Gonzalo Higuaín: “I lived a lot of things with the Argentina national team”


Gonzalo Higuaín spoke about his decision of retiring from the Argentina national team, the team itself and more.

Former Argentina and current Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuaín recently gave an interview with Fox Sports. The number 9 has played for the biggest clubs in the world and has broken silence on retiring from the Argentina national team. Here’s what he had to say:

“With the Argentina national team, I lived a lot of things. I took it as a big learning experience. It’s my country but many different motives got me to arrive to that decision. And now I’m enjoying it from the other side and I’m always looking forward.

“In most cases, the people which come across me in Argentina have good words to say to me and thankful for what I did with the national team. The decision I made wasn’t because of them. When I played, it was always with the greatest of desires, I left it all. At times, things are good and other times bad. Taking this decision has done me well, it made me calm, I now enjoy other things. I started to value things which I couldn’t see before.”

On the 2019 Copa America:

“I would watch at times because I was enjoying other things. I saw Leo (Messi) very good, determined. What he said was magnified because of what he represents. I think he spoke from the heart, he said what he felt. They can judge him good or badly but Leo is extraordinary.

“From what I could see, Lautaro is maturing. He plays with a big club in Italy. The number 9 is the one who is most often criticized because he is there to score goals. He has started a career which I hope will be extraordinary. The advice I would give me is to always look to be better and to be strong for when the bad moment comes. Hopefully it goes great for him, that he enjoys the Argentina national team and from there hope that things go well for Argentina and I see good things are coming.”

Higuaín also spoke about Diego Maradona coaching in Argentina:

“I didn’t speak with him but he is a world icon. Any stadium he goes to or he passes to, the people go crazy. The other day, the people of Talleres gave him a lovely welcoming. Diego does that. He’s the one that called me to the Argentina national team, he took me to the World Cup (in 2010) with very minimal matches played in the qualifiers and I will always be thankful. It makes me very happy that he’s in football and hopefully things can go well.”


  1. Higuain can try to explain, justify or even make things clearer and it wont make a damn difference.

    FACT IS: this idiot denied his country and ARGENTINA fans around the world the happiness we so FUCKING desperately DESERVE, NOT ONCE, OR TWICE BUT 3 TIMES.
    And then when asked who is better, Messi or that C-sucker, rapist conceited-ape, he refused to answer!
    Go F yourself.

    • so my friend, are you pissed at him because of the 2 misses (because I don’t consider the miss in one of the copas I think copa 2015 really a miss, it was very tight angle, and Lavezzi should have shot at goal because he had a better angle to score. his pass was out of reach. let us not forget, great players missed on the world cup, and COPA, including Messi(WC2014 and COPA2016), Maradona (QF 1990),Socrates(QF WC1986),Platini (QF WC1986),Paggio(WC fianl 1994) …etc they all missed penalties.

      OR you are pissed at him because he did not say Messi is better?
      I bet Messi is OK with that.

      his silence on that question, means only one thing, he knows and admits that Messi is better, he just did not want to embarrass his teammate christina. Let us look at it without extreme emotions, my friend

  2. Colon beats At. Mineiro and are through to the finals of Copa Sudamericana 2019 to play against Independiente del Valle… Bravo Bravo Bravo…

    • Yeah!. This Colon team is not much exciting to watch but final is final. Great! This is even mor joyful with the fact we beat Brazilians once more while Ecuadorian Independiente Del Valle kicked out on semis the second Brazilian team Corintihians. Good luck in final.

  3. Best Team. 4 3 3
    Montiel. Foyth. Martinez. Rojo.
    Palacios Paredes. Lanzini/Lamela
    Messi. Aguero. De paul/ Buendai
    Sub- Lisandro for Paredes
    Tagliafico for Rojo
    Otamendi for CB
    Icardi Lo celso Lautaro

  4. All the people who are complaining don’t understand the game of football.
    Secondly, I love higuain, I still remember when the French national team called him up to claim him and he refused and waited till Argentina capped him .

    I am happy with our current team, because they r starting to incorporate speed, and most are hungry to keep their position.

  5. In PSG, Atletico etc. only Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, and maybe Higuain, Icardi, Dybala, Otamendi wouldnt be benchwarmer, small club players arent better than big club benchwarmers, they would be the same

  6. I dont want bench warmers to play for Argentina…….Have argentina lost so much standard they start with bench warmers like peredes , angel correa , lautaro …….this is not Argentina……..look at 2006 squad and compare now…..Fuck………better play palacious , de paul , lanzini even di maria …..who do wondeffull things for Clubs as well

    What u guys think?

    • Well Lautaro isn’t a bench warmer and neither was Angel Correa (until he wanted to leave and now he has to earn his place back). Lanzini is too injury prone and sadly cannot be relied on.
      Ideally players who start for a NT like Argnetina’s should be starters at clubs (big or small) in strong leagues (key words here STRONG. LEAGUES.) but in the past there have been examples of bench warmers who turn it on when on NT duty, namely Romero, but then again that’s the exception to the rule.

      If we take a look at the NT right now, things are looking hopeful:

      In the attack there are Lautaro (growing in Inter), Dybala (starting to kick ass with Juve and may win his spot back if he keeps it up), Icardi (regardless of his antics, the kid’s world class and shouldn’t be forgotten) and ofcourse Gaich is one for the future. Additionally Lamela and Ocampos are looking good and Buendia could (emphasis on COULD) turn out to be something special.

      In the midfield there are Celso, Depaul, Paredes, N.Dominguez, Palacios, Mac Allister and very possibly Foyth (should be a midfielder not a CB IMO) and Licha Martinez (after reconsideration i’d prefer him in defense next to Quarta).
      Depaul (along side Lautaro) has been the biggest revelation since…..well honestly I don’t remember the last time a NT team player surprised me this much in a competitive tournament (maybe Enzo Perez’s form at the WC 14). He may play for a nothing club but that club happens to be one of europe’s strongest leagues and De Paul was voted in the team of the season by whoscored.
      DePaul does need to watch himself and make sure not to repeat that silly antic against Inter ever again because while passion is good, it can also drown a player if he’s not careful.
      Paredes is a cause for concern, he’s finally performing up to his potential with the NT but for some odd reason he can’t seem to find himself at a “farmer’s league” like league A with a s***y club like PSG.
      If he keeps up his form with the NT then he should remain a starter for now, but if by midseason he remains a bench warmer and doesn’t move then he should be benched for the NT because there are plenty of midfielders who can take his spot.

      Defense is looking good with the likes of Tagliafico, Licha Martinez, Quarta, C.Romero and Neuhen Perez all doing well. Admittedly the RB spot is a concern but Motiel looked solid and Foyth could also be an option there.

      The GK position is a curious one because there are lots of options (Benitez, Musso, Manchersin, Martinez, Gazzaniga, Armani and Andrada) but non truly stand out.
      For me right now I’d take Benitez, Musso and one of Andrada (in GREAT form right now) or Armani (proved himself in copa and has experience). Manchersin I’ve never been convinced by (even though he’s apparently doing great at Porto) and until Gazza and Damien get regular playing time they have no business being even in consideration.

      @Puks15000 don’t get too frustrated, the NT is still in a state of transition but after a god awful start at copa they pulled themselves together and started pulling their own weight without having to rely on Messi and there is a wave of youngsters with serious potential.

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