Lautaro Martinez on his performance for Argentina at Copa America: “My form surprised me”


Argentina striker Lautaro Martinez spoke about his form at the Copa America as well as playing with Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

Arguably Argentina’s breakout star at the Copa America, the Inter striker has had a very good start to his Argentina career. With six goals in 12 games, two of those goals came at the Copa America, a tournament where he started on the bench.

Speaking with TyC Sports, here’s what Lautaro had to say regarding his performance at the tournament:

“My form surprised me and the minutes which I got. I started (the Copa America) from the bench and as games went on, I won a place in the starting eleven. And this was important because I was just coming from a season where I didn’t play many minutes with my club and that did well for me as well as generated more confidence.

About playing with Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero:

“They are two players with a lot of experience, with extraordinary careers. I was picked to play with them and I was able to rapidly join the attack, where we had to do a bit of extra work to be able to play all three of us. You have to run more…

“We are happy with the Copa America we had, we got to third place with a lot of positive things and other things to correct.”



    • Just watch the Chile game once again ,you will not find any organised attack ,forget org attack our players even struggle to keep possession because of lack of passing options
      That’s why I don’t want scaloni to continue
      But if you watch u23 team then it gives us a lot of joy because of the way they are playing ,I really hope these u23 kids will shine for national team as well in club level and help us to win trophies

    • We could have done better, if it was not for the constant changing in tactics and selection, putting players to play out of position.
      But I give credit to the young generation, specially’ for giving it all, regardless.
      I am not happy with 3rd, not happy with the outcome.
      without the negativity, but positively speaking, it is the only good thing out of COPA that the younger generation played as they could, it is not their fault. Scaloni should have done better. WE should not aim to use the last COPA as an experience opportunity, but what is done is done. We did not play good, because we conceded stupid goals. Bad refereeing calls were a factor, too. but not the main factor.
      Lautaro was our best prize out of that COPA. I hope he keeps evolving into a more potent striker.

  1. Scaloni should be fired asap. Our team is significantly downgraded since his arrival. He got no plan and tactics. A lot blind followers from this basement support him because they don’t Argentina to succeed at next level.

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