Geronimo RULLI joins Ligue 1 club Montpellier on loan


Geronimo RULLI has put pen to paper and has joined Montpellier on loan from Real Sociedad.

RULLI has left Sociedad for the season and becomes the first non-French goalkeeper to be the number 1 for the club. Montpellier have announced that the Argentine will be their starting goalkeeper.



    great site with lot of rare argentina matches, need to register, qualities are not the best, but some of argentine games are. Btw have got sombody the full recording of Argentina-Netherlands Olympics 2008 quarter-final and Argentina-Serbia group match from this Olympics, i dont find nowhere.

  2. How do we know if Gaich can be better than Icardi or at least reach 10% of what he is unless we give him some minutes at Italian top flight or at least with a primavera side there like Icardi did with Sampdoria’s?

    What has Icardi been able to do for NT after becoming one of the best CFs on the world football radar? He is further than ever in terms of any hopes of being selected again in the immediate future!

    Now tell us what is the problem with Scaloni planning to give him few minutes in the upcoming friendlies if the case is that he’s really interested in doing so? Why are some growing so intolerant towards a possible inclusion of a talent like him?

    • Because we dont have 100 friendlies matches before Copa to experiment players instead they should work more their tactical strategies and formation , we already have better proven strikers at that position we dont lack players in that particular position. Let Gaich prove himself at club level. Icardi at the age 20 regular starter at Sampdoria and scoring goals, same thing with Lautaro Martinez at Racing Club but Gaich is still bench warmer at San Lorenzo.

      • 100%…” they should work more their tactical strategies and formation” sadly Im not sure Scaloni has any…only individual actions saved us in Copa….defensive organization, build ups, attacking patterns, possession game, counter attacking schemes…i didnt see any, he couldnt even do anything with the best player of the world…but at least doesnt jitter like Sampaoli with brand nwe formations in every game LOL

      • I don’t think anyone here insists Gaich taking over the entire attack overnight leaving behind the likes of Lautaro and Kun. We’d just like to see talents like him get a fair share of limelight before they get transferred to Europeam clubs. Who knows? Sometimes Gaich could prove handy coming off the bench in the next Copa, may be by assisting someone to score if not by scoring for himself. For that, a few minutes off the bench is never a bad option.

      • Csabalala:

        “…Gaich wil fail too”
        “period: bad dribbler, bad passer, no real killer instict (Icardi) or elite shooting or anything”

        “…Gonzalo Martinez….Ascacibar….Gaich….Cervi….Vargas….i said and say all of these players are not NT-level calibers from the first time”

        I like that “period” and the confidence “GAich will fail too” or that you know he is not NT caliber from first time you’ve seen him. That’s real godsend gift to know such things at first sight.

        But if you are so sure about that why you keep silence everytime when Gaich is scoring.

  3. Those who calling gaich needs to play
    Regular club football before he plays nt.
    Are fucking delusional.
    Gaich has everything to be top strike
    I believe he is good enough to
    Represent for the nt now.
    But what is funny people still
    Want Wanda boy icardi ..
    How the fuck you want icardi
    To part of the nt set up. The guy is not
    Mobile enough can’t dribbler can’t
    Participants the game at all only
    Wait crossing to score goals ..
    Above all that his attitude stink..

    • If Gaich will reach the 10% of what Icardi’ve done we can start to talk about this guy, atm he is the new Giovanni Simeone (Giovannis 2014’s version, U-level hero). Maybe one day he will be NT-level striker, but not now…

  4. For next Friendlis
    Out-Marchesin, Pezella, Saravia, Casco,Acuna, G rodriguez, G pizarro, M suarez.
    In – Rulli, C Romero,L martinez,L balerdi, Lanzini,A correa, N dominguez,E lamela, M icardi.
    Some guys here wants Gaich from pan american games to directly NT , first let him perform at big stage he was one who missed a clear chance and Argentina got knocked out of U20 WC. There are millions of players like Gaich, we already have better potion than him.

      • We dont have Rb or Lb either so we will have to with best possible option Foyth and Tagliafico. As GK is the confusing spot we will have to watch this season performance of Rulli, Benitez and Musso.

    • “There are millions of players like Gaich”.

      You don’t need to do more to get the etiquette of another nut after Csabalala.

      • This is your notorious habit of comparing people with Csabalala or Kidulthood when someone not agrees with you, You did the same thing with calling him KIdulthood.

        • This is not about disagree. THis is about arrogant, extreme statements in style of the two:

          “There are millions of players like Gaich”

          “…Gaich wil fail too”
          “period: bad dribbler, bad passer, no real killer instict (Icardi) or elite shooting or anything”

          “J correa will never get a chance in NT , he its better to play with 10 men than calling j correa”.

    • “first let him perform at big stage”

      Did Mascherano performed at big stage before being called up?

      “he was one who missed a clear chance and Argentina got knocked out of U20 WC”

      No matter Gaich has scored 15 goals within one year (also the only one against Mali) and contributed to many other goals.

        • Who said just few days ago that often best players are taken to Europe straightly from youth divisions even without 1st tier league experience?

          Who was Palacios in RIver before call up? Barely A River team player since few months.

      • Maschareno’s situation was different at that time maschareno was arguably best midfielder of River plate then. Played semifinal of copa Libertadores semi lost in penalty shootout with Boca. In 2004 at the age of 20 several clubs like Real Madrid, Bayren Munich, Inter Milan tried to sign him but River turned down the offers. but Gaich doesnt have that character.

        • “Maschareno’s situation was different at that time maschareno was arguably best midfielder of River plate then”

          Hey man, made his senior international debut before playing a single minute for River Plate’s first team. That was 16 july 2013.

          I noticed you often write something without having real knowledge on the theme. So is with your statements on local league

          • I never said Machareno played in NT after River Plate , I said Maschareno was recognized as best young midfield talent in Argentina and one of the best in midfied he impressed everyone in FIFA championship. He could not play in River because of Astrada but Gaich doesnt look like that character.
            You are master of maupulating other’s statement.

          • “Maschareno’s situation was different at that time maschareno was arguably best midfielder of River plate then” (when he got the call up).

            What we were talking about? We were talking about examples when a player is called up to NT before even debuted for A team in club. Mascherano is exactly the case, so don’t tell me I’m deviating the theme.

            In fact, Gaich already debuted for San Lorenzo and even scored some goals, so the more: what’s the problem here to call him up..

  5. Some U-23 winners of Panamerican Games might be on next the list in fact:


    “Además, se consensuó que algunos de los posibles convocados a la Sub-23 podrían estar en las próximas listas de las fechas FIFA que tiene la Mayor en el horizonte durante 2019: la de septiembre (ante Chile y México en Estados Unidos), la de octubre (Alemania y Portugal en Europa) y la de Noviembre (a confirmar)”.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking
      And I knew this coaching staff will
      Give chance the youth this Argentina
      set up is different for what we get
      Used last few years .

    • You may disagree with me, but for me only Gaich should be called for next friendlies from the pan american squad. Instead of them players like c.romero, l.martinez, j.correa etc should be called.
      I think this is the perfect time to introduce adolfo especially since Icardi, simeoni are out of form

      • I would consider also one of defenders: Novillo/Medina

        Players like Vera, Colombatto, Herrera or Valenzuela, Urzi were so much good but I don’t think it’s the time. For example: I would like to see in NT some day Vera or Colombatto as DM but now I don’t think they are ahead of Nico Dominguez in pecking order.

        Don’t know what is in Scaloni’s head. Everyone has his favourites of the PanAmerican team but the only one we agree is Gaich – he should be called up. The rest is just coach aspect.

        • Out of all, I’d say Colombatto deserves a call-up. That guy is really unlucky. If you’d watched him play against the England U20 during the 2017 WC(where they went on to become the eventual winners as well), I’m sure you’d have been left wondering whether the guy is really an U20 player. Super intelligent in almost all the aspects of the game. He even crashed the crossbar once from a direct FK from an improbable angle. Each of his corners and set piece deliveries were on the plate but our system failed to make any good out of it. And when he barged in to get to the end of a cross from one of the very few deliveries that came from a player other than him, he’d make sure to connect with it for an agonizingly close header. The saddest part of the whole story is that he’ll be again forced to play in some 2nd tier club in Italy. So if Scaloni can do-the-undone by roping him in for the friendlies, I’m quite sure the guy would make the most out of it.

          • Yes, Sabarish

            I consider Colombatto as real gem since the youth WC. He was IMO our best player on that tournament and this time one of the best.

      • I think lich Martinez will get call
        So gaich I would love to see c Romero
        For so many reasons. I fear if he
        Doesn’t get call very soon Italy will
        Try to convince to play thier nt.
        There few players I would like to
        See to get call. Likes nico Dominguez
        Vargas medina and j and a correa
        Matias zaracho alexis MacAllister
        Martínez Quarta and gonzalo montiel .

        • And 20 more…when will Scaloni start to build a team finally? Our midfield is ready De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso, attack too…only useful players from Copa and some more (Icardi, L. Martinez,C. Romero, one DM, Correas and maybe Palacios, Zaracho)…dont waste another year with pointless experimenting, Gaich has no chance to play in Copa (Giovanni Simeone-case without experience) with Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi, Dybala, Messi…

          • +maybe Lanzini, but im stil not impressed with his passing abilites, in WHU-City match he was on same level with David Silva and KDB technically, but their passing and creativity another dimension…and Lamela if stays injury free…already 10 players overall…we can keep half of them instead of Casco, Saravia, Guido, Pereyra, Acuna, Matias Suarez…

  6. I wonder what effect the economy will have on Argentine clubs. The stock index fell 30 percent and the peso fell off a cliff. The country will go bankrupt soon. How is it possible people voted for Christina Fernandez after all the corruption scandals? Are the people stupid? I know that under Macri things weren’t positive (e.g. inflation), but with Fernandez things will go down for everyone including clubs.
    We know AFA has been a mess for years, but apparently the whole country including its people are delusional. I predict more talent will leave cheap just to escape a corrupt and bankrupt country.

  7. Csabalala

    You use copa americas 1995 and 2004 as example for Brazil “good organization”?
    Really?? If it wasn’t for Tulio’s handball they would have lost. We were leading 2-1 when Tulio controled the ball with his hand before scored the equalizer and send the game to the penalty shoot out, an obvious to everyone handball apart from the referee, Brazilian politics just like the previous copa. In 2004 we were leading again, they equilised in the very last minute and we lost in penalty shoot out again. Which organization are you talking about??

    Yes, they have a good strike against us in the recent years unfortunately but they are still way behind us.

    Argentina 14 copa america, Brazil 9
    Face to face matches between us in copa america: Argentina 16 wins, Brazil 12, 5 draws. Argentina has been appeared not only to the most finals but has also been among the top 3 the most times in the history of copa americas than any other team, has scored the most goals, achieved the most wins and had the highest ratio of goals per game so enough said!

    And i don’t think that it will be a 6th time, what comes around comes around.
    Sometimes your comments are even more irritating than a Brazilian fan’s comments, seriously i am struggling big time to accept that you are an Argentina fan!

    • waveride

      agree, the two finals, 1995 and 2004, were so much similar and I can’t help feeling we were tha better teams then.

      If you root for Brazil you will always look for one side of coin. To that Csabalala always see the other nations talents as big disregarding ours.

      • With Messi suspended for months, there’s no better time to integrate and test these youngster in the senior team. Gaich wont have problem to play for senior side, he’s physically huge and strong and talented players usually play at top level already in their early 20s. Think about Tevez, Saviola, Aguero, Dybala etc.

        We shouldnt make same mistake like Pekerman did in 2006 by not fielding or starting Messi in big games just because he’s a youngster. France and Portugal has started Mbappe and CR since their youth. For whatever reason, Argentina these days tend to stuck with veterans.

        • Comparing Ronaldo messi mabbape to Gaiech is insult, pekarman did mistake putting messi on bench who was top5 list among ballon dor for medicore players like crepso

        • Don’t get ahead of yourself …gaich needs more time .. and has good potential but honestly he hasn’t played against competition like at the senior level…build him up first before you feed him to the lions or he will end up like Calleri . Gaich will have his time after la copa 2020 to be seen… icardi, Martinez, aguero, dybala, correa, j correa, are all in front of him in Messi’s absence.

  8. Since you don’t want to count France.

    2016 final:
    Arg: Romero (Man U), Otamendi (Man City), Funes Mori (Everton), Rojo (Man U), Biglia (Lazio), Mascherano (Barca), Banega (Sevilla), Messi (Barca), Higuain (Napoli), sub: Aguero (Man City), Lamela (Spurs). – Only Mercado was playing in Argentina. Di Maria (PSG-not a top four league)

    Chile: Bravo ( Barca), Medel (Inter), Aranguiz (Leverkusen), Diaz (Celta), Vidal (Bayern), Vargas (Hoffenheim).

    Top four league players who played in the final either starting or subbing in:
    Arg: 11
    Chile: 6
    Who won? The top league, top teams players or who?

    Regarding Paredes:
    Was selected in copa’s team of the tournament.
    Mourinho banished Salah from Chelsea, was he right? no he wasn’t!
    Forlan couldn’t score a goal to save his live at Man U.
    Pique also was bad at Man U.
    Patrice Evra was considered a flop after his first game against Man City.
    Riquelme was a flop at Barca then came back and lead Villarreal to the semis of CL.
    Di Maria flopped at Man U and came back at PSG.
    sometimes the fit is important, but without a doubt Paredes will shine, either at Psg or somewhere else.

    Hey guys I predicted France not winning the World cup because I never liked Deschamps, and thought they would win it in 2022. I also don’t know the lotto numbers so my credibility is tarnished. I am crying wehweh weh. Who f cares? I am not a genius or an oracle! I am mostly wrong than right in predictions and I can admit that. But I hate this Nazi methods of choosing players.
    It’s team play that wins games, and we should never discard players based on leagues, teams, and age.

    • Thank’s for the Chile instance – I will use the argue on another occasion 😛

      Always good to see also you, Ghostdeini, providing this kind of arguments. Everyone who use brain know that this Nazi methods of selection are untenable, childish and even dangerous (if you want really have the right players). European – locals; Young – old; Famous – unknown; Big clubs – small clubs; big transfer’s players – cheap money ones – all the divisions are for ignorants. Good material you can find everywhere on the world. Just mostly in Europe but everyone attention worth is there.

    • In 2016 chile won copa america in penalty shootout but they were not better team than us in whole tournament BTW you forgot the name of Sanchez. Chile chose many local league players because they didnt have many options in the Europe but we Argentina have. In 2006 italy, 2010 spain,2014 Germany, 2018 France won the World Cup because most of their players were from Top clubs. Even in 2004 Greece won euro cup with many unknown players but it happens once in 20 years you cant make that a point.
      “we should never discard players based on leagues, teams, and age.” Tell some of the haters here.

      • CHile won twice the Copa so I think they were better on organisation. Organization is something when you not necesarry need players from top clubs. Even if Argentina was on similar level to the Chile team you see, the smaller club’s players of Chile or any other nation should not be excluded because they won that.

        • Brazil won twice in finals against us, so they were better on organisation. (2004, 2007). And 5 times in a row (95, 99, 2004, 2007, 2019) hello Bielsa, and will be 6th too, because Tite>>>Scaloni on organisation even drunk.

        • Chile weren’t more organized than us in either of those copas… Tara had us well organized and we were the superior team to Chile. Even Chilenos will tell you that. but football comes down to chances and we (higauin) missed “clear cut chances” in both of those games…I would even argue that Argentina has never played better since 1987 than under Tata… yes and we won championships in ‘91,92,93 but those teams didn’t play better .. they had batistuta whom didn’t miss chances like higuain like por ejemplo en la final in 93 against Mexico… both of the goals batistuta scored was on genius of himself… and we won 2-1… but under tata our midfield play of mascherano, vigils, banega, dimaria pastore and even gaitan in Messi’s absence in 2016 was organized and superior … name another tournament where Argentina outscores opponents 18-2; +16 goal differential. Facts not opinion

  9. Mrinal 1235
    “Godin you are the worst among haters , you want everything to get down Argentina NT , you always support the players who can let sown NT like Meza, Pavon, Suarez, Pereyra…… You are one who wanted Messi out of the team just accept it. You and Gonzalo are anti-Argentina fan some Colombian fans in disguise. When Messi a hattrick against Ecuador in Quito you and Gonzalo was the most unhappiest men on this bolg , this tells the whole story”

    See time and time again you accused me.
    I’m arge nt hater without prove
    Look how baseless your statement is
    I never praise Suarez or meza in fact
    I was so critical about meza for whole
    Last year when scaloni was keep
    Including him for friendlies if you
    You track my comments and see
    What I said about meza if you wish.
    Suarez I talked opposite when some
    People were cheering him for two halfs
    He played against Venezuela and Morocco.
    I said exactly as following.. we can’t judge
    A player for playing reasonably good
    In 60 or 70 odd minutes ..
    Dude I watched football a lot
    I played and I coached under 16 teams.
    So therefore I know when.I watch a player
    I can tell weather he is Real ballar or
    average don’t get me wrong
    I human being sometimes I can make
    Wrong judgement but please tell me
    The human being who doesn’t?
    But you mrinal you always make
    Emotional judgement I get it you have
    Your favourite players and nothing
    Wrong with that but you have to accept it
    Your favourite players time is up for
    arge nt … new blood new generation
    So I kindly suggest you that you stick to
    with Your beloved fcb .. .. …

    • Why didnt you accept that you wanted messi out of the team time and time again, you are a messi hater you dont care about NT . I always support good players whether he is young or old Messi, Aguero, Di maria, Locelso, A correa, L martinez, Rulli, Otamendi, Foyth….. may be their time is up or may be they play for FCB .
      I make judgement of a player on their performance not on basis of hatred.
      Keep hating Messi you Actor but he will keep proving you wrong and will remain best player of Argentina. Most of your arguments are illogical and keep contradicting yourself.

  10. RIP farmer league now Rulli stats this season will be 4times more impressive than Farmer Benitez, Musso is the no1

  11. I regret Alfaro, another game, is not using Reynoso in Boca. The problem is that with De Rossi, Salvio and MacAllister joining Bocaand with the formation he may only play interchangeable with MacAllister. MacAllister had assist but iddn’t scored his penalty just like Salvio and Hurtado.

  12. Carles puyol doesn’t have great height but he was beast when it comes to winning aerial duels and ironically puyol and lisandra martinaz have same height so we should not discard L Martinez as CB before analysing his aerial strength but still I prefer him as lb or dm because of his ball carrying ability

    • Lich Martinez looks so promising
      As long he continues this way
      I have no doubt Argentina
      Will benefit from him for me is
      Next big hope a long with Martínez Quarta
      And you yes lich Martinez should be
      only Considered as CB for the nt

        • Bro why you want him play
          As dm of lb firstfal we have very
          Good lb taglifiaco and dm
          We can get few options but
          What arg nt desperately need
          is very good CBs and lich Martinez
          is perfact fit.

        • I’m not sure DM position is for LIsandro but giving his football profile (especially passing abilities and ball control) I’m eager to see him few games in the position. I’m open: CB, LB, DM. WHo knows.

      • Because we don’t have good cdm so I want scaloni to utilise his ball carrying ability either in cdm or lb position
        Bdw ,I am not a big fan of tagliafico
        Bdw our biggest problems are rb ,gk and cdm positions

    • yeah Cannavaro, Heinze and Ayala are all not tall but they were all beast. The most important thing is to have a tall guy type stopper like Balerdi next to him. My favorite defense for the next Copa would be: Benitez-Foyth, Lisandro Martinez, Balerdi, Tagliaico, with these players, we can switch from 433 to 343 without any problem

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