Argentina squad for October announced, Emiliano Martinez of Arsenal, Erik Lamela of Tottenham inluded


The Argentina squad for the month of October has been announced for the friendly games vs. Germany and Ecuador.

Emiliano Martinez of Arsenal, who was rumored to make the team has been included as has Erik Lamela of Tottenham. Juan Foyth who has just returned from injury is also included. Here’s the team along with the Argentina U23 squad.

Agustin Marchesin (FC Porto)
Juan Musso (Udinese)
Emiliano Martinez (Arsenal)

Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur)
Renzo Saravia (FC Porto)
Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City)
German Pezzella (Fiorentina)
Marcos Rojo (Manchester United)
Walter Kannemann (Gremio)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Leonardo Balerdi (Borussia Dortmund)

Guido Rodriguez (Club America)
Matias Zaracho (Racing Club)
Leandro Paredes (Paris Saint-Germain)
Nicolas Dominguez (Velez Sarsfield)
Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese)
Marcos Acuna (Sporting Lisbon)
Roberto Pereyra (Watford)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)
Erik Lamela (Tottenham Hotspur)

Matias Vargas (Espanyol)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Stuttgart)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

As reported a few days ago, no players from Boca Juniors or River Plate are included due to their Copa Libertadores clash.

Argentina and Argentina U23 team for October.


  1. 25 yard golazo by lisandro martinez for his first european goal!

    but what is more interesting to me is the change in ajax game plan in second half with ten haag making lisandro move the holding line up way more than he had been doing in the first half, doubling the pressure on groningen block. same thing what tuchel was asking paredes to do two games ago for psg but key difference being ten haag successfully bringing that out in lisandro.

    it might be that lisandro turns out to be better suited for possession/high press teams. of course we have to wait to see a bit more. its only his 5th or 6th game in this slot. plus having the quality of danny blind behind you changes the dynamics a lot.

      • maybe. maybe.
        it is rare to see a dutch team attack ajax in the center of the pitch and try to hit them in transition. exactly where if there is any weakness in lisandro in CDM role will show. defensively i have not yet seen a superior advantage of lisandro over leandro.
        plus there are chemistry issues at stake – paredes/depaul/palacios/locelso have done quite a few matches together and many camps.

        but yes it is a big problem of paredes that he has no desire to drive with ball offensively that lisandro shows. clearest example is the colombia game where all the open space was not utilized. though like i said danny blinds superior positioning as sort of a half CB/half DM is one thing that makes it possible to try these things.

        if the olympics were not on though he would surely be in. its just a matter of time for him at least in the 23.

        • Agreed, Licha is a heck of a talent but lets see how he performs in tougher CL matches before we decide to have him as a starter in the midfield.
          One thing for certain though, the kid should be in the senior side and not the U23s while Balerdi needs to head the other way.

          • Balerdi too is hell of talant
            But I agree that statement too
            Let us see how he does in champions league.
            Personally I enjoy him more
            Whe he plays as centre back .

    • lisandro martinez has the potential to become a really good Holding midfielder, and be recalled as a CB if needed. with his ability to move forward and break opponent lines. Hope he improves more and more. not many players can combine both positions, as this type of player is needed for the NT. he is still young and has time on his side. Ajax school is one of the best in the world.

    • how many big chances need him to score a goal? He has mental problems, and neirly all of our young players (Paredes, Lo Celso, Lautaro, Dybala and so on) with such talents should be superstars, but fail one after the other…and we are happy if they play at all…

      • @Csabalala

        See this is what I was talking about when I asked whether you’re troll or simply a passionate, hyper-critical fan who revels in negativity.
        Lautaro may not have scored but he’s been very good, whether be it his tenacity or his off the ball movement or the space and chances he creates for his team mates. In today’s game he had 2 good chances and should’ve scored atleast one so I do agree that he needs to do better but this 22 yr old has class so lets not give up on him just yet.
        Regarding Dybala, well clearly you haven’t been watching him for the last 3 games where he’s been bossing his games. Heck did you even watch today’s match and that incredible assist he gave Ronaldo. Since clearly you don’t watch these games I suggest you go and atleast look at the youtube highlights.
        I admit that I was really worried about Paulo when the season began but if this is the Dybala that we’re gonna be seeing then sign me up!!

        Celso has been injured so let’s wait until the kid gets back to fitness before we start criticizing him ok. I do need to remind you that you were the first one to jump down his throat when he left PSG and the first one to criticize him when he didn’t start the first few games for Betis and the first one to complain when he didn’t perform well in a game but you were one of the last members here to complement the kid when he owned real madrid’s midfield, kicked Barcelona’s ass in that 4-3 game, when he finished the season with 16 goals or when was voted in the la liga team of the season by MARCA.

        Regarding Paredes, well there I have to agree with you, the kid is underperforming in a nothing league like France’s and he deserves to be criticized and he MUST leave PSG midseason. But in the mean time as long as he’s performing for the NT then I could careless whether he does well for those PSG losers who, after spending billions (that’s billions with a B), still haven’t been able to get past the QF in the CL and honestly that is beyond pathetic.

        So Csabalala I honestly want to know whether you’re a troll (and in that case I can stop responding to your posts) or a legit fan with whom I can have an honest discussion.

  2. Surprised on the second list with call up for CM Tomas Belmonte from Lanius while he lost his staring place in the club to more interesting CM like Lucas Vera which is leader of midfield there. Would like to see the players there.

    Anyway Batista is able to do well with different players and different teams. Belmonte was part of 2017 U-20 WC team midfield along with Palacios, Ascacibar.

    • Great pick I’d say. Belmonte in my view has always been a standout midfield talent. All-rounded gem he’s. Don’t want to overstate, but many a time I thought finally we have someone so reminiscent of the great Redondo – in terms of footballing attributes. Hope he gets enough time on the filed to prove his worth in 180 mins.

    • Actually Anibal Moreno was never bad. He was the sharpest player on the pitch against Portugal in the U20 WC. I really don’t want such a talent to be kept off limelight. Hope he manages to be back in the list of prospects soon enough.

    • Just one/two years ago Gaston Lodico seemed to be most talented Lanus central midfielder. He is in the same Olimpic category as Vera and Belmonte and I’m surprised too he didn’t make so far any youth Argentina team.

    • Lucas Vera is really creative midfielder. Even when you see yesterday’s game of Lanus against Patronato you can see his key passes there.

  3. Gk- Emilano Martinez
    Rb-Juan Foyth
    Cb-Leandro Balerdi
    Cb-Cristian Romero
    Lb-Lisandro Martinez
    Cm-Giovani Lo Celso
    Cdm-Nicolas Domingues
    Cm- Exequiel Palacios
    *Rw- Benjamin Garre
    CF-Lautaro Martinez
    Lw-Pedro de La Vega

  4. I think this list is pretty close to my expectations. In this last post I had made this comment:

    “So to summarize, the missing 30% are wide left/left forward roles, appropriate full back subs and clearness in CB pair.”

    Given that this squad is more about finding depth I like the choices made. While Montiel is possibly the starter for now, the backup RB is not locked in. Foyth might be in lead for that but its too early in my view to hand it to him so easily as he needs still more development. I am glad to see Saravia back to challenge him in camp battle for the backup spot.

    Minus Martinez Quarta I think this is a pretty good CB selection to find the two starters until Copa. Lisandro Martinez will probably make the squad at some point again , but I do prefer physicality in certain areas and given the choice I am glad to choose guys like Kannemann in this round to give the Germans that, possibly along with otamendi.

    I am happy to see scaloni continue the left side search with vargas, ocampos and nico gonzalez who i guess will be tried there too. Obviously this area is still so unsettled because clearly no one is winner there yet. I did think Joaquin Correa deserved more than 60 minutes on that side though and another call up to test.

    I thought this round would be the easiest one for Benitez to break through. If he still cannot make third place I am not sure why.

    Finally guys like Angel Correa and Lamela have had a in and out history with the squad for so long. Now with some of the first choices absent this is really time for them to seize the opportunity and cement spot in 23.

  5. Csabalala,

    maybe you can’t understand why is Vargas called and not Di Maria but this is quite rational giving the age of both and future aim we have ahead. As a reminder. Di Maria had his 4 Copas the last one just few months ago.

  6. As of now it’s Andrada’s position to lose to be the Argentina NT Gk it’s a shame we couldn’t see Boca and River players against a tough European opponent like Germany. It’s long time since we faced a European team which is entire ball game than facing Asian or African or North or South American teams. Europeans r tactically organized and Germany is one of the best we can have(Even though they r rebuilding)

    It could have been better that players like Andrada and Palacios to be tested. Anyway Gking remains an ache less heel for Scaloni. But I think Andrada is the one who is more complete. And he is young too.

  7. Why Pezeela,Pereya and Renzo Sarvia are in squad i do not understand.They are useless for any formation.Some are saying Lamela should not be in the list but i rate him most talented player of this squad whenever he plays for Tottenhm he always raise their standard especially against top teams like Man city.He will do same for Argentina.Lanzini and Lamela most important.

  8. Formation 4 3 3 Best line up
    Emiliano Martinez
    Foyth. Kanneman. Otamendi. Rojo
    De paul. Paredes. Lamela
    Dybla. Martinez. L.Ocampus
    Formation 4 3 3
    Emiliano Martinez
    Foyth. Kanneman. Balerdi. Rojo
    De paul. Lamela. Dominiguez. A.Correa
    Alario. Lautaro

  9. ————-Martinez | Dybala

    —–De Paul | Lamela | Paredes | Correa

    Tagliafico | Otamendi | Kannemann | Foyth


    I’d pick this crop of players

    Dybala strength is second striker so i’d like to see him next to Martinez. We need fucking goals so lets put both as close as possible.

    Plenty of pace on the wings with De Paul and Correa and both know how to defend and press. De Paul goes back to LM. Lamela central link with strikers and that tenacious bastard will press like crazy too.

  10. I am pretty happy with this lineup besides the fact that Scaloni just isn’t giving Benitez, Mammana and J. Correa a chance. They are some of our wonder kids that can become world class if given the chance to play!

  11. Sometimes i am confused with Scaloni’s selection..

    Foyth,Lamela is called but no Gazzaniga
    Rojo is called, but no Mussachio, Garay, why not Dave Abraham

    Would have loved to have Icardi, Pavon, Pity Gonzalez…atleast for the Germany game..Pastore for atleast 15-20 mins..

    Atleast try some common players for some time…The list will change for the next friendlies..then we blame messi for everything…the way things going, Scaloni will run out of all players and needs to wait till more players are born..

    • Gazzangia is little slow,Mussachio looks overweight recently he got fat,Garay Abrahm old enough.Icardi should be included he is better than Lautaro.We have seen Pavon in WC he is useless,Pity Martinez is not physical and for his other skills we have lot of player better than him for that

    • Yeah, you are already informing us how is our another opponent weaker than we think and what are standards of good performance. Constant dirty job from you.

      • Gonzalo I think this time csabalala is right ….I think this version of Germany is not great……I think with our full squad we can beat this Germany 8/10.
        With palacios and lo celso missing our midfield don’t look creative and so if we do win then it could be a morale booster.

        • -Even if this is true, you can understand the guy Csabalala only in longer perspective: he is devaluating our opponents before every game just to make the standards of “good performance” more beyond reach.

          • Csabala is correct to devalue a bunch of teams we’ve played. Just look at this list of friendlies, some real jokers in there.

            It’s crazy that friendlies + Copa, we haven’t beat a single good SA team except Venezuela once. WTF. Didn’t realize we were so shite. We played really well against several good countries like Chile but many of our other “good performances” were against crappy teams.

            Wish we could practice against Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, England, Uruguay, Spain, etc.

            Copa America
            Argentina 2 – 1 Chile
            Brazil 2 – 0 Argentina
            Venezuela 0 – 2 Argentina
            Qatar 0 – 2 Argentina
            Argentina 1 – 1 Paraguay
            Argentina 0 – 2 Colombia

            International Friendly
            Argentina 4 – 0 Mexico
            Chile 0 – 0 Argentina
            Argentina 5 – 2 Nicaragua
            Morocco 0 – 1 Argentina
            Argentina 1 – 3 Venezuela
            Argentina 2 – 0 Mexico
            Argentina 2 – 0 Mexico
            Argentina 0 – 1 Brazil
            Iraq 0 – 4 Argentina
            Colombia 0 – 0 | Argentina
            Argentina 3 – 0 | Guatemala

          • “Wish we could practice against Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, England, Uruguay, Spain, etc.”

            These teams are not to practice new tactics or test new players which is still Scaloni’s stage of work.

            We beat Mexico by 4 goals, Mexico that just few days before won against USA 3:0 and still people will devaluate this.

        • This guy will not omit the fact Germany is rebuilding team while at the same time keep silent over the fact we are doing the same now. So he just recently recalled our results against Germany in last years’ friendlies as point of reference ignoring the fact we are rebuilding our team.

  12. Vs germany…


    ………leandro peredes………….N.dominguez…….

    Lamela………….dybala……………….de paul


    Is this the best team?

    • Csabalala,

      you have your 5 happy minutes because Ascacibar is not called up for any of these teams. But if within some time he will progress joining betterr team or joining NT, giving good performances you will search for every possible devious excuse to deny that.

      On the other hand suggesting that anyone said Ascacibar is NOW better than Kante you confirm your liar reputation cause I’ve said only that his overall potentiall (to work upon) is even bigger than Kante. This is difference.

  13. Imo vs Germany Scaloni will play with Marchesin—Tagliafico—Otamendi—Pezzella—Saravia? (LOL)—Dominguez—Paredes—De Paul—Acuna—Lautaro—Dybala and will park his fckin bus.

  14. ……………………..Martinez……………………….
    Acuna……De Paul………Lamela……..O’Campos


    ……….De Paul……………….Lamela…………….

  15. I want the same exact lineup as last friendly but I want lamela on the left instead of acuna and Foyth should get re involved. But I am def happy lamela was called back. I really believe in his talents and hunger

    • Hunger is the key word there. While he is very skilled and talented on the ball, it’s his relentless pace that is his real weapon. Much like De Paul.

  16. @batigol_gaucho
    Incase you are not a psychopath or a drugs addict. First of all i dont want to argue with you this is the last time i am replying you.
    I have already said sorry about Nicky bandini and transgender comment if it agitated you so no need to drag this argument continiously . And friend you completely misunderstood me i never meant to say that you are a transgender i dont know from where did you get this.
    It may be possible you like those Espn pannel but i dont ,if you dont like my comment just ignore and move on how hard is it? No need to attack me personally continiously becasue i dont have energy to argue about somebody’s personality rather than about Football.
    Whatever you have commented about my language , its fine my english may not be as good because its not my major language.

  17. scaloni don’t rate tha short players
    Especially in the midfielders &defenders.
    you can notice the height
    Of his squad plus acuna is versatile player
    Guido Rodriguez is good back up for
    Leo parades at this moment time
    Robert Robert pereyer shouldn’t be in the
    Squad definitely not rojo and lamela
    Personally I will leave otamendi too.

      • I don’t know why people like lamela
        I watch him week in week out
        He plays small passes short ones
        He supposed be next big thing from
        Argentina. He has been so disappointed
        I give you examples I watch lanzini too regularly .
        Whenever lanzini got the ball you can see
        Something going to happen either
        He run with the ball pass players
        So easy or making forward passes
        Drop back to the middle and make
        west ham click last Sunday he didn’t play
        Vs man utd you can see west ham
        Were missing him.
        But lamela is opposite all he does
        Small oversteps short passes
        Even when he shoots can’t still stand.
        Having said all that I don’t think
        Either lanzini or lamela will feature
        That much in scaloni plans.

        • Lamela does more than just short passes.

          The guy is tenacious and an absolute nightmare to play against. We could definitely use his energy and grit in the midfield. I used to love seeing Masche bully midfielders and we’re missing that lately. Lamela isn’t the best passer but he can certainly dribble and retain the ball well and makes good runs into the box.

  18. One thing i m loving about Scaloni is. The way he is supporting Batista.
    He is not calling too many players from U23 team. Which is not breaking down the U23 team. He is helping him so that batista can go in Olympic with a proper team.

  19. On the Batista’s list I see some comebacks: Gaich, Medina, Nehuen Perez and many alternative interesting names given their chance.

  20. Still I can’t understand why Nico Gonzalez is called up and Ascacibar not, even for the Batista’s team. The more when Guido, Pereyra and Acuna are there. One of Ascacibar/Battaglia should make the list.

  21. Out of this team:

    ……………..De Paul……………Dominguez

  22. Vs Germany:
    ………………. Agustin Marchesin

    De Paul……..Paredes………Guido R……Lamela

    . ……………. Dybala…..L. Martinez.

  23. I think scaloni is now finally focusing on our winger problem,that is why,he has included 3 or 4 proper winger or players who can comfortably play on flanks like vargas nicolas Gonzales lucas ocampos matias zaracho. Hope he do find solution to our winger problem this freindlies

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