Angel Di Maria with two goals for PSG vs. Real Madrid


Angel Di Maria scored two goals for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. Real Madrid.

The French champions had a number of players missing in their opening Champions League game. However, it was Angel Di Maria who stepped up with the goals. A man of the match performance against his old club, Di Maria ran riot.

Di Maria received a pass from the wing and a first touch finish beat goalkeeper Thibault Courtois at his near post. The second was a thing of beauty. A left footed shot from outside of tbe penalty area curled into the net. One not unlike the goal he scored for Argentina at the 2018 World Cup.


  1. This fan of this mundo nowadays become pathetic and toxic. They can’t appreciate what a player has done for their country. They only know how to bash a certain players. I am also the one who became emotional and show frustration end of every tournament but at the end of the day you have to appreciate a player who they have done for us. This community is no longer a great thing like in the past.

    • Your words are spoken from the heart of a true fan. we all get frustrated at the end of a match or a tournament, but at the end of the day

      ‘appreciate players what they have done for us’

      like you said,bro.

  2. Damn. A lot of hate on this board. Fideo had a helluva game against RM, a quality team. Maybe he’s not needed for the NT, but damn, man, stop the f—ing hate. He contributed a lot to his country.

    • You are right, Bro, the article was strictly about DiMaria scoring 2 great goals against Real Madrid, and being instrumental in his club’s win against his former club that got rid of him. There was no mention of Argentina NT calling Dimaria in the whole thread. DiMaria and the NT ‘argument’ came out of nowhere. and it rolled and rolled 🙂

  3. Real Madrid looks big in terms of name but the fact is even Watford can beat this shit real team so di maria performance is nothing, we all know in knockout stage performance of Di maria for PSG

    • “we all know in knockout stage performance of Di maria for PSG” How? Great performances against Chelsea, Mu, Barcelona…sadly Icardi seems useless even against this Real, zero movement, cant dribble, cant pass only a good poacher now transfered to PSG to win something finally, looser in Inter.

  4. I like Di Maria and would want him in the squad. Not a starter but there in the list. I have the highest respect for him and am a fan like everyone supporting the NT should be. He gave his all. He had his challenges and demons so it may not have been enough. I am always happy to see him score.

  5. Di maria was amazing.
    I would not mind him in NT.
    But the problem is he doesn’t fit in Scaloni’s Tactics.
    He is only good at RW. Messi plays in that position. And no way Scaloni will let him play over messi. He is useless in the LW it is like playing with 10 players.
    He is the best PSG player this season so far.

    Player like Dembele and fekir was on the bench of France because they dont fit in Deschamps tactics.
    We have to select player who will improve our system. We cant change the system for one player.

    In Tagliafico’s position no one is better than him. He is right now the best LB in Europe.
    Di maria is good too….
    But if you think di maria is better than messi. And he should start over him then you my friend need to see a doctor.

      • Messi did play at RW and Maria at LW in copa against Colombia. But after first two match Scaloni totally changed his formation. From 4-3-3 he converted to
        4-1-2-1-2…. In this formation he doesn’t use any winger…. In this formation Full back works as a winger i mean Like wingback.
        So if he stick to this formation there is no use of Di maria…..

        • “In this formation Full back works as a winger i mean Like wingback.”
          Would have to…but not…ARG was no width…how many times Tagliafico made a good dribble…a good cross…a good overlapping run? Zero? He is bad in possession too.

    • ” He is right now the best LB in Europe.” ” then you my friend need to see a doctor.” So a technically limited player with zero dribbling skills average passer, average crosser, average shooter who can only defend without attacking tasks (vs France match, no balance) is the best then football is in huge crisis

      • He is a LB. His first work is to defend not to attack or dribble or shoot. He makes a lot of run on the left side for Ajax. He is not the best crosser but his passing isn’t bad. And AJAX doesn’t play with a NO9 so they doesn’t had to cross.

        I said right now….and in 10 match he scored 4 goals and assisted 3 in europe. Tell me who is the best LB right now in europe if it’s not Tagliafico? Robertson ? He isnt up to mark this season so far….

  6. Our coaches never tried him in R.wing .I think he is too sharp in RW than LW. Unfortunately we missed a natural No.9 when dmaria playing in Lw.That is y his crosses passes with no clue.wht a shit!

  7. I never questioned his heart or his desire to do well while wearing the sky-blue and white and he did produce but not as many times as one would expect from his talent.
    Insane goal against France and we all said what? WHY CAN’T HE DO THAT ALL THE TIME? he CAN NOT!

    • …and him sticking it to RM>>>>WHAT A PLEASURE. Wasn’t this the same RM that ordered him NOT to play against Germany in the final because they wanted to sell him, F THEM, I just hope somebody breaks Ramos’ face whenever the opportunity allows itself.

  8. 2 nice goals against Real Madrid, happy to see that DiMaria still got what it takes to score against the club that did not want him. payback is a bitch 🙂

    • He hates his old clubs and its hilarious. First, he silenced the Untied Haters when he tore them a new one last CL. Did the same against Real today. i think he’s gained their respect to say the least.

      • I loved what he did to MU , now it’s Real’s turn, great to see him score against them, not once, but twice. second goal was way overwhelming for the
        6 ft 6 in Cortouis, Def. out of reach for any keeper.

  9. Oh no here we go again di Maria
    Please quit Argentina nt cose
    You re distributing the new set up
    You had your chance.. no actually
    You had more than chance ..
    I can’t believe di Maria have more
    Caps than Redondo p aimar riquelme
    Cambiasso lucho Gonzalez maxi Rodriguez
    Gaby heinze walter Samuel ariel Ortega
    Kily Gonzalez and Marcelo Gallardo.
    PSG is overrated team real Madrid
    At the moment is sh..t very weak
    They re hardly convincing now ..
    Di Maria don’t deserve to play the nt.
    Forget his club form..
    when it comes to the nt.
    He is below average .. no need it .

    • To back up what I said .
      Angel di Maria: 102 caps 20 goals
      Riquelme: 51 caps 17 goals
      Maxi Rodriguez: 57 caps 16 goals
      Ariel Ortega: 87 caps 16 goals
      Marcelo Gallardo: 44 caps 13 goals
      Kily Gonzalez: 56 caps 9 goals
      Pablo aimar : 52 8 goals

      • Cause he is the most consistent player from these, where were these players over 30 years? Back in shitty argentine league or neirly died….Di Maria destroys Real Madrid…

        • Csabalala you re brick you don’t have
          No logic …
          Tagliafico is defender you can’t compare
          With attacking player.
          Tagliafico will always give you
          100 percent he was our best
          Defender in copa and he still is
          You csabalala have one side in the arguement
          If it come to rojo di Maria otamendi
          You defend to the death even when
          Everyone else know they re sh…t
          Contrast to that when comes to likes
          Tagliafico lich Martinez lautro
          Lo celso doing good you always
          Deny them you re not fair man
          You re one sided narrow minded .

          • “You defend to the death even when
            Everyone else know they re sh…t”

            Tagliafico….i will the first too praise them after they destroy Real Madrid or something big…Lo Celso the Manchester City or Lautaro the Juventus….first perform…then praise

      • Wdsup buddy. Just challenging your stats a bit.

        assists + goals is a better comparison. Using Maxi as example. He has 7 assists and Di Maria has 23. The ratio for Goals + Assists / # of Games = 2.6 for Di Maria and 2.3 for Maxi Gomez. That looks pretty good for Maxi, right? However, if you exclude International Friendlies, the ratio changes to favor Di Maria. Means Di Maria scored or assisted every 3.1 games and Maxi every 3.4 games.

        (*Riquelme ratios are absurd. 1.3 to 1.5ish)

      • It is not fair to belittle dimaria. His time in NT is over. But to thrash real Madrid like this deserves kudos. Inspite of his occasional inconsistency in NT stints, he was valuable for NT

    • absolutely agree, happy to watch Di Maria playing well at P$G and score 2 goals against Madrid. And yes, not in N/T anymore, time is over and deserve to be replace with fresh legs

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