Lisandro Martinez lovely assist in Ajax win vs. Sparta


Lisandro Martinez continues to impress at Ajax, this time with a lovely assist in their 4-1 win vs. Sparta.

Called up to the Argentina U23 team by coach Fernando Batista, the former Defensa y Justicia man had a great assist on the first goal. Martinez played a cross ball over everyone to find Quincy Anton Promes who scored to open make it 1-0 for Ajax.


  1. Superclasicos are of totally different dynamics. Players dribbling past one or one getting beaten by the other are all inter-dependent stuff which can be viewed within the ambit of that league only. That’s why most foreign players after impressing in their local league fail miserably once they come to Argentina. Players like Dybala, Mateo Garcia with just the second division experience in Argentina have gone on to represent top clubs in Italy and Spain.

    Dario Conca, a flop in Argentina and a name still unknown there, went on to become the best player in Brazil and then was once the most paid footballer on the planet. Can cite many more similar examples..

    I do admit that the growth trajectory of players like Cervi, Correa and even Lanzini has not been that impressive. But at the same time, there are talents that arise out of nowhere in form of Buendia, Cristian Romero and Lisandro Martinez.

    So we’re sure of one thing – this game will continue and keep swinging in Argentina’s favor with talents coming out of the unexpected when few among the expected fail to deliver – a nice balancing act, a bless in disguise may be, despite the naysayers insinuating and cursing at every turn.

    • so true Sabarish,

      only fool can expect 100% of the talented youngsters we are mentioning here will succeed. And then the fools will try to use the flop careers as argument against you trying to suggest all them should succeed. 20% of them will succeed at best, that’s obvious but as far as we don’t know which of them will do and as far as we are Argentina football supporters we shold keep mentioning all them and stay positive. So big FUCK OFF to all the csabalalaism of this site. Once the site had KidultHood, now Csabalala who is making fool of yourself till the total disgrace.

    • “I do admit that the growth trajectory of players like Cervi, Correa and even Lanzini has not been that impressive”

      And still if you are not Csabalala you will not hasty on giving up on them cause they still can emerge soon being young as it was often in past.

  2. Possibly the biggest disgrace that has ever heppened to Argentine football is the group of fans that follow the legacy of the greatest footballing nation on the planet(if not one among the most undisputed NTs in history) for the sake of
    a player who is widely regarded one of the finest(if no the finest ever). Those are imdividual idol worshippers who will do no good to the kingdom. Please remain just a Messi fan and stop faking Argentina fans..

  3. Mauro Icardi to PSG almost done…
    Dont know why would PSG go for him when they have problems like Neymar… Also Di Maria is there… Who may not like him

  4. Borre and Pratto was joke today.
    we didn t win today because of them and because of this son of a bitch the referee that did his best
    to protect the team of motherfucker Tapia.

    we will meet soon again Bosteros.
    Your luck will end one day.

  5. classic alfaro strategy. shut everything down 75 minutes and open up last 15 for late winner. gallardo has to figure out how to crack this shell for copa otherwise same in october home game. alfaro will try to take advantage of iron house atmosphere in bombonera for the win.

      • What are you talking about again “arrogant and ignorant” idiot? Neirly every primera match not just with bigger stakes are trash in qualities. Hole different ball game. I watched this after Arsenal-Spurs…and Lazio-Roma (same conditions) still at least 2 dimensionals below. In Primera cant know how to play this game, amateur mistakes over and over again, only fouls and bitching, no class footballers who can create, no teams who can pass precisely, goalkeepers and defenders fuck up the ball against minimal pressure, midfielders cant play against pressure, so the game are so fragmented, neirly unwatchable, chicken football due to countless mistakes. We follow primera cause young talents, but today they were really bad too, Macallister played shit, and Palacios not much better. What shocks me everytime in Primera how bad the players passing accuracy. And i talk about hole Primera, not only superclassico. Again watch Juventus-Napoli, Arsenal-Spurs, Lazio-Rome then this…20-30 years behind…

        • oh yes, of course
          and within a while the shit players shine in Europe like Lisandro Martinez, straight from his first game in Ajax. How this is possible this shitty league is producing such players? You can’t explain. Or how it’s possible Palacios shined few days ago in CL?

          Simply you know nothing about Argentina league football, and nothing about SUperclasicos – how this is dominated by fight like war instead of tactical feats.

          Among the young players we saw yesterday are some outstanding passers, some outstanding driblers, defenders, players with lovely ball control and so on. It’s just you know nothing about conditions of this Boca – River game. Nothing,

          How this is possible River and Palacios were playing beautyfull team football few days ago in CL? Simply River – Boca is different dimension of football rivalry.

          Palacios, MacAllister, Martinez Quarta, Montiel, Andrada, Ferreira – I don’t know which of them will succeed in NT or Europe but some of them certainly will do and then you will eat your own shit.

          I wonder what will you say if within a while, for instance, Palacios will become our starting player in NT. You will talk another devious negations trying to save face.

          • Martinez Quarta was great today, MacAllister and Andrada was Boca positive points. Palacios, not best game, many losts but this is for reason of the hectic games Superclasicos always was.

            You will eat your own shit Csabalala, as always.

          • Im talking about the league niveue not the young players idiot, which is inferior compared to european leagues. Not only classico, you are so biased laughable, football blind if you dont see the difference in games qualities.

          • “Im talking about the league niveue not the young players idiot”


            “no class footballers who can create, no teams who can pass precisely, goalkeepers and defenders fuck up the ball against minimal pressure, midfielders cant play against pressure”

            really? “no class footballers”

            so I know: Palacios, MacAllister, Quarta and all the players form local league are shit. I just recorded your posts and soon you will have eat your own shit having no counterarguments.

    • Of course Palacios and MacAllister have the quality now to be in NT, even as starters. So is with Quarta, Andrada. Montiel maybe.

      • ”Of course Palacios and MacAllister have the quality now to be in NT, even as starters. So is with Quarta, Andrada. Montiel maybe.”

        Hey Gonzalo …But in last four years u atleast mentioned minimum 100 young player. These time (in ur point of view ) Both (ur mentioned) are talented,both are national team material.but what is the Result ? ? Result is …we r still a huge lacking of quality player.Your mentioned player were 70% useless, 25% were average , 5 % were ok.

        • Your mentioned useless player List were huge bro. Gonzalo…In last one year you mentioned Pavon,Pussetto,Meza,alan fanco, franco cervi, Angilery,pity, correa, Menossi, Renjo saravia,Bustos,moniel, di placido, Battaglia, Blanco ,vargas, giminez, Pereyra,Matias suarez, Benedetto,senesi, Bla bla bla…i

        • “70% useless, 25% were average , 5 % were ok.”
          Spot on…he will eat his own shit, as always…fraud, then he will find new players and so on…FRAUD.

        • Liar, most of the players I was regularly talkin about soon after that got attention and landed either in NT or in Europe. I mentioned here more than 100 names and all of them were worth of mention still only fool (like you?) can expect all they will succeed. Out of 100 talented players maybe areoud 20% will finally succeed in NT or Europe but it is normall. No one promised they all will world beaters. If only 20 % will succeed stil they are worth of mentioning because you never know which of them while we are on Argentina football site so we should keep mentioning about them.

          BTW you remember last 4 years here but I can’t remember your name. O know, you are one of those older members who were throwing a lot of predictions here but all they failed so you needed new account not to feel loser.

          Now look at the current NT call ups and realize most of the players were mentioned by me as first (including name like Dybala).

  6. Bosteros should had played with 10.
    referee saved them from red card.

    as about offense Pratto and Borre played shit in first half.
    i hope in second half our attackers stop throwing our chances to garbage.


    • this boca mid very hard to score on. they put many men on ball, close down ball quick, or just foul it.

      i think muneca have to sacrifice one of palacios or perez and throw one more body forward if he wants goal.
      right now he’s trying by having montiel cut inside more to get more players in middle but not working.

        • very interesting just now. derossi subbed out and marcone/capaldo made to play more narrow to play together and one of them immediately made a mistake allowing nacho too much room between lines to receive and pass and borre just messed up that easy shot.

          point being how small change replacing one of the best central midfielders in history can have quick effect on game.

    • Rather with Marcone instead of De Rossi. Would like to see also Ferreira and Reynoso however they are normally subs.

      • both marcone and derossi on for alfaro. he’s put an extra central midfielder this time. i think its in line with his ‘win the central midfield first’ strategy we seen all season.

    • hey bro Alexis Sanchez is injured, if Sanchez will be a flop Lautaro starts, and what about Paredes, Lo Celso, Mammana, Balerdi, Dybala, Icardi if stays, Angel Correa if stays, so 1 of our biggest prospects will start, and? Overall im right, joke these players are benchwarmers…

      • Mate wait few more games
        Than we will see it.. the season
        Is long. I’m only worry for leo parades
        In minute it doesn’t look good for him
        Fuck tuchel is overrated same goes
        PSG and Marco verratti

          • I don’t how csabalala logic works
            He expects every single Argentina
            Players to play real Atletico fcb
            Inter man city man utd arsenal
            Juve PSG. Fcbayern as Roma
            Ac Milan spurs list goes on
            But he never ask himself how many
            Germany England Holland Belgium
            players .play for those teams
            He also expects any local player
            To hit the running on ground the soon
            He cross the Atlantic ocean.
            It’s amazing… he treat arg players like They re not human.
            Well buddy they human they fell
            And success like othe players.

    • Yes we do! Parcedes is a liability defensively as we saw against Dani alves and Brasil; giving up an easy goal as parcedes and tagliafico conceded field position too easily

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