Gabriel Batistuta: “Lautaro Martinez is already a champion”


Argentina and football legend Gabriel Batistuta recently gave an interview with Sky Sport Italia where he discussed Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi leaving Inter on loan.

Gabriel Batistuta knows a thing or two about scoring goals. Scoring over 200 goals during his playing career, Batistuta had this to say about Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi. Here’s what he had to say:

“They are two great players. They are both goalscorers. When Icardi was at Inter he scored a lot of goals, I don’t know why they sent him away.

“Was it because of problems in the locker room? It is good justification but even still I would have kept a player like that but I am not in the dressing room. If they sent him away for this it means that the problem was serious and could not be solved in a short time.

“Lautaro Martinez is already a champion. He scores in all sorts of ways, helps out his teammates, is smart and fast and I like him.”

Credit to Sempre Inter for the translation.


  1. This is a website dedicated to Argentina fooball, yet they cant even get some simple fact. 200 goals? Batistuta scored roughly 300 goals without even counting his goal at national team.

  2. People here may not admit but I think we seriously have lack of talent in the defence at the present time( we do have some very good youngsters coming up in the ranks but they are not ready.)

    I feel for scaloni……we don’t have a single world class defender who we can rely on.

    So I think we have to defend as a team….that means Messi and our superstar strikers have to show some energy.

    • i don t think that nobody from us can not agree with you.
      things is as you said.

      we have to build one good defense with hard work from the players we have.
      Garay and Demichelis was good defenders. not super class.
      but Sabella work the team and build the defense that bring us to world cup final.

      hard work is the only road to success.

    • You have a point but I think Pezzella and Kannemann for example are decent defenders, not world class but above average in my opinion. Defending is a team effort these days and as long as we defend collectively, the lack of world class options maybe minimized.

  3. “It’s csabalala . He will never admit
    His misjudgment for the young
    Arg players probably he will put
    new standard for lautaro.”

    “Worst striker in NT history” Gonzalo about Lautaro in 2017. Misjudgment from me? OK you were nowhere in 2017…since then i sucked his dick after every Racing match…(Gonzalo still said under U20WC Ponce is better striker than Martinez, and Martinez will cost us the WC!!!, i remember about this prediction clearly LOL) and I was 100% right, he played shit at the start of the season, now we clearly see, all of critics were completely proper.
    And where is Gaich, simply not good enough to play mature football period vs “worst striker of the history”…you and your friends live in a completely paralell universe.

    • And whats was Gonzalo biggest problem with Lautaro? Mainly his lack of workrate LOL… he is one of the the most hardworker centre forward of the world, who always fight and press…his legendary predictions and his football competency….”Ascacibar has bigger potential than Kante” “Gaich would terrorize easily Gimenez-Godin duo too” (this Gaich thing not Gonzalo said, but he completely agreed with this absurd statement) after U23 Uruguay match and so on…

      • “Gaich would terrorize easily Gimenez-Godin duo too” – tell me day and hour when I posted this words. Come on, tell me. Or be named LIAR once again.

        Only you are enough vile in here to put is someone’s mounth such fake words. You can’t do more to make your person more repulsive in here.

    • ” I am not surprised you and your asian footballidiots love each other”.

      Just one excerption to show what kind of rude arrogant you are.

      Evidently I hit the point with Cervi and Lautaro

    • Csabalala

      who are you kidding, man. I posted one exagerrated comment on Lautaro out of frustaration, after our severe lost on U-20 WC in 2017, while you? Countless critic comments… You cannot to be loyal. You have no established thoughts, chameleon. You change your mind due to most recent events. Your opinions are constant contradiction and deceitful slalom as your deceitful mind.

      THis guy one just months ago on September 21 write:
      “Lautaro is horrible in Inter, cant give a fucking pass precisely, he is far far from a world class forward atm its clear, vs Germany Di Maria and Aguero is a must, in 14 we won easily with them”

      So he became world class within just months?!

      Csabalala on September 11:

      “Acuna, De Paul didnt score a single goal in NT jersey not even in friendlies, Palacios not a goalscorer type, Lo Celso and Dybala underpeform regularly so who? Lautaro, a good defense will easily neutralize him as Serie A defenders did last season, if he is the only man worth pay attention”.

      Do you want more of your comments?

      • “Lautaro, a good defense will easily neutralize him as Serie A defenders did last season”

        LOL these are words of Lautaro’s promotor from previous month.

      • You even wanted to devaluate Lautaro’s hat-tricks against Mexico aaying that the goals were just thanks to defenders mistakes.

      • Inch perfect…useless friendlies dont change anything. Ofc i was angry with him after countless bad peerformances. But big difference “worst striker in NT history” vs next big thing Gaich dicksucking, while the second is not even a professional player yet, and maybe never will be even on argentine PD-level, who knows, not that talented, Lautaro was from the first minutes. ofc i hate mediocre players promoting into NT what you do all day long, only the real talents matters. Dont forget our previous U23 Sudamericana squads, this would be not much better.

        • U23 Panamerican squads…brazilian Kerlon was a beast on U-level then? Gaich cant fool me with his panamerican goals, if he was so good would play in San Lorenzo.

      • “And where is Gaich, simply not good enough to play mature football period”

        You need to be carefull with Gaich, because according to your logic some player may be far far from world class level in one month and become world class just one months later. LOL


        You may to do whatever you want to show yourself as consistent Lautaro’s promotor now, but your comments (real comments I brought) are more meaningful.

        • Where are your favourites Meza, Pity, Gaich, Ascacibar, Cervi, Joaquin Correa from our NT? Nowhere as i’ve predicted, but these are world class players in your book. LOL and dont forget Ignazio Fernandez 😀

          • I could list your missed predictions endlessly. Just one latest example: you say Joaquin Correa is flop in NT while Angel Correa is not (according to you much better option than Joaquin) So A.Correa shined in last friendly?! What happend to your predictions?

      • From Vickingo: “I’ll have to disagree with your disagreement victor. Hes been terrible for inter, almost completly useless half the time, clueless and relies on his same things in every single situation, without fail. That said, hes very clearly dangerous too, he has good attacking insticnts, great agression, response, good movement, great in air, technically very good too, insane work rate. Everything is there, except experience and know how.

        Whenever he gets the ball he repeats 1 of 3 things. He’ll hold onto it no matter what, if a quick break is happening, if theres a chance for a counter, if there’s someone in a good position to pass, he’ll hang onto it and let the player get as close to him as possible. It’s good and bad, it takes a player out of the game, or draws a foul. But he does it for no damned reason, all the time, ignoring options, basically to fuck around on the ball. Slows down and kills plays repeatedly.

        The other thing he does, fucking brilliant first touch passes. This guy is an absolute master of first touch play, genius even. But he does it execissvely, needlessly, and it overcomplicates things for his attacking partners, hes playing with fucking lukaku, and that guy can’t control simple passes, but lautaro ignores this, and sends him ridiculous first touch passes, and others. This actually speeds up the play, and it’s great, but theres a time and a place, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, and that is the crux of most of his issues in serie a.

        Lastly, he’ll ignore viable options, in the stupidest situations to try and beat people, time and time again. He can’t do anything simple, he has to over complicate everything. Again this repeatedly kills plays and losses possession.
        These 3 things form the backbone of his offensive game, and he doesn’t know how to play outside of them, or when to use them.

        I don’t watch international, but the level is so low, I’d ignore it completely. He plays like an amateur in serie a, like it’s past his level completely. But as I said, he has huge fucking strengths, everything I listed above adds up for the potential of a phenomenal player, but for now, it’s the opposite as he can’t play smart, and costs him an inter constantly.

        Him and Lukaku are some of inters biggest issues, but Lautaro makes up for it somewhat with his insane work rate, which really is ridiculous. “

    • You can’t learn on your own latest embarassements with Lautaro and Cervi. Instead to stop your arrogant critical predictions on Gaich, Ascacibar or Vargas you should shut your mounth before they will make you laughingstock too. Only idiot may risk such opinions when the players are just 20-22.

    • you find cure for your sickness as i see 🙂 🙂 🙂
      very good for you.

      i hope soon and the other romance king stop the nonsense.

    • You’re describing your mom & sis character perfectly just send them to India chudai ka asli maza pata chalega

      • listen romance king ….do NOT make comments like that ..chudai ka asli maza pata chalega !! that is very offensive ..i find it offensive! your a disgrace and i hope admin kick you out this site !! now let me translate for everyone to know what you said …..send your mom or sister to india and they will know the true meaning of getting fucked !! you pathetic bastard ..shame on you !!

    • his release clause is about $125 mil. his contract with Inter runs till 2023
      if he keeps improving this season -expected- he will be out of reach for most clubs as his agent is renegotiating his contract terms.

    • Barcelona eyeing Lautaro as Suarez successor even man city can also go for lautaro as Aguero replacement after two seasons.

    • I agree but only because of Conte. I would have dreaded to see martinez at inter under splaletti for 4 more years.. They were absolute garbage then. Barca to replace Suarez would also be great too or under Gaurdiola at city

      • Whether he is a Suarez type or aguero type, it only beneficial for us only and on this i think he is bit of both of them in the sense that his dribbling skills are like aguero and movement like luis Suarez. 😀👌

        • Lautaro is lautaro.dont start comparing.he is what he is and more is to come for that we need help of Brazilian wonderkid scabalala 😅

  4. Lautaro is warrior, aguero is lethal infront of box, alario is class, alario is better version of higuen, a lot of people hate higuen bcs he couldn’t perform his best with nt, in truth higuen is very useful and good players, when to choose whom infront of box everything depends on coach mind, not always u will get success from warrior or lethal weapon or class, coach has his strategy to utilize his best man based on the opponent and strategy and situation. 9, 11 this are striker position, coach will evaluate who is more useful based on situation

  5. Csabalala,

    where’s now your satisfaction about Franco Cervi that weak so need to go to MLS and Lautaro bencher in Inter? You are always so arrogant ion judging and quick to see whatever bad happend to us players.

    • Ha ha .now he will be sad because our youn guns are starting anti argentina and brazil man scabalala in trouble.bring statistical analysation datamr scabalala 😆😆

    • Thats the point, ofc i criticised Lautaro due to his bad performances and i was completely right. I will alwys critcisize world class talents if they dont perform. In 2017 i saw his potential, unlike you “worse striker in NT history”. Sorry your football blindness will never change. I said over and over and over again Ascacibar, Vargas and Gaich are overrated, not NT-level players agains the wind, when everone praised them, but not me. Who was right? Who? I praised Lo Celso in his early days vs your Cervi love, i saw the big potential difference between the two from the start, Paredes (you hated him, with psychopathic elan), and OFC i will balem them if they wont perform according to their talent. If have to see the real raw talented youngsters i am simply unbeatable. Seperate world class talents from mediocrr. Sorry but you are jopeless in this, but your face is still too big, i dont understand why? I am not surprised you and your asian footballidiots love each other.

      • ” I am not surprised you and your asian footballidiots love each other”.

        Just one excerption to show what kind of rude arrogant you are.

        Evidently I hit the point with Cervi and Lautaro

      • My problem with your posts isn’t what you say about the players but rather how you say them. It’s ok to criticize a player but it’s another thing to call a player a ‘ potential bench warmer’ (as you did with Lautaro) even though he was clearly playing at the time but still finding his footing.
        You keep taking shots at De Paul,even though he performs day in and out with club and country, just because he doesn’t fulfill your playstation mentality of playing for a big club.
        You make comments like these not because you’re being fairly critical but rather because you seem to wanna through a stink bomb in the middle of the dinner table and see what happens.
        On the other hand it’s perfectly fine to criticize Dybala and Paredes for not moving to other clubs to find playing time because at the beginning of the season it certainly looked that way. Luckily the former is kicking ass and fighting for his place while the latter is still a work in progress but I for one think that he MUST move midseason (doubtful).

        [I said over and over and over again Ascacibar, Vargas and Gaich are overrated, not NT-level players agains the wind, when everone praised them, but not me. Who was right? Who?]

        Who was right? Certainly not you. Ascacibar had like what, 3 sub appearances for the NT, so how the heck do you know that he’s not NT material.
        Vargas, well I never praised him, infact I was always critical of his consistency after his HUGE drop off in form in his 2nd season at Velez, so clearly not ‘everyone’ praised him.
        Gaich, he’s kicking ass at the youth level and he deserved praise for his performances at the pan american games. He’s still 19, a raw talent, so while it’s too early to say that he will be world class, it’s equally unwise to judge him unworthy at NT level.

        [ I praised Lo Celso in his early days vs your Cervi love, i saw the big potential difference between the two from the start]

        Now THAT is a load of bull****, you were the first one to criticize Lo Celso when PSG let him go, saying nonsense about how he wasn’t ‘even good enough to play in league1’ even though he was clearly a starter under Emery and then you doubled down when Celso didn’t start the first few games in Betis saying how he’s a ‘bench warmer’ at a nothing club in Spain and then Celso started ruling La liga and suddenly you went silent, that is until he moved to Tottenham and didn’t start and you started spewing out your usual nonsense, so please don’t come here and say that it was YOU who saw his potential.

        You wanna be critical then by all means, but there is difference between constructive criticism and trolling, which is what you tend to do often whether intentionally or not.

  6. Among Lautaro Martinez Icardi and Alario i would prefer Alatio over others for NT.Alario is more composite and calm player.He is kind of complete package,he is tall good header of ball nice dribbling and shot and defensive work.He is more threat in penalty area than Lautaro and Icardi.

  7. Latauro and Icardi are our future in Attack. Latauro is a true poacher with dribbling skills and Icardi is a different beast-a goal freak. I hope Icardi matures (personal life) up and take over after Aguero. We have our Crespo and Batistuta of this generation. Hope they both play in the 11.
    I would also like to see how this new kid Gaich growing. He definitely has the physique and natural instinct.
    Anyone has any news on Gaich???

  8. Gabriel Batistuta: “Lautaro Martinez is already a champion”
    Some of the experts in Mundo: “No..hes not good enough..he score only against the low class teams”

  9. One thing for sure , Lautaro is a pure poacher just like his predecessors, and one thing that sets him apart from others is his fantastic dribbling ability, game-awareness and his impeccable strength to hold the ball closely.
    The kid is star for sure ….EL TORO.

    And , am glad that icardi is having usual start to the season ,as any striker would expect to, 5 goals and 1 assist in 6 games , that’s an impressive numbers considering what he had gone through and where he’s coming from .
    Hope he performs consistently like this.

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