Lisandro MARTINEZ, Marcos ROJO rumored to make Argentina team, Angel DI MARIA out


Lisandro MARTINEZ, Marcos ROJO and others are rumored to make the Argentina national team list while the likes of Angel DI MARIA are likely to miss out.

Argentina have two friendly matches line-up for the month of September, both against familiar foes. One against Chile, the team which they defeated at the 2019 Copa America and the second against a long time rival, Mexico.

Coach Lionel SCALONI is expected to announce his list of players, which will vary from the one which made the Copa America, on Sunday or Monday. With a shortage of defenders due to injuries, Lisandro MARTINEZ, Walter MARTINEZ and Lucas Martinez QUARTA are all expected to make the Argentina National team for the two games.

One other defender which is being rumored is Manchester United defender Marcos ROJO. The former Estudiantes man has not played a single match for his country since the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Eduardo SALVIO of Boca Juniors who also has not played a single match since the World Cup is rumored to be making a return to the team. The likes of Angel DI MARIA and Matias SUAREZ, both who were part of the Copa America team will miss out.

Goalkeeper Esteban ANDRADA of Boca Juniors is set to be included as well.



  1. Rojo is not bad when he is physically fit. Now thr is no chance to include in NT .
    My opinion is to try j.correa and Montiel in wings. And 3 proper defndrs as Barboza/mori
    Foyth/ascicabar quarta/Romero.

  2. It’s a good start for Lamela, I wrote in a previous post that he could be the surprise of the year because I saw his pre-season performance and his changes in altitude. Tottenham had 10x less opportunities to score but he was decisive. Their fullbacks were completely dominated by City players, Kane was transparent, it was a true miracle. Just to mention Otamendi was incredible last night. We need that Otamendi in the national team: tackle, press, corner, pass, all perfectly executed.

    It’s still early to conclude how Lo Celso will be used. I guess Pochettino will try to use him first as a right CM and then 10 behind the 2 strikers. I think Alli and Lo Celso can form a great pair in the midfield, supported by Ndombele and Sissoko.

  3. Lamela has had a great pre season at the center of the midfield and he had a superb game yesterday. While he scored and assisted Lucas what I particularly like is his off the ball movements and defensive contributions. He is a fighter and gives his all. Even against Villa, where he had a quiet game, the second Spurs goal was made when Lamela stole the ball at the edge of the box from a tiring Grealish. I also notice that Pity has been forced to work on his defensive side by Frank de Boer. Lamela, Lanzini and Pity would surely be on Scalonis mind.

  4. This Copa we have established a core for the qualifiers. Messi, Aguero were always there. But several new / unestablished players cemented their place at least for now – Lautaro, Paredes,De Paul, Tagliafico, Foyth. Contrary to a few opinions I thought Armani was solid in the Copa. His ability to deal with aerial balls is one of the best that I have seen maybe after Fillol and that goes a long way back. We have always had good shot stoppers but even Romero and Goyocochea our best shot stoppers in the last 3 decades were extremely suspect with set pieces and aerial balls and have cost us many a goal and game. But there are many positions in the squad that need to be fixed. Hence new faces must be tried. No one I think has ever undermined the contributions of ADM or Otamendi or the like. They have been great servants of the NT and amongst the best in the world for long. On their day they are still very good but their consistency is diminishing. And with an eye on the World Cup, it is important that new talents are tried out so that we have a strong and deep side that has played together for a couple of years. These trials are therefore crucial.

  5. Pep Guardiola 💬 Sergio Aguero believed I was upset with him for the goal we conceded. The goal we conceded was a corner. I wanted one on one movement. He thought I was upset with him. Emotion is part of our game. We talked after and during. He’s a guy I love a lot.

  6. Choripan,

    both Guidos will out of NT. That’s 2 free spots. Di Maria out – that’s another spot. Messi won’t be there. Casco, Suarez, Pereyra also probably won’t be there. Few more free spots. Otamendi and Pezzella are not that solid points for future so we should test new CBs. Saravia is out of form – we should test someone new as his back up or even 2 new ones (and keep faith in Saravia still). We should test someone who will be successor of Aguero whenever he will left NT because he will be 32 next year. The goalkeeper position is free IMO. Armani was good during COpa but too old and we need test new ones. Another free spots.

    Still there’s core of Copa players that may continue but as you see we NEED to incorporate new ones.

    • Rojo, Salvio, or Andrada should not be called right now as we have better options.

      Overall, I have Copa 2019 PTSD.

      Even when we only had 1 friendly left prior to 1st game of copa, dumbass Scaloni and some people were still calling for new faces. I recall exact words from some “it doesn’t matter if Messi or player X dont play friendlies, they already have enough NT practice”. In hindsight, those people were dead wrong. Everyone needs practice and everyone needs time to play together to gain chemistry.

      Those people calling for new faces sacrificed the outcome of the tournament. Instead of establishing a team, they called for new faces.

      I blame Scaloni and all the supporters with the same mentally. That mentally made us play like shit at the start and we ended up with garbage results as 3rd place. I blame them for our shitty performance.

      Now that we finally started seeing consistency at the end of Copa, i’m afraid we’ll repeat the same garbage mistake and keep calling new faces. I really hope the core doesn’t change too much and Scaloni sticks with starting 11 for friendlies. We don’t have much time left for the next copa…every game counts until then.

      (btw, agree with guidos, suarez, pereyra, casco not being called)

  7. Rojo? If true, it’s madness, he has not played for MU and barely even made the bench last season. Even Funes Mori whom I don’t rate is better than Rojo. Call Cristian Romero and Kannemann instead.

  8. Guys, I know that most of you don’t want to hear about Rojo but I think that a Rojo with rhythm and playing time is better than all defenders that we have now. I was really disappointed by Otamendi. I saw Lisandro Martinez, he might have a future but he is too short and its too early to be considered as a starter. Foyth is too unpredictable and Pezzella is not convincing. Our hope is maybe Kanneman. I think we must continue to look for a backline because we won’t get far with the one that we had in the cope.

  9. Fuck building a team, style, and chem.

    Let’s keep testing players to give the NEW FACE junkies on mundo a high like crack.

    Lets commit the EXACT SAME FUCK UP that happened during Copa. No team, no style, no chem but hey AT LEAST WE TRIED X and Y NEW FACE.

    Congrats you new face junkies. Your wish is being granted. Keep testing new players at the expense of building team. Yall are so smart.

    (Rojo is an odd choice. Dude doesn’t play at all. Same with Salvio, he aint that gud)

  10. As of right now, the back four I see are Montiel Foyth Lisandro Tagliafico. I know Foyth is injured but this is the best four far and away we have. Screwing around with this would be a mistake.

  11. My only conplaint is that Rojo gets called over Mammana. Rojo is way too aggressive and isn’t even a top class defender anyway. Mammana has much more ability compared to him.

        • Lanzini was once one of my favourtite players but I have no more confidence he will stay free from unjuries.

          Pity – it depends what position he will play. If LF as is was before, I prefer Vargas. Reynoso is currently my top3 so also over Pity. The last one proper position is more central on RF.

          • Agree, but still I have some distance to players like Lanzini or Lamela. Whenever they are reaching optimal form injury catch them. I want to see them a half of year healthy before I start to believe it’s worth build on them

    • The only logic I see with Rojo is that he is decent in the air, tall, athletic, and pretty ok working the wing if needed to fill in. I dont like him in the team, we can do much better, but if they are thinking of playing Taglafico (short), another short CB like Lisandro, and maybe an attacking right back who wont help defend as well.. we need atleast 2 or 3 players that can be aggressive in the backline, both tackling and breaking up play and in the air, this is Otamendis role now. Rojo is a poor mans Otamendi who can fill in for Taglafico if needed. He is not a bad bench option. What we cant afford is to have no aerial control in the back or no bite, especially if we dont play a pitbul #5 like Masch used to be and Paredes isnt.

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