Paulo Dybala scores two goals in two minutes for Juventus in 2-1 win vs. Lokomotiv Moscow


Paulo Dybala scored two goals in two minutes for Juventus in their 2-1 win vs. Lokomotiv Moscow.

Dybala would draw Juventus level as Lokomotiv Moscow took the lead in the first half. He would receive the ball outside of the penalty area and with his left foot would curl one into the net.

The second of the match would be slightly easier as Dybala would get on the rebound off a shot saved by the goalkeeper.


  1. Regarding Licha Martinez, I managed to catch some of the match and I thought the kid did quite well. He put in a dogged performance in a very intense match where creativity gave way to physicality. Yes he didn’t show much creativity but that wasn’t his job since he has 3 creative players infront of him, Licha’s job was to protect the back and for most of the match he did.
    Personally I would like to see him at the back next to maybe Quarta but I think he can do just fine in the mid-field next to paredes and De Paul because the kid is GOOD.
    Luckily Argentina has several up and comers like palacios and Dominguez, in addition to Paredes, DePaul, Celso and Acuna, so the NT isn’t desperate to use center-backs as DMs.

    Tagliafico, as some of you have already mentioned was one of the best players out there, so much so that he got Willian subbed early in the 2nd half. The reason why he looks different for the NT than he does for club is because at club he has Licha Martinez and Pomes helping him out in defense thus Nico isn’t forced to make those clumsy tackles like he does for Argentina while with the NT Paredes and Correa for example offered him ZERO assistance, especially against the speedy german players.
    Notice how Tagliafico became very reliable (both in copa and the Germany friendly) when Acuna came on, that’s because he had someone backing him up just like Foyth had De Paul on the other side.
    While I like Paredes alot I still think Scaloni or whoever is coaching should consider a more physical option (Palacios? Dominguez? Licha Martinez?) in the midfield to protect the back better.

    • Vs Germany ARG transformed into 3 centre backs structure, Tagliafico could stay behind, and Acuna showed so much more in attack than him anytime in NT, if he try to attack our defense will be vulnerable on his side

      • True, but notice how much better Tagliafico was in the 2nd half and how little Germany attacked from his side; then there is Copa where Tagliafico became very consistent when Acuna played on his side in the midfield.
        Argentina has Messi, kun, Lautaro, Dybala and now Alario, not to mention Icardi, hence the NT doesn’t need Tagliafico attacking as much it needs him defending and as long as he defends diligently without committing silly fouls then I consider that a success.

  2. One thing that i can say after watching Barca vs Salvia match that we need an offensive right back who can make some overlapping runs as Messi provides best key passes to his near teammates but in this match Semedo could not take profit from Messi because Semedo is more defensive minded right back.Foyth is also defensive minded but I do not know about Montiel much if he is offensive right back then we can have good combination there in right wing area.

    • Plus his work rate is better than any other Argentine forward. His finishing has to be improved.
      In 2-3 years he’s going to be the best striker in the world.

    • Lautaro and Aguero best strike force upfront for Argentina for the current time. whoever doubts the above needs to just come up with better ‘proven’ strikers. El TORO is getting better and better as time goes by

  3. what a night yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂
    what a feeling again this year 🙂 🙂 🙂
    what a happiness again and again last years 🙂 🙂

    Bosteros change road to avoid see us face to face anymore hahahaha 🙂
    if we continue like this is better they change city 🙂 because they will not find any corner to hide inside Buenos Aires soon 🙂 🙂


  4. typical solid performance from nico. steady at the back, and moving up in support with intelligence, and winning the press up high comfortably.
    tricky game for Lisandro. This ajax midfield is …loose. The understanding between him and alvarez and van de beek is not very clear. I don’t really blame him because same thing can be said of his midfield partner. Of course he is ok in the defensive phases and breaking play but its in the build out where its clear he needs more time and patience in developing vision and positioning.

  5. The People who thinks lisandro Martinez should be in the NT instead of paredes then they should watch Ajax vs Chelsea…
    He is miles behind paredes as a DM….he is not the right guy for DM role for us atleast for now.
    He just take too much time to pass the ball and he also doesn’t have any kind of vision.

    But I think he will become a good defender for us.

  6. The players scaloni shouldn’t never
    Consider to call them again.
    In oder the nt to progress further.

    Adm no matter what he does for his club
    We all know he flops when he wears the nt colours.

    Lamela never been convincing for the nt
    Had enough time .

    Angel correa big disappointing

    Icardi. No need as we have better strikes
    Than him . Lautaro and kun good back up.

    Rojo. Horror show
    Otamendi horror show even Guardiola
    Perfer pairing to defensive midfielders
    As CB instead of otamendi.

    Player must improve or soon gone

    • Agree but include pazella and tagliafico too in players to improve along with dybala,they haven’t shown phenomenal performance yet
      I know you may disagree with me but that doesn’t change the truth
      (Anyways difference of opinion is always accepted )

    • “even Guardiola
      Perfer pairing to defensive midfielders”

      Why do you lying? Otamendi was injured, was not named vs Palace, now could play only 30 minutes vs Atalanta. Real horror show is Tagliafico in NT. Useless…attacking anti talent, cant dribble, cant pass, doesnt make overlapping runs, low IQ, Messi had great understanding even with Rojo, not mention Alba, Tagliafico the first who is unable to connect with him, and horrid vs pacy wingers, with his low football IQ doesnt understand when stay behind (vs France against Mbappe or Germany etc.) in Ajax he is better in a good structure.

      • Csabalala you must admit that you always Contradict yourself.
        It wasn’t long ago when you were
        Accusing injury players are bench warmer. Likes foyth and lo celso.

        Yes otamendi is big liability a long with rojo. Again mr csabalala you always talk about Adm club form and you re saying has to be in the copa squad when even yourself know Adm flopped in the nt big time.
        yet again you deny how good tagliafico is club and country .
        Isn’t that you care only those who plays big clubs in top 5 European leagues Or you re contradicting your again.

    • Instead of Dybala..? Dybala is Messi’s sub. Fixed. Lautaro is Kun’s sub. Fixed. They can play in three forwards setup like in last Copa. Alario or Icardi… question should be here. We need a different forward…a real 9…who can outmuscle the opposition, win the Ariel ball, score when under pressure. Currently we can’t drop Alario as he scored 2 in 2 that Icardi could not.

  7. I think either Lanzini or Lamela should be in the team but i am very confused whom to pick out.Both are talented as well as inconsistent for the team.

  8. When I saw Icardi on the pitch during the past few weeks, I really have feeling that he has been playing with PSG for years. The goals that he scored last night were not easy at all. I am not sure if cavani can have his place back so soon. I really think he deserves a 2nd chance with NT.

  9. PSG are reportedly keeping tabs on River Plate’s Lucas Martinez Quarta & Exequiel Palacios. (Sabastian sur)
    is this source reliable source ?

  10. River plate again in the final stage, Hope they will hold the title for second year in a row. BTW I’m not a fan of river plate however my wish is to have an Argentine team taking part in the final regardless of the identity of this team and of course winning the title. As for UCL, it was a pure Argentine night par excellence. Most of the argentine players excelled in terms of performance, assists and scoring. Well done boys!

    • Argentine forwards always excel in ucl nights but our fullbacks ,cbs ,gk’s ,cdms don’t (exceptions are there though )
      This trend is quite common after the end of riquelme generation

  11. Dybala is very talented. Super talented. And he just need his own Pep Guardiola, May be somewhere in Spain, someone who will make him the focus of attention and he’ll take off

    • Congrds River.
      Was River defending whole the match..?
      Also, stat shows around 50% passing success rate only for River. And for Boca also it is around 60. Why..? So many mis placed passes or interceptions..?

        • Plus the pressure is unimaginable
          You can see the players faces
          Only fool will not understand This kind game.
          River wanted to protect thier health lead.
          It was understandable .
          It wasn’t all about playing beautiful football tonight. It was getting the results
          And River just did that.
          Martinez Quarta have to be number one
          To start for the nt.
          I loved alexis MacAllister when plays
          Center mid he is classy player.
          He looks really good.

          • As always, compeletely irrelevant with your pure mathematic and without understanding of live football. Argentina clubs beat regularly your Brazilians that have much better passing acurracy.

          • Here comes the statistical analyser Mr scabalala who low marked argentina primers division and he is only person know everything about argentina league and we don’t watch game or follo pd and should assess only through some data😆😆

    • Yeah it was a tough fought contest but that’s how a River-Boca match should be. I will say this for River, even though they didn’t play particularly well, they still showed up to the Bombonera ready to give Boca a match unlike Boca who went to the monumental to get a draw, hence why River is now in the final and Boca isn’t. Also, seeing how well Almendra played, I think Boca should learn from River and actually invest in their youth instead of just trying to buy ‘bigger’ names.
      The boys (Palacios, Montiel and Quarta) all impressed and I’m really sad that they won’t make the November friendlies but I really fancy their chances with the NT in the coming years. On the opposite side Alexis was again playing out of position and as such we didn’t get to see what he really can do, Andrade on the other hand was superb, coming out of his box and channeling his inner Neuer.

      • Yeah, ALmendra excelled most in Boca. I wonder to see the player starting there regularly, as well as in NT sooner or later. No.8 would be best position for him.

        Alexis MacAllister is IMO material for Copa squad.

      • “Andrade on the other hand was superb, coming out of his box and channeling his inner Neuer.”

        This was very interesting tactical approach. With the need for the goals boca had to generate more chances. but they do not have possession game creativity to build from back as the Alfaro DNA is more direct. So they jammed their lines further up to win things higher and relied on andrada clearing up loose runners up high. anyone who has been watching andrada would know this is not his regular play style. There were some nervous moments because of that but his ability to rise to this game plan and make a difference facing this new challenge given to him impressed me. Of course Gallardo was happy to sit back and absorb the pressure probably knowing boca’s inability to find the net all season without someone effective like Benedetto. If I was a river fan the only thing I would worry about is the nervousness in aerial set plays. Armani’s indecisiveness in attacking the ball in the air is one cause of this too I think as I have written before.

  12. One goal was disallowed for Dybala. He was phenomenal yesterday. As I told some days before don’t write off this guy. He’s a world class and special player. Yes he has to prove with NT…sure he will.
    If you love football you can’t keep Dybala and Di Maria out of 23.

  13. All Argentinean are on fire!!! Icardi 2 goals, Dybala and Kun 2 goals, Di Maria 3 assists and involved in the all of 5 goals, Lamela 1 goal 2 assists. I don’t know any country with their best strikers all at that level, very glad to see that! Guess Lautaro will make a killing tmw.

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