Argentina to play Brazil and Uruguay in November friendly games in Saudi Arabia, Tel Aviv


Argentina will be playing two friendly games in November against Brazil and Uruguay.

After having previously been announced that Lionel Scaloni’s team would play Brazil and Paraguay in November, the idea has since been changed and instead of Paraguay, it will be Uruguay as the second opponent.

Lionel Messi will be back from his suspension following the comments he made at the 2019 Copa America and Scaloni has already stated that both Messi and Sergio Aguero would be in the team for the games in November.

The first match against Brazil will take place on November 15 in Riyad, Saudi Arabia with the second on November 19 in Tel Aviv.


  1. Cox

    Can’t argue with any of that, pal. You’re right.
    However you can stay neutral but I cannot. I don’t advocate violence in any form, but there is only one guilty party here.

    I didn’t bring up Las Malvinas and England case, because it’s not mainland Argentina(but still Argentina) and England is far way. And we have talked about that before.

    Nobody wants to bring up politics and stuff into football but sometimes it happens. No matter how hard you try someway or another it pops up now and then. It’s AFA who brought this up themselves. Not me or Cox!

  2. 2300 policemen in the road and drones to escort River plate bus to arrive to Bombonera !!!
    only the army didn t come to protect bus.

    what a shame for the country.

  3. The question of the day.

    will the Boca-River game will over tonight?
    will it start?

    i am not sure for anything 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. my friend batigol_cowcho

    first of all i forget the part of Jerusalem part issue.
    that is why i said what i said.
    thank you for remind me.

    except that allow me to say how i see the things personally since you said what you said to me.
    i am many thousands of km far from Israel-Palestine.
    that is allow me to have more cold eye of the issue.
    i don t support Israel and i am not in the side of Palestines.

    i find wrong in their actions of both sides.
    Violence bring violence and the killings bring more killings without end.

    they should sit and find one solution in the middle to be able to end this thing finally and
    live in peace.
    that is my opinion.
    i end it here because i don t want to speak more about politics.

    in last because you mention i want to tell you about your example.
    no reason to mention fake examples like Brasil or Chile.
    we have one very real example. Malvinas islands.

    Britain occupy Argentine lands.
    we lost 649 brothers when we try take back our lands in 1982.
    how i feel? i hate them true. i will not say lie to you my friend.

    just do you know something.
    i know that we can t take back our islands. i know that we can lose more if we fight again with England.
    so i should learn to live with that pain and live with peace from now on.

    what we should do my friend?
    start put bombs and start killing every British person we find in front of us in Argentina and in all around the world?
    we will win something from that?
    NO killing innocent British people will not solve anything.
    just opposite. it will bring us to even worse.

    anyway my friend. long subjects that is not to speak in this forum.

    sorry from all the members here that i make this post.
    just you spoke to me personally and i had to answer.

  5. Pezella and Quarta Martinez are our Center Back pair.They are quite useful and they have good positioning sense and intervention.Otamendi is sidelined for starter.Who is going to be our fourth center back.Fullbacks are Foyth Tagliafico Montiel and Acuna.Lo celso is overrated why so much hype but he took right decision to move to premier league here he has to face pacy player.Now it is the test for him.His control and passing is good but his baby steps during running is concern for me as he is slow for that.Premiere league going to cure this problem.

  6. Happy news coming from London.
    Lo Celso is fit to start the match. Looking forward to see some minutes of him tonight.
    Spurs fans are so excited about him as well. This will be a great opportunity for the guy especially considering the poor starting of Spurs.
    I hope he along with Foyth gets established as the integral part of the team. Come back of Lo celso & Palacio can make us much stronger in the Midfield, i believe.

  7. The two definite starts for the nt
    In the sl. Are Martinez Quarta & palacios
    Looking forward to see how they fare
    The hostile atmosphere in La Bombonera
    For massive game to night

  8. Agustin Almendra was not even on the bench for the first CL semifinal River Boca but this night will probably start instead of suspended Capaldo.

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