Argentina with a big 6-1 win vs. Ecuador, Lucas Alario, Leandro Paredes, Lucas Ocampos score, more


With six different goal scorers, Argentina won 6-1 vs. Ecuador.

Three goals coming in the first half, Lionel Scaloni’s team were on fire with Marcos Acuna providing the quality. Acuna, who came on as a substitute vs. Germany, was involved in all three goals.

Argentina were awarded a corner kick and it was Marcos Acuna who sent in the cross which found Lucas Alario’s head. The striker headed it into the net to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Assist number two came shortly after. Another cross into the penalty area was blocked by Ecuadorian John Espinoza and it was an own goal for Argentina’s second of the match.

The third once more started from the left side as an Acuna low pass was sent in Lautaro Martinez’s direction but the Argentine was tripped and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Lautaro and Leandro Paredes exchanged a few words and it was Paredes who took the penalty and converted Argentina’s third.

Two changes were made at half time as Paulo Dybala came on for Lautaro Martinez and Guido Rodriguez on for Leandro Paredes.

With minutes played in the second half, Ecuador were awarded a free kick and would convert off their chance. Agustin Marchesin should have probably done better but it was Angel Mena who pulled one back for his team.

Nicolas Dominguez was brought in for goal scorer Lucas Alario.

Paulo Dybala would provide an assist. Argentina were awarded a free kick and it was taken by Dybala who sent in a cross which found captain German Pezzella who headed it for Argentina’s fourth of the game.

Matias Vargas was substituted in for Nicolas Gonzalez, Renzo Saravia for Juan Foyth and Leonardo Balerdi for German Pezzella.

A fifth goal would be scored as Nicolas Dominguez would fire in a low shot from outside of the penalty area for his first for Argentina.

Lucas Ocampos would make it 6-1 and get his second goal in two matches. Vargas would shoot but the goalkeeper would block it and Ocampos would get to the rebound, scoring off a difficult angle.



  1. Congrats Argentina! Well deserved win.

    But someone has to say this:

    1. Passing: Ecuador passing wasnt always sharp, but when they were, it was hard to see our boys be taken for a ride – i know, our boys are young, i hope they learn from this.
    2. One-v-one: Individual Ecuadorian players seemed to have the fearlessness and drive in dribbling past our players many times. We cannot let this happen and must train for this in future.
    3. Physicality: granted some of our boys are still learning, but playing against a physical side should be teaching us a lot about balance, ball control and situational awareness.

    Overall, we won partly because Ecuador couldn’t finish the plays they started. But i like the boys stood their ground and picked their time to strike.


      • @Ebo Hi, Im doing good… havent watch much football this season after Copa ended…. only watched the game against Germany on extended highlights and I like what I saw since second half. These guys seems to play with alot more freedom and has plenty of convidence with themselves when Messi isnt there.

        I think Scolani has improved the team considerably. We threaten and scores plenty with crosses. Ocampos, Alerio and even Acuna played really well.

    • Actually it was up to coaching stuff who decided who to take the penalty not up to players, maybe coach already told the player to take it otherwise I don’t think Paredes would did that and in that moment Pezzella as a captain also told the same thing to Martines, please don’t make it big deal.

      • Actually I have no problem with whoever takes it, as long we got the goal. However, striker needs goals to boost their confidence. Lautaro is only 22 and he could add more goals to his tally and when a forward has been on scoresheet they’d be playing under less preasure. Batistuta used to take tons of penalties just like Messi , even though Messi seems to miss more often.

        Lautaro and Dybala clearly part of the long term plan so I think Lautaro should take more penalties and Dybala started to take more freekicks. Paredes seems to have big nerve when taking the penalties from what I’ve seen so far… so I guess Scolani noticed that on training and made him our main penalty taker.

        • Unless Paredes is the best on the pitch, i don’t see why Martinez wouldnt take them. Maybe Scaloni also trying to beef up Paredes statistics for club politics or transfer another club.

          • Most likely. He won the penalty against Paraguay but obviously Messi is the regular taker so he took it, but both Parades penalties in recent games also won by Lautaro.

  2. Montiel—Foyth—quarta/otamendi—acuna

    Depaul– paredes/Nico -palacios

    Messi– alario/aguero/lautaro ocampos
    1. Dybala 2.c.Romero 3. locelso 4.zaracho 5.tagliafico 6.Dimaria/Lanzini

    Some player hard to ignore
    1. L.Martinez 2.nacho Fernandez 3. Baundia 4. Walter benitez 5. Guido Rodriguez

  3. The game against Ecuador was pretty predictable , and as it happened , they won 6-1 . But what concerns me more is the match against Germany, I have got my mind divided in two halves.

    First of all , this is what happens when you lack European matches in your stock . It was quite a match , I knew that Argentina was goona struggle in the 1st half .
    Argentina started the first 15 mins really well , attacking and pressuring the Germans , but they got caught out on German counterattacks and their flawless one-touch passing game. This is where the problems arise , as mentioned above , “PANIC” is enough to describe Argentina ‘s 1st half. They got disspossed in multiple positions and was often taken out of their play by the German movements,.

    Second , the tactical game-changing subs by scaloni done enough to ameliorate the panic and displacements Argentina faced.
    This is where scaloni wins , he read the 1st half ,knew that the balls goona come either through the flanks or counter-attacks , not through middle where the lacked kroos, changed his forma to 3-4-3 , and it payed off heavily .
    Alario , who has got loads of experience in Germany , exploited them explicitly.
    The second last thing , these are the kind of matches where icardi and gaich are born to thrive , it was obviously tough for Lautaro Martinez to dual up with those big defenders , but he did well , but had it been one of gaich or icardi , then Argentina ,at least , would have added one or two in the scoreboard in the 1st half.
    They are strikers to play long balls and contain masculine defenders with their strength, and icardi and gaich perfectly fits the criteria.
    Last but not least , AFA should arrange European matches as much as possible , without these exposure you won’t get to know your opponents and their flaws.

    Vamos Argentina.

  4. Best 23 for me:


    2)de paul
    4)lo celso
    5)Ocampos/Di maria
    6)Nico dominguez/lamela
    7)Ascasibar/Battaglia/lisandro martinez

    3) lautaro

  5. Scaloni’s record in meaningless friendlies matches against some medicore and unmotivated teams are pretty good .
    Acuna is a better option at right back than Tagliafico.

  6. IAM really happy with the match we played well now it’s becoming a team and it costs us a lot to attain this. Thanks to scaloni.
    I pray incidents like parades-lautaro doesn’t spoil this a senior parades should have given to lautaro to be an example like Messi did to net
    Wholly this team played well
    I loved mareschin s distribution it’s excellent but he misjudged the situation twice.
    For me
    Alario is the find of this friendlies
    Oscampos comes next but he should try to pass more in 1vs 2 situations at least
    Fyoth and acuna was good
    Lautaro and de Paul as usual fighter
    Little disappointed with parades
    Overall I enjoyed this friendlies after a long time considering the opponent’s we faced

  7. Very good display from new gems. Ocampos and Alario shows Argentina do not feel lack of forwards any time. I become fan of alario’s header!!! My preferred Xi with 4-3-3 formation
    Depaul……Paredes…..Lo Celso/Ocampos
    Or if we want 4-2-3-1 then
    Messi………Lo Celso……Lautaro

    Bench: Alario, Icardi, Dybala, Nico, Guido, Pezzella, Montiel, Lisandro, many more

  8. GUIDO RODRIGUEZ rate 6.5 ole.
    He entered the ST by Paredes. With more brand, it generated more freedom for De Paul to play. He played one or two touches and left Dominguez’s shot at 5-1.

    A professional football can’t control
    The ball is bit of the top. 🤔

  9. Want to see Balerdi in place of kanneman in next friendly. But before that we need to find back for paredes as guido is not at all suitable in this system
    And 2 match and 2 goals for Ocampos. He also should be call up

  10. Dybala seems lost his spot, Ocompus is positive, Alario booked his spot despite Aguero coming in next friendlies, Kanemaan failed to impress.

  11. I agree with many people that hold Paredes is not impressing enough. For few years I insist that his NT vakue will depend on amount of his creative passes since the common knowledge is that he is limited on defensive half of his duties. Yet he can hardly deliver creative passes even against Ecuador. Let’s see more but I’m leaning toward Ascacibar more and more (or Battaglia).

    • Battagllia is not that good either
      Other thing you guys forgetting is.
      This scaloni team doesn’t require
      Destroyer they defend as unit collective.
      Honestly isn’t fair to blame paredes
      Not tackling or not been mascherano
      Plus Guido Rodriguez did very well
      In second half.
      Let’s wait and see before we keep mention new names every time. This team is growing together now . Lo celso palacios will be bk .Our midfielder is dynamic now fuck Playing double 5 .

      • Lol guido can’t even hold the ball under pressure and you are saying he did well today lol ,and whether you defend collectively or not you always need a proper DM in team (best is modern dm ) and no one is blaming parades here ,we all want him in the team but not as cdm

        • But mate battagllia and Ascacibar
          Are not that good.
          Weather people like or not
          This scaloni’s midfielders
          De pual
          Lo celso
          Guido Rodriguez
          Mark my word .

        • > and whether you defend collectively or not you always need a proper DM in team (best is modern dm ) and no one is blaming parades here ,we all want him in the team but not as cdm

          Absolutely spot on. Paredes was caught on several goals standing behind the ball jogging hoping a CB will step in. A proper DM smells blood and has the defensive instinct. right now, CDM is our weakest link and Scalonis doesn’t seem to notice. Battaglia injured again and not sure can be relied on. Ascac doesn’t seem to grab Scalonis attention.

          if i were king, id easily go with Ascac and give L Martinez a shot.

      • “Let’s wait and see before we keep mention new names every time. This team is growing together now . Lo celso palacios will be bk .Our midfielder is dynamic now fuck Playing double 5”

        Of course there’s no way of playing with double No.5. As I said above we should still wait some time to evaluate Paredes definitely but I expect from him more creative passes since it is the only thing that make him potentially more reasonable choice than Ascacibar/Battaglia which are monsters of defending unlike Paredes.

      • Of course you need a Destroyer CDM whether you defend collectively or not what are you talking about Paredes is not a CDM litreally all the best teams of modern Football have a destroyer. Scaloni is a twat so are you if you think you’ll do anything with Paredes as your DM. He would be much better next to a DM. With a Ball carrier aswell.

    • Due to some odd reason Ascacibar is not in Scaloni’s list. 4132 with Ascacibar (what a destroyer he is..!) behind LoCelso, Palacios, DePaul would be great and tight.

      Messi, Aguero, Luataro, Dybala and Alario as forwards. Two at a time. Three together…may be when we desperately need goals.

      • “Absolutely spot on. Paredes was caught on several goals standing behind the ball jogging hoping a CB will step in. A proper DM smells blood and has the defensive instinct. right now, CDM is our weakest link and Scalonis doesn’t seem to notice. Battaglia injured again and not sure can be relied on. Ascac doesn’t seem to grab Scalonis attention.

        if i were king, id easily go with Ascac and give L Martinez a shot.”

        On point

  12. I still waiting 3 parasite in this grup comment about this win..but i think they will talk ecuador are weak team..brazil can beat them easily maybe 10-0..LoL..

  13. Firstly, big congrates to Mr. Scaloni!
    We r starting to see the real Argentina again day by day which has been suddenly lost for some years! This team is really more united, confident & energatic now, & is fully on the right track I think & strongly believe that some best days r knocking at the door in shaa Allah! Just carry on & go ahead.
    Vamos!!! 💙🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

  14. In my Opinion Messi should try more deeper role in this Argentina team. We have enough wingers and Forwards right now who works really hard and runs back to cover.
    Best style for Messi to come into this team without causing much damage to the pace will be a 4_2_1_3 kind of set up. Messi as the Play maker with 2 wingers and a Centre Forward.
    But with the current style it seems that is not possible. .

    In any case I hope the re entry of Kun & Messi together won’t slow us and make us vulnerable when Defending because of their well known laziness.

  15. what even i love more was
    Scaloni again give some minutes
    Likes Dominguez Vargas and belardi
    I thought Guido Rodriguez done well
    Since he came in de paul was outstanding .
    Pezzella prove he leader and a lot clamer
    Ocompus alario done themselves proud.
    I don’t care what anyone else say but
    I believe Agustín Marchesín is good
    Keeper especially with his feets .
    Scaloni team dominated and play
    Nice football.

  16. Nico Gonzalez had a decent debut……could HV done a little bit better in the final third but it was all ok.

    Still I think we need to sort out our defence kannemann looks solid but he hasn’t been tested yet……pezella is not the solution……Juan foyth is good and confident but he is clumsy sometimes……ota is not reliable anymore and rojo is done……..quarta again is not tested properly but he looks promising.

    And for DM paredes is a good short term solution but with him on the pitch our defenders will always be in the back foot.

    As for goalkeepers we have very good personnels in it.

  17. Lautaro is Inter Milan main penalty taker and bench warmer Paredes not even deserve starting spot in Argentina 11 daring to take penalty from Lautaro, how these farmer is given so much power in NT, Dybala again unlucky not to be in the score sheet

  18. This is team of equal brothers. Everyone runs, everyone works, you never know who score. This is something new with comparison to recent years.

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