Paulo DYBALA linked with PSG move, depends on NEYMAR to Barcelona


Paulo DYBALA is still being linked with a move away from Juventus with PSG being the primary candidates in signing him.

It’s been the talk of the summer for both Paulo DYBALA and NEYMAR. It is no secret that the club from Turin is looking to offload Paulo DYBALA with him being at one point close to joining Manchester United. However, that deal fell through and DYBALA remains a Juventus player. For now.

Per several reports in Italy and France, PSG are looking to sign the Argentine but that would depend on NEYMAR’s potential move to FC Barcelona. Per the reports, should NEYMAR sign with the Catalan club, that would open the door for PSG to sign DYBALA from Juventus.


  1. Best team for Argentina
    4 3 3
    N.Figal. Otamendi Foyth. Rojo
    De Paul. Paredes. Lanzini
    Messi. Aguero. J. Correa

    Sub Dybla Lamela Martinez. MONTEL TAGLIAFICO

    • BTW after 4 rounds of new season current Champion (Racing) and runner up (Defensa) almost on bottom of the table.

    • Gonzalo
      I don’t want to be rude but the guy
      Is too short 5f4 imagine faces
      6feat tall players..
      I believe we can’t afford to have
      A midget team certainly scaloni
      Won’t do that I can see him he already prefers Tall players .

      • Godin,

        you need understand not everyone guy I’m talking about is brought by me here in reference to NT. Don’t be so closed. Argentina football it’s not just NT. We need to understand that. Why people are only interested with those of our players that are there already or at least are considered to be some time. Mundo members can’t take any joy of, for instance, Facundo Fereyra scoring for Espanyol, just because we know he is not NT material.

        Adrian Cubas might be too short for NT (however Ascacibar will not be better in the air) but he always was outstanding talent on DM position and has a lot of time still to conqueer Superliga or maybe even gets second chance in Europe (as it was with Tagliafico).

        • To be honest this new superleague
          Season impressed me already not
          Individual players but how the teams
          Are playing the managers are there
          Some teams are playing same stlye
          As major European leagues it may not be same Quality but the idea is there I likeFollowing team how the play Velez and River are my favourite
          San lorenzo Estudiantesindependent
          Racing banfield of crespo arsenal de sarandi I hope crespo still banfield i watched his vs boco . It was so
          Enjoying to watch his team I hope
          They pick up few good results in
          Next few rounds…

        • Argentina football is not only the national team my friend true but the national team is the first priority if not the only priority and the biggest interest for majority of people.
          in Argentina in Mundo and all around the world.

          Argentina national team is our love and not every single player that
          playing football.
          who gives a damn about dozens of players that exist everywhere in Argentina.
          the majority don t care.
          i don t care too.

          the majority of people like me we care only for the best players which we can see one day play for our beloved national team
          and we care about the club we support too.

          people like you are more romantic and love and other things about football.
          i respect it fully.
          just i am totally different.
          i don t care for any single kid that play football in Argentina.


        • Godin,

          I agree with you. Still more and more coaches/former European clubs players that brings the tactical knowledge to local league. I’m waiting for Crespo’s breakthrough. There’s potentiall. And I recommend to watch Arsenal de Sarandi exactly for the team organzation.,

  2. I believe a swap deal may take place between inter and juve ……which may see icardi and dybala moving to opposite directions…..that could prove to be the best deal for all the concerned parties…..

  3. I fear hes chasing and enamored by the limelight instead of focusing on development.

    PSG is the last place Dybala should be going. To improve himself, Spain or England shoupd be the only options even if it’s not at City, Barca, etc.

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