Five possible changes in Argentina team vs. Ecuador


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is rumored to make five changes to the team which will start vs. Ecuador.

Following the team’s 2-2 draw vs. Germany, TyC Spprts are reporting that the two goalscorers Lucas Alario and Lucas Ocampos are rumored to start in attack for Argentina.

Despite playing well, goalkeeper Agustin Marchesin will be on the bench as Udinese goalkeeper Juan Musso is set to start.

Two changes are also expected at the back as Walter Kannemann and German Pezzella will replace Nicolas Otamendi and Marcos Rojo.

The team will play on Sunday vs. Ecuador in Spain.



    This just popped up on reddit and Twitter. Youngest NT Squads.

    Country AVG AGE Squad Value
    Mexico 23.5 177M
    NIgeria 24.1 219M
    England 25.0 1.12B
    USA 25.2 146M
    Wales 25.3 207M
    Tunisia 25.5 65M
    German 25.6 803M
    Brazil 25.7 1.14B
    Argentina 26.0 463M
    Italy 26.1 836M

    Given the transfer value, i doubt Messi, Aguero, and Di Maria are in it. Also surprising how much the England squad is worth..freaking overvalued!

    • As per transfermarket Argentina sits behind France, England and Spain in youngsters category. Brazil and Argentina matches there in 4th place.

  2. এই নেন পরিক্ষার আগে প্রশ্নফাঁস 😀😀🤤

    Confirmed lineup

    Agustín Marchesín, Juan Foyth, Germán Pezzella, Walter Kannemann, Marcos Acuña, Nicolás González, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Lucas Ocampos, Lucas Alario, Lautaro Martínez

  3. RiverDC @riverdc
    Can’t argue with that Argentina NT right now have no top class centre backs or suitable centre backs to play an attacking-expansive football whether it’s a high line or deep line or whatever. Like you said talent pool is limited in that aspect.

    But disagree with you on the best centre back we have right now. It’s Garay for me, not Otamendi. I don’t know what he has done wrong to piss off Tata Martino and coaches thereafter or maybe even players. Somehow he’s overlooked and discarded.

    I see what you did there(in your post), subtly trying to shift the blame from the circus show that Rojo and Otamendi performed during the first half. The 1st half performance of the team is completely down to those clowns and it’s not even up for debate. Both goals down to them, no one else! 1st goal, Correa could’ve done more in controlling the ball and maybe blocking the pass but it wouldn’t take anything away from the fuck-ups Rojo and Otamendi did in the box. Both going for the ball, as usual lunging in recklessly, those brainless brainfucks. Made it all too easy for Gnabry.

    The second you said “mid” lost the ball??! Taking a piss mate??! or you acting blind? Everyone knows who lost the ball in a dangerous situation trying to nutmeg an opponent.

    PS: We don’t have top class or world class centre backs in our ranks, but we definitely have enough young(with great potential) as well as experienced defenders who are better than those two brainfucks, ie Rojo and Otamendi!

    • For second goal Rojo lost the ball but he was halfway in the pitch not a dangerous situation or position he was not near penalty box.
      For the first goal Rojo tried to tackle i think that was the best respose but ball somehow tipped over him and that resulted into goal.Rojo was little slow that night but i think he should be given chance against Equador at left back position.Tagliafico should be rested no single player has except Tagliafico has that regularity in Argentina.I think he never got substituted till now.This should be a record.

      • Scaloni dont have any players to play on LB. Tagliafico is the best option thats why he is always their. Plays 90 min every match. It rojo was good enough he would have start over Ashley Young at United.
        Scaloni gave him his chances and he blew it.

    • Garay is the best–in his prime–2014. We have to move forward. Rumor has it that Garay got upset with the national team after he missed a few friendlies when him and his wife were having a baby after having trouble to conceive. He got turned off by the old regime (Mache etc.) and now is a bit past his prime. Although he would likely still be better than Otamendi– heck Demichellis retired has more smarts than Otamendi– the fact that we keep playing Otamendi and Rojo shows how low our talent pool is in that spot…but one thing I like is that Scaloni realized his mistake/weak pieces and has benched them both for the next game. I have a feeling they already found the future in defense… Foyth looked poised, which is what he was lacking, and Martineze-Quarta looked like a 5 yr veteran in his prime last time. Not a huge fan of Tagliafico, but who else? Lisandro Martinez will also establish himself soon once his U23 duties are complete following the Olympics.

  4. The coaching staff must not
    Choose players over 27 years
    In oder to have young dynamic
    Team can play modern football.
    Excluding messi aguero
    & Agustín Marchesín

    • “The coaching staff must not
      Choose players over 27 years”
      You are a joke always comes some ridicilous discriminative criteria a player should be selected based on their form and performance not on their age.
      Right now argentina badly need to win something to end the trophy draught not for whatever it takes old or young players .

  5. Cox @cox4
    I don’t know why you’re so narrow-minded about 3 at the back formation. You might not have liked what you had seen from the past generations when that formation was used, but like you said that is past: different players, different managers, different style, different era! Btw I’m not implying “you should play 3 at the back at all cost” No! It’s just an option. It’s better to have different options, don’t you think?

    Besides I don’t agree with you on the 2002 WC. It was a disaster in the end, but you can’t blame “3 at the back” formation for that debacle(a little harsh I know). Like waveride said we were simply outstanding in the qualifiers and were everyone’s favourites( to me we were the no.1 favourites above French) to win the WC ! But unfortunately due to various reasons, we couldn’t get out of the group stage hurdle. We played well, but somehow we could’nt make that up in goals tally and the results. Like Ayala(who was missed that time) said WC2018 played horribly(those are my words not el raton’s) and got 4 points and still able to get to the knock out stage but the 2002 team played well, got 4 points and still couldn’t make it!
    Before Sampaoli, Sabella also used it, and didn’t seem to have a problem.

    • i am against 3 in the back because of many reasons my friend.
      really if i start i will write a book but to don t make you tired i will say my biggest reason only.

      it is not in the Argentina DNA.
      from 2006 some people begin to build one Argentina style of play.
      this is our ID. good or bad results. good or bad choices of players does not matter.
      we have create one philosophy and i am strongly against those coaches that try to change it.
      not because i am stubborn but because that way they confuse they mix and they destroy our ID.

      we can t every time that we change coach we change and philosophy.
      it is not serious for one football GIANT as it is ARGENTINA.

      the coach should adopt to our philosophy and ID not the opposite way.
      of course this is not just coach fault. it is AFA president fault but this is other subject which i will avoid speak because the conversation will drive us elsewhere than the subject.

      to say simple. as Ajax , Barcelona , Germany, Netherlands and many other big clubs or national teams
      they have one game philosophy and they take one coach according to what they play
      the same i want and for my beloved ARGENTINA.
      the small clubs and small national teams doing opposite.

      but we are not small. we are GIANTS.
      i want Scaloni or anyone else coach we can have to not change every time.

      Sabella use 3 in back in the first game against Bosnia FOR ONE HALF ONLY.
      when he saw how terrible we play that way he change it in halftime and never use it again till end of 2014 world cup.

      about 2002 i agree with you. i can not blame the 3 in back only for the failure.
      just my opinion is that we was true outstanding in the qualifiers and again true we was number one favorites but that was not because the system. we was superior from Conmebol teams anyhow that period.whatever system we could play we will win them.
      we had outstanding players.

      but when time come to face the Europeans in serious games (not friendly games i mean)
      we just fail. for me AND because of that way of play.

      sorry if i make you tired.
      OF COURSE we don t have to agree and OF COURSE it is more than welcome the different opinions.
      as i have tell you in the past you are one of the people in this site that you have earn my respect despite the fact that many times in past we have different opinions.
      i don t care about that. i read your opinions carefully and i respect them because you never saying nonsense.

  6. De paul provides almost nothing in attack , he is not creative enough to play as ADM or may be defensive burden on him doesnt allow him to create something in attack. Palacios , Lo celso and Ascacibar/L martinez/ N dominuez would be better mid field trio than him.
    Scaloni should play our core team from November friendlies to build the chemistry includind Messi and Aguero.

    • DePaul is better suited in 4 men Midfield. I don’t agree that he’s not creative enough.
      But yes in a 4_3_3 type system I will prefer him to come from the bench for a forward to defend the lead.. or to change the game to 4 men mid.

      • 1. I didn’t said about NT here

        2. Probably too old for WC 2002 (not for Copa) but just one year older than Pereyra, Kannemann, Pezzella, Acuna, Andrada.

        3. Personally I’m not sure wheter he should be in NT too but his years-long form gives food for thought.

        • I don’t like pereyra ,kanneman is not the solution of our cb problem ,andrada isn’t going to be starter anyway so I don’t think nacho should get called even though he is talented

    • He should be in the NT. I guess Messi, Paredes would love having players like him in the playing eleven. Tireless worker, always making selfless runs. A midfield runner in the box which is very useful for any team.

      But I guess with the Copa Libertadores semifinal second leg and possibly final in the way, there seems no possibility of him being called up along with his teammates in the November friendlies.

      • Something needs to change with Copa Libertadores calendar or simply NT coach should be more insistent becuase this is another year when we are deprived of group of important players during important games.

        Nacho is running, scoring, assisting, delivering key passes and so on.

        • Brasil friendly is important but still it’s not a competitve match. I would worry only when it’s a qualifier not meaningless friendlies. Clubs and their players should be treated reasonably.

          • Yes, but the fact is is that for the River and Boca players will be only about 2 games left before Copa: in March and just before the tournament.

          • ” I would worry only when it’s a qualifier not meaningless friendlies. ”

            as long as we are in “rebuilding” every friendly should be taken seriously by the coach,the players and AFA. it is something annoying that river/boca players keep missing those matches. and then scaloni scrambles for ‘temporary’ alternative players.

          • I really wanted to see more action in the NT from the likes of Palacios, Quarta, as the case with Pitty, Pavon and Benedetto last year before transferring.

  7. I think it is better to include one more CB to partner Quarta. Already montiel in team. Alexander barboza or some other current river defndr to partner wuth quarta in Nt can improve good chemistry between these.bcz thy already playing in so many games. It will be an advantage for NT.

  8. Maybe, the core of the team for Copa America 2020 are Armani, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Paredes, De Paul, Messi, and Lautaro…

    Well, no matter who, I hope Argentina will be the champion for Copa America and World Cup start from CA 2020 and WC 2022…

    Vamos Argentina!!!

  9. We need to try someone else and rest Paredes against Ecuador!! He is evidently not the right player to play as a No5. It has worked few times but not against top opponents. We are going to pay a heavy price if Scaloni sticks with him as our DM!! Instead, Team management should make best use of his abilities and not play him out of position. His attacking skills are far superior as opposed to his defensive skills!!! Must be a part of the team but not as a No5 !

  10. Why not Argentina make 25year musso permanent GK, why the hell Argentina still experimenting no1 spot. Romero was given no1 spot, in Brazil Allison also given when he was just a local league GK. I’m not against Armani or marchesin but they won’t be able to play 2022 so it’s better to groom young GK

  11. Too many play station DT’s on here. Worried too much about formation and not enough about function, and whether we have players in the right balance and proportion.

    My own two cents is that whether you play 2 or 3 in the back you need the right blend of speed, talent and chemistry and Scaloni doesn’t have the deepest talent pool to build a back line capable of competing at the highest level. This is true especially compared to previous cycles, gone are the Sensini’s Ayala’s, Samuel’s and even the Ruggieri’s and Passarella’s that used to be a strength of AFA’s talent development. Like it or not Otamendi is currently the highest pedigreed CB Argentina has. On that basis calling him to anchor your defense seems reasonable. And on some level calling Otamendi & Rojo together, who have both played well in the past to the brink of 3 cups, and provide some continuity wasn’t necessarily a bad call. It didn’t work. They now appear to lack both the chemistry and form together. And while Otamendi can move the ball with his feet, Rojo isn’t quick enough to help him cover and is a disaster marking.

    Germany’s first goal was a ping pong situation in the box that with a little luck would have been cleared. I think the second goal was a fast break after the mid lost the ball in a terrible position. Faster CB’s may have been able to contain or cover this turnover, but it’s not entirely clear to me that better CB’s make a difference.

    The real issue was that the wide midfielder’s made some bad judgment calls that exposed the lines. Which is an additional reason I’m skeptical of playing with only 1 wide player on each side.

    • first of all i remember myself and football from 1990.
      back then we didn t have even mobile phones. did not exist.
      how much more playstation.

      so i have the experience to understand football and how it works much more you believe.
      so leave the irony to me ok?

      i respect your opinions.
      keep them and keep saying them.
      just do it without irony.
      not to me at least.

    • Actually i don’t bother playing playstation and i am not a DT neither. I am leaving that to you to pretend of being one. Moreover, we were masters of 352 in 86 wc. We controlled every single game of that wc maybe apart the game with Italy at group stages but we were superior to any other team we faced at that wc. In addition, 352 was not actually invented by Bilardo but from an Austrian guy i think that i can’t remember his name.

      Finally, if you feel the need to be ironic do so, i don’t give a fuck anyway simply because in contrast to my friend Cox4 i only give my respect to people who deserve to.

    • “Worried too much about formation and not enough about function”

      Because Formation and tactics are directly related to the squad at hand and how they function. you can not play players out of the position in which they play week in and week out at their clubs and expect them to click together, in order to function right, you need the right formation, which calls for suitable tactics to that specific formation, both should be possible to be applied and carried out by the selection of players at hand.

  12. Cox4, i see what you mean about 3 at the back my friend, however correct me if i am wrong but Argentina where masters of 352 under Billardo in 86 and i think that Germany, the runner up of 86 wc also used that formation in this wc as well :). Anyway, you have a point here as this formation requires high skills and tireless players, running and pressing for the entire game therefore it is a very risky formation too.

    I am very glad that Ocampos had an impact, he is a very skillful and energetic player, he has pace and powerful shoot, using both feet. I think we definetely need that kind of player.

    As for Scalloni, he may not be a world class coach, he may doesn’t have the experience to be even named as a propper coach but he has the ability to read the game and the flexibility to adapt accordingly, something that most of our previous coaches were missing big time! This is very important at least for me and it seems that he is growing as a coach at the same time with our players, we are growing as a team, taking small steps ahead but at least i think that we are growing and i am ok with that.

    • my friend football back then was completely different.
      all teams because offside rule was different (attacker should be behind defender and goalkeeper could take the ball in hands by foot from defender)
      all teams was playing with 4 back BUT the 2 CB was not beside but behind of other 3 defenders (libero style)

      so my point is that modern football is like completely other sport let say.

      if you want to see in modern football Argentina with 3 in back you should take as example 1998 and 2002 world cups. we can t compare with 1986.

      as about Ocampos and Scaloni i agree with you. the only that worry me generally about Ocampos and all the players like him is that i am waiting to observe them in duration of time. i am waiting them and arrive to conclusion in one decent period of time.
      just for the moment i agree with you.

      • You are right my friend about the old style of play, i remember that and i also remember Bielsa’s 3331, everyone and i mean EVERYONE were afraid us back then, we blew up everyone during the 02 qualifiers playing very beautiful fast flow football that inspired many of the modern coaches of today but unfortunately Bielsa’s stubborness along with injuries and bad luck were the main reason that we had a disastrous campaign sadly. Argentina and France were the two favourites for that wc but unfortunately we were eliminated from group stages for the first time of our history.

        By the way, England lost to Czech 2-1 yeahh!!

        • 2002 world cup is something i try forget and i can t.
          this is my nightmare that turning around me like ghost even till now in 2019.

          we waste one of the best teams we ever had.
          i remember those players we had back then and if i compare with present it make me feel cry really.

          anyway. as Argentinian i learn to fight in my life.
          even if the odds is against me.
          so even if we don t have the best players in world that don t change the fact that we will “live” as Argentina or we will “die” as Argentina.

          about England as always i am glad with their loses 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Argentina weren’t masters of the 3-5-2; They (At least Bilardo) invented it. It was a response to the 4-4-2 system which puts pressure on the fullback pair. It also developed from the decline of wingers in the 4-3-3 that the dutch employed in the 70’s. Bilardo figured you might as well turn these wingers into midfielders and have them track back on help the back 3. 3-5-2 doesn’t have the same punch it has these days because I think tactics and systems are less hegemonic than in bygone eras. That being said it can certainly be effective with the right trio and importantly wide midfielders who can help out on defense.

        • we can t compare Billardo era with the 3-5-2 of modern era of football.
          it is mistake because football rules was completely different with our days.
          about Dutch team i don t know. i wasn t born then. i don t have reason to not believe you of course.

          anyhow my subject is that i believe and i don t change idea that
          Argentina national team and system with 3 in back is not going together.
          this is my opinion and i don t change my mind.

  13. i keep saying it from the first time i post here and i will repeat it now.

    Argentina national team with 3 in the back is not exist.
    most possible is to survive one penguin in the desert than Argentina national team have success with system with 3 in the back line.

    i am not blind.
    even 100 friendly games to see we test with this system i will keep saying this.

    as about the 2009 game with Peru i remember that day like today.
    Palermo saved us from the biggest humiliation of our history.
    Argentina not to qualify to one world cup tournament.
    i wish God give to Palermo everything good in his life.

  14. Scaloni must do somting in midfield and this formation is not good for argentina.. everyone thing foyth is good in rb.. iam not agree with that.. He is too weak… Rb position is big trouble for our team..And midfield lisandro martinez is good option with paredes..De paul better go to winger position.. Acuna is very good and hard working..Alario better option to replace lautaro martinez..
    Saravia Otamendi kenneman rojo
    Guaido paredes
    De paul dybala acuna

  15. Paredes,Palacios,L. Martinez,Nico Dominguez,nacho Fernandez,Guido Rodriguez,caseres,battaglia,marcone,ascaciber, some of the important key central or defensive midfield player scaloni have to choose his player

      • Foyth just back from injury. He will get more minutes this season. Balerdi still waiting. I hope he will move to some other club in January transfer as loanee.

    • might be a bit of a stretch but i see foyt turning into a zanneti type. dudes a beast. i dont like otamendi or rojo, im glad they r trying out other pieces. i honestly really liked funes mori back there when he was healthy.
      ocampos looks ok… he looks kinda stuff but atleast u could feel him out there which was more than u can say for correa.

    • youre right…going to be static and hoof balls. Especially with Paredes passing sideways and backwards in front of them.

      I’d like to see Otamendi + Kannemann although i suppose this game is just testing new players. We never seem to fucking STOP TESTING. FUCK!!!

      Martinez – Dybala

      Acuna – Lamela – L Martinez – De Paul

      Tagliafico – Otamendi – Kannemann – Foyth


      • Lautaro already tired of big games. I think Scaloni will give Alario a chance to impress. Dybala probably will start again.
        Dybala, Alario, Pereyra, Ocampos, Musso… Scaloni trying all to get into the team of 23 as substitutes. Slowly some of them may be starters.

      • “We never seem to fucking STOP TESTING. FUCK!!!”

        And for the reason you suggest to TEST Lamela and Lisandro in central midfield for the first time?

        Lisandro might be better material than Paredes as No.5 but I don’t think it is matter of just few games to accomodate. That comes from, once, biggest sceptic of Paredes’ talent to be our No.5 for years.

        Lamela as CM, B2B is interesting idea (I don’t like the player as winger) however this is something completely new and does not make the final team’s shape being closer (if we are talking to stop testing new players).

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