area( and the lack of depth in midfield, which they strenghtened ofc) that let them down in many occasions, individual erros where they should have been getting a draw or a win, they would end up losing or drawing.

  11. This is Argentine Football here somebody can become star and best CB of the country after one game just like
    Meza-spain match
    Pavon – russia
    Palacios- colombia
    Let this guy play for a season or atlest half at good level, CB is very caring position.

    • I doubt he will play for us as CB. It’s better to shift Tagliafico into central defence (as he played often in Inmdependiente, his jump is much better than Lisandro) and move Martinez to LB. Another option is DM.

      • 172 cm Tagliafico will never play CB for us, our strikers and midfielders are short, height is important in set pieces and in aerial duels, maybe rather Lisandro Martinez as starter and Tagliafico his sub (he showed nothing offensively in Copa)…Scaloni tends to play with 2 tall centre backs….Foyth, Romero, Balerdi maybe Alan Franco our future centre backs…plus the olders Funes Mori, Kannemann???, Otamendi, Pezzella till Copa

        • Writing him off (as a CB) just coz he’s only 172 cm(if that’s true)?! As usual you’re more interested in stats and numbers, than actual football it seems.

          Being merely tall doesn’t make you a good defender in the air just like being short doesn’t mean you’re bad defender in the air.

          • Ok then play with two dwarfs in the middle LOL genius, the most important not to play Tagliafico on LB, so limited technically and offensively, simple cant dribble

          • @csabalala1

            Not only in the middle, but also the entire positions genius.

            I agree Tagliafico didn’t have a good tournament in Brasil, but he wasn’t that bad either. Offensively I don’t know he’ll improve, but we don’t have the luxury of quality centrebacks for our fullbacks to roam forward with freedom. Both our fullbacks were resrticted in that aspect. And I also don’t know if we have any attacking fullbacks who are also defensively sound.

          • Ok but then how the earth want ARG to win Copa America not saying World Cup with so less talent? Yes Otamendi is shit who was best defender of Primera and EPL too (hes declining sadly), and last bench warmer Foyth is world class, clear logic bro…then forget about success

          • “Ok but then how the earth want ARG to win Copa America not saying World Cup with so less talent? Yes Otamendi is shit who was best defender of Primera and EPL too (hes declining sadly), and last bench warmer Foyth is world class, clear logic bro…then forget about success”

            The answer to your question I’ve said here many times. I believe in team ethos. Collective performance. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” concept. For that we need “right players”, need not be household big club names.

            Clearly, Otamendi is not that type of player who fits into that “collective” system as I mentioned few minutes ago. Yeah, he was La Liga’s best defender in his last Valencia season( one season wonder) and was in the PL PFA team of the season in 2017-18 if I’m not wrong. I’m not denying it. You as usual come up with these stats, that somehow would make them invincible forever. No, it doesn’t and it doesn’t cover up the fact that he’s shit. He was never our best defender since Ayala, it was Garay and he still is. And in 2017-18 season, he wasn’t the best Argentine defender in club level, it was Fazio tbh. You don’t need “best defender stats” tag for that, you just judge by watching their performances.

          • Batigol Cowcho

            If I could choose one thought I’d like to abstract my recent years message for our NT is the one you just put here:

            “The answer to your question I’ve said here many times. I believe in team ethos. Collective performance. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” concept. For that we need “right players”, need not be household big club names”.

            This is exactly the thing. Synergy logic. That’s why building good team is not just calling up of most famous players of most famous clubs (even if they will core of a team).

        • Tagliafico is better header (with his great jump) than Lisandro Martinez. That’s the point. None of Lisandro/ Tagliafico is write off IMO from the possibility to play CB for Argentia however I have some doubts Lisandro will take the position. Both Lisandro and Tagliafico are options for CB and LB. Still I suppose Lisandro would be best as DM being great on the ball, impressive passer but much better on defence than Paredes.

          Anyway Lisandro destination is NT.

          • ” impressive passer but much better on defence than Paredes.” maybe maybe not, but Paredes did much better even defensively than Ascacibar on Olympics and U20WC in our chaotic midfield, but Paredes is much better passer, (at least short passer, sharp defence-splitting passes) shooter, has more intelligence than Lisandro Martinez, and pressing resistance…he is a Pjanic or Jorginho type defensive midfielder, (with hard-working box to box midfielders around them its works) why want we play players always out of position? Foyth, Lisandro neither are DM’s

          • There’s no sense in bringing Ascacibar playing as 19 yo player for the first time in NT on Olimpic Games. That team was no organized at all by Olarticoechea who had just few weeks to call up players and build a team. Till the last days we even didn’t know wheter Argentina will participate at all. Did you forgot or you intentionally want to keep silent over this.

            Paredes is nowhere near to Ascacibar on defence. Battaglia or Ascacibar were the missing players against Brazil. Paredes is enough as lone DM only for weaker and mid opponents.

            Lisandro Martinez is intelligent one, hard to say which would be better on this paredes or Lisandro without giving Martinez chance as DM.

            Why has Lisandro potenitall for good DM more than Foyth? Foyth passing is nothing special. Lisandro has all the skills you need from good DM. Wheter he would be intelligent there we can hardly suppose.

  12. So that’s half of the starting back four locked in for the next international games.
    LB Tagliafico
    CB Lisandro Martinez

    And if Magallan can break into the Ajax XI there’s a third defender locked in.

  13. The more I watch palacios the more
    I realise he is nothing especial
    My hope is now Alexis Mac Allister
    matias zaracho and nico Dominguez.

      • “otamendi is needed in qualifying and copa America 2020”

        What a joke!!!

        Otamendi, the reckless defender with no footballing IQ who’s only aim is to go to ground keeping his eyes shut at every instant hoping to get lucky with his tackle. He’s no natural ball player either(don’t confuse the natural ball playing ability to that of the improvement he made in that technical aspect under Guardiola). He’s aerially good, that’s all but that ain’t enough to make a good defender. It’s only one aspect.

        We need “reliable” defenders, defenders that can play as a unit, not one like Otamendi, who’s anything but “reliable” and cannot play as a unit.

        • In Scalonis system or for ‘the unit”, Otamendi was the focal point in defense. i dont think hes emotional reliable as he proved with tantrum in WC but he was still integral to our performance last copa. He was th only mutherfucker winning headers and ALL plays started off with him.

      • No need to compare Lisandro to Otamendi – the more we even don’t know which position he will play for us.

        On the other hand Otamendi is not need anymore in NT because the level he represents currently is not enough to win Copa and he will not improve being 32 next year. We need to look for his replacements.

        • Tagliafico can develope still – Otamendi is declining. Foyth is not must for any position. IMO we have better right backs and better talents on CB as well.

      • I don’t know why you guys keep
        Saying this guy is too short to play
        CB look Fabio Cannavaro
        Daniel Passarella are short than him
        Those were world cup winners
        He same height as Robert ayala
        Who was world class defender
        L Martinez is normal height plus
        He can jump Argentina desperately
        Need defender like him.
        If you guys want height.tell scaloni
        To bring bk slow tall defenders like
        Fazio rojo. This boy has play CB no
        Two ways about it. As left back
        Taglafiaco own that place the back up
        Will be j silva and Ortega.
        The holding midfielder position
        Argentina is not lack of the midfielders
        So no need to play holding midfielder either
        But the Nt is crying fast strong defenders
        Now safely I can say C Romero and l Martinez can be good partners as pair
        Of CBS.

  14. What player he is so confident
    On the ball he is complete defender
    He is modern day defender
    It won’t be long before Guardiola get him
    Because he is kinda defender pep loves.
    I guarantee you Very soon big European
    clubs will Look for him. I can’t wait to see
    Next Argentina generation of defenders.

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