Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: “Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez are the future”


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni gave a press conference ahead of the match against Germany where he singled out Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez.

Lionel Scaloni is making this Argentina team his and despite the big names in the squad, he feels as though it’s Dybala and Lautaro who are the future. Both men scored against each other’s teams on the weekend and Scaloni had this to say:

“I think they will be called up to the Argentina national team for many years, in this change and restructuring, they are the one’s who should hold the flag up high. Hopefully tomorrow they will play together and could have another great match.

“They have great players that are out due to injury but we do as well and they are just as important as their players. It’s a challenge and many of them which will go out tomorrow will find out if they are capable of playing.

“I believe this is the last step in finalizing our squad and seeing who we have.”

Scaloni was asked about the retirement of Bastian Schweinsteiger and if Scaloni remember’s Schweinsteiger’s performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup final:

“But… I don’t know what the final has to do with Schweinsteiger. That he retired? He’s a great player and now he starts a new adventure but the final, obviously it’s not a pleasant memory. Argentina were superior and deserved to win the match, they didn’t and it’s not a good memory. As for Scweinsteiger, I hope that as of now, things go well for him.”



    This is the most important quote in the whole interview.

    For those upset with Rojo, Pereyra, etc., I absolutely understand that they would not be my first choice either. Remember, Scaloni is looking for his Copa 2020 squad, not the world cup 2022 squad.

    A player like Pereyra has played at top clubs like Juve, (Watford was decent last year) he has a similar profile to a player like De Paul, and is likely being tested one last time to see if he is a suitable backup for that position.

    Same with Rojo. Scaloni realizes how shallow that fullback positions are and that we are really missing a capable sub for Tagliafico. Acuna could do it, but in reality, he is much more useful and comfortable as a winger.

    Rojo in 2020 could be like our Mercado. Not a starter, but a good and versatile back up who can player center back or fullback.

    I would prefer to see someone from the sub-23 get promoted. The coaching staff either wants:

    A) The best of the sub-23 to play in the Olympics, rather than sit on the bench for the national team. I get it, it’s better for their long term development.

    B) Although players on the sub-23 are full of potential, right now, Rojo is still likely a better fullback. Key word being “right now” – or at the very least, they don’t think the sub-23 player will be better than Rojo by Copa.

    Vamos Argentina!

    • Yeah icardi will take ball from mid and dribble past five players and assist or score himself like Messi or other legends . shutup Wanda crush idiot . your feelings towards Wanda does not make icardi great

  2. Sweinstiger, Lamh, Ozil, Muller, Klose what a team Germany was now at current Germany squad is worst in 15year

      • No team in the world has the ability to play true tiki taka (The way in whch pep’s barcelona played during his time). Germany will try to control this game by playing more possession based football so Argentina needs to concentrate more on defending and when they gets a chance they need to attack quickly. I am eager to see how this team performs against a quality side without Messi.

  3. I wonder what he had to say about the centre-back pairing. Two ticking time bombs! Wealth of experience in numbers , but apparently absent in their performances on the pitch! Undoubtedly one of those players who make absolute mockery of “the experience” card.

    • I don’t understand why people have complaints about Angel Correa and Pereyra( I’m not fan of either of those particularly Correa); haven’t you seen the centre-back pairing???

      • Besides some of you here are stuck in the past. In the Pekerman era, Basile era, Bielsa era and maybe even the Menotti era. It’s a totally different ball game now. Different players, different managers,different opponents and different style of football! There’s no Riquelme or Aimar, no Redondo, no Ayala( gladly we have two of them in our coaching staff), those era is over. Argentina is not the same nor are our opponents.

        So be realistic. Forget about the “tiki taka” football. Support these group of new players and the coaching staff for they’re and move forward.

  4. Its a breath of fresh air to see us competing in Europe, Instead of the usual South and North America, Hope they put on a good show. To be fair Germans don’t care that much about friendlies, We have always performed well in Friendlies against them, But when it matters we usually succumb to pressure, Anyway lets see.

  5. This is the weakest German side i have seen in last 15 years .
    I hope Scaloni doesnt park the the bus in this friendly matches and play an eye catching football and let the midfielders to grow and play freely.
    Now Germany has below average full backs ageing and out of form CB . No creativity in the midfield.
    Even their best players Kroos, Sane, Werner, Goretzka, Rudiger ,Rues doubtful . A below average German side. On paper Argentina team is much better than Germany the only advantage they have is a World class Goalkeeper.
    Scaloni needs to play an attacking football.

  6. Germany is unpredictable these days. They went ahead against the Netherlands but lost at home 2-4 last month. However, if there is one international side capable of humilating teams it is Germany. Hopefully they won’t be on a roll like Bayern against Spurs last week. With players like Correa (bench), Pereyra (bottom of the table Watford) and Rojo (bench) in the line-up I hope we will not face a huge defeat (remember Spain not too long ago).

  7. “No miracle to win, its Scaloni fault ARG are still in rebuilding phase after close to 20 matches, Tite built a brand new looking Brazil after one match”.

    “and this is one of the weakest german sides in reboulding phase…”


    just stop spreading nonsense of “Scaloni’s fault”. He is not to blame for anything so far because the rebuilding process is under way yet we see progress. Not fast progress but Scaloni figured out almost whole his starting eleven, reaching on the way podium of Copa America. This line up is a confirmation we have new, recognizable face with several players starting game by game and some forced omissions because of Copa Libertadores semifinal or suspensions. All this is Scaloni’s merit.

    We won bronze coin on Copa America and yet you say about Scaloni’s faults as if we got early finish on group stages. For you, no matter we reach group stages or podium, we win Mexico 4:0 or lost by 4 goals – you will always talk about Scaloni’s fault.

    Besides it’s clear you use double standards to this two teams: carefully emphasiszing on every occasion that Germany are in rebuilding process while Argentina is not or should not be anymore.

      • He is using still same goalkeepers, we have one CB name (Quarta). CDM?! Paredes is starter. Back up of LB? I was talking about starters.

        For goalkeepers age has other standards and 31 is not a problem. For the reason I would not have any problem with Romero as well. Only Armani should be excluded IMO. Marchesin and Andrada are ok.

        • He must fix a proper starting gk ,parades makes us defensively vulnerable as cdm ,why pererya is even in the squad (I was expecting nico Dominguez in playing 11) ,now tell me why rojo and otamendi are pairing ? We need backups for each and every positions .Why angel correa on the left side instead of Vargas or ocampos

  8. Germany does not play direct football their game is all about passing and attack as a unit.Strikers are not their priority.But they make efficient use of their fullbacks and midfield players. By this technique they overpowered Brazil in 2014.I think philosphy would be same this time too as they have same coach.Germans gonna all over the field this gonna be good test for our full backs and midfield players.

  9. I guess i have the same problems as most people have observed. pereyra will probably be in central midfield very similar to how he was used in the game against mexico in mendoza last year and against iraq. that’s a bit disappointing as that would have been a perfect place to try out dominguez as a starter.

    even more disappointed with the rojo-otamendi pair. this is a known couple and not many surprises to learn here. with world cup qualifiers in march and copa coming there’s only 360 minutes left to test other CB pairs against quality and i feel this is a bigger missed opportunity than pereyra.

  10. Rojo should have been in Left back position,Otamendi should have not been played at all.Kannemann deserves a chance along with Foyth.No need to add Pereya.For the time being this defence is good but we should also think about future,does future only exists in our attacking thread only what about defence?
    Our back four should be Sarvia Foyth. Kannemann Rojo

  11. Despite the fresh blood being brought through elsewhere on the pitch, Nicolás Otamendi and Marcos Rojo line up together in central defence

    From: golozoargentino

    It’s really shocking

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