Fernando BATISTA to coach Argentina U23 pre-Olympic team, Olympic games


Argentina U23 coach Fernando BATISTA is expected to coach the Argentina team during their Olympic qualification process as well as the Olympic games themselves, should they qualify.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the current coach will stay on to manage the team for the Olympic qualifiers which will take place between January 15 and February 2, 2020 in Colombia. BATISTA recently won gold with his team at the Pan American Games and took over the team from current Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI.

Crowned Olympic gold champions twice in 2004 and 2008, Argentina will be looking for their third gold medal.



  1. Good for Batista, he deserves it… Tapia has built Argentina from the rubbles and now we have a U-17 championship, pan American championship, 2nd in under 20… unlucky to have not done better in u 20 mundial but we are definitely building something to be proud of … really looking forward to AFA building a soccer facility in Marbella to build camaraderie amongst the European based players, which is what Argentina has lacked at the national level.

      • minus Colombatto from Italy, Gaich from a top club (irony) but with MLS players (start only in March) Barco, Lucas Rodriguez, maybe even with Conechny, Valenzuela, Castellanos from NYFC, google them Mr. Prophecy LOL

        • If Gaich will stay in San Lorenzo I suppose this time Batista will fight with clubs ((with AFA support) and took him too. I expect almost the same team because the last won was like 3rd tier so AFA can’t let down below the level. COlombatto also is not beyond reach.

      • I bet you didnt hear Valenzuela’s club Barracas advanced to second division, and bought Sebastian Riquelme former Argentinos playmaker, and loaned a lot of Racing talents: Gonzalo Cordoba (former U15 star with Garre and Colidio), Evelio Cardozo (current U20 playmaker), winger Alexis Cuello and little bit older striker Facundo Castro…they will be the Defensa of second division.

    • Zlatan fights against MLS, degradate that in every possible way, critisise the best player Vela, his teammates, the niveau, too weak for him, etc. etc. with this statement he degradete MLS even more. Egoistic fool.

    • I really hope Zlatan is right! We want to see him in some decent clubs in Europe. But I don’t remember any player left MLS for Europe. I don’t think European clubs will bother to send someone to US for monitoring new talents.

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