Argentina to play Ecuador in October following Germany game


Argentina are set to play Ecuador in October.

With the match against Germany already confirmed in Dortmund for October, the second friendly game will be against Ecuador.

The Argentina team’s Instagram confirmed that Lionel Scaloni’s team will play Ecuador either in Barcelona or Madrid. The first game was initially going to be against the Basque Country but that match was scrapped last week.


  1. Tagliafico is becoming a real jule for us, he even reminds me our legend Juan Pablo Sorin at times! But the player that i am personally very impressed is Lisandro Martinez! His skills on the ball are outstanding and he is a defender! His confidence on the ball and ability on holding the ball as well as dribbling past opponents for a 21 years old defender is impressive to say the least. The ridiculous amount of talent Argentina possesses is proving wrong haters in here who are trying to find a day off for our players in order to come up with their well known bullshit!

    By the way, where is the Brazilian “wonderboy” Vinicious??
    Oh wait, he is warming the bench!

      • Tagli is great. And Lisandro is a keeper for a generation. Argentina always had and will produce talent. That was never the issue and never will be. I am absolutely thrilled with this new era. So much talent in defense and midfield ! We will be well set in a year. Qualifiers will be easy for us.

  2. Paredes with a ton of injuries only a sub, Icardi need to perform not to be Cavani sub…Delle Alli is back Lamela on the bench…Lo Celso will play shit with Eriksen….Angel Correa besides Joao Felix either…everybody say Lukaku-Lautaro duo dont work…same charasteristic…only one will play….probably Lukaku…Dybala no words….

        • Facts are fine, trolling isn’t.

          – “Celso WILL play shit” is NOT a fact, that’s a prediction on your part. Reminds me of last season when he left PSG and you were making the prediction that won’t cut it in european football or how when he wasn’t starting the first few games at Betis you were predicting (yet again) that he won’t even cut it at a ‘mid table spanish club’ and I’m paraphrasing here. Now you’re doing the same damn thing with the same player but at a different league. Cut the negativity out and wait for the kid to recover and settle at a new side.

          – “verybody say Lukaku-Lautaro duo dont work…same charasteristic…only one will play….probably Lukaku” .
          Again, the above statement is not a fact and who is “everybody”? for god’s sake Inter has barely played 4 games, lets wait a little longer before we dial up the trolling to 11.

          – Lamela is not on the bench because of Alli, he’s on the bench because he played a full set of 5 games with no break while Moura has hardly played (even though he deserves to) hence why Moura was the one who replaced Lamela at RW.

          – Angel Correa really wanted to leave for Milan yet Atletico wouldn’t accept anything less than 45 million (their asking price is 50 mill), the same price that Real was asking for James!! Correa might not be a starter….yet, but the club clearly values him otherwise they would’ve let things slide with Milan. Simeone needs him and will use him, infact it’s Argentina that doesn’t seem to want or need him.

          – “Icardi needs to perform and not be a sub”? No kidding man! Over stating the obvious here. I could care less, between Messi, Kun, Lautaro, Dybala, even the Correas or Beneditto I think Argentina is sorted when it comes to forwards. Still Icardi’s got the goods so I won’t give up on him so easily.

          – Regarding Dybala and Paredes, you’re absolutely right, they need to move in the midseason transfer window, infact they MUST!! The 2 of em are very important for the NT now (but not irreplaceable) and they need to go where their talent is appreciated.
          I understand their need to stay and fight for a place but when one is being replaced by a has-been pipita and the other by an 18 yr old in an injury ridden midfield then the writing is on the wall.
          Paredes can easily move to Betis who would kill to have him, all he has to do is take a pay cut (a big one to be fair) like Celso did and maybe lightening will strike twice.

          Lastly casablala, I still can’t tell if you’re a fan or a troll or maybe both. Sometimes you sound frustrated and sometimes you sound happy if and when Argentine players aren’t doing well but I’ve rarely seen you complement an Argentine player when they do well but you’re here in a flash when one craps the bed, so which one is it, troll or fan or both?

    • “he is only 5’7 he doesnt have right to be so dangerous in headers”

      I was repeating always he is great jumper. So that might be surprise only for ordinary commentator with ordinar knowledge about Argentina football.

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