Mauro ICARDI in Inter limbo as Juventus, Napoli, Monaco are interested


Mauro ICARDI’s future with Inter appears to be up in the air as both sides cannot reach an agreement.

ICARDI’s future at the club took a huge turn after being stripped from the captaincy and being left out of matches and squads last season. ICARDI’s wife, who happens to be his agent, has stated that he has turned down a lot of money and a lot of offers from different clubs in order to stay with Inter.

However, the club executives don’t feel the same way. Speaking with DAZN, Inter director Giuseppe MAROTTA had this to say:

“For us it is a bit of annoyance, both for the timing and for the way [she spoke]. I absolutely deny that any Inter manager, and in particular [chairman] Steven Zhang, has invited Icardi to stay. We have dictated a precise strategy and communicated it at the right time. We will go on until the end and nobody from Inter can distort this common line.”

AS are reporting that Juventus, Napoli and Monaco are interested in signing the Argentine.


  1. He does not want to join Monaco or Napoli, only Juve. Without a transfer he is condemned to sit in a sky box till January or maybe the whole season. What a waste.

  2. Everybody understands that finding a new club would be better for this player……a promising player westing his career …….he has a lot to give to club football and Argentina….. I hope he will find a way to skip this situation…..

      • LOL! Funny but true.
        Actually if you read their own narrative, it was Wanda who started texting the new kid at Barcelona after Maxi brought him home. She offered to show him the city and it seems it slowly happened there after.

  3. If he is serious about his football career, he must change his agent. She is wrong for him professionally speaking. I don’t care what they do personally.

    At this point I think his career is done, both for NT and clubs.

    • if you think that it is possible Icardi change manager without divorce his wife then my friend you don t have idea about what kind of woman Wanda nara is.

      Icardi career is doomed and in same time he deserves what he have because he is idiot (minimum).

      Icardi should change wife first and find manager after.
      if we look about his career only of course.
      about his personal life is other subject.
      if he loves so much that woman then bad for him.
      it is not my business.

      Personally for me Icardi is forgotten history for the national team.

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