Emiliano Martinez: “Hopefully I could make the Argentina national team”


Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez recently gave an interview with Jogo Bonito where he discussed the Argentina national team and staying in contact with some of his friends from the youth team.

Despite never being capped for the senior Argentina side, Martinez has played for the Argentina U20 team. Martinez commented on the rumors circulating regarding a potential call-up to the Argentina team:

“I played in the youth teams, I’m at a big club and I’m always preparing myself to be in the senior team. Hopefully I could be in the Argentina national team. It arrives at the best time of my career.

“I’m always in contact with players I played alongside with in the youth teams like Tucu (Roberto) Pereyra, (Erik) Lamela, (Nicolas) Tagliafico and (German) Pezzella. We don’t talk much about the national team but about life. We’ve known each other for a long time.”

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will be announcing his squad for the October friendly games on Friday.


  1. Emiliano Martinez is the best goalkeeper for Argentina right now.He is good shot stopper.We should use him and should say goodbye to Armani,Pezella and Roberto Pereya

    • “In addition, a new litter of players has been incorporated that is gaining international experience and demonstrating that in Argentina there are still very good resources,” he said

      True say

      what a great player he was
      I never forget what he done man utd
      Shame injury finish his career.

  2. It’s Argentinian Colon Santa Fe who will play final Copa Sudamericana and not Brazilian Atletico Mineiro. Colon Santa Fe passing accuracy in league is 71,2% while Atletico Mineiro 84,8% so if you want necesarilly to devaluate Argentina clubs you need to look better.

    • ??? A badly passing team like Colon can compensate with other things…71% is very low its a fact. No means theres no good passers in PD, always be, but overall passing niveue is very low, impossible to deny. Unforced passing mistakes are much higher in PD compared to european leagues.

    • Lavallen may not be that great tactically in my view but he really knows how to motivate his team. Sometimes the unmeasurable is enough to decide football games. Here’s a look at the mental strength of the coach and team:
      Final Round: 0-0 result in first leg away game. Give up lead and away goal to opponent in first half of home game, then come back to beat them.
      RO16: lose the home game to juniors 1-0 in first leg. Come back in the 70th minute of second leg away game to force penalties. Miss three penalties but get the last one in while goalkeeper saves opponents last.
      QTR: Lose away game in first leg. 0-0 in halftime of second leg home game and under pressure. Then just smash four goals in second half.
      SEMI: Give lead in first half of home game, then come back in second half to win. Go 2-0 down in second leg away game at half and then come back to force penalties. Miss first penalty while opponent make first and under pressure for the next four and go through on the absolute last save.

      Every round, every half, every play adversity faced and overcome. Just an incredible mentally tough team. Burian, pulga rodriguez and Lavellan are the basis of it I think, plus young guys like chancalay etc stepping up when required. These elements of football cannot be captured in highlight reel and statistics. I am so impressed. If they can stop the Ecudorian wingers they can win their first CONMEBOL trophy!

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