Argentina remain in FIFA top 10 rankings


Argentina remain in the FIFA top 10 rankings following their two games in September.

A 0-0 draw vs. Chile followed by a big 4-0 win against Mexico in September meant that Argentina maintained their spot in the top 10 of the FIFA rankings. Lionel Scaloni’s side are currently ranked 10th in the standings, the same as their position in August. Here’s the top 10 teams:

  1. Belgium, 1.752 points
  2. France, 1.725 points
  3. Brazil, 1.1719 points
  4. England, 1.662 points
  5. Portugal, 1.643 points
  6. Uruguay, 1.639 points
  7. Spain, 1.631 points
  8. Croatia, 1.625 points
  9. Colombia, 1.622 points
  10. Argentina, 16.14 points



  1. If we play Rojo as CB then he is little rash because then he comes in direct contact with opposition player.That is why he should be used as LB.He is good in going forward and taking on defenders he is very calm in attack unlike in defence.He can provide curling crossess that are very useful even he tried rabona.

  2. First off, I don’t understand this fifa ranking B’s, it’s always been a stupid system.
    Second, taglafico is our set left back. That is our starter and captain till Messi is back. Rojo can play cb tucked in on left, but tagla has earned and should own lb

  3. Marcos Rojo was superb vs Astana in Europa League.This is the man we need as a left back in Argentina.Have you guys seen his curling shot in 75:35 minute that was awesome.We need a left back who can curl the ball otherwise what is the use of left. back.Rojo is perfect for that role Tagliafico as sub or starter in case of injury and lack of form.

      • Just take a closer look at the curling of that shot.You need not to see anything.Rojo is fast,aggresive,height advantage, physicality ,long shot, crossing he has all.He needs to be starter. Tagliafico is great too he is also showing his worth.But we should give fair chance to both.

        • That curling shot didn’t went.
          100 of players take curling shots that doesn’t mean they are better that other.
          Tagliafico with this height scored 3 header more than any other Ajax player. His height is not a problem…..
          He can give a competition to Tagliafico but he have to do better and play regular…. He said that too…. This thing goes for other players too…

          • What if that cross did not go inside the net.That was a great effort.Hundreds of players take curling shot but i know only top team players take best curling shot or crosses.Either you believe it or not Rojo is best for our LB.In corner kicks taking header and converting it into goal is luck factor too.But building from build up is real football that does not require luck.That is why i prefer Rojo and Ansaldi

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