Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scores for Ajax, Lisandro MARTINEZ has stand out performance


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scored for Ajax while Lisandro MARTINEZ had a standout performance in their 3-2 win against PAOK.

With the first leg ending 2-2, TAGLIAFICO managed the second goal in the victory and the tie which ended 5-4 in Ajax’s favor. With it being 1-1, a cross was sent into the area and TAGLIAFICO was the first to reach it as he headed it passed the goalkeeper and into the net.

There was another Argentine in the match who had a solid performance, that being newly signed Lisandro MARTINEZ. The defender was everywhere for Ajax.



  1. Giving couple of minutes to youngsters in NT will helps tp gain thr confidence early.
    A.Almendra Urzi Barco chr.ferrera Gaich valensuela L.martinez Reynoso Colombatto .i think these players defently deserved couplevof minutes in NT. It will be a big advatantage to NT and players for a good future..

    • 3 defensive midfielders (Ascacibar, Dominguez, Capaldo) why? Vera and Colombatto capable DMs and can solve that position, goalkeeper, centre backs and attacking positions what have to strenghten,

      • He will not call up all the DMs together. I’m generally against revolution in U-23 team even if some famous players will available. I would like to see someone in Nico Gonzalez place and maybe Mosevich and Cambezes. That’s all. Collective understanding is more important on the level than stars collection..

  2. i hope fans of marcelo bielsa tuned in today to see banfield vs argentino juniors. crespo lost (3-2) with banfield in a nice game but the good and bad of a bielsa type system by him was on full display today.

    crespo came out with a 3-1-3-3 type system (maybe more like 3-1-3-2-1) with bielsa type ideas of having a midfield sweeper (23y jorge rodriguez) between the back line and mid line and double inside forwards(19y urzi on right and 33y bertolo on left) up front to cut in and stretch wide, and even an enganche in middle (old man datolo) etc. Juniors countered with a 4-2-3-1, but really a 4-5-1 to puncture the soft parts of a bielsa system.

    urzi and half midfield/wing back luciano gomez (23y) showed good link up play on the banfield right channel and big threats showed on juniors left side with 25y left back elias gomez having to use very dark arts and fouls to keep urzi quiet. datolo also had a good game from the 10 position linking both wings. urzi had full freedom to cut all the way in, drift to left from right, cover in the wingback positions, hug the sideline, everything.

    the problem with crespo version of bielsa system is when the forward 3-3 advance the midfield sweeper left behind can be caught in really bad positions. Especially if the ball is caught in transition 6 players get caught too far up there was danger of jorge rodriguez getting outnumbered. Juniors used sort of a midfield triangle (23y francis macallister, 21y moyano, and 24y Ivan Colman at the head of triangle) to put lot of pressure in the center to win these transition balls. two deadly transitions one an aerial interception and another a duel in the middle saw juniors go up 2-0. these transition duel wins dont count if there is no one to occupy or attack spaces left for the transition winner to feed the ball to. Juniors wide man 23y Batallini was in excellent position to receive and create in front of many of these wins, sneaking into areas left behind by the advancing gomez. he had a great game and was rewarded by a goal and one pre-assist.

    i enjoyed this game. watched two games today, one having a heavyweight in la liga and one mid table in superliga, no guesses as to which one was interesting.

    • I have watched the gama. For some time I have the impression Banfield has several interesting players but can’t make results under Crespo so far.

      • “several interesting players”

        i think its just a tough system for a team to get right as a whole. frankly i don’t have a lot of hope for the team but this system has potential to produce one or two good wingers and wingbacks who are fast and skillful but also hard working and disciplined because thats what this system demands so its good to keep an eye. i do hope crespo keeps getting a few wins so they dont throw him out and he can produce these players.

        • I think Luciano Gomez had good game again.

          @el mongol
          good to hear someone who covers the SUperliga games so closely and have the tactical attitude. The circle augments.

  3. Lisandro Martinez and Tagliafico will continue to shine with Ajax. Balerdi will have his 1st experience in Champions League. Lanzini and Lo Celso will be the top midfielders in PL, Vargas may be the surprise of the year, Benitez the best GK in Ligue 1, Lautaro will have an important role in Inter, I am overall very bullish for the Argentina players in Europe.

    • “Vargas may be the surprise of the year” nothing surprising with him. He was most impressing young player in Argentina

  4. An additional advantage of having Lucas Romero is the flexibility of deploying him almost anywhere -wingback, any part of the midfield etc. He broke into Cruzeiros first eleven playing RB. Glad he is back at Independiente.

  5. My highest regards to both Battaglia and Ascacibar but I think both Lucas’, Romero and Menossi have been quietly superb last 2 seasons and either of them could be a perfect complement to Paredes in the middle of the park. More than the back four, I think the midfield is the key puzzle for Scaloni to solve and there are least two defensive minded midfield options that need to be cemented yet. Have still not given up on Guido Rodriguez. Some more chances possibly to be given in friendlies to him before a final call on him

    • Agree, those 2 names – Lucas Romero and Lucas Menossi are someones to follow closely. Not that they should be call up just now but if will do imn their new clubs what they did previously then Scaloni should be open for the options.

  6. Thankfully Colon made it to semi finals. Was not looking to good for them in the first half in the 433 with Leguizamon and luis Rodriguez making things too narrow in the final third and not being able to take advantage of Bernardi’s playmaking and good offensive support from the full backs. 19 (20?) year old alex vigo showed good potential pushing the right back zone (still has a lot to develop though in other areas) before his sub.

    Halftime Lavallen bought in forward morelo for vigo and i really thought it was the wrong decision because i thought he needed to take leguizamon space instead. But always happy to be wrong, playing behind the striker and direct he got opener immediately. With support from the paraguayan left back and bernardi he just ripped zulia apart and then the red cards came and it was too late for opponent.

    it was the two foreign boys mostly who got this win i think but i’ll take it to see one of our team in the semi’s against the brazilians.

    • Nice recapitulation, bro. No matter which, matter we have our team in Semis of Sudamericana.

      By the way: some intersting chages will let us probably to see this Superliga weekend Barboza, Blanco and Lucas Romero starting in Independiente, Reynoso and Obando/De Rossi in Boca, Urzi for Banfield.

      • yeah mate good game banfield v juniors and looking forward to see if becacecce will re-make his midfield after the sudamerica failure. also racing v river ( i think i will miss this one as its bad time for me). but i’m interested to see if gallardo follow what velez showed two weeks ago – keep racing quiet by keeping a permanent man mark shadow on zaracho for the majority of match.

        • I’m waiting to for the new configuration of Independiente central midfield and Reynoso together with Rossi in Boca. Obando is promising too.

          Both Beccacece and Pizzi are scrambling to choose their teams with many options available.

        • Don’t know what is good time in your country but TNT sports is repeating full games of every round during whole week after and that’s on different hours.

  7. Lautaro Martinez, Corlos Venezuela Matias Zaracho and Brian Mansilla they were in the same Batch in Racing. All of them was amazing on their youth levels.
    Btw where is Brian Mansilla ?

  8. C Romero had a break out year last year. He deserves a look in. Both he and Foyth are a little reckless though. Lisandro Martinez should definitely be in. Kannemann is back in action for Gremio and he would be my first preference CB. We would possibly have had a different Copa were he fit. I would go with Saravia at RB. I am more concerned about our midfield. Scaloni met with success with 4-3-3 though I still don’t think that is our best option for three reasons. One, our midfield gets over run and we concede too much possession to the opposition. Second, it takes out Tagliafico out of the offensive equation – he has too much defensive duties and third, this formation doesn’t give Lo Celso a favoured position at the center of the midfield with a license to attack. I would rather go with Lo Celso heading the diamond with Paredes at the base and De Paul on the left and Palacios/Zaracho on the right. Dybala and Lautaro to be the frontmen. Assuming Aguero won’t be released, it’s a great chance to blood in both Correas. If it’s a 4-3-3 then J Correa should definitely get a look in. For heaven’s sake no Icardi. With him there is every risk that the circus will return to the NT. De Paul and Paredes definitely start and I would hate to choose between Palacios and Lo Celso

    • Don’t know about rumours but following players should not be called = guidos ,masherin ,Armani ,Suarez ,pazella ,pereryra ,casco (in case of Armani I don’t want him to called because I want someone to get adjust with the team for 22 and most importantly his performance in copa was average except that penalty against Paraguay

      • Spot on.
        New Players i would like to see.
        Adolfo Gaich, McAlister, Nico Dominguez, Medina ( he is my top choice has very Good understanding of the game Can play as CB and LB both ).

  9. I m glad that big clubs are not going for Gaich.
    Big club gonna use you as their bitch. will play you out of position gonna. Wont give you enough game time. Look at Lo Celso fucking PSG was using him as a destroyer. I was Happy when Lautaro Martinez said no to Real Madrid. Look at Vini he is going to be on the bench now that Hazard came. Barca dont give Arthur proper chances. He is one of the best Barca has…. Big Clubs gives chance to Proven players they buy young talents just to destroy their Career…….

    • Let’s see wheter Real will loan his 60 mln sign Jović. That would be like crown of stupidity of the club.

        • Why are you writing off topic again? What has 4 UCL with perspective of loan 60 mln player signed just 2 months ago. That would be crown of stupidity in fact. I say perspective because that may or may not happen. Even without this and with 4 UCL there’s no other club on the globe that is bigger waster of talents. Real = money. They think we can win everything thank’s to money.

  10. With Foyth injured and Saravia out of form, I wonder who can be called to fill the RB spot? Montiel? Mammana?

    I personally wanna see C. Romero, L.Martinez and Kannemmann (if he recovered) called for CB spots. Battaglia should be given a chance if recovered too. Joaquin and Angel Correa as well as Lanzini and Lamela.

    • RB is question mark now indeed. Montiel, Saravia, Herrera – several names to think about. IMO we should wait some time for Saravia while try Mammana which is my favourite.

      • Leandro Godoy was once promising but not sure about now.

        On a different note, I really hope Nico Dominguez moves to either Bologna or Udinese. He’s more than ready to move to Europe. I’m a bit surprised that both Vargas and especially S. Caseres moved ahead of him. Thiago Almada who is super talented should stay in Argentina for another couple of seasons.

        • Leo Godoy is superb and I have his name still in head but he is recovering after injury and has not played yet in this season for Talleres. With Godoy, Komar, Diaz and U-20 players Medina and Tenaglia Talleres has most young prospects in defence.

          I’m not surprised Vargas moved to Europe sooner than Dominguez but really surprised Caseres did that before Vargas and DOminguez.

  11. Rojo should not be called for upcoming friendly because of foyth’s injury ,instead scaloni should call lisa martinaz and c Romero (PS Italians fans and many Italian nt staffs want him to join Italy ) ,Vargas ,nico Dominguez should also be called

  12. Independiente failed on this but Coloc Santa Fe made semifinals of Copa Sudamericana winning Zulia 4:0.
    Team didn’t presented recently to me soemthing that much interesting anyway it’s always pleasure to watch La Pulga Luis Rodriguez. Such a shame he didn’t get more chances in NT when was younger (except 32 minutes under Maradona). Chancalay scored one.

    • Watched the match highlights. That last goal was constructed well for a beautifully executed counter-attack. Bernadi backheeling for Lertora and his first touch and the dink was excellent. Hoping La Pulga Luis Rodriguez to take them to glory!

      • Yes, that was eye-catching, however the opponents was already decimated with 2 red cards.

        That would be tough semifianls with possible 2 brazilian teams.

  13. Good athleticism(speed and agility), fantastic skills, good passing, impressive composure and a robust but good tackler. I see a samba version of Cannavaro in him. Fantastic !

    Hope Scaloni doesn’t hesitate to call him again soon. His last try out failed cause Scaloni used a weird 5 defender formation which confused the whole team. This time around give him the left centre back role and see him flourish.

  14. When I saw him against Venezuala, I quickly realized that he has something special and I was surprised that he was substituted and lost his chances. I think that he might be as talented as Foyth. Let’s hope that Mammana can have a good year and leave Russia. I see a bright future for NT. Keep the good work Licha!!!!

    • Most of peoples wanted to cancel him after first 45 mins in NT. Why? Because they are ignorants who thinks only EUropean based players are NT material while Lisandro is NT material for some time now.

  15. With Lisandro Martinez gone, I rate Senesi as the best CB in the Suoerliga. He has exceptional ability to read the game. An intellectual defender like Garay. Understands the flow of the game, makes good interceptions high up in the pitch to set up counter attacks and his left footed long balls show great vision, often setting up goal scoring opportunities. Hope Fiorentina picks him before the window closes.

  16. A few months back, I had mentioned that Vargas, Lisando Martinez, Palacios, Zaracho and Senesi are ready to move to Europe . I will like to add one more name- Nicolas Dominguez. Very happy to see Martinez and Vargas doing well, although it’s early days. Also very happy to note the choice of clubs they decided to move to. Relatively lower expectations compared to the big clubs, an opportunity to play against the best opposition and first team chances. Lisandro Martinez is ready to be drafted into the NT in place of Pezzella.

    • “A few months back, I had mentioned that Vargas, Lisando Martinez, Palacios, Zaracho and Senesi are ready to move to Europe”

      It’s not easy to predict when players is ready for Europe or NT. Some had impressive beginnings and they have lost. Sometimes the opposite case. Watching every Velez’s game of Vargas I could say sometimes (with his 2 big form falls) he is not even ready for Superliga. But still it’s realatively easy to see talent even if he has his ups and downs. Talent is talent. Some create unnecessary standards of being NT material: go to Europe, play one season, play Champions league, score 20 goals or so… Talent is talent and our coach should rather practicise Bielsa standrads who was enough smart to pick and adapt real talents at his really early stages of career (from local league, Mexico and of course Europe). Palacios barely won place in River A team and just few months later we saw in friendlies he has something to offer for NT.

      It’s always worth to work in NT with youth generations

      • Completely agree Gonzalo. When I say “ready to move to Europe” I give my opinion that I feel these players a have the talent and are ready for a higher challenge so that they can grow and develop. That challenge could be anywhere as long as it is a stretch. Sometimes it will happen that some seemingly talented boys may fail but it is important to take the plunge to get better and better. Europe is a broad term. The choice of club that you play for is extremely important whether it is Europe or anywhere else. Moving to Real or Man U or Juve is not worth considering for various reasons. Those are bridges too far and too risky.

  17. This Tagliaficos header shows his aerial quality. The power and direction (all three coordinates) to beat the keeper from that distance required great technique. We need him to play like this for Argentina like he plays for Ajax. Scoring goals from open play and set pieces. Winning penalties and stretching the defence. For that the defensive midfield needs to be strengthened. With the NT he has too much defensive duties. Also the 4-3-3 system with Paredes as our “DM” constrains him to be far more defensive minded. Also our two error prone CBs do not help the situation.

  18. Mamoun used to praise Lisandro Martinez back in his Defensa days. By the way, where is Mamoun? Haven’t seen him comment in a while, I think before Copa America was the last time…

    A friend of mine who is a huge Ajax Amsterdam fan is super happy with both Tagliafico and Martinez.

  19. When I was saying this boy lich Martinez
    Is unreal some have laughed at me
    But what I amaze me some are saying
    He is better as dm or lb .. why
    When arg nt. Needs desperately
    CB like him another one I like and
    I believe he will raise is Martínez Quarta.

      • Don’t look his ball carrier abilities.
        Look his defensive skills and positioning
        The way he is reading the game
        He also a lot clamar with the ball
        No packing no rush challenging
        That is the real attribute of real defender
        And that is him … he modern defender.

        • I think we should just use full of his potentiall and not sure if Lisandro as CB is not wasting a bit of the creative abilities because of this deep positioning immanent to CB position.

          Another posibility is that with good asortiment of talented CBs as Cristian Romero, Martinez Quarta, Novillo, Medina and others we might look for shifting one talented players to use other ones. Let’s think Martinez Quarta with ROmero on CB, Medina on LB while Paredes/Lo Celso with LIsandro on CM.

          Anyway I have pleasure with watching him both on CB as LB so I will not stubbornly insist he must play CM.

    • Mr Godin, aside from paredes, we have Batta, god knows when he’s returning and Ascac, who plays in German second league (guidos didn’t work). Aside from that, we DON’T have much in terms of defensive mids. So when a fast tenacious CB that can dribble really well shows up, of course many people are going to suggest CDM. For CB, at least we have some cover in the near term but nothing really for CDM.

  20. Lisandor Maritnez “He’s absolutely blown me away and I cannot believe we got him for €7m. What a signing”.

    Thank’s to Csabalala like propaganda we will make the pleasure to Europeans still and sell our talents for peanuts.

    • Btw when you praised Barboza day and night, and didnt tell a single word about Martinez for long, was clear who is the more talented. Barboza is too slow. Mr. Prophecy

      • Since Lisandro started to play for Defensa I was mentioning him regularly here. Yes Barboza earlier – since his Atletico Rafaela times. But Lisandro before joined Defensa almost didn’t played for Newell’s A team.

        Still I suppose no one mentioned Lisandro in here before me.

        Man, Barboza just joined Independiente. That’s not degradation. Beccacece wants him so much.

      • “was clear who is the more talented”

        That’s so funny from you. You are always so wise after fact but hidden deep somewhere when facts are proving you wrong.

        For you always everything is so clear and that’s the main reason why no one takes you really seriously. KidultHood was another one for whom everything was so clear that he was regularly using the “PERIOD” word. This is what I describe with: arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand.

        Now it’s clear for you since first sight Gaich is not NT claiber and will fail too. Let’s see. Wise man should say at least something like: I don’t know, but I really don’t think so he is.

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