Lautaro Martinez double for Inter in win vs. Sassuolo


Lautaro Martinez scored twice for Inter in their 4-3 win vs. Sassuolo.

It took Lautaro just two minutes to score. Lautaro received the ball inside the penalty area and a lovely right footed effort beat the goalkeeper for the first of the match.

With Inter leading 3-1, Lautaro would add one more, this time off a penalty. Martinez would go to the goalkeeper’s left side, sending him the wrong side.


  1. My squad for Copa America:

    Walter Benitez

    Defence… The most shaky part of the team. PLEASE no Otamendi, Pezzella and Rojo…

    My favourites: Tagliafico-Romero-another CB-Foyth.

    i don’t follow argentinian League so i don’t know about talents in defence.

    Midfield: the choice is difficult to pick only a few, but let’s go:
    Paredes, De Paul, Acuña are a must. Impressed me at Copa 19. We need a good defensive midfielder!!!!! Lisandro Martinez can be the one, dunno about Battaglia or Ascacibar. What about Thiago Almada? So:
    Paredes, De Paul, Acuña, Lo Celso?, Dominguez, Almada, Lisandro Martinez, Monito Vargas, Zaracho? Difficult choice, all of them are good.

    Attack: no Di Maria please!!!!!

    Messi, Dybala, Lautaro, Ocampos? Alario? Icardi and Aguero? And Joaquin Correa?

    • Agreed, Velez have a superb midfield (Dominguez in the NT and Robertone in the U23) but they need to either give Almada more chances or buy a player from somewhere because Romero is almost useless (though he still quite young so not a hopeless case) and Bouzat doesn’t add much to the team from what I can see.

    • You don’t know what class player was Lucas Janson before his injury. STarting him is matter of course unlike Bouzat. Still the Velez won.

  2. Lots football pundits here do not want Di maria in the team because they think Scaloni is building the team for WC 2026 . Same people was here crying winnig copa 19 was not important because he is building team for copa 20.
    Why Di maria should not be included because of his age, Argentina badly needs a trophy its been 25 years too long time for a footballing nation like Argentina . Di maria can be a great player on the bench watch him this season at PSG he is hardly misplacing any pass. Some people are saying League 1 is too easy but it doesnt seems that easy for paredes and Di maria is their best player in Champions league too.
    Argentina should win Copa 20 regardless scaloni plays a 40 years old player for the shake of all argentine people and fans like me who is waiting for last 25 years .
    People are blaming messi gen for not winning trophies , Messi generation played best football since 1990 , 2000-02 was close except Beilsa’s arrogance killed us in WC 2002 only he could think Batistuta and Crespo cant play togther.
    Hopefull scaloni finds a stable team and give us Copa 20 , vamos argentina.

    • Di Maria shouldn’t be included because 1 he always gets injured and 2 he always miss places passes. Playing with him is like being down a man. He is TRASH. I’d rather have Ocampos I’d rather have Acuna on LW even though i see him as a LCM

    • In the context of the Argentina NT he is not a solid player and again is the French league an accurate point of reference? Other than psg the teams suck

  3. No to Di maria he already had enough chances.Cristian Ansaldi will be good for Left back or lef+ wing back position,he really deserves chance in NT otherwise he gonna be wasted talent.Scaloni please select him he is very adeptable to any team or any formation

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