Lionel Messi goal and assist for Barcelona in win vs. Eibar


Lionel Messi had a goal and an assist for Barcelona in their 3-0 win vs. Eibar.

In the week where he won a record six Golden Shoe, Messi added one more goal to his never ending collection. With the ball inside the penalty area, it fell to Messi who slotted in a low shot to make it 2-0 for the league champions.

Messi would provide the assist for 3-0 after being one on one with the goalkeeper, he would pass it to an unmarked Luis Suarez who would score.




  1. If Messi get a hattrick, people would still like “the sky is blue” . When you’re Lionel Messi, you “great performance” standard is 10 x higher. Even last season at 32 he’s still easily scores 50+ goals plus countless assists. If young player scores great freekick, media would go nuts, but if its Messi, they’d be like … oh he’s done that 50 times, nothing new here.

    I dont think he put on more weight on purpose, perhaps that just how some people are. As you gets older, you’re getting heavier. I know its not every people, some people actually became thinner or stays at the same weight like Zanetti but Messi has been more bulky since 30.

  2. I think Messi is gaining weight a bit. Probably he’s trying to develop his muscle mass so he won’t get injured especially he’s aging now. Anyway his performance was generally average.
    Looking forward to seeing best performance of him at CA 2020

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