Angel Di Maria double, Mauro Icardi goal for PSG vs. OGC Nice


Angel Di Maria scored twice for PSG while Mauro Icardi scored once in their 4-1 win vs. OGN Nice.

It was Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi all starting vs. Walter Benitez as the league leaders set out to get a win. Angel Di Maria opened the scoring as he was one on one with Benitez and his shot beat the goalkeeper for the first goal of the match.

Di Maria doubled his tally and PSG’s lead just six minutes later with a lovely lob over Benitez. The Argentine was at a very difficult angle and lobbed it over the goalkeeper.

Mauro Icardi would also score, very late in the match. With the score at 3-1, a ball was squared for Icardi who didn’t miss from close range for his second league goal.


  1. Let me just clarify my point on DiMaria. I wouldn’t include him on the NT even if he won the Ballon D’ Or this year.
    I just don’t understand why so many intelligent people here fall for fools gold. This guy puts on the NT shirt and he is a pedestrian player. You saw it in the Copa just a few months back. Now people are saying he should play the 10 after scoring on some shitty French league teams, most that couldn’t even beat Mexican or MLS teams. SMH

      • Yes because we need to forget about a decade of headless chicken plays, holding the ball too long, wild shots, shitty passes, and constant injuries just because he scored a couple of goals on a shitty Nice team that has won 4 lousy games out of 10, and couldn’t probably beat Gimnasia.
        Let’s put him on the bench, take up a spot from a guy like Ocampos or Alario or Lamela or another young player because Angel fucking DiMaria is going to finally make a meaningful contribution after shitting the bed on the NT for over a decade. Sign me up for that crap ASAP. While your at it, bring Higuain and Rojo also

        • Stop embarassing yourself and crying like a crap.
          Headless chicken ?
          Dimaria scored in KO stage of WC against Switzerland. Helped Higuian to score against Belgium , scored against france in KO round of WC 2018, assisted a goal to messi against ecuador. all them was life saving goals.
          Who was the real headless chicken was those farmers from liga meza and pavon.
          Argentina lost 3 finals because Dimaria was unfortunately injured everytime else result would be different.
          “Sign me up for that crap ASAP.” haha Psychopath.

          • “Argentina lost 3 finals because Dimaria was unfortunately injured everytime else result would be different”

            rather for lack of player like Lavezzi who was either injured in semi or benched after a half in final

  2. If it wasn’t said once, it was said a 1000times! SO WHAT MAKES THIS TIME DIFFERENT??
    He plays great for his club and runs around aimlessly for ARGENTINA…..what gives?

  3. Before the WC 2018, I was one of those who said that Sampaoli should give up Di Maria. 2 years later, with Tuchel, he became a very different player. For those who think Di Maria is inconsistent and brainless, they should really watch how he currently plays with PSG. The big changes is due to his position change and the players used around him. I really think that this playmaker position(since Neymar’s injury last year) suits him much better than his CM position with Ancelotti’s RM or RW with Mourinho.

    After if Scaloni needs a LW or RW, he’s not the guy for sure, really depending on the formation that he will use. But if he is looking for a 10, I don’t see anyone better than ADM at this moment in Europe.

    • Incredible.. similar to Arthur in style though he’s more direct and seemingly more gifted in terms of technicality and pace. Hope he stays fit and strong to play a great role with the Olympics team.

    • Interestingly first Lodico appeared, then he was sidelined and Belmonte arrived on the scene and now Vera has arrived and both the above are subs. Also, disappointed with De la Vega that he can’t force his way into the team.
      Gonzalo, have u watched Senesi at Feyernood, he’s disappointing so far. I hope Valenti turns out good.
      And I also like Capaldo at Boca.

      • Yes, I had big hope in Gaston Lodico. Some superb performances for Lanus about 2 years ago. Then, Lodico took the upper hand (I know he is talented but I don’t know what happend to Lodico) and now Vera (similat things on CBs position: in previous season talented Thaller, now Valenti). Anyway the last one is my favourite, however I expect Lodico being back with his form sooner or later.

        Lanus promotes more and more interesting youngsters. Moreno, Vera, Valenti, Belmonte, Lodico, Thaller, De La Vega, Bernabei. To that Rossi, Di Placido, Carrascal, still Jose Luis Gomez somwhere there and others.

        I like the club.

    • He’s great in this half 9 position. Shame that Icardi and him didn’t play much together last year because the previous coach is too conservative and doesn’t like formation with 2 strikers. Hopefully more coaches in the future will not think in the same way.

  4. “If we want to play another final Di maria is must. Lautaro, Alario, Ocampos, Correas cant score or assist against Brazil and Uruguay”.

    Lol.. an oscar deserving prediction.. _/\_ ..

    They truly believe scoring and assisting are mere playstation stuff… inexplicably ridiculous..

    • They say as if Di Maria didn’t become Copa this year as starter… Yes, he did. He wasted his another chance.

    • And apparently PSG a team of stars playing in a “farmers leauge” of quite mediocre level, is a good indicator of performance. Put me in PSG and I will score and assist more than DiMaria. If you are not playing in a top leauge, your goals ans assists dont count for much, you may still be a good player, but not because of stats.

      • And put Pastore, Lo Celso, Paredes and Lavezzi and they wont perform, yes easy tell this to these guys, easy if you are world class player. Di Maria always was an assist and goalscoring machnie everywhere. Gonzalo Martinez and Meza cant perform in quasi amateur leagues compared to Ligue 1. Joaquin Correa as forward in Lazio.

        • And put Pastore, Lo Celso, Paredes and Lavezzi and they wont perform, yes easy tell this to these guys, easy if you are world class player. Di Maria always was an assist and goalscoring machnie everywhere.//

          Maria was shit in man Utd like in National team

          • 4 goals and 12 assists in 2000 minutes in MU, still better than anyone else since then, hello Pogba, yes this is average for Di Maria for his surreal abilities and creativity, but our praised young midfielders and wingers didnt give 12 assists in their whole career LOL De Paul and co…

    • Lautaro should be in the 11 in any case. Alario is between sub and starter. Ocampos(I saw him playing since Monaco, I like his altitude) is a good soldier with limited talent, I put him above Joaquin and Angel Correa. I think the Correas may have lost their place, quite disappointing.

  5. Talleres – Lanus 2:4. These are two interesting teams with our U-23 NT players on both sides. Nahuel Bustos from Talleres (called up for recent Batista’s friendlies) has scored his 5 in this season and is on the top of Superliga goalscoreres now. Enzo Diaz is for some time eye-catching left back with consistent performances in this season on high level.

    On the Lanus side Lucas Vera (starter against Mexico on second friendly) continue his good form contributing to 2 goals of Lanus (with one assist). Another U-23 man, Tomas Belmonte came of the bench.
    Alexander Bernabei with outstanding debut. He was part of Argentina U-23 in previous year, team that participated on Juegos Odesur in Bolivia. Has scored a goal on win against Venezuela (2:0).

    • Also Lautaro Valenti (starter in Lanus), currently one of best young defenders in league, and Federico Navarro (some minutes for Talleres yesterday) were part of the same U-19 Argentina team in the tournament.

  6. I think winning this Copa will be the best Occassion for the old guard to say Farewell. Especially for Di Maria and Aguero and probably Messi too, I can’t see those will be called up for WC2022 including Messi. AFA is focusing on youths to build a strong team for this upcoming WC & Messi might join the NT by then as substitute

  7. Its time to part ways with Dimaria for good!!! I was totally done with Higuain after our 3rd final defeat and now I have completely given up on ADM. Incidentally, after watching our team’s manifestation of vigorous mental toughness over the past few matches, I am kind of uncertain over Aguero’s inclusion as well!!

  8. Icardi slowly regaining his 2017/18 form but not yet there. Because of that I would choose to exclude him from our next list for November and possibly march unless he significantly improves.

  9. You don’t have to hate DiMaria to not want him on the NT. He will be almost 34 years old when the next WC rolls around. He is clearly not the future. So hypothetically if you take him, he will be a forward. The team takes 6 forwards usually to a competition. Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Lautaro are in for sure, that leaves 2 spots between 12 -15 players that you can make an argument to take. Whether it’s Ocampos, Alario, Macallister, Lamela, both Correa’s and other youngsters coming up, you have far, far better options than DiMaria. This is the first time in a long time our NT runs, shows some mental toughness, and is even making halftime adjustments. The players are listening to Scaloni and that is a wonderful thing. I for one with no disrespect to DiMaria or his club accomplishments don’t want him anywhere near the team. Or Higuain who is scoring in buckets for Juventus. I have seen that movie before and I know how it ends with these two with the NT shirt on.
    I don’t care how much DiMaria campaigns to be on the team which he does EVERY chance he gets.
    He should lament not playing the WC final again Germany. He could have been the difference. That is the opportunity every player dreams of and plays for. I would have told Sabella I am playing even if my leg falls off. Instead, he didn’t push the issue because he was transferring to Real Madrid or something if I remember correctly. Sometimes we don’t get three chances in life. He had plenty of opportunities to make a difference and he did not. Given another opportunity he still won’t make a difference. There is no use crying over spilled milk. His time is over, and I would much rather see someone who doesn’t disappear or make poor decisions when the pressure is on. Thank you, but no thanks Angel. You can sit next to me on my couch and root for our team

    • You have a point but Copa is months away. I’d go with the most inform big game players right now and then have 2 years for alternatives to cement their WC spot.

      Messi, Aguero, Dybala and Lautaro are locked.

      for the other 2 – Di Maria and Papu seem like the best choices if they are inform. Icardi, Alario, A Correa, J Correa, Ocampos, McAllister, Gaich, etc will have to battle it out after Copa.

      Btw – If i recall correctly, Real Madrid called AFA and demanded ADM not play due to injury as Real were trying to sell him. Im sure his absence tore him apart emotionally. Di Maria is probably one of the last guy you can say doesn’t do everything for the NT.

      • A few questions. First, do we really think the difference at this point with Lautaro Kun and Messi that DiMaria is needed to win? Do you really think Papu and DiMaria are the 5th and 6th best players at forward after you just saw what Alario and Ocampos did? I don’t think so respectfully my friend. His time is over, and beating Nice is no harder than beating a mid level Primera team.

        • Di Maria as a sub and yes, i do think he can be better sub than Alario and Ocampos at the moment. Papu also doing well. Both players are fast and add width or central play. Hard to ignore both if their form keeps up. I do really like Alarios header ability which we lack.

          • “Hard to ignore”. Absolutely mate. But there is just a tiny problems with some Argentine players and that is some of them never turn up for the NT in big moment. I think we should keep an eye on Papu and Di Maria and if we can, maybe even give them a match or two and use those results to see if they can turn up for us.

          • If we need to take old player for LF position this chance should be given to Papu Gomez not Di Maria. Di Maria had played 100 times more for NT than Papu and never satisfied as completely. Papu deserves the left side more. Di Maria had his time.

    • I think you didn’t watch any of his match with PSG. He is currently playing as 10, not forward nor winger. And currently in Europe, I haven’t seen any 10 outperforming him at this moment. After it will be a debate if Scaloni should take him or not for the next world cup because of age but as of now, he should be in the 23 for the next copa, not as a winger but as a 10.

  10. Two Argentines of Atlanta played brilliantly for the last 3 season and both are consistently played well but both aren’t selected for the national teams only Alejandro Gomez get a call for 3-4 matches but both are have to be deserve more calls specially Alejandro Gomez..and tell me is Jose Luis Palomino is good for national as a CB? He is playing well at Atalanta..

  11. Argentina u17 World Cup squad announced. The core of the team that won the U15 South American and U17 South American tournaments make up most of the squad. No Dario Sarmiento in the squad. Aimar was considering him.
    Sforza is the captain and has been in Man City and AC Milan radar. LB Lautaro Cano is being monitored by Monaco and Juve. Apart from this we have Palacios, Amione and Boca’s speedy winger Zeballos.

    • Estudiantes didn’t want to release Dario Sarmiento. He is the only player of the U-17 group that is important for his SENIOR team (even if still coming off the bench). I had watched 2 full games of Estudiantes when Sarmiento participated and must to say he might be most talented in the category. Not only becuase he is just 16 yo and debuted in Superliga as one of youngest players (after Aguero and Maradona). Even at the age his contribution to Estudiantes play is noticeable. After early debuts players like Almada, De La Vega, Lovera or Barco (as 17 yo players) this one is not an accident too. IMO Almada caliber talent.

    • On the list are also important names like Cristian Medina (Boca), Alan Velasco (Independiente) or Matias Godoy (Atletico de Rafaela).

    • Looking forward for zeballos…….I know we will have world class playmakers or strikers here and there but we also need some pacy strikers or wingers……we only have di Maria, pavon and Gonzalez…….we need more of these types of players in the future.

  12. The video really sucks ass.

    Doesn’t show Icardis brilliant pass for Di Maria’s first goal.

    Di Maria’s second goal….Lovely chip over Benitez was amazing too

    Glad to see Icardi gaining form and scoring again.

    • Yeah Choripan, I said previously that Icardi has surprised me a bit more every week with PSG. He is definitely not the same player that he used to be with Inter. I think Tuchel is very demanding and wants him to drop deep from time to time. We will probably see him dribble more outside the box.

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