Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero nominated for 2019 Ballon d’Or award


Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero are nominated for the 2019 Ballon d’Or award.

Only two Argentine players are nominated and it’s the two veterans. Messi already holds the record, having won it five times and will look to make it six while Aguero has yet to win it.

The award will be presented on Monday, 2 December in Paris, France.


  1. Copa 2019 results reduces Messi’s chances.

    Scaloni and all those who supported his horrible preparation of Copa REALLY FUCKED UP.

    Scalonis merry-go-round of testing new players and formations killed us. He even tested new players during the last friendly days prior to Copa. Messi, Aguero, and the starting 11 played their 1st game together game 1 and the results were predictable…..lack of chem and system were obvious. Our form kicked in but it was too late. If we started earlier, our chances would have increased significantly.

    I still think Messi can beat Ronaldo and VVD though but the latter has a solid chance

  2. “cox4 October 21, 2019 at 3:06 pm
    the game canceled and we will play against Uruguay in Tel Aviv or Haifa of Israel.

    i hope this time we will not have again the same issues we had before world cup in 2018 when the fanatics of Palestinians cancelled the friendly game there.”

    Pal, you of all people should definitely had known. I don’t know why there’s a misunderstanding in this issue. It was apparent that the “Jerusalem match” was a “cheap political stunt” organised by Israel promoting their own agenda. Argentina or any nation should not have involved in such a cheap political stunt in the first place. It was the right decision to call off the match even it was a little late and fuelled a controversy.
    It will be lying and ludicrious if you say “fanatics of Palestinians” cancelled the game. It’s preposterous. What would you do when “Chile or Brasil for instance occupy your Argentina land and say Buenos Aires is their new capital and organise a football match between them and other nation in Buenos Aires?!”

    PS: it’s going to be Tel Aviv or Haifa like you mentioned not “Jerusalem”, the venue next month, so nobody’s gonna have any “legit” problem.

    • We’ll keep the verses/BOOK and the politics/real estate aspects aside. In the first place, AFA should have never committed the dates and plans for the fixture. If committed, it’s bestowed upon the shoulders of AFA to honor the commitment without fail. After giving the whole system a runaround to the point of ticket-sale and then to call off the marriage a week before is nothing but absolute mad demagogy on the part of AFA. Whether it was to please the Arabs or humiliate the jewish nation(democratic of course), failing to honor a commitment is never right in both diplomatic and logical sense.

      • I don’t know how we can keep the “politics/real estate” and “humanity” aspects out of this. There’s no “football” or “any sporting aspect” present in this case.

        100% agree this shouldn’t have happened in the first place and I’ve said it before.

    • For political reasons, the Israeli sports minister changed the location last minute from Haifa to Jerusalem. AFA made the right decision to pull out…I remember being so pissed because our players certainly didn’t need the freaking controversy days before the World Cup.

      • There is no point in taking sides on a political issue as vigorous as this one on mundo. Still, ignoring the fact that AFA in a way(kmowingly/unknowingly) was mocking a mockery of the whole concept of bilateral harmony and its sanctity in sports/games is plain dishonesty.


        The international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which campaigns for a complete boycott of Israel over its policies towards the Palestinians, had called on Argentina not to play against Israel, even before the venue moved from Haifa to Jerusalem.


        As if there were no protests or remonstrances before the venue switch took place!

        Add to that, even after the venue-change, AFA didn’t bail out instantly. They were totally worried by the reproach of the pro-palestinian fractions/lobbies and then chickened out stealthily leaving a whole community in the dust.

        • I don’t see a problem with match being held in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Like you said BDS and other organisations and the Arab world might have a problem with that. Can understand some movements’s stance with the genocide and other stuff but if you look it at that way in general; you shouldn’t play in Saudi Arabia, USA and England for instance and you can name even more countries. The list will be long!

          If the Arab world want Argentina not to play in Israel no matter what venue, then Argentina should also cancel the game in Saudi Arabia.

      • Moving the match to Jerusalem was purely political move. if someone mixed sports with politics it is the Israeli sports minister. as the match was supposedly would have been part of the festivities of celebration of occupying Jerusalem. up to date, East Jerusalem is considered an occupied land under International law. AFA should have never planned for the NT to fly from Barcelona to the middle east and play a match and then fly to Russia 4 days before the WC. there was no ample time for the players to rest.

    • @batigol_gaucho
      “It will be lying and ludicrious if you say “fanatics of Palestinians” cancelled the game. It’s preposterous. What would you do when “Chile or Brasil for instance occupy your Argentina land and say Buenos Aires is their new capital and organise a football match between them and other nation in Buenos Aires?”
      This is not a polotical blog , and if you dont know the complete story dont accuse Israel . You people with toxic and filthy menatality always talk shit about Israel, without knowing what’s the real situation here.
      I dont want to talk about it, but get proper information before accusing Israel.

      • I don’t know Mrinal, you tell me the “real story”.

        PS: If you have problem with politics being discussed here, blame the AFA for that. They created this unwanted controversy, not me!

    • The Israeli government continued to enforce severe and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians’ human rights; restrict the movement of people and goods into and out of the Gaza Strip; and facilitate the unlawful transfer of Israeli citizens to settlements in the occupied West Bank. Between March 30 and November 19, Israeli forces killed 189 Palestinian demonstrators, including 31 children and 3 medical workers, and wounded more than 5,800 with live fire. go to read more about it here…
      Palestinians are not fanatics..yes Fucking Israilies are fanatic..killer..murderers..stealing other people’s land, occupied Palestine for more than 60 years..!!!!! Batigol you fucking filthy Jew..mother fucker if you do not know anything about Palestine and Israel then just shut you fucking ignorant toung… fucking filthy jews

  3. Some of you are so dumb. So stupid. It’s insane.
    What has “FIFA” got anything to do with “Ballon d’or” ?!

    And the ultra obession with these individual awards. Like their football world revolves around “Ballon d’or ” only.

    • maybe you have a point, that FIFA does not control the Ballon D’or Award, but they influence it one way or another. in general FIFA is so corrupt. and they mostly hate Argentina.

  4. No one deserves this trophy more than Messi for being such an influential role with Barcelona & the NT. Sergio Aguero is underrated for being unrecognised by the media and I think that he really deserves a place in the top 3 for his achievements and contributions in Man city throughout the past years.

  5. We all know who is the best player in the world for the past 11 years.
    FIFA can stick the Ballon d’Or up their ass!

    there are many cats playing, but there is only one Lion.
    We are lucky to have witnessed KING LEO playing the game

  6. If FIFA fuck up again and give it to some other overhyped like Luka “Rat” Modric, this award has lost all credibility.

    Van Dijk was great this season but he was overhyped and NO OTHER PLAYER HAD AS MUCH EFFECTIVENESS AS MESSI THIS SEASON. THAT IS THAT, HANDS DOWN!

  7. There is no football player better than Messi. But there are politics and other agenda always. So anything can happen. BTW, I do not understand some names in there like Mahrez? Benzema? Aubameyang? Then there should be Suarez etc. Anyway, I just want Argentina to win a senior trophy in my lifetime.

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