Joaquin CORREA scores for Lazio in 3-0 win against Sampdoria


Argentina national team man Joaquin CORREA scored for Lazio in their 3-0 win against Sampdoria.

Joaquin CORREA, who was called-up to the Argentina team last week, has shown just why he is back in the squad. CORREA was left unmarked in the penalty area and with a lovely right footed finish made it 2-0 for Lazio.

CORREA has one goal in three matches for Argentina and will look to add to his tally when the team plays against Mexico and Chile next month.


  1. J Correa can do more than this…….he hardly press or defend so he needs to improve his last pass and finishing….
    This guy is so talented so it’s normal to expect more from him.

    • Of course “has” because you said that. If will do that what next standard you will conceive to depreciate his achievement? “Fuckin lot x2”? I think he is already better than you thought previously and that’s problem for you.

        • So far he played more like winger tracking back deep, initiating runs and driblings in a way that cannot be considered as normal striker’s waiting-for-pass role, rather like being engine that drive it all from midfield to forward line. That’s likely to continue regardless of what nominall posiotion he will be given. Correa live off his legs’ work – he will not be a passive striker.

          If any coach is going to reduce him to striker that must be cutting his wings off.

    • I would argue the best way for local league players to get attention is raw talent and enterprise networking. National team call up helps draw attention but it doesn’t exceed raw talent.

      • Agree, however I don’t think we have any problems with talent here and there. In recent years stream of young players introduced regularly to NT was hampered are slowed down, for the reason (maybe not only that) the number of players that went to Europe was smaller. But every of the current local call ups is worth of Europe (not sure about Figal only) so why not to help them and others too.

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