Argentina World Cup winner José Luis Brown passes away


Argentina World Cup winner José Luis “Tata” Brown has sadly passed away at the age of 62, on Monday.

News broke on Monday evening regarding his passing, with the official Argentina account tweeting it out as well as Argentina legend Gabriel Batistuta sending his condolences. Brown scored the opening goal of the 1986 FIFA World Cup while also hurting his arm.

It was reported months ago that Brown was battling Alzheimer’s with his daughter stating last month that his condition had worsened.

On behalf of Mundo Albiceleste, we would like to send our deepest condolences to Brown’s family and friends. Rest in peace, Brown.


  1. Many give Maradona credit for single handedly winning the Cup. Maradona might be the greatest of all time but it is wrong to give him all credit. Some remember Valdano and Burruchaga. But people like Enrique, Ruggeri, Brown and even Batista and Giusti played a big role in the outcome. Nobody can do it alone.

  2. Jose Luis Brown was a great character. Bilardo pulled him out of nowhere, recuperating from a long injury lay off to be part of the 3 man backline along with Ruggeri and Cuciuffo. Bilardo picked him ahead of Passarella. Our 3 man backline Was The meanest defence in the World Cup. Muscular, fit, strong aerial presence and very good on the ball. All picked from humble clubs. Conceded 5 goals in the entire competition. Supported ably by a tireless 5 man midfield. We never looked like losing a single match. Not for one instant. And fools say that Maradona single handedly won the World Cup. Fools who do not understand anything about the dynamics of the game. Fools who cannot appreciate the role that unsung heroes like Jose Luis Brown . Indomitable spirit, a will that does not die – Salute you Jose Luis Brown for your contributions to this great footballing side.

  3. Csabalala, a delusional moron or fancy acting like one? If you are so sure of Argentine league and players being so shitty, why are you even here? Please stop followimg ‘shit-lovers, shit-followers or even the shit itself’ and get lost forever. Perhaps that’s the best thing you can ever come up with for the delight of few genuine Argentina fans here.

    If a second division 17yo player named Dybala, who has not got any action recorded in the top flight in his home could go on to become the hottest prospect in the world, playing for one of the most appreciated league int he world, ‘shitty’ is last thing the system should expect from guys like you. Some PES,
    playstation kids or Brazilian fans masquerading as loyal Argentines and the whole group seems happy reading his insensible discussions day in and day out!

    Just stay away..

    • Who the fuck are you, another asian idiot? man Asia and football two different story, and their so called fans are football blind as well, even more as how shitty their “football” is.
      I will never comment on cricket, no culture in Europe, dont intrested, dont understand, please stop commenting for football, laughable

      • I’d like to give you a gentle reminder. But I’ll make sure it would not be any gentler hereafter.

        If it is to exchange insults, I can go to any extent, I mean ANY EXTENT. Try to behave genial while discussing if the case is that you’ll never be able to pull off at least one.

        And to know from you that the football kmowledge is gauged and taped along the depths, breaths and lengths of the oceans and the continental drifts, it doesn’t shed any brighter light. Because Indians like me consider tne whole world/life/humanity one. So I’m a proud Asian indeed. You seem and sound like the NOBlEST Aryan coming from the NAZI lineage. LoL. I thought Europeans these days were good at few things. But I’m not gonna miss the opportunuty to brand you ‘the least European among all’ coz you don’t seem to possess any of the qualities we deem Europeans to possess. Please please please stay behind and don’t try to be a blackmark in the Old continent’s legacy.

        And….my next comment can spew all the F words and X words depending on the culture of what you’re gonna come up with next…. GENTLE REMINDER.. _/\_ ..

        • Sabarish

          I would like not to see you having to use at the end the words for F and X because Csabalala abrupt, vulgar and sassy culture he use regularly without reason is best proof shortages of his proofs. I don’t think anyone in here got impression he is able to fight off your substantive evidences. He knows very well he has not counterarguments.

      • I don’t think that racist part was necessary. We are ALL fans, Argentina, asian, american or whatnot. Beong ASIAN does not mean he is an idiot or doesn’t know football. His commebt was dumb I agree, but no need for racist comments!

      • “and the whole group seems happy reading his insensible discussions day in and day out!”

        Like I said before: for admin, one troublemaker, even if Brazil fan, is best thing on such site to keep the wheels rolling with his clearly provocative and anti-Argentina attitude.

        • Gonzalo
          I believe csabalala only support
          The big name players I believe
          He follow Argentina cose he knows
          That arge will always produce big
          Super stars in world football
          As example I never seen csabalala
          Criticise so call big club arg players .
          He only attacks up coming young
          Arg stars whom mainly plays in sl.

          • He even cannot learn anything from last Copa. Before was one of those who suggested for years the Messi generation is not replaceable (we have not other options) while we have seen Argentina has enough potentiall to do that and do quickly. Actually that partially already happened during the Copa.

            So now he need to cook up all other possible accusations against new waves of our talents to make it look we have not future or the future is wan in comparison to other nations.

      • Sabarish, would request you to desist from stooping to the levels that some people on this group can get to. Keep on posting your delightful opinions. And the paltry knowledge that morons like Csabalala possess about Argentine football will continue to get increasingly exposed and marginalized. This guy is not only a moron but is also an uncouth, vulgar and depressed character. I would love to meet him and show him what a low life he is. Ignore him. A request from a fellow Asian who thinks that Argentine football is poetry. And art is transcendental. It cuts across all boundaries – of race, religion and nations.

  4. In one of his comments, Mr. Csabalala was so vocal about Carlos Vela being the best in MLS these days. What he didn’t know or wanted to pretend to be not knowing of was players like Maxi Moralez, Sebastian Blanco Diego Valeri make the biggest impact there even amidst the presence of the likes of Ibra, Rooney and Vela. Diego Valeri has always been there among the top contenders for MVP and is of course a MVP winner.

    So please don’t dictate to us who is the best at MLS or as to realizing which players are most demanded there..

    • Sebarish,

      thanks to providing another time this fine arguments. I appreciate your comments for 2 big resons:

      1. They are so much informative. I see how you are covering Argentina players really all over the world (not only European top) having this extensive knowledge “Mundo Albiceleste” should provide. There’s not many sources I can hear something I didn’t get to know by himself before but you are one of those.

      2. Simply your kind of argumentation is always bringing some points no one didn’t regarded before on discussions.

      • Oh, and last but not least:

        for someone who still learn Eanglish, like me, it’s simply good to read your eloquent posts. Keep it on to remind this is not only site about European top football (even if most best players is there).

  5. Romance XI: Musso – Foyth Lisandro C.romero Tagliafico – lo celso/De Paul Ascaliber/Sosa – messi – Dybala/lautaro Icardi/Aguero

  6. I think Aymeric Laporte, John Stones, German Pezzella are holding Otamendi back to become the best defender in the world.
    I also don’t understand why Manchester United buys a 80 million defender when they have Rojo one of the best defender in the world in their ranks. I have never seen Luke Shaw do the rabona when defending so why do the English hate Rojo so much.
    Players like Drogba, Luca Toni, Klose, etc are liars and cheaters. Yes they played they best football when they were 26+ but they lied about their age because they wanted to be able to buy alcohol and were actually 17 when they started to shine and not 26+. It is foolishly to believe that players who were not so great at early age can go on and win World Cups, Champions leagues.
    Guys don’t waste your time watching the Argentinian league. There are no good players. Why should Argentina fans support Argentinian league and teams? It is not logical for me. Matias Vargas was a shitty player in my opinion but now that he plays in La Liga the 1 month of training has made him better and I am going to follow him.
    France are the luckiest team they had these farmer league players: Kimpembe, Lemar, Mbappe, Mandanda, Rami, Fekir, Sidibe, Thauvin, Areola and almost all of their players are product of that shitty farmers league and despite this won the World Cup. This is an exception and they got lucky because it is proven in here that you cant win with players who are product of or are playing in a farmer league.

    • So you really compare PSG players with shitty argentine teams players? Tottenham—Stuttgart now Bayern-Barcelona-Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid—Juventus-Chelsea-MU—Atletico Madrid now Barcelona-Chelsea-PSG the french starting lineup…farmers team….and all of them are key players or superstars even in these huge clubs….”.

      Matias Vargas was a shitty player in my opinion but now that he plays in La Liga the 1 month of training has made him better and I am going to follow him.”

      What? LOL he was and now is a mediocre talented player, the reason plays only in Espanyol not Real Madrid…

      • To honest I don’t want any Argentina
        Young players go to Madrid fcb
        Man city man utd Atletico psg
        Juve as they will be too much
        Pressure and will waste thier time
        I would love to see arg young players
        Playing reasonably top 5 european
        Team as start and than can make
        They way up like lo celso lanzini
        De pual Joaquin correa .. now
        De pual is ready to make big leap.

        • They may go to these big clubs at some moment of career but first need to establish themselves as stars in Europe. Still I don’t think it’s must to play in Top CLub to be great player (vide: Batistuta and other instances)

        • Unless its Messi or similar to golden boy Aguero type, it’s better to start lower table club in top 5 leagues. The club has less expectations and may help more to cement starting position and gain experience while playing in a very competitive league. However, if player is good enough, i wouldn’t bat an eye if they went to big club. Dybala did really well first few years at Juve and they get the absolute best exposure for emotional and physical development.

    • Some guys comes here with cheap mimics . And how many of those farmer league players have started for France only Mbappe because he is the best in the Farmer league. The starters for France were Varane, Umtiti, Griezmann, L hernandez, Lorris, Pogba, Mautidi, Kante, Giroud. And all are from top clubs from some of the best leagues who plays for Champions league every year, they know how to deal with high pressure in big matches. Dont forget you only told that France will never win WC 2018 after Colombia match, go and watch Melrose Place.
      Laporte and Stones not holding back Otamendi , if any of our CB would be there Pezella or whoever he would be on the bench only dont forget Otamendi has won most competitive league with regular starter in 2018.
      BTW who is holding back Paredes at PSG Marquinios , who is bench in the Farmer league, Paredes in only good at holding the ball he cant defend neither his passes are defence splitting.

  7. Some haters are attacking Otamendi here, as we know Otamendi is a very competitive player he always involves himself into challange unlike Pezella . The reason Otamendi was in trouble some of the times because Pezzela was doing almost nothing there just watching otamendi like audience he was not involving into challange neither he was supporting Otamendi. Otamendi and Funes mori formed best defence of the tournament in copa 2016. Again it was Pezella who made Jesus looked like Ronaldhino , Otamendi knew he was not going to catch him there was no option than to give rough tacle on him. He was winning all the ariel duels.
    Otamendi should in Copa 2020 and we need to find another CB pair with him, Pezella was not good may be Cristian Romero.

    • You re joke I always supported otamendi
      But he is brainless at times he does
      Reckless challenge like Paraguay he
      Absolutely conceded not need penalty
      If Armani didn’t save that pen arg would gone Home early and would have been disaster.
      Pezzella did alright but now Argentina
      Need better defenders than pezzella
      And otamendi.. please don’t mention
      Funes mori the guy is sh…t I know
      Some south American journalists
      When he wants to make fan of arg nt
      He always mentions funes mori.
      As example.

        • Tell what did he do wrong
          Did he did worst than otamendi
          Tell how many fauls he made than
          Argentina conceded goals
          Because of his mistakes
          Oh I get munawar otamendi
          Is man city player while pezzella plays
          Ac Fiorentina .. honestly some
          Guys in here are expecting every
          Argentina player to be 100% perfect
          The standards some of you setting
          For the arge players are unbelievable
          So hight that is why you re so frustrating
          Because of that. be support a team
          Is one thing and be realistic and logic
          Is another thing.. remember bro
          I didn’t say he did great but yes
          He did alright and you can’t blame
          For pezzella the Brazil second goal
          As he mad the contact the ball well
          But unfortunately it rebounds jesus

          • Lol every average players dribbled passed him easily ,was not winning aerial duels , wasn’t intercepting , wasn’t helping in build up , wasn’t making any clean tackle ,his positioning was horrible and you are saying what wrong he did ? Lol I agree otamendi is reckless and we should start finding his replacement but that doesn’t mean we should keep below average defenders like pazella so grow up our defence was shakky in whole copa

          • That is not true bro I watched
            All Argentina matches in copa
            I didn’t see average player passed
            Him easily plus I saw him handle
            Well with radon and falcao.
            But one thing we must know
            Argentina defenders Has been
            struggling such long time
            When they put the nt Jersey
            Even if they play very good for
            Thier clubs.

      • Godin you are the worst among haters , you want everything to get down Argentina NT , you always support the players who can let sown NT like Meza, Pavon, Suarez, Pereyra…… You are one who wanted Messi out of the team just accept it. You and Gonzalo are anti-Argentina fan some Colombian fans in disguise. When Messi a hattrick against Ecuador in Quito you and Gonzalo was the most unhappiest men on this bolg , this tells the whole story.

        • Mrinal,

          I’ve said that some time ago

          you are like alter ego of Csbalala

          same ignorant, arrogant, crabbed primitive style of narrow football horizons

          BTW what I wrote after macth against Ecuador was like prophecy – that team was simply weak-
          Messi dependency led us nowhere during WC

  8. I think Arg. must try taller and physical players in back line. If fit Rojo is best option Lb.and Jaquin correa can be dependable in Lb roll. And foyth and Asaicabar can be rotated in just infrnt of Main CB. similarly M.quarta can partner foyth in back.
    I believ Montiel and j. correa could be our best wing back role.
    DM: paredes/ Bataglia/Almendra
    RF: Messi/a.correa/ locelso/lamela/zaracho
    L F: Dybla/Pity/lanzini
    C.S :Icardi/Gio simioni/ lautaro
    Too much options in every position.Scaloni seems so blessed to use these talents in right way.

          • Lautaro destroyed Primera, and played only one match vs Spain before Inter, Tagliafico won Sudamericano, and only played 2-3 matches before Ajax transfer, Novillo, Herrera and Merdina showed nothing so far, NT is not a kindergarten

          • You can’t deny that both Lautaro and Tagliafico didn’t need European experience to be ready for NT. This is simply fact.

          • No they were not ready, only future projects, first weaken our team, like every local players in their first steps, but at least for 18-21 years old local players theres the chance to improve, go to Europe and be better and better, old local players peaked (Casco, Suarez, Guido Rodriguez, Meza so on so so on….no logical reason to play with them)

          • “No they were not ready, only future projects”

            How was Lautaro not ready. He was good in NT since his very first games there. He brought in the talent from there – local league. Not from Italy. So was with Tagliafico and will be probably with Lisandro Martinez if he will got the chance soon.

          • “Novillo, Herrera and Merdina showed nothing so far, NT is not a kindergarten”

            What did won Mascherano before his first call up to senior team? Nothing. He was reserve River team player. NT Coach needs far-sightedness to see which talents have the potentiall to be taken to senior NT before established in Europe. But such one always are there.

  9. F

    R.I.P. José Luis

    Csabalala complete moron

    Tagliafico was our BEST defender

    Rojo? For F’a sake, sure he was good but he and Otta are WAY TO AGGRESSIVE

    They both costed us crucial goals and penalties from silly tackles

    Against France, Mbappe was pushed

    Against Brazil, Gabriel Jesus was tackled and left unmarked

    These guys are good defenders but in NO WAY superior to Tagli

    Tagli has been giving his all to us since being selected

    For Ajax and Argentina

    So don’t disrespect my boy Tagli

  10. Gaich, Moreno, Lomonaco – all the youth winners of PanAmerican games were going to get minutes in upcoming weekend but all they gets slight injuries.

    Urzi will start for Banfield.

  11. Independiente knocked out of Sudamericana.
    Becacecce just not able to adjust to play in quito. Two games in a row beat away in high elevation. Not able to keep team focused, just one second bustos out injured on sideline waiting for permission to re-enter and defence falls apart, sitting deep too early in the game, twice relying on two 34 year old midfielders at a venue where maximum fitness is required, bad decisions to fly to ecuador late not giving players chance to adjust to altitude etc. Pizzini and Palacios did not help with their shitty finishing as well.

    Boca better take notes or they will suffer against LDQ as well.

    • While Boca with De Rossi and MacAllister out of Copa Argentina. |The first scored, the second assisted. Beccacece needs more time. He is especially good on adjusting youth players taken out from nowhere to his system while in Independinete he has bunch of older players with already established status quo. THis is quite different task than in Defensa. Let’s see more. Anyway Such a shame the SUdamericana campaign is lost.

      Let’s see how he will do with Lucas ROmero

      • yes, baggage is different in Independiente.
        just disappointing about some simple things. waiting till 80th minute for 2 subs at a place like Quito is just crazy for example. but yeah lets see how he does in league and copa.

      • He was coward again like in the previous round in Ecuador (then lucky, now not), Silvio Romero saved Independiente in first match, and Beccacece played again without CF, with useless Pizzini and winger Palacios upfront, and Bustos in the midfield….

  12. No on said otamendi is shit……
    Otamendi is the best CB we have now…..
    But his performance was not better than tagliafico….
    Otamendi was poor against Colombia and Paraguay. Also He gave away a penalty against Paraguay. And that tackle was uncalled for…. It was not needed….. thanks to armani for saving it…
    If you want offensive performance for him then say that to Scaloni…. Cause it is his tactics…. Tagliafico plays the way he was told….

    • Otamendi certainly had his brainless and reckless moments. The worst was the flop tackle against Jesus…no clue what the eff he was thinking.

      Overall, he was more crucial than Tagliafico to the team performance. Almost all plays started thru Otamendi. Even Paredes benefited greatly and was empowered by having Otamendi behind him controlling the distribution. He was also winning headers for us..i barely saw another player winning headers.

      With this said, Otamendi scares me. After his tantrum at the WC, i don’t think the guy can handle it.

      • Ya, we are a weak team in the air. All midgits. We *must* have good heading defenders. This was the first thing Sabella fixed, we where getting killed via crosses.. without otamendi we are back to that fiasco.

  13. Everyone just ignore this Casabala guy.
    Let him say what ever he wants to say.
    Dont reply to him then he will be talking to himself…. And at a point might get tired of doing it…..

    Anyway lets talk about Tagliafico i have seen many saying he should not ne our left back…some were saying ansaldi is better……but he proved them wrong he was our best defender in copa and also performing Incredibly for Ajax every week…… he scored 8 goals for Ajax and 5 of them was Equaliser….

    • Yes taglafiaco was our best defender
      In copa and still is Argentina best lb.
      Tonight he score one goal and he won
      one Penalty I believe taglafiaco is captain

      • Tagliafco was always useless offensively, especially in this Copa, and i never forget the France match…still without a single goal or assist in NT yersey, cant dribble or connect with attacks, Rojo was much more dangerous, his connection with Messi was better, Messi could use him a little bit Albaesque with his long ariel balls chips or through balls, Rojo has reached only on WCs and Copas 3 goals and 4 assists, and a lot of good runs. Tagliafico doesnt feel the timing of runs behind the lines. Jordi Alba the master of this, and Rojo was useful too.

        • See you re contradicting yourself
          You only love certain players likes
          Rojo di Maria otamendi…
          How the fuck you comparing
          Rojo to taglafiaco don’t you watch
          Ajax games the guy he is so good going
          Forward he is fan favourites…
          Csabalala I’m done with you
          I thought you know football and you
          Here to discuss in correct way but
          You re only here to attack the new
          Generation of the nt .
          Let me tell something mate I’m balance
          When it comes to Argentina players
          Weather it’s local or european based players even football whole
          But you re pure hate the standards you
          Setting up for the young arg players are so high.
          You expecting them be like messi all of them
          Weather they re defenders midfielders or
          Attackers that is impossible.
          I’m afraid football doesn’t work like that
          Keep your so call big club players
          But I guarantee you Argentina will always
          Produce top talents.

          • Double standards? Rojo scored and assisted in big tournaments, Tagliafico cant. What the fuck are you talking about? And put the WC most dangerous winger Robben in his pocket, how can you compare that Rojo with this Tagliafico? In this new 4-3-1-2 system full backs have to give the width without natural wingers, and Tagliafico didnt do this job in NT jersey. Rojo is out of form, but Zenit want to buy him, and a i bet he will instantly start ahead of Mammana. That will my double standards too…

          • Who is double standard me or you
            Let me remind you rojo was the fucking
            Couse the Iceland equalised than come
            Forward who was the guy who conceded
            The penalty against France and be subbed
            After half time tell me again mr csabalala
            How the fuck you expecting the full back
            Score for the nt when the strikes
            Missed chances after chance…
            At least i”m not like you and not denying
            Rojo had solid world cup in 2014
            But to be fair whole team was good in 2014
            World cup it wasn’t down to rojo ability
            It was down how Alex sabella setted up
            His team plus arg had doubl 5 whom had
            Protected the back four and we had
            Good pair of center backs garay and
            Martin demichelis… came forward
            To 2018 world whole Argentina team
            Was disastrous from the top to bottom
            You re so ridiculous whomever you want
            Praise you only mention thier good time
            But you don’t talk abou thier down side
            Yes taglafiaco was the best defender
            In copa and he is the best lb Argentina
            Have at the moment.
            He is superb play anyone who is fair
            Will say same .

        • Tagliafico was our best defender on last 2 tournaments. No contribution to attack but as defender above Otamendi and the rest.

    • Tagliafico is a liability for Argentina as the Left back and right back positions are in general for us. Parcedes, foyth and tagliafico were to blame for the winning goal for Brasil against us. Extraordinarily ordinary is how I would describe tagliafico…. otamendi was our best defender in la copa as all our defenders made some kind of mistakes but otamendis presence, leadership and ariel dominance is undeniable. STILL at his “old age” otamendi will bet starter at copa 2020…

      • agreed. Otamendi was our best defender and was PIVOTAL to Scaloni’s tactics. EVERY FUCKING ball started from Otamendi and he was the only guy winning headers.

        However, he did fuck up several times but that doesn’t mean his overall performance was worse than Pezz, Foyth, Tagl, Casco, and Saravia. The haters will of course say that Otamendi was terrible and i ain’t surprised.

        Same shit with Aguero, the haters are so fucking desperate to talk shit about oldies and praise newcomers that they say Martinez was better. BS too. id say both Aguero and Martinez were great too but id give the edge to Kun.

        With this said, i do really like Tagliafico and he should be #1 pick for LB.

  14. Saravia flopped badly, had to sub him in first half, one-match wonder…at least he sell himself with that…and again when some crazy mofo will praise a local player after one good match is the biggest enemy of argentine NT, 24-25 years old local players are dead projects

    • That’s just your dirty job. Hate our young (yes, still rather young) players after one game.Waiting for single stumble. No wonder you are looking for smallest consolations after your tough last week. Poor man. Shut up Brazilian lover.

      “24-25 years old local players are dead projects”

      Really? The last time I heard from you players over 21-22. Did you made your age limit wider because again some players showed your stupid standards being wrong?

      I remember you’ve said after his first game in NT if Scaloni will call up Vargas again he is idiot. Do you maintain the statement?

      Hasty, impulsive on opinions people are always fool at the end, sooner or later. You never learn.

    • Csabalala
      Why not you mention how good
      Lich Martinez and taglafiaco are
      For ajax game .
      You only look negatives for the
      New arg generation.

      • Godin,

        I bet the only reason why admin is still tollerating this Brazilan lover is that he need some troublemaker to provoke discussion.

      • Lisandro is 21 years old, still a lot of time to improve, but must improve, higher and higher, UCL experience is crucial, im not surprised late boomer Meza and Gonzalo Martinez fail in a weaker league than PD, imagine them in Europe…and even PD-lover Scaloni dropped every local player at the end of the Copa, maybe he learns from that

        • So Pity Martinez failed in MLS?

          I always wonder how you explain Alejandro Gomez’s case. He was nothing special till his 28 (in weak clubs like Catania, in Ukraine) and then suddenly closing to his 30 Top3 in much more strong league as Serie A.

          ??? Can you explain

          • Yes, he was recently one of the best in Serie A, but who was Gomez till his 28 ( years over your standards) in weak Ukraine league or in Catania. No one according to your standards. What would you say about him when he was there? Exactly the same: weak one, dead project. This is like your standards of being worth attention are weak. You delete Saravia who is 26 while Papu Gomez show his full potentiall even later.

          • “Record signing of MLS history, does he play as a record signing?”

            And of course for you during his first season there it’s about the time to estimate as if he said already last word. Argentina league is stronger than MLS, Copa Libertadores too – playing there he gets award of SA best player. ALejandro Gomez was weak on poor league like Ukraine while star in Serie A. THis is not simple logic.

          • According to idiot lala argentina youth are below average and that idiot is struggling to prove day by day and argentina youth becoming strong day by day and new rising stars
            Cry baby lala.csabslol.

    • Best player Copa America silver medallist – Peru – Edison Flores, 25 yo, mexican league. Just one example how your standards are full of ignorance.

  15. Deepest condolences .

    One goal in 36 international appearances and that single goal was in WC 1986 Final.

    Farewell Tata. May your soul rest in peace…

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