Argentina vs. Ecuador match thread, line-up announced


Argentina plays vs. Ecuador in their second and final game of the month.

Lionel Scaloni confirmed the starting eleven at a press conference on Saturday and it’s Lautaro Martinez and Lucas Alario in attack. Here is the starting line-up:

Marchesin; Foyth, Pezzella, Kannemann, Acuña; Nicolás González, De Paul, Paredes, Ocampos; Alario, Lautaro


  1. Once we had to depend on messi to win against Ecuador.
    We lost against them in WCQ without messi.
    This team got huge potential. More than the previous one.
    Dominguez bought balance in our team.
    Ecuador barely could get pass through our defence.
    Amazing match.
    But enough experiment.
    Form next match Scaloni need to throw his main XI on the field. And continue to do so till copa.

    • Some people were suggesting we can beat teams like Ecuador with Messi. When Messi is out we were struggling. When I said in short term Argentina can’t win without Messi but with time to accomodate the will do that, the poeple were still going against the statement. Now the boys are playing longer time without Messi and they know they need to depend on themselves.

      • Of course we would do that against Ecuador also with Messi but maybe not by 5 goals. Most importantly they learn how to exist without Messi. That started from the match for bronze coin during Copa.

        • True the boys know that they need to depend on themselves….but We need messi no matter what if we want to win something big. Now that The chemistry of our mid is strong i guess messi won’t have to drop deep to create for us. We suffered alot for not having quality mid and defense. Now we dont have to.
          We had brought demichalis back from retirement. Thats how bad it was

          And now We got players like Lisandro Martinez, Palacios, Buendia, Icardi, Lo celso, Ascacibar on our hand.

  2. Scaloni surely found his core. May be 90-95% of 23 players. That’s great.
    GK, CB pair, and RB position has to be finalized. Scaloni’s first x1 will be;


    Forwards locked: Messi, Aguero, Lautaro, Dybala and Alario.
    Midfield locked: Paredes, LoCelso, DePaul, Palacios, Ocampos, Dominguez. Pereyra and Guido may be.
    Defenders locked: Otamendi,Tagliafico, Pazella, Foyth, Acuna. May be Montiel and Quarts.
    GKs: Armani and 2.

    I will love to see Lisandro, Zaracho, and Buendia also in this team.

  3. Also the 2_3 Brazil Fans living here.
    But this is just some Friendly matches, don’t worry guys… More over Brazil played with their E team, when Argentina used their best possible team.
    So overall Nothing much to worry for you, 2_3 Guys.
    Feel home.
    Come with your valuable analysis, about how shit was Argentina, how terrible was Alario, Ocampos et al. we’re…

    Waiting eagerly, 2_3 Brazil Fans..💛

  4. 6-1 win

    against Ecuador

    we win..
    good performance
    not draw it’s a win…performance better day by day..
    6-1 big margin..and this is not a minnow opponent..
    haters may hate….
    after start of 2nd half we looked in very disharmony ..but we comeback..

  5. Marschein looks very small in goal post and he rarely comes out to clear the ball he is like De gea,stays in his position and let the attackers come near in this aspect Ter Stergen is best he always comes out at right time because he learns or undestands game from the back and sees everything.Musso should be given chance he is great shot stopper.Armani is best of our all selected goalie.Now i understand but Musso has ability to be one of best goalkeeper in world.Musso is like Navas.

  6. What the f was the point of calling lamela if he isn’t going to play one minute. These are the things that confuse me about scaloni. This is why I am worried about Messi and aguero returning… I am worried that he will scrap all the development in play and just go back to the aguero di Maria Messi lineup.

    Other than that, great performances by Foyth minus a mistake, acuna who I would always start from here on , and De Paul who keeps proving he is the heart of the team and should be captained soon.
    Kanneman did not impress unfortunately .

      • Wtf r u talking about. Clearly what? U clearly need to improve your reading comprehension skills. I never said anything about defending or Messi lack of it. let me write it in a more elementary manner for you….

        What will our lineup be when Messi and aguero return?

  7. Watching first 7 minutes times of second half…
    •two mistakes from foyth who is a liability in the back, one almost a goal the second a free kick leading to Ecuador’s goal
    • marchesin beat on free kick is horrible from that position

  8. Lautaro and paredes subs were due to discipline and to try new players. These guys got their place on the team… our subs (guido Rodriguez) are decent but now we’re not pressuring the opposing team as much… we can’t lose balls. That’s the main thing we have

  9. I am really happy to see a Goal Keeper who is at his best form of the career playing for us.
    This never happened with Caballero and others. Our Managers for some reasons they only know, rejected them.

    Marchesin is really confident and pretty good with his feet. I will be really happy if he plays in Copa and for qualifiers.

    But said that Argentina needs to Keep giving chances to Juan Musso. Marchesin’s age might be ended up as a problem for Qatar. Argentina must go with a very familiar-to the team- goal keeper to Qatar in 2022.

  10. Alario. Aguero. Lautaro.

    Our talent pool for that spot gets better.
    But Alario have to be tested more to convince that this isn’t his black swan moment for National team.

    If he keeps this form for Argentina shirt, I don’t see any reason for him to sit in bench when Lautaro plays.

    But said that I think Kun Aguero is the no brainier for Argentina in the next Copa. If there is only one striker, Kun Must play

  11. May be team is playing good today still i believe Argentina needs a solid center back which is lacking. More over coach should try to find back up for Paredes. Hope battaglia will come in near future

  12. What an amazing through pass from De Paul. Finally getting to see his play making ability with his long pass accuracy and vision.

  13. F Icardi.
    Anyways, back to our lineup. Is it me, or do I see three defenders on the starting 11?
    I actually like this lineup…. My main concern and inquiry is how this lineup will integrate with Messi and aguero coming back next month….?
    Let’s say the players starting today are our best other than Messi and aguero… How do we take these 11, minus 2 of them and add Messi and aguero….?

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