Marcos Rojo ruled out of Argentina games this month


Marcos Rojo will not play for Argentina this month.

The Argentina veteran has been ruled out of the two games next week. No reason has been given.


  1. Finally a decision that makes sense. It was long overdue. This guy should’ve been out of the team way before. He’s not even a starter in Man U. We don’t need him in NT anymore.

  2. These 2 games are the last ones before the WC qualifiers start. No more experiments. Scaloni has to get his team ready. Rojo played dismal against Germany, is a liability for ManU and way past his prime. The River boys (Palacios, Quarta, I. Fernandez and maybe Montiel) will be back in March. No more call ups for Rojo.

  3. Currently Buendia is way ahead of Mac Allister. What I wanted from youngsters are work rate and defending abilities.
    Nicolas Dominguez, Zaracho, Palacios are still in Argentina…but they are already good. Allister has to improve his defensive rate to present himself in NT.
    Allister is one of the future players sure… but he’s not ready still…let him play in u23… currently Buendia is better than him overall….team play. Buendia can be another DePaul for NT with proper instructions.

    • He just has to wait his turn. Macallister simply has a much higher profile in Buenos Aires right now after the events of the year for scaloni to ignore for a last minute sub compared to emi.

      • Zaracho is an all-around player. Good in offense and defense. Where as M.Allister is more of an attacking player. What we need is a team player like DePaul. Palacios, Zaracho, and Dominguez have that. Allister doesn’t. He’s a great future…but not ready still. Let him improve his defensive work rate, and sharpen the offensive…

        • man, zaracho really got unlucky with his injuries. He had three call ups and only made it to one and just played 15 minutes. That role was just wide open for him. Dominguez last year at that point was not even showing the full version of midfielder he is evolving into now. But now nico taken that spot and poor kid got demoted. but he is 21. he will be back. got to love competition though!
          its paredes and guido who need a fire under their chair now.

  4. Any player who doesn’t play or doesn’t perform well with their own club shouldn’t be selected. In addition to Rojo, this should also include Foyth, Paredes, Saravia, Pereyra, Lo Celso, Emiliano Martinez and Otamendi. I like a lot most of them especially Foyth and Lo Celso but it won’t be fair for those who perform really well, like Benitez, Gazzaniga, Lisandro Martinez, Buendia, Zaracho, Icardi and Di Maria. Buendia, for example, could be an excellent sub of De Paul, actually I think he’s even better defensively. Lisandro Martinez can play in several positions. In my opinion, Zaracho is currently the best CM of Argentina. Benitez is the 2nd best GK of Ligue 1 where Di Maria is the best player and Icardi is the best striker there.

    • I agree but it rarely works that way not only with Scaloni but with most other coaches as well. Some players get in as coach favorites, others due to reputation, or characteristics they may have that we urgently need so even despite their lack of playing time the coaches prefer to call them up, etc.

      • Yes, especially now seems like Scaloni has already 7 players that he’ll always include in his 11 systematically no matter what: Marchesin, Foyth, Pezzella, Paredes, De Paul, Messi and Lautaro. For example Foyth, he may have almost 0 playing time with his club, but as we don’t have any right fullback, he will always be there. However, I don’t quite understand for Paredes, the guy still so fragile. Why not using Lisandro Martinez as DM, who is more solid. With a real DM like that, you can add a more creative player in the midfield and so less responsibility for Messi.

        • Some coaches prefer a trequartista as their deepest midfielder, as a deep-lying playmaker, e.g. Pjanic in Juventus or Jorginho in Chelsea, all of whom are lacking defensively so the idea is to surround them with hardworking box-to-box midfielders who do all the running back and forth and compensate for the playmakers defensive deficiencies. Seems to be the same approach with Paredes. Scaloni must really like his passing and ball control. I personally would prefer a real DM either paired with Paredes or benching Paredes altogether, particularly against stronger opponent.

          • Pjanic is defensively a lot better than Paredes, I think calling pjanic defensevely weak is a myth whenever he was given defensive duties he did it well.
            And argentina need defensive shield from midfield as we dont have world class defenders . Our best defence was under Sabella because our defence got very much support from midfield Maschareno and Enzo perez. Argentina without a proper destroyer will be disaster against fast counter attacking teams.

      • Agree with EnganChe. Some players tend to spark and set a team alight in the national stage. They might just he going through a short drop in fitness. I mean, Messi isn’t doing to well but we call him up anyway because no matter how he plays his impact on teams is always big.

    • Saying that Celso doesn’t perform well for club is unfair since he just came back from injury and he scored in his first full game in the CL and the following game he was quite solid as well, the kid deserves to be there.
      Foyth doesn’t get playing time that’s true, but with Montiel unavailable, there is sadly no other option. Also playing foyth gives him playing time and attention not just from spurs but other teams, which will help him down the line.
      Paredes has passed the most important test when he performed wonderfully in copa and for me personally if a player proves himself in competitive fixtures then that player deserves some leeway. In saying that I do think he needs to be benched to light some fire under his butt and remind him that you need to be at your best to start for a team like the albicelestes.

      Regarding Licha Martinez, well his exclusion makes no sense unless Ajax promised that they would release him for the olympics if he doesn’t play any friendlies with the NT but I honestly doubt it.
      Licha IMO should play at the back next to Tagliafico because he would make the defense so much better but I wouldn’t mind seeing him take Paredes’s spot in the midfield.

  5. Look, I agree that He shouldn’t be a starter anymore , and Marcos Rojos may not have been performing well for NT in last few years, but he has served the Jersey for a long time… And definitely doesn’t deserve a pack of commenters with very little to no football knowledge curssing him etc.
    To play for the Argentina national team is a big deal, you cannot compare it to being called up for the American team or the Indian team and to most teams in the world.
    He’s injured, he won’t be playing, but try to have more love for your team and it’s players for once please. thanks

  6. Match of the round Velez -Boca 0:0.

    That’s 3rd goalless draw in a row of Velez. Boca midfield crowd all the talented players they have: MacAllister, Reynoso, Almendra, Capaldo. Almendra looks better and better recently.

    • Fun game, plenty of young, keen, attacking players. Boca has a decent bunch of youngsters so they should do what Velez and River have done and invest more in their youth.
      Alexis continues to play out of position and frankly it’s so frustrating, the kid is a cross between an 8 and a 10 yet he’s playing as some sort of 7/lateral midfielder hybrid and it doesn’t suit his skill set at all.
      Nico continues to kick ass and it’s strange that whoscored gave him such a low score because I thought he (along with Reynoso) was the best passer on field today. I really hope that he continues to develop because he’s come along way from the typical argentine no.5 that he was merely 2 seasons ago and now he is a well rounded midfielder. I would love to see him start along side Paredes and DePaul in the midfield against Brazil even though I know that Scaloni will choose Acuna instead.

        • I don’t see a reason to think MacAllister is not ready. If there’s any thing to be disappointed about him is that also in NT he is not used in his optimal position, playing somewhere on right wing or so. He is best in more central position or as LM.

        • I like both and think they are very different. Mac Allister may play as CM in a 2 or 3 men midfield. In my opinion, Zaracho, Nico Dominguez and him are our top 3 CM, Palacios very strong potentially too. Buendia is more a right midfielder in a 442. I think difference between him and De Paul is not so big. With a player like him or De Paul on the right, Messi can be more free.

      • Acuna seems injured, he will not weaken our midfield with his horrible passing skills (he can only cross), with De paul 2 shaky, unprecise passer is too much, find a natural midfielder instead, but in LB he is much more usefull, than Tagliafico, who is a wasting spot

      • Mamoun,

        Whoscored is not really worth to follow. Myriads of examples how absurdal are Whoscored estimations, especially in less popular leagues like Superliga.

        • ??? they show for it how bad the passing niveue in Argentina, so dont follow, clear… Exactly what i see and frustrate me every single time, when i watch a PD-match. Same frustrating than see 70% and 58% passing accuracies over and over and over again.

          • No matter for what reason you do not watch local league games. What matters is that you don’t do that so please stop to take the floor on the matter cause that is clearly visible that your knoweldge is nothing more than mere stats. Actually stats are your normal boring resort when it comes to football all over the world, not only local league.

            Low passing accuracy is not the reason why I despise Whoscored. This is good for people who do not follow live matches, like you.

            When you look at the stats to see general rank of best players in local league you could ask where are NT players like Nico Fernandez, MacAllister, Zaracho, Martinez Quarta, Palacios, Montiel, Andrada and others are not in absolute top of WHoscored stats in the league. Answer: this is simply irreleveant. Irrelevant just lika you are irrelevent with your clinic, abstractional numbers that are like describing life from behind the desk.

          • ” This is good for people who do not follow live matches, like you.” Lie lie lie always lies, what are you talking about? Man my football knowledge is on a different universe than yours. You are so narrow minded not even understand argentine primera is a shit on every aspect compared to top european football. Im 100% sure you dont watch top football, i dont think you would be so stupid not see the HUGE difference, or you are a pity liar. (its clear btw). Btw need stats against the liar to humiliate him. STATS=FACTS=UNMASK LIARS…everybody see why you hate and fear from facts, made you look like a stupid every single time. Btw the difference between top european and top argentine teams 3-4-5 goals.

      • According to Scaloni’s 23 list, I guess Nico will start with Paredes, De Paul on the right, eventually Mac Allister or Lo Celso on the left. I don’t think Acuna is necessary useful without a forward like Icardi or Alario as striker and I think most likely the 2 strikers will be Messi and Lautaro.

      • Velez is goalles in last 3 games, but what’s before? Was Thiago Almada regular starter? No he was not while Velez was scoring goals. So problem is not Thiago Almada, even if in fact he should start instead of Bouzat, being one of best talents in Argentina. Look at some real games of Velez to see they also missed some luck to score:

        BTW one thing is certain: with your hated Vargas Velez had not problems with scoring goals (he contributed with many many assists and goals).

        • What? Velez scored 34 in last season, not much, no problems please…and whats up in Espanyol? With your lover they had so much problems than never in the last years. 7 goals in 13 matches, Vargas should be a real attacking genius. Last year Espanyol (without Vargas) scored 48 goals. False propaganda again. Ascacibar…Vargas…Gaich you cant stop.

          • Only you are always ready to judge a player after his very first months in Europe and do that to your final embarassement. According to you Cervi should be already in MLS. I wonder about your older opinions about players like De Paul, Cervi, Ocampos, Dybala, Icardi, J.Correa, Paredes, Lo Celso, Papu Gomez, Battaglia, Facundo Ferreyra and others. Did they shine from very first their season in Europe?

            Only you are enough stupid to overlook most recent history and not to learn form that.

          • So Cervi plays cause Rafa is injured and? He is still lightweight without end-product. His 4th season in Europe? And doesnt improve still the same average player, not NT-material. Why are we talking about even such players, when ARG produce much better.

  7. For once the Injury Wagon sounds good, I really have no idea what any coach sees in him as a defender, he is downright poor. Way too consistent in losing the ball. I can understand that Otamendi who is a leader in the back and is good in bringing ball from the back. But Rojo is a catastrophe in waiting at the back. We can try anybody instead of him at the back. Anybody else.

  8. A wise decision indeed by Scaloni. the team need to work extra on the defense issue and should bring a good and right def players. They are a lot of young energic which is available

  9. For once, I have the feeling that we have players to compete with any other team. We have work to do but with players that we have, I do believe that we can have a very competitive team. Ocampos is becoming a very good player, Palacios is developing, Martinez is confirming. If Quarta and Foyth can play at a very good level and the can gel with the rest of the team it will be very interesting. I hope that Scaloni makes good use of the players that he has at his disposal. I can’t wait to see the full squad including the River players. VAMOS ARGENTINA

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