Franco Cervi of Benfica rejects Boca Juniors move, rumored to go to Mexico


Franco Cervi rejected a move to Boca Juniors but is rumored to be joining a Mexican club.

Per several reports coming out of Argentina and Portugal, the Benfica man turned down the opportunity to join Boca Juniors. However, per a report by A Bola, Cervi could still leave Benfica but to go to a Mexican club.

The Mexican transfer market is still open and that could be where Cervi will be playing next. The report by A Bola does not mention a club but it is rumored that Cervi would accept to go play in the Mexican league.



  1. if somebody interested today Argentina make big win against Russia in the world basketball cup.
    we qualify to the next round with 3 wins in 3 games.

    incredible effort from our team.
    i am so happy and proud for all of you.


  2. Andrada
    Montiel Otamendi Rojo Tagliafico
    N domniguez G lo celso
    Dybala L martinez J correa
    Scaloni should try this one . Although i am not worried about these matches the news argentine players are king of friendlies but when it comes to real tournament they play like 15 year old kids.

    • Because Players like Maria Aguero Messi wasn’t part of almost all the friendlies before Copa under Scaloni…. But they were in the Copa tournament… For which we saw some lack of chemistry in first few match…. Dont know if it is Scalonis fault that he didn’t call them… Or they didn’t want to come and play….

  3. “Napoli, Milan, Inter or Fiorentina criteria (one class below world class teams)” looks like this racist has zero knowledge about football…. Before calling someone asian footballidiot you should hear your self you racist…. You dont even watch a single game…. Just browse through sites to see if the player was in the starting XI….. You dont like people praising our youngster.

    And stop being racist….i wonder how you kiss your loved ones with that dirty mouth of yours….

  4. Today Argentina U-23 play against Bolivia on Banfield’s stadium. Tyc Sports broadcast the game. Possible line up:

    Centurion (River); Herrera (San Lorenzo), Nehuén Pérez (Famalicao), Senesi (Feyenoord), Bravo (Banfield); Vera (Argentinos), Colombatto (Cagliari); Valenzuela (Barracas Central), Álvarez (River), Vargas (Espanyol) y; Carranza (Banfield).

  5. “Don’t even try to suggest it’s only coaches blame we were so poor during 2 years on different competitions under few coaches. Coaches were changing but the old players still were there so poor qualifiers and poor WC is not accident. This last Copa is best prove the generational change was long overdue as we are on rising course again thanks to fresh blood”

    What? On this Copa was the weakest Argentina i have ever seen, what are you talking about? Cant know how to attack, how to pass the ball and how to defend, zero chance against stronger teams Brazil and Columbia, shit play against mediocre Paraguay, and heroic wins against old washed up and unmotivated Chile, half-amateur asians and mighty Venezuela again Venezuela, the former teams beat even in 2017-18 much stronger Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy and Columbia by 3 goals, again by 3 goals, the new players? Crazy wins against Venezuela, Qatar and Mexico C? And ofc 18 version of Croatia and France (two strongest teams of WC) was much stronger than Columbia and Brazil without their best player Neymar on this Copa, not even a question (and these loses was mainly due to Sampaoli idiot tactical changes to 3-5-2, playing without centre forward (our only world class position) Tagliafico vs Mbappe humiliation

    • It hurts you so much our youngsters proved being good material for Argentina NT yet during his VERY FIRST TOURNAMENT TOGETHER EVER. Oh, yes, it hurts you so much they reached only one level below the previous team. Only one level – without much chemistry, still did that. While you feel like loser since predicted Argentina going to dark ages after Messi generation. Your frustration and desperation is overflowing us.

      • I still waitin for your counterarguments idiot….”the former teams beat even in 2017-18 much stronger Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy and Columbia by 3 goals, again by 3 goals”…where are your facts? Ofc nowhere…

        • I don’t need counterarguments because bronze coin is FACT. Bronze coin to silver coin is only one podium level below. Do you want question that, mathematician?

          Add to this another fact: this young team from Copa played together for the first time in tournament. That is also FACT. Do you want to say it is not fact???!!!

          I don’t hear objection.

          Thank you.

  6. “You want a new player to start….. You dont even know that Romero plays for Genoa….
    Are you American Football fan or what….”

    What? LOL asian footballidiot…Cristian Romero is Juventus player LMAO, but he is loaned to Genoa cause he would be like 5-6th centre backs in pecking order, are you cricket fan or what?

    Where are you Gonzalo again? my prediction about Cervi was inch perfect, Prophecia?

    • What prediction moron? What prediction? Rather satisfaction. Triumphalism over single Argentina player having hard period – it’s so much of you, mean Hungarian Hun. It will be so funny if Cervi will back to Europe some day to make another time laughing stock
      of you.
      You are plague of this sight. Fortunately most of people understand that already.

      Maybe I should brings your comments about Lanzini, J.Correa or De Paul? Should I do that? Countless shits how poor thess players are. And? Now they are NT players. What about your predictions on them?!

      • “Maybe I should brings your comments about Lanzini, J.Correa or De Paul? “‘
        Which comments? Are they playing in the best teams, show world class performances weak n weak or are they regarded as world class players by any? No, so whats the question?

        • “Are they playing in the best teams, show world class performances weak n weak

          They does not need you big club standards to be 100 times better than you predicted. Oh, I just remember all your incessant bitching on Lanzini as if it was yesterday. Let alone this player proved his worth after spell in UAE which is impossible according to your standards.

  7. In few games, Lisandro Martinez seems to have totally convinced his coach and now he plays as DM in Ajax. In my opinion he’ll be the next Mascherano. I think he can be very useful in all formations: left CB in a 343, CB in a 4 men defense, DB in a 2 or 3 men midfield, left back in a 4-men defense.

  8. Based on the availabilities this is the first team XI I would like to see in the first trial. A return to doble cinco based on ideas seen in first 45 minutes of copa game versus Colombia with changes made to fix the weaknesses in that game. A more dynamic second 5 in palacios to move into central spaces that open with tight marking of forward line,a more creative yet defensively capable left mid to take pressure from tagliafico having to mark half spaces as well as his own zone which effects his abilities to go forward, Dybala to mimic lionel messi in the hole, quarta to add more speed in back line to assist right back cover so that rb can add more offensive interplay with right wing that was lacking.
    ——————- paredes-palacios—————–
    ——— depaul———————- lanzini——
    ——————— dybala———————–
    ——————— lautaro———————-

    These 4231 type hybrids are basic starting template for most successful international teams recently and I would like to see an attempt to retry it based on more central midfielders available now. Only regret – I am not able to accommodate locelso here directly. Maybe as a sub in a late game switch to 433.

  9. Full article from TYC. Two sides were tested. Armani trained separately due to slight groin adductor discomfort. Dybala arrived late and says he was last to join but does not say which group he joined. Palacios got time in the first group, but does not say in place of who. Balerdi replaced Otamendi in first group, gaich with lautaro and martinez quarta and rojo alternated groups.
    Hoy sí, con el plantel completo -aunque Franco Armani trabajó con kinesiólogo por una molestia en el aductor-, el entrenador plantó dos equipos en cancha entre los que se encargó de adicionar mucho recambio. Paulo Dybala concurrió al entrenamiento apenas aterrizó, y fue el último en sumarse al grupo.Por un lado, estuvieron Agustín Marchesín; Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Rojo ; Nicolás Tagliafico ; Alexis Mac Allister, Leandro Paredes , Rodrigo De Paul ; Giovani Lo Celso , Lautaro Martínez y Joaquín Correa.

    Del otro, se pararon Esteban Andrada ; Nicolás Figal , Germán Pezzella , Lucas Martínez Quarta , Marcos Acuña; Matías Zaracho, Guido Rodríguez , Nicolás Domínguez; Roberto Pereyra, Lucas Alario y Manuel Lanzini .

    Después, Exequiel Palacios ingresó al primer equipo, Leonardo Balerdi reemplazó a Otamendi, Adolfo Gaich a Lautaro Martínez y Rojo y Martínez Quarta alternaron bandos.

  10. In the second team: Esteban Andrada; Nicolás Figal, Germán Pezzella, Martínez Quarta, Marcos Acuña; Matías Zaracho, Guido Rodríguez, Nicolás Domínguez; Roberto Pereyra, Lucas Alario y Manuel Lanzini.

    Palacios should start over Guido while Dominguez takes the No.5 position. Also Gaich over Alario

    • Yeah, same here. Gaich and Palacios should start. I actually prefer this one to the 1st team. Much more balanced in the midfield. Zaracho, Palacios and Nico Dominguez defend well and good in fast transition. Lanzini can drop deep and control the game, maybe I’d replace Pereyra by Correa.

  11. Line up in training Tuesday afternoon
    Agustín Marchesín;
    Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Rojo,Nicolás Tagliafico;
    Alexis Mac Allister, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul;
    Giovani Lo Celso, Lautaro Martínez y Joaquín Correa.

    Notes: Armani has been treating a muscle issue and dybala has just arrived Tuesday.

    • This team seems optimal, however: Andrada over Marchesin, Quarta over Rojo and good minutes for Palacios, which is starter material in my opinion.

  12. Alario should be groomed, he is the one of the talents Argentina have also height is the plus point for areal ball.

  13. Firstly really happy both Joaquin Correa and Lucas alario enter the list ,together with Martinez Quarta .with out Lucas Ocampos ,Juan foyth and lisandro Martinez is the main complaint But the whole list is far more better than expected.

    Lisandro Martinez played really good at ajax as DM , perhaps he is the best No.5 successor with Juan Foyth.

    Paredes isn’t better than L Martinez when compared the two in terms of speed ,defense skill and ball possession skill. Paredes is really clumsy ,really slow and weak .

    Obviously scaloni will use 433 lo celso ,Paredes, De Paul as MF and McAllister ,Nicolas Dominguez as substitute .But i think the best MF combination should be lo celso ,Lisandro Martinez and Joaquin Correa. Mcallister, Nicolas Dominguez, Reynoso ,Lucas robertone ,Joaquin pereyra as substitute.

    Because we don’t have enough promising wingers so Joaquin Correa should be used as a winger rather than a attacking midfielder. Actually i want to see this line up
    J Correa#########De Paul
    ###lo celso#Zaracho

  14. Lol Rojo…. Coloccini Martin Demichelis Passarella Walter Samuel now would be better than him 😀 🤣🤣
    Even Csebalala and Mrinal defend better than him…. 😂😂
    The CB of U23 team is better than the main team….

  15. If its between Pezella and Rojo , i will definately go for Rojo he is still better than Pezella and always performed well for NT.
    De paul situation is complicated , yes he is hard worker but He is not creative enough to play as a ADM and fast enough to as a winger but he may be a good Substitute when we are leading but he definately not a difference maker.

  16. Why so much hate on Rojo while G.Pezella is worst defender.With Rojo we can see the pace in our defence but i think he should be in Left back position.Foyth and Otamendi should come as center back.
    Lanzini Lamela and Paredes will provide us best midfield.J.Correa is best for left winger role he has the ability to assist too.Right back is problem.Rojo should come in left back and Tagliafico as sub

      • Playing time has nothing to do with the class of player.Even Sergio Romero was always a back up player for their club but he was starter since 2007 for national team and he was damn good.

        • Because we dont have any one better than Romero. Also he was part of the Europa League team Over DDG… He won the title……. And there is a huge difference between a GK and a CB…. rojo anything but class… Got red card against Chile in final…. Penalty against France….. He is reckless and got zero understanding….
          He was good once not anymore

          • Dont forget he provided 1 assist and scored 1 most important goal in the WC. Yes he awarded a penalty but there was no way to stop Mbappe then Tagliafico always always disappeared. Red card and penaly its part of the life of a CB . Ramos was given numerous Red cards Pique has awarded many penalties stll considered of the CB of all time. Foyth got Red card and awarded couple of penalties in starting matches of Totthenam that means he should never start for Totthenam . In copa Pezella put too much pressure on otamendi he was alone fighting at the back looked like we were playing with one CB.

          • Red card vs Chile was not Rojo’s fault even commentator were saying this was yellow card but back then there were no VAR and you should watch replay of that tackle you will understand .Penalty was caused due to the lightening speed of Mbappe Rojo was doing his part the fault happened outside of penalty area but it carried away to the penalty box that was bad luck.

    • All you can do is blame Tagliafico… LOL
      Mashe lost the ball in the mid. Rojo made an unnecessary Tackle when mbappes touch was so have… He could never score that goal…. TAGLIAFICO was High up on the left flank…. You expect him to come to d box like a flash….. ?
      Rojo was better but not any more…. He is not better than pazzela…. also Pazzela is not good enough too…. This rojo is not the one we enjoyed in WC and Copa….

      • Rojo made unnecessary tackle complete bullshit.It does not matter goal is about to happen or not he was doing his part.Rojo still has a warrior spirit in him. In defence he is very brave and in attack he is as calm as cucumber perfect balance.

  17. Rumoured line up against chile:-
    Esteban Andrada; Nicolás Figal , Germán Pezzella , Lucas Martínez Quarta , Marcos Acuña; Matías Zaracho, Guido Rodríguez , Nicolás Domínguez; Roberto Pereyra, Lucas Alario and Manuel Lanzini .

  18. For U23 it is estimated that majority of the Players will be of local league against bolivia.
    Rumoured line-up:- Joaquín Blázquez; Andrés Herrera, Cristian Romero, Nehuén Pérez and Francisco Ortega; Fausto Vera and Nicolás Capaldo; Nahuel Barrios, Carlos Valenzuela, Agustín Urzi; and Julián Álvarez.

  19. I saw scaloni pairing otamendi and rojo
    As CB I hope that doesn’t happen
    If they play together against Chile
    I will be f..king angry and pissed off
    Imagine rojo doesn’t even make
    The bench for man utd and he starts
    Argentina nt. It’s beyond joke.
    Anyone who has right mind will
    Never understand the inclusion of rojo
    In the nt. I have backed scaloni and still
    Backing him but I strongly disagree with him
    Bring rojo back to the nt let it lone
    Playing him I wish few players i know
    retired From nt completely..

    • “Imagine rojo doesn’t even make
      The bench for man utd and he starts
      Argentina nt.”

      Foyth, Lo Celso, Paredes, Dybala, Cristian Romero (Juventus), Gaich….

      • Nice try but false equivalence. Cristian Romero is a regular at Genoa, Lo Celso at least gets some minutes and before his move to England he was a starter and a key player at Betis, even unlike others you mentioned, Rojo at times did not even make it to the bench at all!

        • Csabalala
          not disrespect to you but I don’t know
          What is wrong with your logic
          Foyth is injury now if he wasn’t
          Injury he will definitely start Either
          As right back or ahead of Sanchez
          Who is becoming big liability .
          Come on man what is wrong with you.
          Lo celso has just moved new team
          Didn’t have per season how the fuck
          You expecting him to start straight a way
          Only natcuse or hater will think that way.
          Pochettino wanted him so badly
          If poch didn’t want him spurs will never
          Went for him. So therefore lo celso
          will 100% start more games
          Than he sitting on the bench as long
          He is free from injury. But your problem
          Is you don’t f..king wait .
          C Romero started Last two games
          For Genoa. Gaich will surely play more
          Games than before plus he 20 yrs
          Still he has time unlike rojo who
          Doesn’t even make the bench for
          Man utd .. as dybala is world class
          His manager will be under pressure
          To play him not from Juve directors
          But dybala’s quality. Which can’t be ignore .
          do you know mr csabalala
          Juve putted dybala in champions league
          Squad and left behind Mario mandzukinc
          Emre can… that shows you he is world class even if Juve still want to sell him.

          • As leo parades is unfortunate situation
            But if tuchel give him fair chance
            I’m sure he will force tuchel to play him.
            That is how good Leo parades is ..

    • Balala it sums up your knowledge on football…. You want a injured player to start…
      You want a new player to start….. You dont even know that Romero plays for Genoa….
      Are you American Football fan or what…. 😀

    • I think Scaloni called Rojo was more for giving him some playing time that he doesn’t have at club, in order to keep him in form. There are many players who deserve much more than him in selection.

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