Argentina starting 11 confirmed, Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez start vs. Germany


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni confirmed his team’s starting eleven for the game vs. Germany with both Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez starting.

Speaking at a press conference in Dortmund ahead of the game vs. Germany, Scaloni confirmed that it would be the two men starting up front with Agustin Marchesin as the goalkeeper. Here’s the starting eleven:

Marchesin; Foyth, Otamendi, Rojo, Tagliafico; Paredes, Pereyra, De Paul; Correa, Dybala and Lautaro Martinez


  1. Why does Scaloni always play Parades CDM the guy is not a CDM what is he smoking. There is Asciabar, Battaligia, Rodriguez, Marcone and the young guy. What is he playing at Parades paired up with a proper CDM would be deadly. Parades cannot protect the defence by himself.

  2. no matter what the starting team/squad looks like, the CORE with focus on 2022 WC should be made up of:

    D: Foyth, Licha, Tagliafico
    M: DePaul (floating), Parades (holding), Ocampos (offensive)
    F: L.Martinez, Dybala, Messi

    other positions can be filled with good players, but IMO, this ‘spine’ of the team should stay the same and play to the max until the WC to maximize the synergy and develop tactical gameplay around their collective strengths.

    If you cast your emotions aside, maybe Scaloni is doing the best he can (Ajax is playing tough and not releasing Licha for anything, Messi and Aguero have limitations currently and perhaps Scaloni is injecting some experience against a known opponent with Ota and Rojo – i am confident they wont make it halfway through next year)

    • agreed. i think funes mori should have a shot at that d line, when healthy he played really well. but definetly foyth and tagliafico are starters. i dont really like otamendi he turns the ball overway too much on the simplest times

  3. Otamendi and Rojo

    both are not in plan for 2022 WC

    so we must have new players..

    missing – Ocampos/Buendia, C.Romero, Kanneman,
    Rojo is a bench warmer..
    start a regular player

  4. Correa ahead of Ocampos is abit odd since Correa has to play out of position on the leftside of the front 3 like he did against Brazil while Ocampos can play on either sides equally well and he’s been in hot form (boy did he TORTURE Barca’s defense). Still, Correa is a good player so I’m ok with this but Rojo-Otamendi pairing yet Licha Martinez not being called up????? Roberto Pereyra ahead of Nico Dominguez?
    Honestly Scaloni continues to shows that he still has no clue.
    I cannot and will not wish for Argentina to lose any match, be it friendly or otherwise but I do hope to god that Germany bring their A game to a friendly for a change and really expose Nico-Rojo’s silly partnership thus letting Scaloni know how stupid he is for even thinking it.

    • Scaloni supposed building young
      Dynamic speed fighters squad
      Play friendlies like Germany Brazil
      But not rojo otamendi pereyer
      Right now I feel so frustrated
      I was scaloni fan but now I don’t
      Like that he plays those players
      I mention it’s absolutely disgusting.

  5. Csabalala
    October 8, 2019 at 4:02 pm
    Last 8 friendly matches:
    2014 GER-ARG 2:4
    2012 GER-ARG 1:3
    2010 GER-ARG 0:1
    2005 GER-ARG 2:2
    2002 GER-ARG 0:1
    1993 ARG-GER 2:1
    1987 ARG-GER 1:0
    1984 GER-ARG 1:3

    and this is one of the weakest german sides in reboulding phase…

    I don’t know what is matter with you
    Don’t you feel a shame to bring this stats
    I feel sick seeing this stats and yet
    Germany beat Argentina
    when it matters most.
    Two world cup finals and two
    World cup quarterfinals in last 29 years.
    Any Argentina fan won’t give damn
    Those friendlies wins
    By the way why re you obsessed
    To see Argentina lose who cars
    If Arg lose vs Germany tomorrow
    It’s friendly match I rather see
    Germany beat arg in friendlies
    And arge beat Germany in qatar 22
    World cup. If they meet each other.

    • We have a good record in friendlies against Germany.
      In official games we suck big time. Lost in 2014, in 2010, in 2006 (on penalties) and 1990.
      Last time we won an official game was 1986 with Maradona.

  6. What joke otamendi & rojo
    I never thought I will see those two.
    Playing together after 2018 world cup.
    Scaloni absolutely get wrong this one.

  7. We don’t have any pace in the attack , midfield and defence…….and otamendi and rojo are not trustworthy together….they both are agressive and likes to make challenge more often than not…
    And without palacios and lo celso our midfield don’t look creative and with paredes it will never be solid.

    I think he should HV played acuna and should hv given de Paul more creative role.

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